Goodnight Apex: Sudanese thugs get decked (Video: Oz Fights Back)

10 seconds. Whites win. Read the comments at youtube.

From the youtube information box:

Published on Jun 14, 2017

Two Aussies defend themselves in a fight against four Sudanese in Beaumont Street, Hamilton.

11th June 2017.

The Australian press is full of ****:

A VIDEO posted to social media purporting to show a group of men engaged in a street fight has gone viral.

The 10-second Snapchat video, titled “Goodnight Apex: Sudanese thugs get decked”, was first uploaded to YouTube by far right-wing group Party For Freedom Australia on Wednesday.

“Two Aussies defend themselves in a fight against four Sudanese in Beaumont Street, Hamilton, 11th June 2017,” reads description of the video, which was filmed at the intersection of Beaumont and Cleary Streets in Newcastle, opposite The Kent Hotel.

The Apex Gang is believed to be behind a series of carjackings, home invasions, assaults and robberies in Melbourne over the past year. Despite the gang being reported as predominantly of Sudanese origin, Victorian police say it is made up of “Australian-born offenders”.

There have been no reports of the Apex Gang being in Newcastle and there is no evidence that the men in the video are members of the gang, police say.

According to the Party For Freedom website, the fight broke out at about 1am on Sunday. “The Sudanese troublemakers were drinking in the Hotel Kent verbally abusing patrons while trying to start fights with anyone in the hotel,” it says.

However, understands this version of events is incorrect, and that the four men were never inside hotel itself as they had previously been banned from the venue.

Although the video claims to show the “Aussies” defending themselves, the video itself only shows footage where the “Aussie” men appear to be the aggressors.

Chief Inspector Terry Burns from the Newcastle Police said officers were called to an alleged brawl outside the Oasis Food Court on Sunday morning “involving a number of males”. “Two males were still on the scene when police arrived, however all other parties had left,” he said.

“The two males were being treated for minor facial injuries. At this stage we’re still appealing for people to assist us with the identity of a number of persons that were involved in the fight. Inquiries are ongoing. We’ve released the CCTV and we’re confident we will obtain their identities.”

No one has yet been charged over the incident. “We’ve actually appealed for them to come forward before we knock on their doors,” Insp. Burns said.

Party For Freedom Australia was founded by controversial anti-Islam campaigner Nick Folkes, and first gained attention in 2015 with its presence at Reclaim Australia rallies. The group is known for its anti-immigration and anti-multiculturalism views.

Mr Folkes was branded “extremely rude” by Sky News host Andrew Bolt after about 10 members of the group stormed a service at the Gosford Anglican Church last August wearing Arabic-style dress and shouting slogans through a loudspeaker.

Earlier this year, Mr Folkes appeared on the SBS show The Truth About Racism, hosted by Muslim activist Yassmin Abdel-Magied. He later claimed the show was “hijacked”, branding it a “stitch-up from the get-go”.

The video, which has been viewed nearly 45,000 times, has attracted a large number of racist comments too offensive to be published here.

Blacks always start stuff. The Australian press is just more fake news like the American press.

Australia’s African Apes Terrorize Melbourne Proving Again That Diversity is Not A Strength

apex brawl

Unless I overlooked it, you won’t find a word about the ethnicity of Australia’s Apex gang in the first linked story in this post. That’s because they’re Africans.

Indeed, the ape has been allowed by white race traitors to take up residence in Australia, provided with every advantage. And still the ape swings from trees like the stupid monkey he is. The feral savages turned a fun, family event in Melbourne into a terrifying ordeal for white families and the police over the weekend.

Excerpt from

Terrified revellers at the annual Moomba festival were forced to take cover as gang members provoked police and bystanders on the corner of Swanston and Flinders streets, near Federation Square, just before 8:00pm.

Onlookers ran for safety and at one stage chairs were used as weapons by the brawlers.

Swanston Street was shut down and trams were stopped for about an hour. Ambulance Victoria said it treated a number of people after the incident.

One man was taken to The Alfred hospital with serious head injuries.

Police said four people were arrested, including one for possessing a taser, but others fled on foot.

A number of robberies and an assault were also reported in the area.

Witnesses said more than 100 people were involved in the fight.

Russ Mulry said several groups of people were chanting at police.

“Chairs were picked up and chairs were thrown from these gangs of people — there was glass being thrown, it was scary,” he said.

“It was disgusting; I am ashamed to be a Melburnian with that going on.”

The story is also being covered by We learn more about the apes and their feral ways.

A primary group within Apex is young African men among living in Melbourne’s outer suburbs. In recent months, police have arrested more than 30 gang members for crimes including robbery, assault and car theft, as part of Taskforce Tense that was set up in November.

The gang’s penchant is for stealing luxury cars — but not to sell on.
“From what we are seeing, it’s largely teenagers targeting high-end cars they want to drive,” Narre Warren police detective Acting Sergeant Reuben McAllister told the Cranbourne Leader earlier this month.

“When they’ve finished with them, they dump them or burn them. Some of them still have not been found.”

The group call their strategy for stealing “missioning”. It involves sneaking into houses in the dead of night, stealing the car keys and driving off with the vehicle.

The filthy savages have nothing to offer Western man but grief. Deport them, my Australian brothers and sisters. Admit that your experiment in multiculturalism and diversity is a FAILURE.

One of the most disgusting things about the contamination of Australia by the apes is shown in the picture below. This is Apex Street, where the government had generously housed the shit skins. When I was growing up, being able to live in a beautiful neighborhood like this was just a distant dream. You can’t say the Australians crowded the stinking apes into a slum.

african housing in australia