KKK Rejects Faggotized Alt-Right and Neo-Nazi Daily Stormer

The Klan can’t get a foothold on the Internet due to censorship.

Newsweek spotlights the success of the alt-right in growing its membership versus the failure of the Klan to be relevant today.

Excerpt from Newsweek

The “alt-right” has Breitbart. The neo-Nazis and white nationalists have The Daily Stormer.

The Ku Klux Klan, these days, has flyers and a hotline.

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Trump National Security Advisor Dina Power Quits, Likely Replacement is Warmongering Jewess



Trump’s alt-right base should be jumping for joy at the exit of Dina Powell from the administration. Steve Bannon and Mike Cernovich consider her a globalist.

The problem is that the leading candidate to take over the National Security Advisor position is Nadia Schadlow, a Jewess who advocates endless war–her version of America First.

Neither of these nonwhite women is able to grasp the libertarian idea of leaving other countries the hell alone. Donald Trump should be listening to Pat Buchanan, not either one of these airheads with resumes. BTW, it was Ivanka and Jared who put Trump onto Dina Habib Powell. I can picture those two swallowing the globalist swill hook, line, and sinker.

The globalist Jewish Business Insider praises Habib Powell:

One of the Trump administration’s top national security officials is leaving the White House, The Washington Post first reported Friday.

Dina Powell, the deputy national security adviser who is second in command after the national security adviser, H.R. McMaster, plans to leave the White House following President Donald Trump’s first year in office, four senior administration officials told The Post.

Other news outlets confirmed The Post’s report.

According to The Post, Powell is exiting on good terms with Trump and has discussed her departure with the president, including how she can continue advising the administration on its Middle East policy, in which she has been a leading figure, from outside the federal government.

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Defiant Trump Going to Open Mississippi Civil Rights Museum in Spite of Black Hostility

USA Today reports that President Trump will tour the new Mississippi Civil Rights Museum on Saturday, give a talk to civil rights leaders, but will not address the general public.

A number of high profile Negros are named by USA Today as boycotting Trump’s appearance. The average Negro also seems to wish that Trump would stay out of Mississippi.

It appears that (((you know who))) are inflaming their pets to try to provoke some sort of confrontation in Mississippi on Saturday.

Excerpt from Washington Post via NOLA

JACKSON, Miss. – The president is coming to America’s poorest, blackest state to open a civil rights museum on Saturday, and people in the neighborhoods surrounding that gleaming new tribute to the past would rather have Donald Trump visit their present.

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Detroit O, Stadium 1: Silverdome Stands After Failed Implosion Attempt (Video)

What happens when you hire an affirmative action contractor.

The City of Detroit should have used the same Jews who pulled down the World Trade Center.

A minute and a half of explosion fun.

Beautiful Silverdome, we hardly knew ye:

Read the history of the Silverdome here.

Fall 1969: A Day in the Life of a 15-Year-Old (Nostalgia Video)

Less than five minutes. Over 300,000 views. Observe what has been lost.

This video is one of a series that is popular on youtube.

If you remember 1969, go to youtube and check out the comments from others who appreciate that long lost era.

US Railroads in 1954 – Westinghouse Air Brake Company Trains Documentary (Nostalgia Docu-Drama)

You may recognize well-known character actor James Gregory in this great little color film.

Meet people and ride along with a train engineer in the half hour educational drama-documentary. People and cargo were moved without the benefit of computers when this was made. Life was good.

From the youtube information box:

wdtvlive42 – Archive Footage

Published on Apr 10, 2011

A “docu-drama’ from the mid 1950’s featuring a mix of real railroad action & re-enactments. The film stresses the importance of railroads on the industry of America and the lives of every American. .

One commenter captures the feeling:

Gee, I recall this film from a time when life was perfect. There were no wars, robberies, murders, rapes, stolen cars or bikes, senseless beatings,burglaries, bankruptcies, broken hearts, divorces, wife beatings, child abuse, substandard education or housing, evictions and foreclosures, burned lawns, dirty cars, mindless arrests or protests. Daily, we all would awake to, “isn’t it just so beautiful…another day of the American dream!” 

Happy Thanksgiving, America

I post the photo above every year. It makes me laugh. Maybe it will give you a smile too.

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