$6,000 So Far: 10 Year Old Boy Collects Aluminum Cans, Uses $$ to Save Unwanted Dogs

Here’s a good news story of good parenting and a little white boy with a big heart and a big love of dogs.


DUNCAN, Okla. – Ean Adams has a warm heart for a cold nose. About three years ago, the 10-year-old began collecting aluminum cans.

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NYC Cops Rescue Two Dogs Left in Hot Car

Sadly, one of the two dogs rescued from a hot car is in critical condition.

New York Post

Brooklyn cops rescued two dogs left in a stifling hot car Saturday.

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10 Year Old Labrador Retriever Dog named Fred “adopts” 9 Baby Ducklings

The dog named Fred in this story is pretty old in dog years. That wisdom that comes from being a senior dog citizen is being put to good use as Fred gently takes care of his babies.

Good boy, Fred!

Videos below.

CBS News

It turns out Prince Harry and Meghan Markle aren’t the only public figures warming hearts in the British countryside this week. A dog named Fred, who lives in Essex — less than 100 miles from Sussex, the historic county of which Harry and Meghan were just named duke and duchess — has catapulted to internet stardom for starting a “modern family” of his own.

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States Move to Bar Killing of Lab Dogs and Cats by Requiring Adoption Efforts


If testing substances on dogs and cats is necessary, which it probably isn’t, the least that could be done is to require the release of lab animals after a certain age, say 2 or 3 years for a dog or cat.

Labs should be required to release their subjects into the hands of animal rescue groups who can find them a forever home.

A few states are passing laws that give Beagles like Ringo a chance to enjoy life.

NBC News

Ringo the beagle loves all the things every dog would: Running in the yard, rides in the car and the frequent snack.

“He’s just so happy to sit right in your lappy,” his owner, Amy Bleich, an engineer in Edgewater, Maryland, said.

You’d never know that Ringo, now five years old, had lived the entire first two years of his life inside a small cage at a nearby medical laboratory. When he was first adopted by the Bleich family in 2015, he was nervous around people and other dogs, and thrown off by the feel of grass beneath his paws and cool gusts of wind under his floppy ears.

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Iceland’s Children Form Puffling Patrol to Rescue Young Puffins


Here’s an offbeat story that reminds us of the important things in life. Like helping birds and enjoying our children.

The place is a lighly populated island in Iceland called Heimaey

Excerpt from CBS News

Instinct tells baby puffins to follow that moonlight out to sea. But the lights from Heimaey’s harbor have given the moon some competition. Many pufflings get confused and fly toward the lights of town instead, where they either starve or end up in the clutches of a hungry cat.

And that’s when something called the Puffling Patrol — armed with headlamps and flashlights — scrambles into the inky black.

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Woman Firefighter Loses Dog to Cancer, Rescues Another Dog from Fire Next Day


While almost elderly women firepersons (as Justin Trudeau would call them) like Kelly Jernigan do not meet with my personal approval, seeing a little pupper survive a fire is in the nature of good news, so I’ll be quiet about poltical correctness in fire and police work.

News Observer

Kelly Jernigan recently lost her rescue dog, a doberman named Zion, to cancer.

Less than a day later, Jernigan had to put her grief for her furry family member aside to battle an apartment fire. She’s a captain in the Winston-Salem Fire Department.

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Flock of 11 Ducklings Who Fell into Storm Drain Rescued by Police and Fire Department

Fox2 Now

SHILOH, IL – Eleven ducklings got a new lease on life Tuesday night after someone at a track meet at Shiloh Middle School saw the duckling fall into a storm drain.

The call went out to for first responders at 7:15 p.m. Officers and firefighters from Shiloh police and O’ Fallon – Shiloh Fire Department responded to remove a grate in order rescue the ducklings.

All of the ducklings are in good health and have been turned over to the Treehouse Wildlife Center.