Hockey Fans Ejected and Permanently BANNED for “Racist” Taunts of Black Player

Seventy years after white baseball fans hurled racial insults at Jackie Robinson, that game is heavily nonwhite.

Whites prefer to see athletes who look like themselves, just as blacks prefer to see athletes who look like them.

It’s natural and normal.


Washington Capitals forward Devante Smith-Pelly was in the penalty box after a third period fight with a Blackhawks defenseman on Saturday night in Chicago when four Blackhawks fans started taunting him in unison.

“Basketball, basketball, basketball,” they chanted.

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Michelle Obama Faces Backlash Over Black Panther Racial Comment


Ignoramus Michael has to make everything about race.

Washington Times

Moviegoers were quick to correct former first lady Michelle Obama this week after she framed the blockbuster movie “Black Panther” as a racial milestone.

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Black Dominatrix Indoctrinates White Male Clients with Readings in Black Feminist Theory

A reasonable person might suspect that the so-called white males who are clients of a thoroughly unappealing black dominatrix, Mistress Velvet, pictured above, are Jewish.

Unfortunately, I once knew a white male who was hooked on a black hooker. That was after he lost contact with his Vietnamese hooker. These pathetic cucks have no self-esteem, which is good to have in realistic amounts.

Daily Mail

A dominatrix has revealed how she gets her clients to read black feminist theory which says gives her a feeling of empowerment and helps to change their attitudes towards race and gender.

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White Nationalist Banned from Gym

Richard Spencer was banned from his gym last year when an obnoxious Jewish woman complained to the management.

Now, Greg Johnson reportedly has been banned from another gym across the country from Spencer’s gym.

Managment claims that people are afraid when a white nationalist is in the room.

Excerpt from SLOG

A local racist has one less place to work out.

On Thursday, the owners of NW Fitness Project banned Greg Johnson, a Seattle-based publisher, from their Fremont gym.

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Britain: Filthy Somali Tells Girl He’s Raping She Couldn’t be a virgin because “you’re white.”


An eleven year sentence for Ahmed means he’ll be out in five or six, ready to rape another white girl.

The British justice system needs a dose of tough love injected into it. For the Nog rapist, he’ll be enjoying the company of his fellow Nogs in prison. That’s not much punishment. The cat o’nine tails offers better possibilities.

A rapist has been jailed for 11 years after he held a sharp piece of wood to a teenager’s throat as he attacked her.

Actually, the rape of a child should be punishable by death, after the cat o’nine tails have done their job.

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Obama Portrait Artist Painted Black Women BEHEADING WHITE WOMEN

Anti-white racist Obama picked the artist who painted his ridiculous official portrait, above.

This Negro has painted black women decapitating white women, characterizing the black women with the usual adjectives–empowered, strong, independent, blah, blah, blah.

Imagine if Donald Trump commissioned an artist to paint him who had painted whites beheading nonwhites. Trump would be impeached and the artist would never work again.

Scroll to the bottom of this post to see the artist’s work.


With his rendering of President Barack Obama, Kehinde Wiley became the first African American to ever paint an official presidential portrait, but the new-found fame has also drawn attention to some of the artist’s more boundary-pushing past works.

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Black Serial Killer Allegedly Murdered Four White Women


A Negro who was constantly on the prowl looking for white women to have sex with has been convicted of one murder and charged with three more.

Unfortunately, our screwed up criminal justice system appears to be avoiding bringing the death penalty down on Joseph Brant’s head.

He’s a monster who deserves to die for what he did to these women.

Daily Mail

A suspected serial killer already convicted in a fatal stabbing in New Orleans was charged on Thursday with slaying three other women, among them a young San Francisco activist who was gunned down while visiting the city in 2008.


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