Negro Ex-Marine Sentenced to Life for Okinawa Rape and Murder



A former U.S. Marine has been given a life sentence for the rape and murder of a lovely young Okinawan woman, Rina Shimabukuro.

Kenneth Gadson, who changed his last name to that of his Japanese wife, Shinzato, sparked outrage among the people of Okinawa when Rina’s killer was exposed. As reported last year on Saboteur365, Okinawan citizens demanded that the American military leave the island.

Who could blame them, what with the American military importing significant numbers of feral black soldiers and other military personnel to the island.

The black killer in this case is among the craziest Niggas we’ve encountered here while reporting on black criminality.

Sputnik News

A US Marine was sentenced in a Japanese court to life in prison on Friday for the May rape and murder of a 20-year-old Okinawan woman.

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Asian Female Doctor Offended Because White Nationalists Refuse to be Treated by Her

A free market medical care system would work very simply: You want to see a doctor, you pick whomever you want.

It would be perfectly rational for any white person to prefer a white doctor, just as it would be rational for an Asian to pick an Asian, a black a black, and so forth.

But for many in our current system, you’re assigned a particular doctor. For example, I’m assigned to a Mexican female doctor. There’s no way I’m seeing her. I ignore messages from her office to come in for a checkup, blah, blah, blah. It’s my little way of sabotaging the System.


Dr. Esther Choo is an Asian-American emergency room physician who has practiced medicine for more than a decade. Yet, she says, a few times a year, a patient will refuse to let her treat them. Solely because of her race.

Choo, who works in Oregon, first shared her experience of dealing with racist patients who shun her care in a viral Twitter thread last Sunday.

“The conversation usually goes like this. Me: ‘I understand your viewpoint. I trained at elite institutions & have been practicing for 15 years. You are welcome to refuse care under my hands, but I feel confident that I am the most qualified to care for you. Especially since the alternative is an intern.’ And they invariably pick the intern, as long as they are white. Or they leave,” she wrote in successive tweets.

“I used to cycle through disbelief, shame, anger. Now I just show compassion and move on,” she added.

Choo’s tweets, in which she noted that there were “a lot of white nationalists in Oregon,” came a day after a counterprotester was killed following a violent white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.

And Choo’s experience of intolerance is not unique in the medical community, she told CNN’s Christi Paul on Saturday.

“What I’m hearing from my colleagues is that this is a daily occurrence for many of them, at least experiences of prejudice. The patient who outright refuses care is less common, but I definitely heard from a lot of people this week that they have also had that exact same experience,” she said.

Patient prejudice towards doctors is now so common that many medical professionals “consider it a routine part of our jobs,” Choo emphasized.

“Maybe it’s that they’re from another country or because of their religious beliefs or their sexual orientation or their gender. But I’m hearing it from a lot of physicians that this is not unusual,” she described.

Asked by Paul whether she had ever been able to change a patient’s mind after they initially refused treatment from her, Choo said that it was rare.

“A few times I’ve been able to talk patients into receiving care from me. Or we can negotiate some sort of compromise where they will be seen by maybe a resident physician who is white, and I’m still guiding care, but I don’t actually enter the room,” she said.

“Usually you cannot. I’ve found in my experience that you cannot talk people out of their ideology,” she added.

This piece basically says that if you’re not willing to set aside your natural preferences, which harm no one, then you’re a racist.

Don’t buy it. It just means you’re normal. Just like women will usually prefer a woman doctor and men a male doctor. Normal.

“Karate Hottie” Michelle Waterson Goes TOTALLY NUDE for New Photoshoot


Do men (or women) want to see a manly bodied Asian female naked?

Count me out.

The puff piece on the “Karate Hottie” is intended to blur the distinction between the sexes. In my honest opinion, any man who is sexually attracted to the so-called hottie is a latent homosexual.

It’s reasonable to speculate that this photoshoot, courtesy of leftist ESPN, is intended to entice men into homosexual relationships. If the thing in the photo above had a penis, would anyone be surprised?

Is it even possible for a woman to develop muscles like those without taking steroids or some other muscle building drug?

Excerpt from the Daily Mail

UFC strawweight Michelle Waterson has just been revealed as the fifth professional athlete to pose nude for ESPN The Magazine’s Body Issue.

Michelle, 31, is known as the ‘Karate Hottie’ in her field, and it’s clear why as she’s stripped down for her photoshoot.

The super-strong brunette is featured totally naked, throwing up a high kick as she faces away from the camera — giving readers a full view of her backside.

In an interview with the magazine, which hits stands July 7, Michelle said she has no qualms about calling herself ‘hot’ and using the nickname fans have dreamed up for her.

‘I like my Karate Hottie nickname,’ she said. ‘I think it’s catchy. I don’t mind saying that I’m hot. If you want to underestimate your opponent [because of her nickname], for sure, go ahead.’

That being said, being sexy isn’t her top priority.

‘Your body changes [doing MMA],’ she said. ‘You lose body fat, and that means you lose breast tissue. Your shoulders get broad, and you get scraped from the gloves. I do it because I love to do it.

‘I could definitely be doing something else if I just wanted to look hot.’

She hasn’t always been quite as confident, and admitted that the stretch marks she developed while pregnant were once a point of insecurity.

Michelle and her husband Joshua Gomez have a six-year-old daughter named Araya, who often comes to her mom’s fights.

‘For a long time, I was embarrassed about my stretch marks. Now I embrace them, because for me it was like this nest that I created to grow this little human in my body, and I’m proud of that. They are like my battle wounds,’ she said.

Battle wounds to be sure — Michelle added that giving birth was way more painful than any injury she’s ever sustained in the ring.

‘There is nothing that compares to the pain of childbirth,’ she said.

‘On a scale of 1-10, any pain I’ve taken in the ring would rank a 6, and childbirth is a 10. Now I know that if I can get through 12 hours of labor, then I can get through a 25-minute fight.’

There are about 20 more photos at the Daily Mail. Here are two more.

Artsy, eh? Too bad that artsy can’t hide ugly.

That’s my opinion. What’s yours?

Infographics Show Racial Preferences of American Men and Women

I saw the top infographic in an article denouncing White Sharia at Alternative-Right

Both infographics appeared originally in a 2014 article at The Meetville Blog.

The responses should be pretty honest because they come from what people who are doing online dating say they want.

What the infographics show:

1. Upper left: All women prefer white men, except for black women, who prefer black men.

2. Upper right: All men prefer Asian women, except for Asian men, who prefer Latinas.

3. Lower left: All women are least interested in black men, except for black women, who are least interested in white men.

4. Lower right: All men are least interested in black women, even black men.

The question is why are guys so attracted to Asian women. This question is especially acute if we are to partner with white women in the creation of a white ethnostate.





Navy Seal Porn Star Investigated for Videos with Wife and Other Sluts

Navy Seal Joseph John Schmidt III’s wife is on your left, his right.

Do a search for her photos and one of the first ones to pop up is a still from a video showing her being f***** by a large Nagger. Apparently Seals are willing to promote goodwill between the races by sharing their wives with gentlemen of color.

But Jewels Jade is an equal opportunity whore. She’s also seen doing white males. With her, no hole is left behind. From interracial anal to every other sexual act, the Asian (Flip?) has no visible boundaries.

This image is from her Twitter. She’s one of those porn sluts who thinks that muscles are sexy.


A decorated, active Navy SEAL is under investigation for moonlighting as a porn actor with his wife, the government reports.

The U.S. Navy is investigating Navy Chief Special Warfare Officer Joseph John Schmidt III after he appeared in 30 explicit porn movies, the San Diego Union-Tribune reported last week.

Schmidt, 42, has served in the Navy for 23 years, was a recruiter for the Naval Special Warfare teams, and was even featured on the SEAL website. But he is also a porn actor under the name “Jay Vroom,” appearing in such films as Apple Smashing Lap Dance and Strippers Come Home Horny from the Club.

Most of the films he starred in were filmed with his real-life wife, Jewels Jade, as his onscreen partner. But he also appeared in films with several other porn actresses.

The Navy is now investigating to see if his side job violates Navy rules for conduct and propriety.

“We have initiated a formal investigation into these allegations. There are very clear regulations which govern outside employment by (Naval Special Warfare) personnel as well as prohibitions on behavior that is discrediting to the service,” Capt. Jason Salata, a spokesman for the SEALs, told the paper.

But Jewels Jade insists that his Naval bosses knew what he was doing as a side job.

“They knew about it at work. He got called in and they said, ‘Look, keep it on the low, don’t mention the SEAL name and blah, blah, blah,” the porn actress said.

“He was always pretty open about it with the command. I mean, honestly, all of his buddies knew about it. Everybody knew about it,” she said.

But the SEAL’s wife claimed that they only began making the porn films to pay their bills.

“It’s helped our family. It got us out of a lot of financial issues we were going through,” Jade added. “I could take care of the child. I could try to get us out of financial debt.”

The actress also noted that neither she nor her husband ever used his job as a Navy SEAL to sell their porn videos. In fact, the Union-Tribune could not find any instances where either of them mentioned his service directly while selling or advertising their porn films.

From Freeones, an encylopedia type porn site that may have malware on it.

Jewels Jade Quick Bio Info

Babe Name:
Jewels Jade
Jewel Jade, Jewels
Date of Birth:
October 13, 1971 (45 years old)
Place of Birth:
San Diego, California
Country of Origin:
United States
Career Status:
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Fake Boobs:
Navel; both nipples
Two tattoos on her right shoulder symbolizing herself and her husband; tribal tattoos across lower back; below the buttocks; side of the ribs and top of arms

This Tweet from 2012 is relevant to the investigation:

Let’s end our meet up with our Seal by saying, “Thank you for your service, sir.”

Is Richard’s Spencer’s (Estranged) Wife Mixed Race?

A few days ago on one of the White Nationalist sites I read a claim that Richard Spencer’s Russian wife, Nina Kouprianova, who writes as Nina Byzantina, is Eurasian, rather than Caucasian. The two are still married, though separated.

If Spencer’s wife is not a European woman, then why is he preaching White Nationalism. A nonwhite wife would not be admitted to a white ethnostate, would she?

These are all of the photos of her on the Internet that are of decent size. What do you think? White or Nonwhite?

Didn’t Spencer owe it to the movement to marry a white American woman, even an Aryan type?

P.S. Her eyebrows scare me!

Eurasian or European? You tell me.

OH NO! Newly Crowned Miss World Japan is MIXED RACE


I offer a simple message to the great Japanese people: Never stop being racist. Your country will no longer be Japan as you know it if you accept even one mixed race person into your world. Your country suits you. Keep your country. Shun and shame any Japanese person who marries outside your race.

The Guardian

Japan will be represented at this year’s Miss World contest by a woman with a Japanese mother and Indian father after Priyanka Yoshikawa became the country’s second mixed-race contestant in a row chosen for a major international pageant.

The qualified elephant trainer who counts kickboxing among her hobbies said she would use her title to promote greater inclusiveness in Japan where, according to government statistics, haafu – those born with one non-Japanese parent – comprised 2% of all children born in 2012.

The 22-year-old Yoshikawa, who was born in Tokyo but also spent some of her childhood in India and the US, praised Ariana Miyamoto, who won Miss Universe Japan in 2015, for giving her the confidence to enter Miss World.

Miyamoto, the child of a Japanese mother and African American father, endured a racist backlash on social media, with some asking why the title had not been awarded to a “pure” Japanese, although many other commenters celebrated her victory.

“Before Ariana, haafu girls couldn’t represent Japan,” Yoshikawa told AFP after winning the title in Tokyo on Monday night. “That’s what I thought too. I didn’t doubt it or challenge it until this day. Ariana encouraged me a lot by showing me and showing all mixed girls the way.”

Yoshikawa said her background did not disqualify her or other mixed race people from representing Japan. “We are Japanese,” she said. “Yes I’m half Indian and people are asking me about my purity – yes my dad is Indian and I’m proud of it, I’m proud that I have Indian in me. But that does not mean I’m not Japanese.”

Miyamoto, who was born and raised in Nagasaki, complained in 2015 that she had been bullied as a child for looking different. “In school people used to throw rubbish at me,” she said in an interview with CNN. “They also used racial slurs.”

Some social media users questioned her right to represent Japan, with one saying that her title was a “contradiction” given her parentage.

The response to Yoshikawa’s victory was more muted, although some Twitter users wondered if a “pure” Japanese contestant would ever win the title. “What’s the point of holding a pageant like this now? Zero national characteristics,” one poster said. Another complained: “It’s like we’re saying a pure Japanese face can’t be a winner.”

The Indian embassy in Tokyo congratulated Yoshikawa on her victory, which entitles her to represent Japan at the Miss World contest in Washington in December.

Yoshikawa said she was confident she could challenge the perception that mixed race children are not quite Japanese enough. “We have problems, we’ve been struggling and it hurts,” she said.

“When I came back to Japan everyone thought I was a germ … like if they touched me they would be touching something bad. But I’m thankful because that made me really strong.

“As Miss Japan, hopefully I can help change perceptions so that it can be the same here too. The number of people with mixed race is only going to increase, so people have to accept it.”

Japanese children born to international marriages were also in evidence at the Rio Olympics. They included Mashu Baker, who took gold in the men’s under-90kg judo, and Aska Cambridge, who was part of Japan’s silver medal-winning men’s 4x100m relay team.

No matter how much the lady doth protest, she is NOT Japanese.