Woman Dies After Being Set on Fire Two Years Ago by “Pure Evil” Boyfriend

Judy Malinowski was a mother of two. She and boyfriend Michael Slager were arguing before he doused her with an accelerant and set her afire. She suffered from burns over 80 percent of her body. It’s surprising that she lived as long as she did. She was 33.


COLUMBUS, Ohio (WSYX/WTTE) — A woman left bed-ridden in a hospital after a disfiguring attack in August 2015 has died, according to her family.

Judy Malinowski was set on fire by her ex-boyfriend, Michael Slager, after a fight at a gas station in August 2015. Slager was sentenced to 11 years in prison for Felonious Assault and Aggravated Arson in December 2016.

After seeing the story, State Representative Jim Hughes introduced legislation to further punish in cases like Malinowski’s that maim or disfigure. Legislators are currently looking over a bill in the state Senate to add at least six years of jail time for anyone who uses an accelerant where the victim is permanently disfigured or disabled. The Senate is expected to vote on the bill Wednesday after it was unanimously approved by the House last month.

After the attack, Malinowski endured at least 52 surgeries. Prior to one of her operations last December, Malinowski struggled to speak to ABC 6/FOX 28 as she spoke about her suffering and desire to see “Judy’s law” through to help prevent others from a situation like hers.

The Franklin County Prosecutor’s Office has said it will seek murder charges against Slager should Malinowski die from her injuries.

Julie had a sad, tough life. According to Metro she had survived ovarian cancer. In the fire attack, which Slager denied, she lost two fingers, her ears, and most of her hair.

She called her boyfriend “pure evil.” Looking at him, I don’t doubt it. Taking on a bad boy for a boyfriend is even more dangerous than taking on a black one. Slager deserves the death penalty, carried out on a woodpile set afire by Julie’s friends and family. Then, drag him out of the fire and let him suffer.

Clash Between Kurds and Afghans at Dunkirk Migrant Camp Sparks Massive Fire, 600 Missing

Britain’s Sky News is reporting that 600 migrants are missing following a huge fire that destroyed the Grand-Synthe migrant camp in France.

Although Europe would be better off if the alleged 600 missing migrants were consumed by the flames, the lack of concern by the media suggests that there are now 600 camp inhabitants on the loose in France.

The humane thing to do now would be to return the migrants back to their own home countries. That won’t happen, so France now has the problem of containing the homeless migrants.

Sky News

Around 600 migrants are missing after being evacuated when a huge blaze ravaged their camp, reducing it to “a heap of ashes”.

The Grande-Synthe migrant camp – home to around 1,500 people – is situated outside the northern French city of Dunkirk and was set up a year ago by Doctors Without Borders.

Corenne Torre, head of the humanitarian group in France, said while 900 people were evacuated to safe shelters including local gyms, some 600 migrants were unaccounted for.

“We just don’t know where they are,” she said.

The fire erupted hours after clashes between up to 150 Kurds and Afghans.

Riot police moved into the camp to break up the trouble. Ten people were injured, with some being treated in hospital for knife wounds.

Officials have linked the fire to the fighting and an investigation has been launched to determine the cause of the blaze – the flames of which were visible from several miles away.

“There is nothing left but a heap of ashes,” said Michel Lalande, chief of France’s Nord region.

“It will be impossible to put the huts back where they were before.”

Firefighters tackled the blaze through the night as the camp’s inhabitants were evacuated.

“I lost all my documents,” said one Iraqi migrant. “I just have only this paper that says I’m a refugee in France.”

He said Kurds and Afghans had clashed before the fire erupted, but he did not know why.

“We are refugees here in France. We don’t have any place… we don’t know what to do. We lost everything,” he added.

Grande-Synthe’s population swelled after a huge makeshift camp, 19 miles away, known as the “Calais Jungle”, was dismantled by the authorities in October.

French officials decided last month that the camp population must be gradually reduced to 700 – with migrants housed in special centres – and security increased to keep out traffickers.

From my armchair perspective, Marine Le Pen is the best, last hope that France can avoid even more pain associated with the Muslim invasion and colonization.


The large influx into Europe of migrants fleeing poverty and war elsewhere is also a hot button issue in France, where the far-right, anti-immigration leader Marine Le Pen is one of the frontrunners in a presidential election now less than two weeks away.

Le Pen on Tuesday repeated that she would close migrant camps and France’s borders, also drastically cutting migration should she be elected.

“This chaos has to end,” she said in a statement. Opinion polls show Le Pen tied with centrist Emmanuel Macron in the first round on April 23 then losing to him in a run-off of the two top scoring candidates on May 7.

Setting aside her issues with migrants, Le Pen is now in trouble with the Jews for suggesting that France bore no responsibility for the so-called Holocaust.


Le Pen suggested France was not responsible for the wartime round-up of Jews who were sent to Nazi death camps. With just 13 days until the first round of voting in France’s presidential election, her remarks have been met with widespread condemnation.

“I don’t think France is responsible for the Vel d’Hiv,” Le Pen told French broadcaster LCI on Sunday, arguing that the Nazi-collaborationist Vichy regime “was not France.”

“I think that generally speaking if there are people responsible, it’s those who were in power at the time. It’s not France,” she added.

According to Yad Vashem, the Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem, some 1,000 Jews were deported to Auschwitz every two or three days in the two months following the arrests at Vel d’Hiv. Nearly 38,000 Jews had been deported to Auschwitz from France by the end of September 1942. By 1945, just 780 of them remained alive.

Still think diversity is a strength? Imagine what a peaceful world if there were no Jews, no Muslims, and no blacks.

Negro Arsonist Left Note Claiming to be White Trump Supporter


Our American ghetto dwellers seem quite oblivious to that amazing technology knows as the surveillance camera. Perhaps it’s better that they don’t grasp that technology. It makes it so much easier to catch them when they pull their shenanigans.

Scroll to the end of this post to watch the short surveillance video on Twitter. The Facebook video immediately below offers a local news report on the arson.


CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Channel 9 has obtained exclusive surveillance video that shows a suspected arson and hate crime at an east Charlotte store. Police are searching for the man who is seen in the video leaving a racist note, breaking a window at the business and then setting a fire.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police said Friday that they’re working with federal authorities to investigate the hate crime.

Officers responded Thursday night to the Central Market on Albemarle Road after receiving a report of a fire at the building.

The fire was under control by the time firefighters and police arrived, but officers noticed one of the door’s window panes had been smashed.

A note was left at the scene near the door, according to police. The writer of the note said he or she did not want any refugee business owners in the area and threatened to torture the owner if the owner did not leave and go back to where he came from. The owner of the store is a refugee from Bhutan, according to officials.

The person signed the letter “White America.”

Kamal Dhimal, the owner of the Central Market, said his heart sank when he got to the store and saw the note.

“There is no word to express how I am feeling,” Dhimal said.

The Indian and Nepali market has been a staple in east Charlotte for years, but Dhimal said it doesn’t feel like home after Thursday night’s incident.

“It makes me scared for the refugee and immigration,” Dhimal said.

But he said he is not deterred by the hatred and his store’s doors are open to everyone.

“We are stronger, if they are stronger they will come in the daytime,” Dhimal said

Surveillance video showed a black man who is about 5 feet, 8 inches tall, weighing 200 pounds, with a short Afro and a goatee, according to officers.

Detectives asked anyone with information in the case to call Crime Stoppers at 704-334-1600.

Three Arrested for Setting Fire that Collapsed Atlanta Bridge


First, the basics:


ATLANTA – Three people were taken into custody in connection with a fire on I-85 that caused a bridge to collapse, according to the state fire marshal’s office.

Basil Eleby, 40, has been charged with first degree criminal damage to property and criminal trespassing. Authorities have not yet said what led to the charges.

Eleby will appear in court Saturday morning.

Two other people were given citations for trespassing and were released.

Channel 2’s Mark Winne learned one or more of the individuals involved may be transient.

Channel 2 Action News has learned Eleby has been arrested several times before. He has been booked on charges including possession of marijuana and cocaine, criminal trespass, simple battery, and simple assault dating back to 1995.

Let’s fill in some detail with reporting from Heavy

Eleby appears to have a criminal history with multiple previous mugshots, according to Mugshots.com. ABC News reported that all three suspects were in the Fulton County Jail, and that they were interrogated throughout the day, although authorities have not said yet what led them to the trio.

According to 11Alive.com, Fulton County Jail records show Basil Eleby “had been arrested 19 times before for drug, battery, assault and other charges. An April 2014 mugshot shows Eleby after he was arrested for charges related to the sale and trafficking of cocaine.”

Thick black smoke billowed into the sky as the blaze erupted. USA Today reported that “Flames are erupting underneath an Atlanta interstate as black smoke is billowing under all sides. Local officials are on the scene and working to determine a cause.”

Drivers were left stranded:

There’s not much that can be said that hasn’t been said before. Blacks are a retarded group who often appear not to understand cause and effect. That they cost the hard working white taxpayers big money is not debatable. Old Basil is just costing working people more than usual for a single dindu. Perhaps worse than the monetary cost will be the time spent driving alternate routes and the traffic snarls caused by the bridge collapse.

Eleby? Lock him up and throw away the key. Let him live on bread and water. Or put him to work on a work farm paying for the bridge reconstruction.

Police: Texas Mexican man killed prostitute, let acquaintance have sex with her body, set her on fire


If you live some place where Mexicans are rare, you probably don’t see many stories like this bizarre incident. Lucky you.

Weird news of heinous murders and crazy sex are common in the San Antonio area. You may remember the story of Julie Mott, whose body was stolen from a San Antonio funeral home. I had several posts on it back in 2015, I believe it was.

The story at hand, the murder of a prostitute, would not be newsworthy in this area. But there’s a twist. Read on and be prepared to be shocked.

My San Antonio

SAN ANTONIO — A 29-year-old man was arrested Sunday for allegedly strangling a prostitute and letting an acquaintance have sex with her body before setting her on fire in a South Side garage, according to court documents.

Javier Hernandez allegedly confessed to an unnamed witness that he killed a prostitute by strangling her and burning her body next to his home. Prior to burning her body, an acquaintance of the suspect allegedly had sex with the dead woman’s body, according to an arrest affidavit obtained by mySA.com.

The witness told police Hernandez appeared excited and full of “adrenaline” after allegedly committing the crime, the affidavit said.

Police found her badly burned body on Jan. 22 in a detached garage in the 300 block of West Harding Boulevard. An arson-sniffing dog was brought to the scene and detected an accelerant used in the creation of the fire, according to the arrest affidavit.

Her body was so badly burned that the only identifying information police had was a part of her back that was not burned. That portion of her back had a tattoo and a photo of it was shared with the media, according to previous reports.

The woman has yet to be identified, said SAPD spokesman Douglas Greene.

She is described as being Hispanic and between 18 and 35 years old. She appears to have had brown hair and breast implants and a tattoo on her lower back, previous reports said.

Police charged Hernandez with first-degree murder on Sunday.

If convicted, he faces five to 99 years or life in prison.

I believe the feds still count Hispanics as white, so this horrific crime will go down in the books as a white on white crime, thus inflating the white crime rate. We ought to change that and give Latinos their own category in the crime statistics.

Hong Kong Subway Fire Injures 15 as Man Sets Self on Fire

If the Chinese man at the center of this story wanted to kill himself, he went about it the wrong way. He’s still alive, but he injured 15 people on the subway when he set himself on fire.

The Chinese people live piled up one on top of another. It’s not a natural way for Western man to live. Apparently, it takes its toll on Asians too. That’s one of the problems they bring to the West when they migrate. Their preference for high density living is stress inducing to dispersed European peoples. Note that even as China, Japan, and other Asian countries become wealthy, white people have NO desire to invade and colonize their countries. The flow of people is out of Asia and into the West, where Asia’s problems become the problems of Americans, Australians, and Canadians.

The Hong Kong Standard

A fire on board an MTR train from Admiralty to Tsim Sha Tsui station was caused by a man who set himself on fire with a fuel-filled bottle – leaving 15 people injured, including the suspect, a police source says.

Two of the injured are said to be in critical condition while six others are in serious condition.

The source said the man has been arrested on suspicion of arson. He is also said to have suffered third-degree burns, and is undergoing surgery in hospital. Officers from the police force’s Counter Terrorism Response Unit came to the scene.

A video circulating on social media shows a man with his trousers on fire, lying on the floor of the station platform as other passengers frantically put out the flames by smothering it with their clothes. A fire can be seen burning inside the train compartment.-RTHK

Female Trump Supporter Lit On Fire By Protesters Chanting ‘Love Trumps Hate’

Luckily, the Trump supporter’s hair didn’t ignite like a bomb. She’s alright, but no thanks to an anti-Trump leftist. Watch for yourself.

We Are Change

A female supporter of President Donald Trump had her hair lit on fire by protesters who were ironically chanting “love trumps hate” shortly after the inauguration in Washington on Friday.

The shocking assault was caught on video and uploaded to YouTube.

Luckily, the fire was quickly extinguished, and several of the anti-Trump protesters did immediately speak out on the woman’s behalf. It goes to show that there are actually some decent people on both sides.

Despite most of the protest organizers symbolically calling for “peaceful” protest, multiple people were assaulted simply for wearing their support for our president in the days surrounding the inauguration — including women.

The Daily Caller is asking for help in identifying the perp, pictured below.