Liberals, Muzzies, BLM, ADL, SPLC, and LGBT Team Up to Strip “Hate” from Spotify Playlists

Ann Coulter made a joke about Spotify’s censoring of “hate” in music:

Excerpt from PJ Media

Last week, the massive music streaming company Spotify announced that it would clamp down on “hate content,” and that it would partner with far-left organizations to do so. The company gave no pretense of objectivity, listing six leftist groups and only one moderate group among its partners for identifying such content.

I guess this catchy tune is not available on Spotify:

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Trump Brags, the Alt-Right Gags

Michael Savage puts it this way: Trump bombed his base. It’s the biggest mistake of his administration. I’m watching Savage live now.

Trump bragged about abandoning his America First platform, putting the (((globalists))) first.

Mission Accomplished? Like Shrub:

OK, none of the coalition personnel were killed or injured, so there’s an element of success–a small one.

The Hill

Prominent supporters of President Trump are expressing skepticism over his decision to launch airstrikes against Syria, slamming the move as overly aggressive and unnecessary.

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Jews Have Been Banning Words for Thousands of Years, Including the Word “Jew”

It’s always truth-telling time about Jews when writer Israel Shamir posts another article at the politically incorrect (but respectable) Unz website, created by the wealthy Jew Ron Unz.

I’ve excerpted 761 words out of his Shamir’s 1,900 word post. It’s about efforts by Jews to control our language. Then it shifts gears and describes how Jews try to control our elections and our government.

There are numerous code words for the forbidden word “Jew” that Shamir discusses. Recently, someone suggested “European style socialists,” which I noticed that Andrew Anglin uses often. Shamir didn’t mention that one. Maybe it’s too new.

Shamir advocates that we all say the taboo word “Jew” over and over as a crucial step in breaking the power of Jews over us.


… now we have new banned words, or words one can use only at one’s own peril.

‘The Jews’ is such a word. Speaking about the Jews is fraught with consequences. Jews do not like to be referred to, unless in extremely flattering terms. You are likely to be banned in Facebook and other social networks for referring to ‘Jews’. You can be fired. Even a hundred years ago it was a troublesome step, likely to cause social ostracism.

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Ann Coulter Fires Off Tweetstorm At ‘Globalist’ Jews

The word “globalist” is now an antisemitic slur. The Jews say so. So don’t forget and slip up. Unless you want to be antisemitic.

Ann Coulter mocked the Jew’s nonsense in a series of Tweets.

Jewish Forward

Ann Coulter, the arch-conservative talking head who frequently complains about Jews and has white nationalist sympathies took to Twitter Thursday night to call Jews “globalists.” Her remarks came after Donald Trump referred to outgoing economic adviser Gary Cohn as a “globalist,” using a moniker that many see as an anti-Semitic slur.

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FBI Director Should Resign Following Proof of Incompetence After Florida School Tragedy


If a person were conspiracy minded he might conclude that the FBI wanted Nikolas de la Jesus Cruz to shoot up his former school. The Deep State gets to scare us into more draconian police state measures, including gun control.

As of this writing, President Donald Trump is holding steadfast to his defense of the Second Amendment, but political pressure explodes for more gun grabs when kids are killed by shooters.

Pressure is building for Trump appointee Christopher Wray to resign. Actually, Trump should fire him and then commence a huge housecleaning at the FBI. This possibility is made more plausible by the laughable results of the Mueller investigation of the Trump collusion with Russia fiction.


The White House is probably regretting its decision not to show FBI Director Christopher Wray the door when he reportedly threatened to resign last year over the administration’s push to oust now-former deputy FBI director Andrew McCabe…

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Crime Chart Shows USA Violent Crime Rate and Mass Shooting Rate Lower Than Most Industrialized Countries

Over the last 24 hours liberals have gone totally insane, blaming Donald Trump for murdering children. The idea is to confiscate all guns owned by private citizens in America, to make children safe. After all, who doesn’t want children to be safe? Well, Trump and the alt-right. According to libtards, we want them dead.

Ann Coulter cites Battle Beagle’s work at putting together a comparison on mass shootings. I can’t find his bar chart, but the source table below shows the facts.

For the benefit of libtards, Battle Beagle created the following graphic on understanding per capita data.

If the USA were still 90 percent white, the American results would look even better since some nonwhite groups commit crimes at higher rates than whites and Asians

Ann Coulter: Moore’s Loss is GOOD NEWS for Patriotic Americans

Ann Coulter fans at Breitbart and on Amren are praising their sweetheart for her incisive ability to see clearly that losing is winning.

I must respectfully disagree. She’s trying to put lipstick on a pig.

Now that Alabamans have voted for a globalist, anti-white, open borders Democrat, or simply stayed home, there will be a tendency to do it again unless they see big negative consequences in their own lives.

Doug Jones will pivot to the center a bit to keep Alabama placated. He will also deliver PORK to the voters back home. He’ll have a record to run on again.

Ann dates men of all races. She has homo friends. She doesn’t like the conservative brand of Christianity that Roy Moore would have brought to Washington. Although he would have been mocked by liberals, his denunciations of faggotry and other immorality would make it clear that at least one man in America was willing to say no to queer hedonism.

Moreover, now that the Democrats have successfully weaponized false sexual harassment charges they will do so over and over again while Republicans stand there like deer in the headlights.

Losing is never winning. Ann can go suck an egg. A black egg since she prefers dark men.

American Rennaissance

“Moore’s loss is good news for patriotic Americans.”

Rep. Mo Brooks was the true Trumpian candidate in Alabama, which is why I endorsed him in the primary (here, here and here). When the accusations against Roy Moore first arose, I proposed that the president make a deal to replace Moore with Brooks.

Mo Brooks has announced that he has aggressive prostate cancer. He is on the record as saying now that he knows, he’s happy not to have been in the race.

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