Trump PARDONS Scooter Libby in Jabs at Comey and Mueller

Trump’s message to Special Counsel Robert Mueller is simple: I’m going to pardon anyone you get convictions on. He’s done it with Sheriff Joe and now with a news maker from the Bush era, Scooter Libby.

Of course, Trump may be impeached or forced to resign at some point in the future, so that’s not going to stop Mueller.

As Mueller and Comey are thick as thieves, Trump’s also sending a quiet little FU to James Comey as well.

It all sounds childish only because the System is so corrupt it’s become surreal.

Daily Caller

President Donald Trump’s reported consideration to pardon former George W. Bush staffer Scooter Libby may be sending a message to both special counsel Robert Mueller and former FBI Director James Comey.

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Top Headlines on Drudge This Morning are All Comey v. Trump’s Kakistocracy (!)

(((They))) say the KKK hated “niggers.”

Well, today’s terrorists, the so-called establishment, hates Donald Trump with far more passion than any Klansman ever hated any colored person.

Behind terminated James Comey, ready to back him up, is former CIA Director James Brennan, the left’s Darth Vader evil character. This guy is nuts. Trump’s kakistocracy? What the hell!

I guess it’s no longer shocking that an insane partisan like Brennan could be promoted all the way up to CIA Director.

The Hill

Former CIA Director John Brennan on Friday went after President Trump over his attacks on former FBI Director James Comey, tweeting that Trump’s “kakistocracy is collapsing after its lamentable journey.”

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Trump on live TV Today: “Take the guns first, go through due process second.”

Cop: You’ve visited a conspiracy website and a racist website. I’m taking your gun.

You: Do you have an order signed by a judge permitting you to violate my constitutional rights?

Cop: Screw your rights. President Trump gave me permission to take guns away from anyone I want.

During today’s meeting on school safety, widely broadcast, President Donald Trump put his foot firmly in his mouth. He’s going to be feeling the heat from his army of supporters. There’s also leftists who are going to attack him for suggesting that due process can wait.

But there’s hope for rule of law. First the story.


President Donald Trump took a hammer to Republicans’ usual talking points Wednesday, suggesting authorities skirt “due process” to seize guns from people who pose a public safety risk and accusing Republican lawmakers of being too “afraid” to stand up to the National Rifle Association.

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It’s Time to Drop the Jew Taboo


The editor of Russia Insider has written 5,100 words on the subject of the media’s refusal to name the JEW.

I’ve excerpted the first 900 words to give you a taste of his strategy, which is to talk about the issue, begin naming the Jew, and discussing the Jewish question on Russia Insider.

Since RI has about 10,000,000 hits a month, this is an important development in our desire to see the truth in print.


1. Introduction
Most people know about, but few are willing to condemn, the strict taboo in the media, of criticizing Jews as a group, using that term. One cannot even criticize a small subsection of Jews, a miniscule percentage of the Jewish population, even when they richly deserve it.


Obviously, this is a ridiculous way to run a publication whose object is to get to the truth, so I am writing this to explain why, from now on, the pages of Russia Insider will be open to articles which fairly and honestly address the influence of Jewish elites, including pointing out when it is malevolent, which it often is, and try to understand it and explain it, with malice towards none.

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Facing Two Female Opponents, 85 Year Old Sheriff Joe Arpaio Jumps to Tie in AZ Republican Senate Race But Watch Out for the Democrat Woman

Arizona’s ex-sheriff Joe Arpaio announced that he’s running for the Senate seat being vacated by disgusting RINO Jeff Flake.

Two strikes against Sheriff Joe are:

1. His age.

2. He’s a “racist.”

You might view that second strike as a positive, not a negative, especially if you simply care about the rule of law and the idea that a country must have borders if it is to exist.

Perhaps the biggest obstacle to Sheriff’s Joe’s ascendancy to the Senate comes in the form of the two GIANT BREASTS of the lovely Democrat candidate, who is an excellent bullsh*tter for diversity and multiculturalism. With her, we’re all going to live in peace and harmony in that great rainbow coalition.


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Trump Responds to Critics Who Claim He’s Mentally Unfit for Presidency with “stable genius” Tweets

Fed up Americans didn’t elect Donald Trump because they wanted a humble, modest man in the White House, although that’s not a bad idea.

We elected him because of his stance on immigration, summarized as America First.

Trump will prove to be the pivotal cultural figure of the 21st century, assuming the world doesn’t blow up first or see the white race and Western civilization totally exterminated. Whatever qualities of uncouth or immodest behavior he exhibits are irrelevant from a cultural perspective. What’s important is that he’s made defending yourself from liberal clowns like Michael Moore and Sarah Silverman acceptable. He’s also made thinking politically incorrect thoughts about race and immigration discussion worthy.

Washington Times

President Trump defended his mental fitness for office Saturday in a series of unusual tweets describing himself as “really smart” and a “stable genius.”

Appearing to respond to allegations in a new book, Mr. Trump said accusations of his weak intellect are a result of Democrats failing to prove that his campaign colluded with Russia in 2016.

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Jews (and Trump) Suffer Crushing But Meaningless Defeat at UN as 128 Nations Call for Trump to Withdraw Jerusalem Decision

If American president Donald Trump really is playing 8D chess, then Thursday’s United Nations vote gives him the opportunity to defund the UN or even leave it outright. It also gives him an excuse to cut immigration for the turd world countries that voted against the U.S. in the UN.

According to Nikki Halley, Trump’s UN ambassador, the American people have lost respect for the UN. LOL. What a shill she is:

Trump ought to consider moving AMERICA’s capital to Jerusalem. The Jews control America anyway, so why not make that fact explicitly clear to every American.

Since he’s not going to do that the brilliant Trump now can get Democrats on board with cutting foreign aid to those countries that voted against us.

Haley has also commented re Jerusalem: “This is what the American people want and is the right thing to do”.

Were you asked whether Trump’s Jerusalem decision was what YOU wanted? I sure wasn’t. And I don’t need to be lectured on the “right thing to do” by bought and paid for shill Nimrata Randhawa.

New York Daily News

President Trump’s threats couldn’t stop the United Nations from overwhelmingly denouncing the U.S. for recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

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