Heather Locklear Hospitalized for Psych Evaluation After Threatening to Kill Herself


In this February post on Heather’s arrest I said pretty much all I can say about her.

The only thing I can add is that I’m thinking her 56 year old brain has been so fried by drugs that she’ll never be able to function normally again.

Fox News

Heather Locklear was reportedly hospitalized on Sunday after she threatened to kill herself.

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Blacks Handcuffed in Dispute Over Alleged $1.50 WAFFLE HOUSE Overcharge


I’m saving the bad news associated with this story until the end of the piece.


Daily Mail

A black couple who couple questioned their bill in a Waffle House bill both ended up being handcuffed and arrested, in the latest incident at the chain.

The couple, identified in a police report as Donald Copeland and Ms. Hart, placed a to-go order at the Waffle House in Fort Walton Beach, Florida.

They disputed the price of a juice which they say was listed as $1, but for which they were charged $2.50.

As Copeland attempted to call a corporate 1-800 number to further dispute the bill, Waffle House employees called the police, saying the man was ‘being irate, screaming and cussing.’

Let’s separate the issues:

1. Anyone has the right to question a possible overcharge.

2. No one has the right to create a disturbance.

We’re supposed to believe that the Waffle House employees were white hooded KKK calling the police because they couldn’t legally lynch the black couple. That’s a stupid story only a libtard would believe.

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Black Actor Plans Lawsuit Over Alleged Racial Profiling Arrest


A black actor no one’s ever heard of believes he’s hit the ghetto lottery. We shall see about that!

There’s some question about whether Darris Love was ever arrested. He appears to have been detained and questioned for a few hours before being released. However, some media are calling his adventure an arrest. When there’s an arrest, there’s fingerprinting and a mugshot taken. Speculating, he wasn’t arrested, but rather taken to the station for questioning.

NBC News

LOS ANGELES — An African-American actor says he was racially profiled and wrongfully arrested last week as a suspect in a burglary ring whose members led sheriff’s deputies on a freeway pursuit that was broadcast on television.


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Dancing FBI Agent Charged with Assault Over Backflip Shooting

That dancing, backflipping FBI agent is Chase Bishop. He’s been charged with a crime for his carelessness with his weapon. Most news reports don’t make clear that his FBI issue pistol did not discharge when it fell from his holster, but fired when he picked it up by the handle and trigger.

Many people are rightly raising the question of whether he should continue to remain employed by the FBI. So far, his punishment was a three day suspension.

Huffington Post via Yahoo

The backflipping FBI agent who accidentally shot a man in the leg at a Denver bar earlier this month was arrested Tuesday and faces charges of second-degree assault, according to Denver Sheriff Department records.

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Arizona Man Nicolas Zuckerman Arrested for Threats Against Harvard’s Black Graduation Ceremony


Nicolas Zuckerman (Jewish name?) is under arrest and facing trial over alleged threats that look more like mouthing off in anger than real, credible threats of violence.

His arrest does serve as a warning to everyone to be careful of your language.

Detroit Free Press

PHOENIX — An Arizona man who was arrested Friday faces federal charges of threatening to bomb Harvard University and shoot students at the school’s 2017 Black Commencement ceremony to “end their pro-black agenda.”

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March Supporting Tommy Robinson Turns into Clash with London Police

The way I understand the alt-right’s objections to Tommy Robinson is that he’s diverting attention away from the real problem in Britain, the Jews, and focusing attention on Islam and Muslims, who are a symptom of the problem, but not the root cause.

Did I get that right?

People opposed to the jailing of Tommy by the British government turned out on the street Saturday to protest. Some minor violence ensued, leading to five arrests.

It seems likely that there were Deep State infiltrators among the marchers whose mission was to make the political right look bad.

Sky News

Violent scenes erupted as hundreds of demonstrators marched through London against the jailing of former far-right leader Tommy Robinson.

The march on Whitehall on Saturday was the latest following Robinson’s imprisonment for contempt of court last month.

Steel fences and bottles were thrown at police, who made five arrests.

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White Guy with Long Criminal Record Arrested for Adding Rat Poison to Pizza Joint’s Mozzarella


Ricky Lee Adami better not ever be given another job in the food industry.

It takes a special kind of stupid and evil to mix in rat poison with cheese destined to top a pizza, all the while security cameras are catching you in the act.

Actually, with Adami’s criminal record, an argument could be made that he shouldn’t have been out among decent folks anyway.

Charlotte Observer

A North Carolina pizzeria employee is accused of putting rat poison in the Fayetteville establishment’s food, according to police.

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