Negro Athlete’s Arrest on Sex Charges Involving 9 Year Old Girl Leads to Suicide Video Going Viral

Ex-UCLA basketball star Billy Knight left a suicide note in the form of the above video, which has been annotated by the publisher.

Knight admits to the usual failings of the Negro race–lying, cheating, stealing, etc.

Prior to killing himself he was facing 50 years in prison for sex with his girlfriend’s child.

The press calls his suicide video “heartbreaking.”

Not exactly.

I’d call it more attention seeking by a race of attention seekers.


Former UCLA basketball player Billy Knight — who was facing multiple charges for sexual abuse against a child— was found dead on a Phoenix roadway just days after he released a disturbing video where he expressed feeling remorse about having lived “a life of sin.”

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Hero Golden Retriever Pup Jumps Between Owner and Rattlesnake, Suffers Direct Strike in Snout


Todd’s a good boy!

Daily Mail

A dog has been hailed a hero for saving his owner from a rattlesnake, taking a nasty bite to the face in the process.

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Video Selfie Allegedly Shows Border Patrol Running Over Redskin


A featherhead’s story makes no sense.

He says he saw a Border Patrol vehicle on his reservation and he just knew instinctively that the BP agent was going to run over him.

So what did he do?

Walk out into the dirt road.

His selfie video actually does NOT show him being hit. Speculating, he walked into the vehicle and fell to to ground exclaiming to no one particular, “They ran me over, bro.”

His video is embedded below. You can decide for yourself if he was really hit.

A video that went viral on social media appears to show a Border Patrol vehicle drive off after it apparently hit a man on a dirt road on the Tohono O’odham Nation.

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White Woman Battling Eye Cancer FIRED After 19 Years as Park Ranger

If a black woman were fired from her job of 19 years while battling cancer, it not only would be national news, but it would also be a huge story on social media, GoFundMe, and with the likes of Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and the NAACP.

Sue Hartin is white, however. So the sound you hear is crickets.

A white working class woman appears to be the victim of a heartless state government. Was she replaced by a nonwhite person? Sue needs legal representation.

AZ Family

Sue Hartin loved being an Arizona Parks ranger and is still in shock over her sudden firing last week.

“I’ve been in a deep depression ever since,” said Hartin. “Anxiety. I haven’t slept in seven days. I didn’t eat for five. It was my life.”

The Caucasians are a race of people who love and worry about their work.

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Evil Racist Bastard AZ Legislator Condemned for “not enough white kids” Remarks


The Phoenix New Times reports that Arizona legislator David Stringer has been asked to resign by the Arizona Republican party and the Chamber of Commerce.

Rep. Stringer is NOT apologizing, much less resigning.

We need more evil, racist bastards like him, willing to speak taboo truths.

The Hill

A Republican Arizona state lawmaker is drawing attention after calling immigration an “existential threat” to the U.S.

“If we don’t do something about immigration very, very soon, the demographics of our country will be irrevocably changed and we will be a very different country,” state Rep. David Stringer (R) said at the Yavapai County Republican Men’s Forum on Monday, according to video posted on social media.

Stringer charged that “there aren’t enough white kids to go around” in Arizona schools, and that it will be reflected in the voting booth in 10 to 15 years.

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Phoenix Snowflakes are “disturbed” by “Nazi” flyers, says Press

If the flyer on the telephone pole above is representative, it appears that some Phoenix, Arizona, residents can’t deal with facts.

I don’t see “Gas the kikes.” I do see factual claims that a curious open mind would want to check out for truth.

Part of our job as good propagandists is to be able to open people’s minds to the truth, whether that truth favors our cause or not. Most of the time the truth will favor so-called Nazis or White Nationalists or fascists or whatever they want to call us.

Fox 10 Phoenix

PHOENIX (KSAZ) – Over the week, flyers have been popping up around one north Phoenix neighborhood that residents call disturbing.

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Arizona Man Nicolas Zuckerman Arrested for Threats Against Harvard’s Black Graduation Ceremony


Nicolas Zuckerman (Jewish name?) is under arrest and facing trial over alleged threats that look more like mouthing off in anger than real, credible threats of violence.

His arrest does serve as a warning to everyone to be careful of your language.

Detroit Free Press

PHOENIX — An Arizona man who was arrested Friday faces federal charges of threatening to bomb Harvard University and shoot students at the school’s 2017 Black Commencement ceremony to “end their pro-black agenda.”

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