Black Teens Torture Cat to Death in Baltimore

Once again, our African-American citizens prove that they have no soul, no conscience, no ability to function inside Western civilization.

The five wanted “teens” should face judicially administered torture for their crime. To them, an arrest will just give them street “cred.” Putting them in a stock in the town square and flaying the flesh off their backs might give them and other subhuman residents of Baltimore something to think about.


Baltimore police are investigating a case of animal cruelty involving a cat.

City police said a group of people were caught on surveillance video assaulting and lighting a cat on fire around 4:30 p.m. Dec. 16 in the 5100 block of Harford Road in northeast Baltimore.

Animal Control was called to the scene, where the cat was pronounced dead.

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Blacks Shoot Heroic Dog Protecting Its Owner During Home Invasion


I know of someone who puts his and his wife’s dogs into doggie day care while they work simply because when their home was broken into, they were lucky the two Corgis weren’t injured. That’s $25 a day in costs that the local Mexicans impose on them.

What happened in this story is their worst nightmare.

McComb Daily

A Macomb County man and his alleged accomplice are in the Wayne County Jail after they were charged with home invasion where they shot the homeowner’s dog.

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NOT WINNING! Trump Commutes Sentence of Rabbi Convicted of Bank Fraud


We knew that President Donald Trump was unduly influenced by the root cause of all our problems, namely the Jews.

It’s still attention grabbing when Trump basically cuts a criminal Jew’s sentence in half because a cabal of Jews and their gentile shills plead with him to do so.

Really, what does this say about Trump’s promise to be the law and order president!

Furthermore, this POS Rabbi was involved in animal cruelty, which is one of my trigger points.

New York Post

President Trump on Wednesday commuted the prison sentence of Sholom Rubashkin, a Brooklyn-born rabbi who was sentenced to 27 years on bank fraud charges in 2009.

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Woman Veterinarian Allegedly Shoots, Kills Neighbor’s Dog Because It was Barking too Much



This story has all the makings of a story that goes viral. A New Orleans area woman vet, pledged to make animal lives better, is charged with killing a neighbor’s dog via a bullet to the creature’s head. Police also found narcotics in her home when it was searched.

The story is rapidly drawing a large number of comments on the source site.


The Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office arrested a Harahan veterinarian accused of fatally shooting her neighbor’s dog because of constant barking, authorities said.

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14 Year Old Abused Chihuahua “Sparrow” Found in Dumpster Taken in by Rescue Group


A 14-year-old Chihuahua is recovering after being abandoned, apparently strangled and near death in a Dallas apartment complex Sunday night.

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Hateful Gook Arrested for Pouring Scalding Hot Water on Caged Dog

The cruel Chink arrested for repeatedly pouring boiling water on a dog doesn’t even speak f*cking English!

We need to make it our mission to see that he’s deported from the People’s Republic of California, where Gooks can do no wrong, to his home country, where they probably eat dogs.


Daily Bulletin

Two teens at a Chino Valley park called sheriff’s officials after they watched and recorded a man at a nearby apartment building pouring scalding water on a caged dog Tuesday evening, according to San Bernardino County sheriff’s officials.

“You could hear the horror in the girl’s voice when she said, ‘Oh my god, is that boiling water?’ ” said Deputy Dan Renear on Wednesday.

The teens were in Pinehurst Park around 5 p.m. when Renear said they heard a dog whimpering. The 17-year-old boy and girl looked around and spotted the caged dog on the third-story balcony of a nearby apartment building. That’s when Renear said the pair saw a man, later identified as 22-year-old Enping Qu, use a tea kettle to pour water over his girlfriend’s dog.

Renear and a trainee, Dominic Ramirez, tracked down the right unit at the apartment in the 16000 block of Butterfield Ranch Road.

Qu, who spoke very limited English, allowed the deputies into the apartment, where they found the dog, still wet and warm, in the cage in the balcony.

Using Google translator on their phones, deputies learned the dog belonged to Qu’s girlfriend, who was at school, Renear said.

As Ramirez spoke to Qu, Renear spotted an electric tea kettle on a warming plate that had been turned off.

“But when I touched it, that thing was still scorching hot. I couldn’t even put my hand on it,” he said.

Because the complex is fairly new and doesn’t show up on all maps, Renear said it took Inland Valley Humane Society officers a little more than an hour to arrive at the complex.

“But even after an hour and a half or an hour and 15 minutes, when they tested the water — even after all that time — it was 129 degrees,” Renear said.

Detectives learned Qu poured hot water on the dog five times, according to a sheriff’s statement.

Qu was arrested on suspicion of animal cruelty and animal control officers took possession of the dog. It’s unclear if the dog will be returned to its owner, Renear said.

Records indicate Qu was released on bail.

“I’m a dog-lover and it makes you angry,” Renear said. “It was a very sweet and loving little dog.”

The case is still under investigation. Authorities ask anyone with information to call the Chino Hills sheriff’s station at 909-364-2000.

That dog better not be returned to its owner. I’m contacting someone about this case. We’re going to try to put Qu in prison and then get his sorry ass out of the USA.

New Facts About Texas Shooter Show Early Evidence of Dangerous Psychopath

Daily Mail

New details about the Texas church shooter paint the picture of a menacing bully, who was prone to violent outbursts and had a disturbing interest in teen girls.

Public records detail Devin Patrick Kelley’s history of physical abuse – including arrests for animal cruelty and domestic violence.

The domestic violence arrest stems from his previous marriage to Tessa K. Kelley, who he married in Texas in April 2011, while serving as a low-ranking airman in the Air Force.

The two were living in New Mexico the following year when Kelley was court-martialed for abusing both his wife and his infant stepson.

‘He assaulted his stepson severely enough that he fractured his skull, and he also assaulted his wife,’ Don Christensen, a retired colonel who was the chief prosecutor for the Air Force, told the New York Times. ‘He pled to intentionally doing it.’

In November 2012, a month after his wife filed for divorce, Kelley was sentenced to 12 months confinement and a reduction to the lowest rank.

Two years later, after serving his time, he was discharged from the Air Force for bad conduct – a dismissal that usually precludes ex-servicemen from buying firearms.

Kelley didn’t waste much time after being released from military prison. In April 2014, then-23-year-old Kelley remarried to 19-year-old Danielle Lee Shields records back in Texas show.


Danielle appears to be a Mestizo, typical of the San Antonio area mixed race “Mexican.”

The Daily Mail notes that Kelley was living with his parents.

His parents home appears palatial in these DM photos:

I recall that the Sandy Hook shooter, Adam Lanza, age 20, was also living at home with his mother in a palatial house. I’m not sure of the significance of that, but it’s worth noting.

Kelley moved to Colorado at one point where he was arrested for hitting his pit bull puppy. That arrest took place after an hour long standoff with police. Then he and the unidentified first wife moved back to Texas.

At some point after moving back to Texas, authorities say Kelley and his wife became estranged, though they haven’t revealed why that happened. As of Monday, Danielle’s Facebook profile still listed her relationship status as ‘married’ and photos on the account show pictures of two young kids – a baby girl and an older boy – who may or may not be Kelley’s.

Kelly was also on bad terms with his wife’s mother, Michelle Shields, who was a member of the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs where the massacre took place on Sunday.

At an afternoon press conference, police revealed that Kelley had ‘expressed anger towards his mother-in-law’ and sent her ‘threatening texts’.

Michelle wasn’t present at the church on Sunday when the massacre unfolded, but her mother – Lula Woicinski White – was and is among the victims.


Although Kelley’s wife appears to be Mexican, her mother is white. That’s Texas. What role race may have played in Kelley’s mass murder, the church victims are overwhelmingly white. Furthermore, his social media scribblings, revealed yesterday, showed a self-loathing liberal white male who was hostile to God and to religion.

Another disturbing aspect of Kelley’s personality has also been revealed by a woman who claims to be one of his exes.
Brittany Adcock, 22, told NBC News that she dated Kelley for two months in 2009, when he was 18 and she was just 13.

‘At the time I didn’t think much into it being so young but now I realize that there’s something off about someone who is 18 with someone who is 13,’ she said.

She said that after she dumped Kelley, he refused to let the relationship go and tried to get her back by any means necessary. That included offering her money to live with him and his wife as a topless maid.

The Daily Mail is sensationalizing now. There’s nothing unusual about 18 year old males dating 13 year old girls. What may be unusual is that Kelley was married at the time. Even more bizarre is his offer to make the 13 year old a topless maid to the family.

The DM goes on to offer many more pictures and in-depth reporting on the crime and the victims.

The most telling aspect of all this is the expulsion from the Air Force. That pretty well blew Kelley’s chances to connect with decent people on an equal level.

In an earlier story, his high school acquaintances described Kelley as an outcast.

The best thing he ever did in life was to die.