This FAKE NEWS protest has been live streaming for hours and it’s still going on. The dedicated protesters are enduring the hot Atlanta, Georgia heat to make their voices heard. There’s a live chat feature available if you watch on youtube.

There’s no telling how much longer the protest will last.

Sodomite Anderson Cooper Apologizes: “If Trump Took a Dump on His Desk, You Would Defend It”

If you the viewer don’t want to listen to Anderson Cooper’s nonsensical bleating about this and that, then don’t watch.

Cooper appears to be losing his marbles. And it’s Donald Trump that’s made that happen.

Maybe you don’t want to read about him either. As I’m writing these words, a large Amazon video ad is appearing at the top of Hollywood Reporter that says, “I Love Dick.”

I think Amazon just tagged me as a homosexual pervert like Cooper just for reading this story. I wonder if I’m now going to be exposed to having to see ads for homosexual “sex toys” for a while.


Anyway, here’s what led to Anderson Cooper’s speaking a vivid feces image during his newscast tonight.

Hollywood Reporter

The CNN host squared off with his conservative counterpart on Friday evening over Trump’s latest comments on former FBI Director James Comey.

CNN host Anderson Cooper had some choice words for fellow commentator Jeffrey Lord on Friday evening.

Lord, CNN’s resident conservative pundit, joined Cooper on his nightly program to talk about President Donald Trump’s recent “nut job” comments referring to recently terminated FBI Director James Comey. “You can’t defend what the president of the United States just said,” Cooper told Lord.

Lord, however, did defend Trump’s comments, prompting Cooper to respond, “If Trump took a dump on his desk, you would defend it.”

Cooper later walked back his statement to Lord in an apologetic tweet. “I regret the crude sentence I spoke earlier tonight and followed it up by apologizing on air. It was unprofessional. I am genuinely sorry,” he wrote.

The host is no stranger to actions and comments on his show that viewers may mark as “snarky.” While interviewing White House counselor Kellyanne Conway recently, footage of the CNN host rolling his eyes during one of her responses quickly went viral. Conway responded to Cooper’s eye roll, calling it a form of “sexism.”

“Snarky” is typical of queer males. Cooper can’t help himself. He’s spent too much time in gay bars.

Cooper is also not necessarily the best news anchor that CNN could find. He’s part of the liberal cabal that has normalized perversion and degeneracy by making sodomy seem normal. But every once in a while, the mask slips and in the case of Cooper his fixation on feces reveals itself.


Melania Trump’s Full Interview RE The Donald’s “Boy Talk”

The Trump family, all of them, needs to be out in force defending the Donald.

Feminists are hitting Melania hard at #melaniatrump over the idea that a 59 year old man dare have an operative penis and a sexual interest in women. If he was a woman with a sexual interest in women, they’d be praising him.

Liberals are also raising a straw man. Hillary did not just defend Bill’s words, but his ACTIONS. Hillary also bullied and demonized Bill’s victims. Classy Melania did none of that, but liberals are comparing her to Hillary for standing by her man.

In general, liberals are full of ****.

Moderator Fail: Watch Clinton News Network Shills Run Interference for Hillary

Donald Trump refused to let the moderators control him at last night’s presidential debate.

Twitter Erupts: Tranny Looking Nobody Calls Trump “loud-mouthed dick” on CNN

liz mair1

CNN’s stable of ridiculous Trump haters includes Liz Mair, a woman whose appearance draws comparisons to a man. Some people on the Internet say she’s a Jew. I see no evidence of that other than her large proboscis in the middle of her face.

Whatever, her analysis of the Donald Trump campaign is completely void of any intellectual content.

She’s just paid to lob hand grenades at Trump to please her big money (((masters.))) Which proves that there’s no intellectual case to be made against the populist positions that Donald Trump has taken on the issues.

Media Equalizer

It’s every producer’s nightmare: that great guest you’ve booked, the one who tells it like it is, goes way too far and uses obscene language on-air.

That’s what happened earlier this evening when strategist Liz Mair called Donald Trump a “loud mouth dick” live on CNN. In the clips below, watch as Anderson Cooper tries to pretend he didn’t hear it and moves forward with the interview as though nothing had occurred. It’s exactly what a broadcaster should do in this situation.
Mair seemed so pleased with herself that she even took to Twitter shortly thereafter for her victory lap, using a #sorrynotsorry hashtag (see below).

Mair was previously known for resigning from Scott Walker’s unsuccessful presidential campaign after just one day on the job.
How soon can Mair expect to be booked for an encore? Most likely, never. Who would take the risk?

Every other story I’m seeing on MSM websites is some sort of smear job on Donald Trump. if they really thought he was guaranteed to lose the desperation they’re showing wouldn’t be there. Unless they’re all psychopaths, from Hillary on down to the lowliest CNN reporter.

Anderson Cooper Interviews Melania Trump (Full Interview)

Stunning! Melania will help Make America Great Again!

San Bernardino Hoax? Watch Children of Murdered Woman in CNN Interview (No Tears)

The video above offers evidence that the San Bernardino shootings are dodgy. CIA fag boy Anderson Cooper interviews the alleged children of a woman killed in an alleged mass murder event. The children are nonchalant.

Wouldn’t children be crying for their dead mother? Not these kids, who even look like actors. If they are really the children of a recently murdered mom, they are zombie children, incapable of normal human emotion.

I note that they are nonwhite. Is there a racial difference in emotions? Is it only Euro peoples who are capable of deep emotion? White children would be distraught beyond words. Or is it possible these children have been drugged?

Something stinks here. What do you think?