German Woman Helping Migrants Targeted By ‘Neo-Nazis’

Karen Larisch

A German woman, a traitor to her race, has been on the receiving end of shunning and shaming, if her story is not a hoax.

Traitors have always paid a price for their treason, as well they should.

You can judge for yourself whether the woman in this story has been treated too harshly by so-called Neo-Nazis.

Excerpt from Sky News

A woman has told how she has been the victim of a terror campaign by Nazi sympathisers due to her part in Germany’s efforts to help migrants.

Karen Larisch, a manager at a refugee drop-in centre in the northeast town of Gustrow, has been targeted at home, with battery acid poured into the reception area of her apartment block in one incident.

In another attack, a firework was posted through the letterbox at the centre.

Graffiti calling her a ‘traitor’ and saying she ‘stinks’ has been daubed on the walls, and she has also been abused online and on the phone.

“There are guys they hate me and every time they see me in this town they are not nice to me, so I’m afraid,” she said.

Gustrow, in a rural part of what would have been the old east Germany, is the kind of place where neo-Nazi sympathisers feel comfortable to openly hurl abuse, said Ms Larisch.

Since Germany took in more than one million migrants last year just a handful have been dispersed to the town, in the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern state.

At the weekend, anti-immigration nationalist group the Alternative for Germany party (AfD) beat Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats in a state election.

The German leader’s open-door refugee policy was a key issue for voters.

While the AfD was only formed three years ago, it has gained energy and momentum largely because of its anti-immigration stance.

With refugees in Gustrow receiving help at the drop in centre, Ms Larisch said she has paid a heavy price for her kindness.

A group of men she describes as “Nazis” regularly verbally abuse her when they see her, she said.

She believes the same group are behind a campaign of terror – and all because of her work.

As we filmed Ms Larisch, two men she described as “Nazi sympathisers” appeared.

Fearing for her safety, she called the police. After a few minutes, the men cycled off, calling her a “hysterical woman” and saying they were in a “free town”.

karen larisch torment

I asked Ms Larisch how she felt about these kinds of incidents.

“Sometimes I could cry,” she said.

“It’s very hard. They say it would be nice if the refugees raped you, that refugees are bad people.”

She blamed neo-Nazis for putting the firework through the letterbox of the centre and trashing the building.

Well, there would be poetic justice of a sort if Karen was raped by a group of her beloved refugees. And it will happen if she’s not careful. Who knows the mind of this woman? Maybe she wants to be raped.

German interior minister calls for partial burqa ban


Shouldn’t the burka (burqa) be banned in every Western country under all circumstances?

Imagine the howls of protest if Donald Trump were to propose what Germany’s interior minister is proposing:

Excerpt from

Berlin (AFP) – German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere came out Friday in favour of a partial burqa ban amid a fierce national debate on integration.

“We agree that we reject the burqa, we agree that we want to introduce a legal requirement to show one’s face in places where it is necessary for our society’s coexistence — at the wheel, at public offices, at the registry office, in schools and universities, in the civil service, in court,” he said after a meeting with regional counterparts from his conservative party.

De Maiziere told public television that the full face veil “does not belong in our cosmopolitan country”.

“We want to show our faces to each other and that is why we agree that we reject this — the question is how we put this into law,” he said.

De Maiziere indicated that outlawing the burqa only under certain circumstances — as opposed the blanket ban favoured by the hard right of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Union bloc — would be “likely to win approval” in parliament.

Merkel’s right-left “grand coalition” holds an overwhelming majority in the Bundestag lower house.

De Maiziere’s position represents a compromise with hardliners ahead of two key state elections next month in which the right-wing populist Alternative for Germany (AfD) party looks set to make strong gains.

burka better

burka better yet


Germany: Bavarians Rush for Non-lethal Weapons Licenses

nonlethal weapon gun

A gun that shoots blanks is better than no gun at all.

Since the German government apparently won’t allow Germans to have real guns, they’re rushing to buy whatever will help make them safe from you know who.

The Local Germany

In the first three months of 2016 the number of people who applied for so-called small weapons licences in Bavaria was already double the number for the whole of 2015.

As the number of refugees arriving in Germany’s southernmost state rose sharply in 2015 and the first few months of 2016, so did that number of locals applying for small weapons licences – authorization to use blank-firing guns.

Although blank-firing guns are designed to dissuade attackers, they can also be deadly.

In December 2015, a man in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania was shot dead with a blank-firing gun. A man later confessed to the crime in police custody.

Police had yet to confirm at the time whether he had modified the gun in any way.

While in 2014 the number of people who applied for this type of arms licence in the Free State stood at 2,379, the number doubled in 2015 to 5,748.

But that number was easily outstripped again in just the first three months of 2016. In February 7,435 new licences were given out and in March 4,677.

The figures, reported by national broadsheet Die Welt, were revealed after a parliamentary question posed by the Green Party.

“The explosive rise in the number of small weapons licences being handed out is very worrying,” Katharina Schulze, interior affairs spokesperson for The Green Party in Bavaria told Die Welt.

“We don’t need the people of Bavaria to arm themselves. Possessing arms and practising vigilante justice are not an example we want to set.”

“The danger is that more and more conflicts will escalate if more people arm themselves. We need to act against this.”

In North Rhine-Westphalia the number of small weapons licences is also know to have risen dramatically.

Either the conflict escalates and the Germans win or the Germans surrender to Islam, thus turning Europe back a thousand years. Muslims will offer no other choice.

Kudos to those Germans wise enough to see the dangers and to seek a means of self defense. The best self defense would be to throw the politicians out of office (Angela Merkel, et. al.) who created the dangerous situation. Then entice the Muslim newcomers to leave. Bribe them, threaten them, do whatever it takes but get them out.

They are incompatible with the West, both racially and culturally.

‘Islam does not belong in Germany’: 60% agree with AfD

i want peace muslims isis islam

Little by little the iron grip of political correctness is loosening in Germany. As the old saying goes, familiarity breeds contempt.

Excerpt from

Political rivals may brand the right-wing German party AfD xenophobic for claiming that there is “no place for Islam in Germany” in its political program, but 60 percent of the country’s citizens agree with the idea, according to a new poll.

Conducted by the newspaper Bild together with research institute INSA, the poll showed a dramatic change in the attitude of the German population to Islam over the past year. In January 2015, 37 percent of people said that Islam had a place in Germany, but the figure in the latest poll dropped by 15 percentage points to just 22 percent.

The suspicion towards Islam is overwhelming among AfD voters, 92 percent of whom supported their party’s stance, but was spread among members of other parties as well. Only supporters of the Green party were more in favor of Islam than against it (42 percent vs 39 percent).

The negative attitude toward the religion does not directly translate into mistrust toward those adhering to it however. Less than 30 percent said they would not like to live alongside Muslim people, while almost half said they were fine with it.

What the attitude toward Islam does appear to reflect is the fear of so-called “Islamization.” Forty-six percent of Germans said they were concerned that their country could be taken over by proponents of political Islam.

The AfD, or Alternative for Germany, adopted its new party program last week, which has an entire section called “Islam is not part of Germany.” Among other things, the party wants to ban the construction of mosques and public wearing of the burqa, the full-cover clothing women wear in some Muslim countries.

Critics accuse AfD of playing the xenophobic card and preying on people’s fears. The Council of Muslims in Germany has compared the party’s ideas to Nazi ideology. Still, the AfD won elections in three regions recently.

islam destroyed nukes

Germany to “Refugees:” Learn German or Else


Dream on, fools.

Any German who expects the vermin that the press calls “refugees,” but who are really invaders and colonizers, to “integrate” (whatever the hell that means) is mentally retarded or a fool. They don’t come to integrate. They come to conquer.


German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere said he is planning a new law that will require refugees to learn German and integrate into society, or else lose their permanent right of residence.

The initiative comes after voters punished Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservatives in regional elections earlier this month, giving a thumbs-down to her open-door refugee policy and turning in droves to the anti-immigrant party Alternative for Germany (AfD).

Around 1 million migrants arrived in Germany last year – many fleeing conflict and economic hardship in the Middle East and Africa – and de Maiziere said around 100,000 more had arrived so far this year.

Germany expected that in return for language lessons, social benefits and housing, the new arrivals made an effort to integrate, he told ARD television.

“For those who refuse to learn German, for those who refuse to allow their relatives to integrate – for instance women or girls – for those who reject job offers: for them, there cannot be an unlimited settlement permit after three years,” he said.

De Maiziere, who belongs to Merkel’s conservatives party, added that he wanted “a link between successful integration and the permission for how long one is allowed to stay in Germany.”

seems dumb gif

Politicians throughout the West may seem dumb, but the reality is that they are globalists, part of a grand plan to exterminate the white race in Europe and in America by flooding our countries with the refuse of the turd world.

150 Protest Mass Muslim Violence Against Women in Cologne on New Years Eve (Plus Older Inspirational Video of German Girl Lashing Out at Muslim Invasion)

germany ptotest muslim attack women cologne

Good: Germans are protesting the mass assault on 90 women (originally reported as 80) at the Cologne train station on New Year’s Eve.

Bad: Only 150 people (see photo above) protested.

Excerpt from Sky News

Protesters have taken to the streets in Germany after around 90 women were sexually assaulted, robbed or threatened during New Year celebrations.

Around 150 people gathered in front of Cologne’s cathedral on Tuesday evening to protest against violence against women.

One of them held a sign saying: “Ms Merkel where are you? What do you say? This scares us!”

Angela Merkel has expressed her shock over the attacks, while politicians including Cologne mayor Henriette Reker urged Germans not to put foreigners and refugees under “blanket suspicion”.

But the incident has fuelled calls from right-wing groups to shut down migration to Germany, which has taken in more than a million people in the last year, mostly from Middle Eastern war zones.

The right-wing Alternative for Germany (AfD), which has gained in polls following a campaign against refugees, said Mrs Merkel should close the border.

AfD leader Frauke Petry tweeted: “Mrs Merkel, is Germany ‘colourful and cosmopolitan’ enough for you after the wave of crimes and sexual attacks?”

Merkel told Reker in a phone call the attacks deserved a tough response.

“Everything must be done to investigate those responsible as quickly and completely as possible and punish them, regardless of where they are from,” she said, according to her spokesman.

Protesters must be careful in Germany. A woman might be jailed for speaking out against Muslims who rape her. Merkel knows full well that Muslim males hate Western women, viewing them as subhuman sluts. She will do nothing much but try to smooth over the attacks.

All of that said, watch this inspiring 2011 video of a young German girl energetically speaking out on the street against the filthy rape apes from the Middle East. She puts the German white men to shame by asking them why they are just standing there.