German Cultural Council Says to Broadcasters to Pull the Plug on Populist TV Talkshows

It appears to be beyond the ability of most Euro-descended peoples to admit that their governments have betrayed them.

In Germany, speaking negatively about “immigrants” (better word: invaders) is frowned upon. Apparently, some TV talk shows have discussed the downsides of the invasion, which has led to a call for a moratorium on such discussions on TV.

Excerpt from The Guardian

The head of Germany’s most powerful cultural body has called for the plug to be pulled on the nation’s multitude of political talkshows for a year, arguing that their populist agenda has helped fuel the rise of the far right.

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German AfD Party Politician’s “half Nigger” Tweet Aimed at Boris Becker’s Son Sparks Uproar and Legal Action


It’s Germany. You can’t legally call anyone a Nigger. Even if they are.

There is some question as to whether the so-called offensive Tweet used Nigger or Negro to describe Becker’s sprog. In any case, Boris Becker is a race traitor.

I’m not that interested in the freak’s personal life, but the Negress wife is now an ex-wife. This appears to be an older picture of him with her and his sprogs who are dressed like jigaboos.

Thanks, a**hole, for helping the army of dark invaders despoil Germany. Hopefully, you’ll be paying for a lawyer for your son’s defense attorney one day after he rapes a white girl.


A lawmaker from the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) party became the target of a social media onslaught over a racial tweet which described tennis legend Boris Becker’s son as “half-n****r.”

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Nationalist AFD Party Makes Strong Showing in German Elections

Angela Merkel has been weakened. Her time in the spotlight is nearing its end. Nationalism is on the rise. The rest that you may read is just speculation.


Chancellor Angela Merkel is in position to rule for a fourth term, according to early exit polls in Germany’s national election, which also saw voters send the right-wing Alternative for Germany party (AfD) to Germany’s parliament, the Bundestag.

German media characterized the results of Sunday’s vote as a major shift. Der Spiegel reports, AfD is the “first overtly right-wing party to win seats in the country’s federal parliament in over half a century.”

With around 33 percent of the vote, Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union party came in first in Sunday’s vote, but it was its worst showing since 1949.

“Of course we would have preferred a better result,” Merkel said, according to The Associated Press. But she observed that her party has been in power for the past dozen years, the last four of which have been “extremely challenging.”

The CDU is projected to hold 218 seats out of the Bundestag’s 631 total.

Merkel’s outgoing coalition partner, the Social Democrats, received just 20 percent of the vote, its worst showing ever. But it was enough for a second place result of 138 seats in parliament, according to early results.

“Today is a difficult and bitter day,” said SPD leader Martin Schulz, who had hoped to take the chancellorship from Merkel. Schulz announced that he will not partner in another grand coalition and that his party will go into opposition.

The so-called Jamaica coalition, which would see Merkel ruling together with the Greens and the liberal Free Democrats, is her likeliest path toward a majority in parliament. The coalition is so named because the parties’ colors of green, yellow and black mirror the Jamaican flag.

The AfD came in third Sunday, with early results showing it received more than 13 percent of the vote. The xenophobic party ran on an anti-immigrant platform with an emphasis on closing Germany’s borders to migrants. It had been fiercely opposed to Merkel’s recent welcoming of large numbers of refugees.

In the runup to the election, NPR’s Soraya Sarhaddi Nelson reports German voters were inundated with campaign posters, including ones from the anti-Muslim AfD party with the blunt slogan: “Burkas? We prefer bikinis.”

AfD’s co-leader Alexander Gauland vowed Sunday that the party would “change this country,” promising to pursue Germany’s established parties. “We will hunt Ms. Merkel. We will bring back our nation,” Gauland said.

The AfD is expected to hold some 87 seats in parliament.

Merkel told supporters Sunday that “we want to win back AfD voters” by solving the country’s problems and addressing their concerns, reports AP. She said Germany has to take the fears of its people seriously.

The final election results are expected early Monday, German time, but are not expected to deviate greatly from Sunday’s projections.

Frauke Petry: Germany’s Anti-Merkel Leader of the Nationalist Alternative for Germany (AFD) Compares Migrants to “Compost”

If you are like me, then Frauke Petry is possibly an unknown joker in the German political deck. Or maybe she’s an ace in the hole for the redemption of Germany.

She’s in the news as these words are being written because she compared migrants to compost.

The Guardian

Politicians across Germany’s political spectrum have condemned the leader of the anti-immigration Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) party after she was reported to have compared societies including migrants to compost heaps.

Frauke Petry, whose party has made big regional gains this year and is expected to win federal parliamentary seats in 2017, made the comments in a speech in Stuttgart on Monday, according to Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ).

Pouring scorn on the idea that migrants made societies more diverse, she said: “What should we make of the campaign ‘Germany is colourful’? A compost heap is colourful, too,” according to the report.

No one at Petry’s office was available to comment on the quotes or confirm she said them.

Conservatives, Social Democrats and Greens – whose parties have all been shaken by the AfD’s rise – united to condemn the comments.

“The business model of these people is to scare people,” Thomas Strobl, the interior minister of the state of Baden-Württemberg and a member of Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party, told FAZ, calling the comments “revolting”.

“Frau Petry’s verbal baiting has reached a new level. People are systematically demeaned and played off against each other,” said Leni Breymaier, a Social Democrat.

The AfD was created in 2013 as an anti-euro party but Petry ousted the AfD’s founder and shifted the party to the right, playing to fears about migration. Since the arrival of about 900,000 refugees in Germany last year, it has made big gains and is represented in 10 of Germany’s 16 states.

Most of Merkel’s conservative CDU party rule out the possibility of forming an alliance with the AfD. However, a handful have recently backed the idea. Hermann Winkler told Superillu magazine the conservatives should contemplate such a coalition to avoid “heading towards a left republic”.

An INSA poll this week showed support for the AfD down half a percentage point from last week at 15% but still up about nine points from a year ago.

Frauke Petry said something quite reasonable. As usual, the establishment feigns outrage for political gain.

There is a very long piece about Frauke Petry which has just appeared in the New Yorker. The title of that piece describes her as a “rising star” in German politics.

VIDEO: Shocking moment ‘mass street brawl breaks out between migrants and German locals’

merkel scowl

In encouraging news from Europe, German men have fought in the streets in order to reclaim their community of Bautzen from Muslim migrants.

Watch the video below, which follows the story.

THIS shocking footage shows the moment a mass street brawl broke out between a mob of reported migrants and German locals – highlighting the growing unrest in Germany over Angela Merkel’s ill-fated refugee policy.

The fight broke out between around 20 young asylum seekers and 80 angry locals in Bautzen, a town in eastern Germany, in the early hours of this morning.

According to reports, migrants hurled bottles and wooden stakes at police officers.

A group of 10 police officers were forced to use batons and pepper spray to defend themselves.

A police spokesman said the Germans were chanting slogans saying Bautzen and the Kornmarkt belong to them.

The asylum seekers went back into their camp on Dresdner Street, where police stayed to prevent further violence.

Officers also went to three other refugee camps in the area.

There are also reports of German locals throwing stones at an ambulance, which had arrived to assist a 32-year-old Morrocan man who had reported injuries at the camp.

The situation calmed down at 2.30am.

The riot is just another reminder of the unrest in Germany in reaction to Mrs Merkel’s decision to let 1.1 million refugees into her country.

And Germans appear to be punishing Mrs Merkel for her accommodative refugee policy.

The German leader has seen her popularity crash after she took a battering in her home state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania when her party was pushed into third place by the anti-immigrant Alternative for Deutschland (AfD).

The press hasn’t told us who started the fight. Hopefully, the Germans sent a message to the invaders.

There will be more riots, brawls, and other violence. Muslims and Islam are incompatible with life in the West.

Although I saw this story in the Express yesterday, I found the video at Searchlight Germany. This looks like a good blog to follow for those interested specifically in Germany’s crisis.