Inspiring! Paralyzed Pit Bull Learns to Walk Again


What a great, positive Christmas story. Share with all animal lovers.


Helios, a 6-year-old pitbull, was paralyzed in September after running head first into a fence while chasing a squirrel.

Nearing euthanization, the dog got a second chance and showed progress after receiving steroid medicine and help from a Mequon pet store.

The determined boy found his legs again during swim therapy and has made remarkable progress in the last three months.


Kudos to those humans who helped poor Helios regain his ability to walk. Christmas blessings to all of you.

Basketball-American Freed by China After Trump’s Appeal Says He Only Said Thank You Because University Forced Him

A basketball-American who gained infamy by being stupid enough to shoplift in China while representing America has revealed that he was insincere when he thanked American President Donald Trump for arranging his release from China.

Shoplifting in China is punishable by 10 years in prison. Tinted player Liangelo Ball apparently has little concept of time since most of us without tints know that ten years in a Chinese jail would not be a vacation.

Race realists knew that Ball thanked Trump because someone made him do it. Blacks are not big on thank yous to white people.


LiAngelo Ball apparently wasn’t very sincere when he thanked President Donald Trump for helping him get permission to return home after his shoplifting arrest in China.

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Widow of Ky. Lawmaker Who Killed Himself Over Underage Sex Accusations Vying for His Seat


Dan Johnson hasn’t been dead long, but his widow has vowed to fight for his legacy by serving in the Kentucky legislature in his seat.

She calls the accusations made against him Maranda Richmond, the blonde on the left above, a “high tech lynching.”

Weaponized sexual assault accusations against men with conservative values is now the norm. I should know. It happened to me in 2006, which led to my termination in 2008, a real public spectacle covered by the national press.

In all honesty, my accusers wanted me to kill myself, so I feel like I got the last laugh. Dan Johnson will get the last laugh if his conservative wife takes his place.

Fox News

The wife of Kentucky State Rep. Dan Johnson, who killed himself on Wednesday amid a bombshell report’s accusations of sexual assault, announced Thursday that she would pursue her husband’s seat, saying “his fight will go on.”

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Police Handcuffing of 11-Year-Old Negress Sparks Outrage, Press Omits One Crucial Detail


When police were told to be on the lookout for a monkey that had escaped from the zoo, they thought the creature in the photo above was the monkey.

They sprung into action.

As they took what they thought was the monkey into custody, they were expecting accolades from the community for helping get a monkey back home to safety.

Only later did the realize that the “monkey” was Honestie Hodges, who is not a monkey.

Wait, I just made that up.

Fake news NBC doesn’t make anything up that I’m aware of, but they do downplay a crucial detail in a big story in national news.

First the story, then we’ll expose NBC’s bias against the police by showing what they leave out.

NBC News

A suspect being chased by a team of Michigan police officers last week was a potentially dangerous 40-year-old white woman wanted in connection with a stabbing.

But the person they cuffed at gunpoint and placed into the back seat of a squad car was a terrified 11-year-old black girl named Honestie Hodges.

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Negros Condemn the White Race for Bunny Rescue


You’re damn right I would save a bunny rather than a lady or gentleman of color from a wildfire.

The Negros allegedly have brains enough that they should be saving themselves rather than waiting on me to save them.

The typical lady or gentleman of color wouldn’t save a bunny from a wildfire. They wouldn’t save a fellow black even. What they would do is rob the dead bodies of people caught up in the fire.

Observe how a black writer is upset that a white youth saved a bunny from the California wildfires. Blacks always have to make everything about them.

Daily Caller

A man who heroically saved a bunny from a California wildfire apparently shows “everything wrong with whiteness,” according to an article published Monday.

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Ky. Rep. Dies of Self-Inflicted Gunshot Wound as Powerful Suicide Note Denies Woman’s Molestation Accusations


Dan Johnson is another casualty of the moral panic that grips America today, destroying men left and right. A woman said he was drunk and felt her up back in 2012 when she was 17. The police were investigating at the time he pulled the trigger on himself.

His suicide note says he’s innocent. I believe him. It’s very powerful reading.


LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) — Kentucky State Rep. Dan Johnson, who was under investigation for alleged sexual molestation, died of a “probable suicide,” the Bullitt County coroner said.

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KKK Rejects Faggotized Alt-Right and Neo-Nazi Daily Stormer

The Klan can’t get a foothold on the Internet due to censorship.

Newsweek spotlights the success of the alt-right in growing its membership versus the failure of the Klan to be relevant today.

Excerpt from Newsweek

The “alt-right” has Breitbart. The neo-Nazis and white nationalists have The Daily Stormer.

The Ku Klux Klan, these days, has flyers and a hotline.

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