63 Pit Bulls Rescued When Nagger Dogfighting Ring Broken Up

Instead of fighting their pit bulls, which I assume involves gambling on winners, good owners treat the dogs to some fun through springpole training.

Pit bulls are high energy creatures who like to keep their minds and bodies occupied. Springpole training seems to do the trick. The pit bull above, Damien, doesn’t understand the “Release!” command or else he does understand and he just wants to keep playing.

Sixty-three pit bulls in Georgia were lucky enough to have been rescued from the black savages who taught them to fight instead of play. Photos of the perps below show some real niggy Negros.


Sixty-three pit bulls were rescued from a large-scale dogfighting ring in Dodge County.

Pit bull puppies (and adults) like to smile.

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Disgusting Nigger Arrested for Shooting Friend’s10 Year Old Dog in the Face Because It Was Barking



The only good part of this story will happen if some kind white family with children takes in Diddy and allow him to live out the few remaining years of his life in peace.

Imagine the horror of being a dog and spending your whole life living with blacks. That in and of itself constitutes animal cruelty.

The black bastard is being held on $15,000 bail.

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Four Worthless NIGGERS Kill $1,000 Worth of Fish at Walmart by Pouring Bleach in the Tanks

You can also watch the four suspects in a video embedded at the source site, ABC13, which is to be thanked for showing the suspects. Normally, blacks have their faces hidden by the press.

All four are worthless ghetto Niggers who need to be horsewhipped upon orders from a judge. By the way, I consider it to be a nonracist, fair use of the word Niggers to describe trash like these four.


BRYAN, Texas (KTRK) — Bryan police are looking for a group of people accused of using bleach to kill fish at a Walmart store back in December.

Video into the ABC13 newsroom shows the suspects sought by investigators.

Officers said the suspects allegedly poured a bottle of bleach into the fish tank, killing about $1,000 worth of fish.

We’re also told they recorded the act on their cell phones.

If you recognize them, call Bryan police.

Blacks–the only race that is a detriment to society. Their failure to evolve leaves us asking whether it wouldn’t be better for the sake of animals to genocide them out of existence.

Nigger Charged with Throwing Chihuahua Off 7 Story Garage Had Been Arrested 40 Times Before


It’s rare that I will use the word Nigger in a post, but sometimes it’s the only word that fits.

Animal lovers in San Francisco want to see the dog murdering monster get the maximum penalty allowed by law. I believe they will stay with this case and get justice for Dunky, the Chihuahua.

ABC7 News

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) — The auto burglary suspect who hurled a chihuahua off the seventh floor of a San Francisco garage is no stranger to the law.

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Black Teens Torture Cat to Death in Baltimore

Once again, our African-American citizens prove that they have no soul, no conscience, no ability to function inside Western civilization.

The five wanted “teens” should face judicially administered torture for their crime. To them, an arrest will just give them street “cred.” Putting them in a stock in the town square and flaying the flesh off their backs might give them and other subhuman residents of Baltimore something to think about.


Baltimore police are investigating a case of animal cruelty involving a cat.

City police said a group of people were caught on surveillance video assaulting and lighting a cat on fire around 4:30 p.m. Dec. 16 in the 5100 block of Harford Road in northeast Baltimore.

Animal Control was called to the scene, where the cat was pronounced dead.

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Blacks Shoot Heroic Dog Protecting Its Owner During Home Invasion


I know of someone who puts his and his wife’s dogs into doggie day care while they work simply because when their home was broken into, they were lucky the two Corgis weren’t injured. That’s $25 a day in costs that the local Mexicans impose on them.

What happened in this story is their worst nightmare.

McComb Daily

A Macomb County man and his alleged accomplice are in the Wayne County Jail after they were charged with home invasion where they shot the homeowner’s dog.

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NOT WINNING! Trump Commutes Sentence of Rabbi Convicted of Bank Fraud


We knew that President Donald Trump was unduly influenced by the root cause of all our problems, namely the Jews.

It’s still attention grabbing when Trump basically cuts a criminal Jew’s sentence in half because a cabal of Jews and their gentile shills plead with him to do so.

Really, what does this say about Trump’s promise to be the law and order president!

Furthermore, this POS Rabbi was involved in animal cruelty, which is one of my trigger points.

New York Post

President Trump on Wednesday commuted the prison sentence of Sholom Rubashkin, a Brooklyn-born rabbi who was sentenced to 27 years on bank fraud charges in 2009.

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