Outrage as Twitter Refuses to Take Down Tweet Calling Jews “Vile”

The British man who used the word “vile” to describe the Jews he observed may or may not be an antisemite, a racist, a Nazi, or any other type of bad fellow.

What he’s not is a man who violated Twitter policies.

Sadly, he’s something of a coward because he removed the offending Tweet and he’s apologized. We can’t be too hard on him though because his apology may have been made to keep his job and keep him out of jail. Criticizing Jews (and Muslims) is illegal in Britain, I believe.

Daily Mail

Twitter has been accused of giving the green light to anti-Semitism after refusing to remove a tweet branding Jews ‘absolutely vile’ because it was ‘not abusive’.

The post, which referred to orthodox Jews in an area of north-east London, read: ‘Drove through Stamford Hill today. F*** me the gaffs[sic] riddled with full blown Jews. Absolutely vile.’

A local community leader who reported the message to Twitter but was told it would not be taken down as there was ‘no violation of rules regarding abusive behaviour’.

The anti-Semitic tweet was posted by ‘part time disk jockey’ Thomas Andrews at 8.40pm on October 14 and reported to Twitter at 9.03pm.

Other users branded the message ‘vile’ and subsequently attacked the social media giant’s decision not to remove it.

Labour MP John Mann claimed Twitter’s decision not to remove the post showed it had ‘absolutely no interest’ in clamping down on hate speech.

He told MailOnline: ‘Twitter has got no interest whatsoever in moderating this kind of content. This company repeatedly allows offensive and bullying materials.’

Mr Mann announced he would be pushing for a change in the law to make social media giants liable for hate speech hosted on their networks.
‘I will be proposing in the New Year a change in the law to make Twitter liable for these kinds of vile comments,’ he said.

‘Rightly, newspapers and the broadcast media can held to account but Twitter can’t be.’

Following the storm of criticism from members of the public Mr Andrews deleted the post and made his account private, tweeting an apology at 10.21pm.

This read: ‘I apologise for this tweet. It was extremely naive and disrespectful of me. I wasn’t aware of the area’s culture but have since seen sense.’

Stamford Hill is home to more than 20,000 Haredi Jews, the largest orthodox community in Britain.

Twitter’s actions were condemned by the Campaign Against Antisemitism, who accused of letting hate speech run ‘out of control’.

Dr Daniel Allington, Head of Online Monitoring and Investigations, told MailOnline: ‘Once again, utterly brazen antisemitism has been given the green light on Twitter.

‘Twitter claims that every report of racist abuse is reviewed by a highly-trained team, but it seems to have no clear understanding of the difference between free speech and hate speech.’

World’s Largest Textbook Publisher Grovels Before Jews for Brief Description of Obnoxious Jewish Personality Traits


Everything said on the offending page of a nursing textbook about Jews, Hispanics, Native Americans, blacks, and so forth, is true. But truth doesn’t matter to social justice warriors.

Jerusalem Post

Educational book on nursing said Jews ‘may be vocal and demanding of assistance.’

After an outcry on social media over “racist” instructions in a nursing textbook, the publisher has said it will be removing it from publication.

Pearson, a UK-based educational publishing house, was hit with a wave of criticism after a page from its book Nursing: A Concept-Based Approach to Learning was posted online. This version of the book was published in 2015.

The page in question contained a section called Cultural Differences in Responses to Pain. In that section, the potential attitudes of a variety of different minority groups were addressed. Jews, according to the book, “may be vocal and demanding of assistance.” They also “believe that pain must be shared and validated by others.”

The book also said that Arabs/Muslims may opt for thanking Allah over pain relief, that Asians may think complaining about pain implies poor social skills and that blacks report higher pain intensity than other groups.

The photo is worth squinting at to see how various ethnic groups behave differently. There’s nothing offensive here, unless you’re a paranoid Jew.

After the image of the page went viral online, the publisher repeatedly apologized and promised to make things right.

“In an attempt help nursing students think through the many facets of caring for their patients, we’ve reinforced a number of stereotypes about ethnic and religious groups. It was wrong,” said Tim Bozik, the head of global product development at Pearson, in a video message on Thursday. “We should have been more thoughtful about the information we put into our curriculum.”

Bozik said the offending chapter has been removed from the e-book version of the textbook, will be removed from all future printings and the company is reviewing all its nursing products to locate and remove any similar content.

“In the coming days and weeks,” said Bozik, “we’ll be seeking out external partners and experts who can help us improve our curriculum and infuse it with a greater level of sensitivity and understanding of cultural diversity.”

The translation of that last paragraph is easy. Pearson will be hiring a Jew and paying him a king’s ransom to “advise” them on how to be multicultural.

In other words, Pearson will be paying blackmail.

Scaramucci Holocaust Poll Draws Fire


I did my duty and voted in the Scaramucci poll. My vote was for less than one million. I would have gone smaller but there was no “Zero” answer.

The firestorm surrounding the poll is indicative of who the men behind the curtain pulling the levers are in America.

Mooch claims that his goal is to snuff out “Holocaust denial” by encouraging the public to think about six million dead Jews.

Is he lying? Could be.

Excerpt from The Hill

“Please vote & retweet. Do not let Holocaust deniers and anti-Semites control this poll,” he wrote to his 850,000 followers. “Six million Jews perished in the Holocaust.”

You can vote too if you’re logged in to Twitter. At the time I’m posting this the clear favorite answer was the “over 5 million” with 62 percent of the vote. This poll is unscientific. Six million dead Jews will probably vote before it’s over.

“Johnny Jew from New York” Remark Puts Canadian Politician on the Hot Seat


Simply say the word “Jew” in Canada and you’re in trouble.

Excerpt from CBC.ca

An incumbent candidate for Calgary city council is drawing criticism for comments he made at a public forum in which he refers to a “Johnny Jew from New York” as a hypothetical artist hired under the city’s public art policy.

But after his remark brought condemnation from local Jewish groups, fellow candidates and the general public, Ward Sutherland issued a statement denying that’s what he said.

“During our discussion about public art at the forum I referenced a famous New York designer with the last name of Choo,” Sutherland said in an emailed statement Thursday afternoon, about four hours after CBC News requested an interview to ask him about the controversial comment.

“The point I was hoping to drive home was the importance of utilizing local artists rather than those from abroad.”

Coral Bliss Taylor, a rival candidate who was seated at the front of the forum at the same table as Sutherland, said there was no doubt in her mind about what he said.

“It’s exactly as it sounded. It was very clear,” she said.

“It’s not the language or conduct we need or deserve from our leadership.”

The Wednesday-night forum was live streamed on Facebook with high-quality audio and numerous viewers expressed shock at Sutherland’s comments in real time.

“Johnny Jew? Showing your anti-Semitism,” one person commented immediately in the chat that accompanied the video stream.

“Did he just say Johnny Jew????” added another.

“I doubt that,” another viewer responded.

“That’s what I heard,” said another.

Jimmy Choo shoes

Sutherland agreed to an interview later Thursday afternoon, in which he insisted he didn’t say “Johnny Jew” and wasn’t referring to a fictional person but rather a shoe designer.

“I was thinking about the designer [Jimmy] Choo, who does shoes, and Sex and the City — it’s a show; I have a wife and two daughters — so I was just referring and I just put up a general name,” Sutherland said.

Asked why he would refer specifically to Choo, a Malaysian-born fashion designer based in the United Kingdom whose first name isn’t Johnny, Sutherland said he mixed things up in the heat of the moment.

“I remembered his name with a J. So I said the wrong name with the first name but I know it’s shoes and it’s New York and Sex and the City,” he said.

“Yes I know he doesn’t live in New York but I’m referring to — the other thing in a debate is the thought processes: New York, Sex and the City, the shoes.”

I’ve cut the article off here, but if you click on the link, it goes on and on with condemnation of Sutherland, who probably didn’t even say Jew. But even if he did, so what?

Trump Pulls Out of UNESCO in Support of Israel

Candidate Donald Trump ran a campaign that was partly about getting tough with the United Nations.

In a Thursday morning surprise, he announced the U.S. would withdraw from the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

Conservatives, nationalists, and populists should be happy to see the UN weakened by this move. Soon after, Israel also withdrew from UNESCO.

This excerpt explains the background to Trump’s move. The part that everyone should be concerned about is that he did it for Israel.

Excerpt from Vox

Thursday morning, Americans woke up to some news that felt like it was out of left field: The Trump administration was withdrawing the United States from membership in the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

This seemed strange because UNESCO is such an inoffensive-seeming organization: Its most prominent function is designating and protecting official international landmarks, called World Heritage Sites — places like The Alamo and the Great Barrier Reef. What possible reason could the US have for quitting an organization devoted to culture and science?

The reality, though, is bit a more complex, as the US and UNESCO have actually been at loggerheads since 2011.

The key issue, as with many US-UN disputes, is the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. In October 2011, UNESCO admitted the Palestinian territories to the organization as an independent member-state called Palestine. This triggered a US law which cut off American funding for any organization that recognized an independent Palestine. The US had previously paid for 22 percent ($80 million) of UNESCO’s annual budget.

Finally, in 2013, after the US missed several rounds of payments to UNESCO, the organization suspended US voting rights in its core decision-making bodies. So the US hasn’t been a real UNESCO member for a while. Trump is just making that status official — and scoring a domestic public relations coup with pro-Israel, anti-UN conservatives in the process.

“A lot of UNESCO’s work is quite pointless,” Gowan tells me. “But it also runs an odd array of worthwhile programs on issues ranging from education to tsunami warning.”

Some of these things, like supporting international Holocaust education, are really important. But the organization isn’t nearly as prominent or geopolitically significant as the UN Security Council, which sets binding international law, or UN Peacekeeping, a body literally tasked with helping war-torn countries transition to peace. That makes UNESCO a natural venue for countries that want to engage in ideological grandstanding and symbolic protest votes without actually causing too much chaos in the international system.

Earlier this year, UNESCO designated the core area of the West Bank city of Hebron — home to the Cave of the Patriarchs, an important religious site for Jews and Muslims — as a Palestinian World Heritage Site, a symbolic slight of both the US and Israel. It’s easy to imagine UNESCO voting to take more actions like this in the future.

“Non-Western countries are already a powerful bloc in UNESCO, and their influence will increase further [after US withdrawal],” says Gowan. “Expect lots and lots more UNESCO resolutions bashing Israel, for a start.”

Vox’s use of the word “bashing” tells you their politics. Israel can’t be criticized without somebody paying a price. Fair criticism and bashing are two different things. How far will Trump go to please the Israeli lobby?

Proud Israeli Schools the Inferior Goyim: “YOU HAVE LOST AND YOU DON’T KNOW IT”


Seen at Microchip’s Twitter.

Israeli TV interviews Andrew Anglin of the Dailystormer

Four and a half minutes. Andrew Anglin praises Yair Netenyahu whom he describes as a member of the Jewish alt-right. This really isn’t much of an interview, but it is what it is.

Click here to read my September 12 post on Yair’s George Soros meme that’s the subject of the interview.

From the youtube information box:

Published on Sep 13, 2017

I did my very best translating, but I admit there might be errors here and there.

Yair Netanyahu, son of the Israeli president, posted an anti-semetic meme on facebook. Popular figures such as David Duke and Andew Anglin complimented Yair for posting the meme.