Wanted by Police: San Francisco N*gger Who Brutally Attacks Small Dog, Fracturing Its Skull

A number of comments at CBS San Francisco defend the filthy nigger who attempted to murder a small dog.

That’s too much nigger loving for me. I hope that God creates another earthquake that destroys the place and all the unrighteous people in it, including the nigger attacker pictured above.

As to the nigger perp, I’d take care of him myself if given the opportunity.

CBS Local San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) — A small dog which was yapping at a man on a San Francisco sidewalk was severely injured after the man brutally kicked into a wall in an attack caught on camera.

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Evil Bitch Hit and Run Driver KILLS Ducklings at McDonald’s Drive-Thru

Where I live there’s a river park road next to the river where ducks were introduced some time ago.

When the ducks cross the road, motorists brake. However, once in a while, like today, one of the ducks will get hit by a car and killed.

Ducks (and the park’s geese) come in an amazing variety of sizes and colors. They add a lot to life for the townsfolk.

A woman in Britain apparently has no appreciation for the lives of baby ducks.

Here’s a wish that she be arrested and charged with animal cruelty or whatever charge is appropriate.


A mother and her two children were left angry and upset when an ‘evil’ driver ran over two ducklings on the road at a McDonald’s drive-thru.

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EU Proposes to Ban Straws, Other Small Plastics to Reduce Environmental Damage

Walmart sells metal straws, four in a pack along with a cleaning brush, for somewhere around $3.98. Better grab a few packs before plastic straws are banned in the U.S., too.

When I was growing up, soda fountains used paper straws, which did the job just fine. It’s not clear that people have a special affection for plastic straws and other small plastic throwaways.

As to plastic utensils of one kind or another, I avoid using them as much as possible, but when I do use them I wash and reuse them. When I walk into the woods every evening to set out food and water for my foxes, I see a lot of plastic litter, mostly soft drink and water bottles. The EU doesn’t seem to have a plan to deal with plastic bottles.

You’ll understand why folks might think about supporting this move if you watch the two-minute video embedded below that shows a sea turtle injured by a straw stuck in it’s nostril.

CBS News

BRUSSELS — The European Union has proposed banning plastic products like cotton buds, straws, stirs and balloon sticks when alternatives are easily available in an attempt to reduce litter spoiling beaches and ocean beds.

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Negress with History of Animal Cruelty Arrested for Dumping Her Three Dogs

We’re all one race–the human race?

F*ck that.

That creature pictured above is lower than the dogs she was abusing and dumped.


AUSTIN (KXAN) – A woman who was seen dumping three dogs on the street in southeast Austin had called 311 a few hours earlier to ask for Animal Control to come pick them up, according to an arrest affidavit.

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Chinese Zoo PEACOCKS INJURED When Chinks Pull Out Their FEATHERS

Even though I”m not a hater, it’s difficult not to hate the Chinese race if you care about animals.

Just last week a crowd of zoo goers stoned a kangaroo to death to try to make it hop, a story posted here.

Now it’s peacocks that the slants have harmed.

Whatever good qualities the inscrutable Oriental may have, respect for animal life isn’t one of them.

New Straits Times

HONG KONG: Tourists have plucked the tail feathers from four live peacocks at a zoo in eastern China, according to a newspaper report.

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Dirty, No-Good Chinks Stone Zoo Kangaroo to Death Because It Wouldn’t Hop

I saw the headline on Friday saying that a kangaroo had been stoned to death and guessed that the stone throwing evil bastards were Chinese.

The chinks are among the worst ethnic groups in the world in the way they treat animals.

Sure there are exceptional Chinese who care about wildlife, but it’s not part of their genetic makeup.

I honestly don’t like the Chinese so much that I hate owning anything made in China. I try to buy older products made in the USA at thrift stores when I can find them. Having to touch something made by a chink gives me the creeps.

Huffington Post

One kangaroo was killed and another injured at a zoo in southeast China after visitors to their enclosure pelted the animals with rocks and other objects in an apparent attempt to get the kangaroos to hop around. The abuse has sparked fury online and prompted renewed scrutiny into the mistreatment of animals at Chinese zoos, several of which have gained notoriety in recent years for cramped and cruel conditions.

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63 Pit Bulls Rescued When Nagger Dogfighting Ring Broken Up

Instead of fighting their pit bulls, which I assume involves gambling on winners, good owners treat the dogs to some fun through springpole training.

Pit bulls are high energy creatures who like to keep their minds and bodies occupied. Springpole training seems to do the trick. The pit bull above, Damien, doesn’t understand the “Release!” command or else he does understand and he just wants to keep playing.

Sixty-three pit bulls in Georgia were lucky enough to have been rescued from the black savages who taught them to fight instead of play. Photos of the perps below show some real niggy Negros.


Sixty-three pit bulls were rescued from a large-scale dogfighting ring in Dodge County.

Pit bull puppies (and adults) like to smile.

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