Red Hen Restaurant Refuses to Serve Sarah Huckabee Sanders Because She Works for Trump

Battle Beagle says that Sarah should have gotten ugly and that her supporters should get ugly with the Red Hen restaurant.

I’m with the Beagle:

Since Richard Spencer lives in the area, let’s hope that he goes into the Red Hen wearing a MAGA cap and a White Pride t-shirt. After he’s kicked out or poisoned, he can sue them, as Sarah should be doing, but isn’t.

Sky News

Donald Trump’s press secretary says she was asked to leave a restaurant because she worked for the US president.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders said on Twitter that she had been at a Red Hen restaurant in Lexington, Virginia, on Saturday night when the owner made the request.

She had “politely left” the business, she told her 3 million followers.



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Key Figure in UFO Sightings Group MUFON Sparks Division Over “Racist” Remarks

First, this bit of race realism started the virtue signaling by other MUFON members.

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Was Einstein a Racist?

Fox News Title: Einstein’s diaries contain shocking details of his racism

There’s nothing shocking at all about what Einstein wrote in his diaries. Fox is exaggerating.

The man whose name is synonymous with genius was simply accurately describing what he saw during his travels. His observations about various peoples indicate a race realist, not a racist.

While he was critical to the Chinese, he praised the Japanese.

It would be great if Einstein were a racist, calling out “niggers,” Mexicans, and other low IQ populations for their stupidity and other negative characteristics.

Fox News

Newly translated into English, Albert Einstein’s private travel diaries from the 1920s reveal that he was racist in his early life, especially towards Chinese people.

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Antifa Threats and Violence Nearly Shut Down Richard Spencer’s MSU Speech

Once upon a time, the left pretended to stand for free speech. That was just a ploy to get pornography legalized and accepted by normal people.

Today, there’s no pretense. The left routinely engages in threats and violence in order to shut down speakers who aren’t hard left.

The press cooperates by throwing around the term “white supremacist,” a smear that even Donald Trump has experienced over and over.

I looked at three stories about Richard Spencer’s MSU speech on Monday. The Chicago Tribune offers a biased report, but it’s still better than HuffPo and the SPLC came up with.

Spencer failed to turn out a large crowd of students. The truth is that there were probably many who wanted to hear him but were too afraid to run the gauntlet of terror set up by the left at MSU.

Chicago Tribune

Fights broke out between white supremacists and protesters Monday as anti-fascist activists, students and community members converged in and around Michigan State University to counter a speech by white nationalist Richard Spencer.

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Richard Spencer’s Speech at MSU Tonight Prompts Libturd Student and Faculty Fundraiser for Leftist Causes

The rat bastards in charge of Michigan State University have done everything legal to stop Richard Spencer from speaking on campus.

In spite of their attempted censorship, he’s speaking tonight anyway.

However, they put him in the university’s cattle pavilion in the middle of a field, away from the main campus. Richard may be speaking while standing in a cow patty.

His campus appearance is expected to draw large numbers of leftist protesters, some of them violent Antifa. From a police perspective, this could get interesting.

Lefturds are responding by setting up a fund for faggots, African immigrants, illegals, and other garbage that has washed ashore in America. Naturally, there’s a JEW behind the effort.

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Student with Swastika Tattoo Suspended by University


A Jew student argues to the administration of the University of North Florida that if you are a “racist” then you should never be allowed on a university campus as a student.

This kike, Noah Meyer, needs to learn some law relating to freedom of speech and freedom of expression. Or better yet, just keep his mouth shut.

Roughly 100 University of North Florida students gathered Monday morning to protest bigotry on campus after a photo surfaced last week of a shirtless UNF student holding a rifle while proudly displaying a swastika on one of his shoulders.

Administrators suspended Ken Parker, a 37-year-old student who was once a Grand Dragon in the Ku Klux Klan, because the content of the message was threatening, which was directed at the student group Students for a Democratic Society.

The protestors were met by a leader of a Central Florida neo-nazi group, a member of the Ku Klux Klan, the fiancee of the suspended student and another person who held up a Confederate flag.

Bert Colucci, a member of the National Socialist Movement, said that Parker was a member of their group that’s based in Central Florida. He said that if UNF tries to expel Parker, that the group would fight that in court.

“You can’t just go around kicking people out of school because of how they believe,” he said.

Colucci said he and the three other people with him were there to show support for Parker. However, he often baited the crowd with taunts of “communist” or “snowflake.” The crowd largely ignored his taunts.

Many students that showed up on Monday at Ken Parker’s disciplinary hearing do not feel university leadership has done enough to prevent racism from the Jacksonville campus.

Noah Meyer, a junior at the university, pointed to a recent string of news stories, in particular a social media post where two UNF students depicted members of the Black Lives Matter movement as monkeys. He also said that a noose had been hoisted from a tree in UNF’s main common area.

“The reputation this university is gaining is that it is a place where the administration allows white supremacy to run rampant,” he said.

This perception could have real impact on the University of North Florida’s future enrollment as minorities may feel unwelcome at a university that welcomes former members of the Ku Klux Klan.

However, it has not yet had that effect, according to UNF spokeswoman Joanna Norris.

“Our enrollment numbers are up,” she said in an email. “We have 16,526 students enrolled for fall 2017, that’s an increase of over 550 students from last fall. More than 30 percent of the student population is minority. UNF has a number of programs and services to help minorities feel welcome, including the Department of Diversity Initiatives, the Black Student Union, the Commission on Diversity Initiatives, among others.”

Monique Williamson, president of the Students for a Democratic Society and a junior at UNF, said she’s been called a racial slur used against black people at least twice while on campus. She said that she’s talked to a person that was recently accepted to UNF who will not attend the university because of the recent news coverage.

Williamson said that had she known what awaited her at UNF, she would have attended a historic black college instead of enrolling at the North Florida university.

“But I’m glad I’m here, because us standing united can make a true change on campus,” she said.

While the students prepared for their march Monday morning, Robert Jones, a homeschooled black student duel enrolled at UNF, walked by with his mother. The 16-year-old said that racism is everywhere and the racially tinged news about the campus would not determine if he would attend the school.

“You’ll have to deal with it no matter where you go,” he said.

At my former university there were many anti-white racist Mexicans, including the university president. The idea that anti-white racists should be welcome on campus while excluding Nazis, KKKers, etc. is nonsense.

This case may be a test run on banning students with “White Supremacy” tattoos.

America-Hating Latina College Student Who Snatched MAGA Cap Off Guy’s Head Facing a Year in Jail

A Mexican bitch bad mouths America as she steals a white male student’s MAGA hat and flat out refuses to give it back to him, as seen in the video below.

This low IQ stupid beaner is facing a year in prison thanks to aggressive prosecution and a white lad who is pressing charges.

Serves her right. After her jail time is done, deport her. Even if she was born in America, deport her.


A student accused of snatching a MAGA hat from a Trump supporter could face a year in prison over the alleged misdemeanor.

Edith Macias was charged with grand theft this week after allegedly taking the hat from fellow University of California, Riverside student Matthew Vitale at a campus meeting on September 27.

Footage of the incident was posted to Facebook, showing Macias lambasting Vitale for his decision to wear the hat — a video that went viral.

“This is mine. You do not get to take other people’s property that is legally theirs in this county,” Vitale told Macias after his hat was allegedly taken.

“Man, fuck your laws,” Macias replied, also telling Vitale in the footage: “Your fucking freedom of speech is genocide, homeboy! Is that what you are trying to represent?” then refusing to give the hat back, prompting intervention from police officers.

According to the Riverside County District Attorney’s Office, Macias could face up to one year in jail after being arrested over the incident because Macias is being charged with a higher misdemeanor than a normal petit theft because she allegedly swiped the hat off Vitale, Fox News reported.

The arrest warrant says Macias claimed to one of the police officers she wanted to burn the MAGA hat because she felt the words “Make America Great Again” were symbolic of the “genocide of a bunch of people.”

Vitale, who is a member of the college’s Republican Club, pressed charges following the incident and explained that he was “excited” to see the district attorney’s office had taken the complain seriously.

“I do, very proudly, wear my MAGA hat,” Vitale told Fox News

“I’m not doing this to be punitive or see her rot in jail. I want people my age to realize that things like this aren’t tolerated in America. We just want to have our rights guaranteed and that’s what it’s all about,” he added.

This is what Trump is talking about when he says we can’t let America haters into the country via immigration.