Uber Driver Behind Wheel of Self-Driving Car Involved in Pedestrian Fatality is Latina Ex-Con Convicted of Attempted Robbery


An Uber driverless car hit a pedestrian in Arizona over the weekend. Both the driver and the victim were moral degenerates.

Uber drivers are known for their criminality. The female driver involved in the accident looks more like a man than a woman.

Hmmm. Tranny, or just a dyke?

New York Post

The operator of a self-driving Uber vehicle that fatally struck a woman in Arizona was a convicted felon who served almost four years in the slammer for attempted armed robbery, according to a report.

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Police Dog Vader Puts Mexican Drug Dealer in Jail by Sniffing Out a MILLION DOLLARS Worth of Coke


K9 officer Vader looks mighty proud of himself in that photo above. And why wouldn’t he be proud. He’s put a Mexican in jail who after his trial will be moved to the Big House.

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SPLC: MILO Fans Plot Revenge After Death Threats Cause Cancellation of AZ Speech

MILO Yiannopoulos, the former “dangerous faggot,” has blamed the left for “credible” death threats against him should he go ahead with his Arizona speech, which cost $129 to attend.

Specifically, he claims the police cancelled the event.

The police have shot back that they did no such thing. There is some evidence that the company promoting the event got cold feet and lied to MILO.

I guess this is a blow to MILO’s (he allegedly spells it in all caps) effort to reattain his celebrity status after being demonized as a pedophile last year.


Fans of Milo Yiannopoulos were plotting to get back at liberals, antifa and even the local police on Thursday night after the alt-right figure announced the sudden cancelation of a speech he’d planned to give at a venue in Arizona.

The SPLC is doing what it always does, which is portray anyone who doesn’t hold far-left views as dangerously violent.

The SPLC spin is a slander on conservatives and the alt-right.

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Appalled Jewish Lady Cancels Purchase of $1.8 Million House Used as Set by PORN Stars Wifey and Hubby


The nice Jewish lady says she didn’t want to be cooking on kitchen counter tops where the dirty deed was done by porn star wifey and her male friends. Or maybe buyer Linda Fein is hoping to negotiate a better price by claiming to be shocked.

You can decide for yourself.

As to wifey, I’ve posted nonnude pictures of her below, showing how the house is used in pornographic photo shoots and videos.

I also, using Google image search, discovered that Wifey does black ****. But what would you expect from a whore who’s been making porn at home for 20 years now.

The Wikipedia page for Wifey’s World puts Wifey’s age at 53.

USA Today

PARADISE VALLEY, Ariz. — Linda Fein was in the process of closing on a gorgeous contemporary-style home when she and her husband made a startling discovery.

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Two Dogs Running Down Phoenix Freeway Chased by Police Creating Huge Traffic Jam

Two dogs succeeded in recreating the famous O.J. Simpson low speed chase yesterday.

Police vehicles held back traffic while the insanely erratic dogs took over a major Phoenix freeway. Choppers hovered overhead, capturing the action for the TV audience.

Both dogs would have run over without a thought in Mexico or China. They might have survived in India since the Hindus are very similar to Euro-man in their appreciation for animals.

This story has a happy ending, so don’t be afraid to read it.

There’s two videos of the doggo freedom seekers after the story.


Here’s a police chase with a twist. The suspects in this Arizona crime caper weren’t behind a wheel; they were two crafty canines running loose down the freeway.

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Arizona High School Students Who Formed Human Swastika are Being Punished

Presumably, a group of male students were making a political statement when they formed the human swastika pictured above.

It may simply be a case of Generation Z rejecting political correctness, which has reached epic proportions.

Or, it may be a case of expressing contempt for Jews.

Their identities and motivation remain a mystey.


PARADISE VALLEY, AZ – A handful of students at Paradise Valley High School are being disciplined after they were photographed lying on the ground in the formation of a swastika symbol.

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Off-duty fire captain shot dead by mystery meat POS after golf cart altercation

Another senseless killing by a feral monster.

Dear God, free my people from this evil.

Fox News

A man was arrested Sunday after he shot and killed an Arizona fire captain, police said.

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