“Fuck Donald Trump” Sign in Gook’s Front Yard Leads White Gentleman to Vehemently Object


Enemies of the founding stock of America, that would be white people, turn out to support a couple of gooks and their yard signs, which include one that says, “Fuck Donald Trump.”

The gook needs to be taught a lesson in good manners. The police won’t do it, claiming the sign is protected by the First Amendment.

A white male tried to reason with the slant, but got grief for his efforts.

There’s a video of the encounter on Twitter that I’ve embedded at the bottom of this post.

Any reasonable member of the founding stock might find himself hating gooks after watching the encounter.

Charlotte Observer

Tin Nguyen and his partner, Cat Bao Le, say they will continue to confront white supremacists and hatred after an unknown white man banged on their door, yelled racial slurs, threatened to call police, and argued with them about a sign in their yard that says “F— Donald Trump.”

The man told Nguyen and Le, “I’m gonna get you, n—–.”

Nguyen is a 38-year-old lawyer in Charlotte who defends people in immigration cases and whose mother and father were refugees from Vietnam in the late 1970s. Le, 37, is also Vietnamese-American and is executive director of the Southeast Asian Coalition, a youth and advocacy organization in Charlotte.

Both are disgusting PARASITES. Advocacy organization my a**!

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Gook Doctor Who Successfully Sued President Trump Accused of Sexual Assault

Dr. Eugene Gu is famous in Twitter circles for his anti-Trump insanity. I mean, he really Tweets the most insane leftist crap you can imagine. I’ve used some of his Tweets in my posts dealing with President Trump’s Executive Orders and controversial statements.

In a series of what must be 20 to 30 Tweets, Gu is going viral with his claims that he’s been falsely accused of sexual assault.

However, Gu is a disgusting piece of excrement and the story he tells is ridiculous. His story is that he was forced into sex with a woman he met online who now has accused him of sexually assaulting her.

Since I was raped twice on two different occasions 15 years apart by fat ugly feminist students at the university that I befriended, I can understand him wanting to tell his story.

The College Fix

The Duke Medical School graduate who “successfully” sued Donald Trump for blocking him on Twitter and who snapped a memorable photo of himself taking a knee to “fight white supremacy,” has been accused of sexual assault by a girlfriend he met on Twitter.

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Disgusting Masked Gook Caught Picking Toenails on AirAsia Flight (Video)

30 seconds of stomach churning nastiness.

Read the story at Fox News

Read the critical comments at Yahoo.

Trump Ditching Obama Orders to Universities to Consider Race in College Admissions, Condemns Discrimination Against Asians


The Obama legacy is going down one step at a time.

Chicago Tribune

The Trump administration Tuesday discouraged the use of race in college admissions and public school enrollment by revoking federal guidance on affirmative action from the Obama era.

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Mystery Meat Woman Holding Baby Harasses Trump EPA Director in Restaurant (Story and Video)


Poor Scott Pruitt has that deer in the headlights look as a tatted Asian (or whatever) woman confronts him while he’s eating lunch.

She tells him he ought to resign from his post as EPA director since he doesn’t believe in global warming.

Mink, according to a piece in Heavy is a teacher at Sidwell Friends, the expensive private school Obama’s sprogs attended. She’s also an activist in her spare time. In short, she’s what you would expect of someone teaching the children of wealthy liberals.

Business Insider

A woman confronted EPA administrator Scott Pruitt at a restaurant in Washington, DC, on Monday, in the latest encounter between a member of the public and a Trump administration official.

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Gentlelady of Color Bites off Part of Chinese Restaurant Owner’s Ear


Chinks who don’t understand English and a sheboon with a volatile temper created a ruckus in a Chinese restaurant in Michigan earlier this week.

Sheboons are always losing it, but this one was hungry because she didn’t like her Chinese food.

Maybe the owner’s ear was better?

With a little soy sauce.


MT. CLEMENS, Mich. (WXYZ) – A woman was arrested for allegedly biting off part of a man’s ear during a fight with the man at a Macomb County Chinese restaurant on Thursday night.

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Married Ching-Chong Teacher Sentenced for Sex and Nude Photo with Underage Boy

Christine Lee Funk is (or was anyway) a married woman when she had sex three times with a student at the school where she taught.

She also has two children, which may account for the light sentence she received.

Twin Cities

A former music teacher at Henry Sibley High School in Mendota Heights will serve six months in jail and 10 years on probation for having sex with a 17-year-old male student.


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