Elderly White Man Who Objected to Puerto Rican Flag T-Shirt Charged with TWO Felony Hate Crimes, Facing 10 Years in Prison


A white cop who saw no crime has resigned. An old white fellow is facing what for him would be life in prison for him given his age. And cucked Chicago area officials are sh*tting in their pants as they apologize again and again to a Puerto Rican who lives in America, but thinks more of Puerto Rico.

Diversity makes for a fuxated mess.

CBS News

A Chicago man seen on video harassing a woman for wearing a Puerto Rican flag shirt while police watched was hit with felony hate crime charges Thursday.

Timothy Trybus, 62, was arrested Thursday and faces two counts of felony hate crime over the encounter in an Illinois forest preserve, a spokesperson with the Cook County State’s Attorney Office said. He was initially charged with misdemeanor disorderly conduct and misdemeanor assault before his charges were upgraded. Trybus is scheduled to appear in court on Friday.

What assault? The Puerto Rican woman wasn’t touched.

You and I and everyone with his brain not tied behind his back knows that the charges were upgraded for political reasons, not for reasons related to law or justice.

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Cop RESIGNS: White Male Unhappy with Woman’s PUERTO RICO T-Shirt Facing Backlash

5 minutes of CNN coverage:

Less than 2 minutes of Time coverage:

It’s not a crime to talk to people unless you’re threatening them.

Nonetheless, a cop who would not follow the orders given by a Puerto Rican spicette to silence a white man has (been forced to) resigned over the incident.

A reasonable person might speculate that the cop sacrificed to the spic gods is white.

Washington Post

An officer who was captured on video failing to intervene as a man harassed a woman for wearing a Puerto Rican flag shirt resigned on Wednesday, the Cook County Forest Preserve District Police Department said.

I had to dig to find this photo of the complaining spicette:


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NYTimes Columnist: Trump Driven by “White Extinction Anxiety”

Let’s see if I have this right.

70 some odd years after the fact, the world is still apologizing to the Jews because some fellow with a mustache ALLEGEDLY wanted to see the Jews go extinct.

In fact, the world gave the Jews a homeland (stolen?) in the Middle East to help them alleviate their fears of extinction.

There is widespread applause for efforts to make the Jews feel secure.

Meanwhile, in the United States, white people who feel threatened, like the Jews, with extinction because of the mass importation of blacks and browns are demonized.

Those blacks and browns have shown a propensity to genocide each other, yet white people who understand this fact and wish to avoid the consequences of importing an alien population that is hostile to everything that the West has created, most notably the rule of law and Christianity, are tagged as “racists.”

NY Times columnist Charles Blow claims that whites suffer from “white extinction anxiety”, which is like a disease that must be eradicated for the good of the earth’s population. Read Blow’s piece at the New York Times.

Blow is very cleverly endorsing white genocide. He’s dressed his leftist (Jewish? Is he Jewish? No, he’s black, shilling for our Talmudics.) propaganda up as anti-racism, but in reality it’s just the same old Jewish nonsense that advocates that whites roll over and play dead, until they really are dead.

The core article in this post comes from PJ Media, which analyzes Blow’s piece through the conservative lens that includes conservative anti-racism. PJ media disgustingly claims that black and brown immigrants often make better citizens than white Americans.

Like Charles Blow, PJ media, as we used to say, blows donkey dicks.

PJ Media

On Monday, New York Times columnist Charles Blow argued that all of President Donald Trump’s policies — but especially his stance on limiting immigration and enforcing the U.S.-Mexico border — trace back to racism.

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Louis Farrakhan Praises Trump, While Calling for the End of the White Man

Louis Farrakhan speaks of the Jews the way the guys over at the Daily Stormer do, which is not with fondness.

Minister Farrakhan may be sincere or he could be a Jewish psy op, perpetrated to keep the rank and file Jews fixated on antisemitism.

This Memorial Day weekend he’s in the news not for criticizing Jews, but for praising President Trump for destroying what he calls the enemies of the negro. The Nation of Islam leader didn’t stop there, though. In a series of Tweets, he called for the end of the white man.

Excerpt from Haaretz

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Slippery Weasel Zuckerberg Faces Day 2 of Senate Hearing, as Internet Notices Booster Seat for the Little Fellow

The Internet is paying a lot of attention to Mark Zuckerberg’s seat cushion when it should be paying 100 percent attention to what he’s saying.

Added height or the perception of height is a psychological ploy to increase the “authority figure” idea in the minds of others.

You can read more about the cushion at Fortune and other sites. Let’s see what Zuck has had to say in his second day of testimony. Links to several articles and a dozen Tweets flesh out the political theater that has a nation mesmerized. Not that hatred of Zuck is going to diminish because of anything he has to say.

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43 Anti-White Commercials (Video)

Get through the first one and the commercials advertise brands you’re more likely to be familiar with. The Seven-Up commericial at the 3 minute mark or so is especially disgusting.

All of the companies featured and their ad agencies deserve to be annihilated. By any means necessary.

Twenty one minutes.

From the youtube comments:

‘ll never buy shit from any of these motherfuckers. We need to find out who the ad agencies are and pay them a visit. I hope you continue to make more of these. As you know the ADL is now censoring Youtube.

Attractive Older White TV Anchor Wendy Bell Suing Over Termination for “Racist” Facebook Post

wendy bell2

Saboteur’s first post on Wendy Bell’s firing was published on March 31. She lost her job on TV because she wrote a “racist” essay about black criminality on her Facebook page.

It didn’t take her long to file a lawsuit alleging that she was fired because she’s white.

As I wrote on the 31st, a white woman was fired for telling the truth about the Negro on Facebook.

May Wendy win a big legal victory against political correctness.

Daily Mail

A former anchorwoman is suing a Pittsburgh TV station after they fired her for making racist comments on Facebook about a deadly mass shooting.

WTAE severed ties with Wendy Bell on March 30 following her controversial post about an ambush that left five people – including a pregnant woman and her unborn child – dead.

But the award-winning journalist insists she was only let go because she is white, and would still have her job if she made the same comments about white suspects.

Parent company Hearst Television said Bell’s comments were ‘inconsistent with the company’s ethics and journalistic standards.’

However she has fought back with a complaint that reads: ‘Had Ms. Bell written the same comments about white criminal suspects or had her race not have been white, Defendant would not have fired her, much less disciplined her.

‘Ms. Bell’s posting of concern for the African-American community stung by mass shooting was clearly and obviously not intended to be racially offensive.’

Bell is now seeking back pay, punitive damages, and her old job back.

In the virulent rant on March 21, she wrote: ‘You needn’t be a criminal profiler to draw a mental sketch of the killers who broke so many hearts two weeks ago Wednesday.

‘They are young black men, likely teens or in their early 20s.

‘They have multiple siblings from multiple fathers and their mothers work multiple jobs. These boys have been in the system before.
‘They’ve grown up there. They know the police. They’ve been arrested.’

She also goes on to contrast the ‘young black men’ with a black teen she witnessed bussing tables at a restaurant, saying that teen would ‘make it’.

Bell also mentions how she praised the black teen’s work ethic to the restaurant manager, then wondered ‘how long it had been since someone told him he was special’.

Siblings Jerry Michael Shelton, 35, Brittany Powell, 27, and Chanetta Powell, 25, along with two cousins, Tina Shelton, 37, and Shada Mahone, 26, were killed in the ambush shooting, police said. Chanetta Powell was nearly eight months pregnant.

After she posted the comment, Bell defended herself, saying she didn’t get a ‘fair shake’ from the station, and that the story was not about her, but about ‘African-Americans being killed by other African-Americans.’

wendy bell

The idiot journalist who wrote the source for this post describes Wendy’s Facebook as a “virulent rant.” What a politically correct leftist moron that writer is. There’s nothing virulent or rant-like about her writing. It’s intelligent, unlike much of what is posted on the Mail.