Netanyahu Decides to Purge Gaza Again, Cuts off Electricity to 2 Million People

Styx has a few radical ideas that the Jews won’t like.

I wish he would curse less, but it’s probably worth listening to his potty mouth to hear his unique “antisemitic” ideology.

Excerpt from Al Jazeera

Hundreds of Palestinians protested on Friday along Gaza’s borders with Israel, as international rights groups warned of a “total collapse” of basic services amid a steadily worsening electricity crisis.

The Gaza Strip is in the midst of an electricity shortage that has left its two million residents with just a few hours of power a day, turning many aspects of everyday life in the Hamas-ruled territory upside down and raising concerns about of a looming humanitarian crisis.

Earlier this week Israel reduced the amount of electricity it supplies to Gaza to about three hours a day after Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abas cut electricity funding to the Israeli-besieged territory.

The move was widely seen as a move by Abbas to step up pressure on the rival Hamas movement.

The UN humanitarian coordinator for the occupied Palestinian territories, Robert Piper, warned the additional power cuts would have a disastrous affect.

This reduced supply, combined with peak demand during the Ramadan holiday season, has created rolling blackouts that give people just two to four hours of power at a time.

Residents must plan food purchases daily, as proper refrigeration is impossible. Hospitals are running on generators, and fuel is in short supply.

Trump Cuts $3 Million from Holocaust Museum, Jews Cry Antisemitism

“Oy vey, Schlomo. Ve is outsmarted by that Trump fellow again.

Right, Moshe. Let us cry “antisemitism.” It always works.

Better yet is ve have Congress bought and paid for. They will give us our shekels.”

The Hill via

A bipartisan group of 64 members of Congress is demanding a reversal on $3 million in funding cuts to the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum proposed in President Trump’s budget.

“In our view, the mission of the museum has never been more important, particularly as the number of anti-Semitic attacks around the world rises,” the letter to the Interior appropriations subcommittee said. “Now is not the time to cut funding for this national treasure.”

The letter, spearheaded by Reps. Stephanie Murphy, (D-Fla.), Carlos Curbelo (R-Fla.), John Katko, (R-N.Y.) and Kyrsten Sinema (D-Ariz.), highlights the challenges Trump faces in cutting funds to popular programs. Trump’s budget proposal shifts $54 billion in nondefense discretionary funding to defense and proposes deep cuts to social safety net and health programs.

The reduction, which would return the museum’s budget to its 2016 level of $54 million, is roughly a 5 percent decrease.
“It is important to craft a disciplined and fiscally-responsible budget, but cutting millions of dollars in essential funding for this museum is not the appropriate course of action,” said Murphy

According to the budget proposal, the cut “will assist in meeting the President’s budget objectives, while still providing adequate funds to cover pay increases and rising costs for current services for the Museum’s facilities and collections. The decrease is achieved by reductions in staff and selected non-pay areas.”

“Attempts to cut funding for the museum are misguided, and this letter demonstrates a strong, bipartisan commitment to protecting the museum and the educational value it provides to all Americans,” said Sinema.

Jonathan A. Greenblatt, the CEO of anti-Semitism watchdog group the Anti-Defamation League, said cutting the museum’s funding would me a “mistake.”

“The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum is the most important American institution preserving the memory of the six million Jews who were murdered by the Nazis and educating future generations about the importance of combating hate and bigotry,” he said, echoing the letter’s call for Congress to fully fund the museum.

The cut may play into the hands of Trump’s critics on the left, who have noted with dismay his failure to quickly distance himself from white supremacist leaders during the campaign, his White House’s failure to mention Jews in its Holocaust Memorial Day statement and statements by press secretary Sean Spicer that seemed to overlook the use of gas chambers to kill Jews.

The Jews can’t come up with $3 million in donations to cover the budget cut?

Greedy bastards.

Jew Reporter’s Interest in Tentacle Porn Draws Attention Away from Comey Testimony

Kurt Eichwald is the reporter who went to the FBI and had an alt-right Trump supporter (a troll who called himself “Jew Goldstein”) arrested for Tweeting him a flashing image, which he claimed harmed him due to his epilepsy. This site posted that story in March.

As a consequence of his biased writing and generally obnoxious being, the alt-right never misses a chance to discredit him.

Sputnik News

Kurt Eichenwald has been called many things. Journalist. Author. Investigator. Vocal critic of President Trump, the alt-right, and Russia. Now, he has earned a new label: closeted anime porn enthusiast.

It all started on Tuesday night, when the Vanity Fair and Newsweek contributor was negatively name-dropped by his nemesis, Fox News host Tucker Carlson. On Wednesday, Eichenwald replied with a series of negative tweets: “Apparently, @TuckerCarlson brought me up on his show last night. I wouldnt know. Like most ppl now, I dont watch it.”

Eichenwald then posted a flyer that he claimed to have been mailed, featuring a Jewish caricature laughing sinisterly as the world literally burns, with the caption “DANGER: EVIL JEWS IN CHARGE”.

“Since being on your show,” he tweeted to Carlson, “I get things like this a lot, most always from ppl mentioning u. Ur the Julius Streicher of Fox.” (Streicher was the publisher of the vehemently anti-semitic newspaper Der Sturmer, which was popular in Nazi Germany. At the postwar Nuremberg trials, Streicher was convicted of being an accessory to the mass extermination of Jews during the Holocaust and was sentenced to death.)

Carlson didn’t reply to being compared to a Nazi. But more importantly, Eichenwald’s browser was clearly visible in the tweet. His tabs included Twitter, an anti-Carlson article published on Salon, and… “B-chiku”, a 212-page work of anime porn (or “hentai”).

People began to mock what was quickly dubbed “hentaigate,” kink-shaming poor Mr. Eichenwald for his enjoyment of anime girls getting railed. Perhaps the story would have petered out after that… until Eichenwald made the questionable decision to publicly defend himself.

That’s right. Kurt Eichenwald, one of the US’ more prominent left-wing journalists, decided to discuss his porn habits on Twitter instead of discussing the news. It’s a slow news day, in his defense. The only thing going on is former FBI Director James Comey’s explosive Senate testimony, heavily covered by virtually every outlet. Oh, and the United Kingdom’s general election, but that hardly counts as news.

But don’t worry, Kurt has an explanation! He “couldn’t find any” tentacle porn, so he ended up in a decade-old hentai that has absolutely nothing to do with that particular kink. Seems plausible?

For purely research purposes, crack Sputnik investigators Googled “tentacle porn.” The first and third link to come up are the tentacle porn tags on the Pornhub and XVideos sites, comprising thousands and thousands of videos. The second link is the Wikipedia article for “tentacle erotica.” The fifth link is the Urbandictionary entry for the same.

This isn’t the first time Eichenwald and pornography have meshed poorly. In 2005, he published an article in the New York Times about a child pornography ring he claimed to have accidentally discovered on a Google search. (Sound familiar?) Instead of alerting the police, Eichenwald contacted the website and offered them thousands of dollars to allegedly better expose the ring.

This was a major breach of journalistic etiquette, not to mention that he literally funded child pornography. When pressed, Eichenwald admitted that he had made a mistake, but claimed to have forgotten that he even made the payments due to memory loss brought on by his epilepsy.

At least this time, all he did was make a fool of himself in public, rather than outright disgracing the profession.

Hey Kurt, here’s one for you, you sneaky old wanker, you.

Denmark Repeals Blasphemy Law, Koran Burner Walks Free

Apparently, all religions can now be mocked and ridiculed in Denmark. This is after the repeal of a law that had been on the books for many decades.

As a result of Denmark’s action, a man who burned a Koran will not be prosecuted.

This move by Danish legislators seems at odds with much of the rest of Europe, where criticizing Jews and Muslims is verboten.


Danish legislators have scrapped the country’s more than 150-years-old blasphemy law, which forbids public insults of a religion, such as the burning of holy books. A man who burned the Koran and was the first person to be charged under the law since 1970s has now walked free.

Denmark’s parliament repealed the controversial law on Friday, with the overwhelming majority of legislators voting for decriminalizing insults toward religion.

“Anyone who publicly destroys or desecrates in this country anything related to lawfully existing religious communities’ doctrines or worships is punished with a fine or imprisonment for up to 4 months,” the now-obsolete clause 140 of Danish penal law stated.

The law had been in place for at least 151 years, according to Jyllands-Posten newspaper, while other sources claim that it has been active in other redactions since 17th century. Denmark was the only Scandinavian country to have a blasphemy law.

“Religion should not dictate what is allowed and what is forbidden to say publicly,” the newspaper cited an MP who proposed to repeal the law, Bruno Jerup, as saying. “It gives religion a completely unreasonable preferential position in society.”

Despite its longevity, the law was used only a handful of times over the past century.

In 1938, four people were sentenced for displaying anti-Semitic posters and in 1946 two people were fined after acting out a “baptism” at a ball in Copenhagen. Another prosecution attempt came 46 years ago in 1971, when two Denmark Radio producers aired a song mocking Christianity. They were eventually acquitted of all charges.

The law was brought to light earlier this year, when 42-year-old man from northern Jutland posted a video of himself burning a Koran on an anti-Islamic Facebook page dubbed, ‘Yes to freedom – no to Islam.’

“Consider your neighbor: it stinks when it burns,” the man wrote in text accompanying the video.

A criminal investigation into the incident has been opened, but with the law scrapped, the charges against the man are to be dropped.

“The legislature decided to repeal the Penal Code blasphemy clause on public mockery or scorn against a religion. Blasphemy was exactly the core of the charges against the 42-year-old. With his actions no longer being a criminal offense we cannot carry out the planned criminal proceedings, which are therefore canceled. The accused will not be punished,” said Attorney General Jan Reckendorff in a statement.

The repeal of this law will incite more violence against those who use their new freedom to insult Islam.

Jews Lying (Video)

Youtube title: JEWS caught lying on TV(1). The Un-ed-JEW-cation of a nation#117

Less than 30 minutes.

A narrator shows news stories that involve Jews. He claims that Jews are laughing at the Goy behind their back by repeating the same numbers and double letters over and over to make the gentile think that crimes that never happened are real.

I’m not going to say that I’m convinced by his conspiracy theory, but it does make you wonder if he’s on to something. The crisis actors elicit a strong reaction from the narrator.

Lots of cursing:

“You piece of shit Jew. You piece of shit Jew faggots.”


I saw this video at GLP, but moderators there deleted the whole thread. That’s not proof that GLP is controlled by Jews and their lackeys, but it is suggestive.

Breaking! Chuck Woolery Goes Full Nazi and Internet Explodes in Jewstorm of Outrage


Storied game show host Chuck Woolery is trending on Twitter tonight.

The reason?

This is the Tweet:

I’ve linked to an image of it from a separate source in case Twitter punishes Chuck for his “antisemitism.”

OK, so Chuck learned some history somewhere. Maybe he reads Henry Makow’s site. (See blogroll for link.)

Well, it didn’t take long for the outrage to explode on Twitter, a leftist cesspool that shoahs right wing Tweets way too often.

Chuck noticed:

A feminist bitch responds with snark:

Another dumb feminist shitstain:

More snark:

And so it goes for thousands more Tweets.

But Chuck does have his defenders.

No one on the left was able to argue that what Chuck wrote was a lie, so they pulled their usual character assassination.

The world of the left denies the Jew’s involvement in mass murder, not realizing that if the Jew gains total power as in Russia, they will be exterminated.


Hail Chuck! Hail truth!

This Guardian story relates material significant to the Jewish role in mass exterminations in revolutionary Russia.

Inspirational Quote of the Day: One by White Supremacist Tom Metzger


Thomas Linton “Tom” Metzger (born April 9, 1938) is an American white supremacist, skinhead leader and former Klansman.[1][2][3][4] He founded White Aryan Resistance (WAR). He was a Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan in the 1970s. Metzger has voiced strong opposition to immigration to the United States. In the early 1980s, he was registered with the Democratic Party and sought to be a Democratic candidate for the United States House of Representatives and Senate. He has been incarcerated in Los Angeles County, California, and in Toronto, Canada, and has been the subject of several lawsuits and government inquiries. He, his son John, and WAR were fined $12 million as a result of the murder of an Ethiopian by skinheads affiliated with WAR.[4]

Even if guilty, which is a stretch, it’s not like some Ethiopian’s life could ever be worth $12 million. What the hell is wrong with the legal system?

Link to SPLC dossier on Tom Metzger