Mitt Romney Comes in 2nd in Utah GOP Convention, Forced into June Primary

Mitt had so much going for him. It’s truly with sorrow that he’s been exposed as a puppet of the Deep State. The way he gave up when running for prez against Obongo in 2012 was a big reveal. So was his harsh criticism of Donald Trump in 2016.

At one point earlier in my life, I really liked the guy. He’s a real disappointment. I wish it were otherwise.

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Mary Freedom PERMANENTLY BANNED From Twitter for Wishing Uncle A a Happy Birthday

Mary posted the above picture in a Tweet on April 20, Hitler’s birthday.

She writes:

#Censorship I was just permanently suspended from Twitter for posting “Happy Birthday Uncle” greetings with a photo of Uncle A.
DO NOT post “anything Hitler” on Twitter because those joos will shoah your account immediately

I’m going to miss Mary’s work. Tweets will embed in a WordPress blog, but Gab won’t. Gab will show up as a link, as seen below.

Richard Spencer Banned from Facebook

Richard believes his ban by Facebook is because the alt-right is the only anti-war voice left in America besides the libertarians and maybe a few others.


Facebook has banned the American white nationalist who popularised the term “alternative right”.

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Alex Jones: The Fat Man Goes on Horrifying Obscenity Laced Anti-Trump Rant (Video)

Alex Jones had a fit when President Donald Trump ordered a missile attack on Syria on Friday night. For now at least, it’s probably safe to say he’s a former Trump supporter.

Around a minute and a half of Alex Jones losing it.

Make sure there are no kids around when you watch.

I hope someone is watching his cholesterol count because he’s going to have a heart attack or burst a blood vessel in his brain if he acts like this.

Trump Brags, the Alt-Right Gags

Michael Savage puts it this way: Trump bombed his base. It’s the biggest mistake of his administration. I’m watching Savage live now.

Trump bragged about abandoning his America First platform, putting the (((globalists))) first.

Mission Accomplished? Like Shrub:

OK, none of the coalition personnel were killed or injured, so there’s an element of success–a small one.

The Hill

Prominent supporters of President Trump are expressing skepticism over his decision to launch airstrikes against Syria, slamming the move as overly aggressive and unnecessary.

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Interview: Microchip Decides to Take the Reins of Leadership of the Alt-Right


Have we found a leader?

I’m not sure how seriously to take this interview.

Excerpt from Anime Right News

The right is desperately looking for direction. They’re in luck, after a few days of soul searching Microchip has decided he is uniquely available to undertake this task.

I sat down this morning to discuss the journey through his transformation and his plans to start winning.

The Change Of Heart
AnimeRightNews: Micro in the past you have always refused to be a leader. Why are you willing to lead now?

Micro: Before I’m formally doxed, I want to come out in part to begin building a coalition so we can move past this mess and help Trump win in 2020.

AnimeRightNews: Was there a specific event that drove this decision?

Micro: Not specifically, the right has no focus. We have people doxing each other, following magical phantoms off a cliff, and hanging on the every word of date rapists and stupid motherfuckers who fuck their stepmother.

The latter is a reference to Matt Heimbach, as you should recall. The doxing refers to Paul Nehlen and Chris Cantwell doxing Rickey Vaughn.

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This is Bad: Trump Supporting Twitter Troll and Alt-Right Legend Rickey Vaughn OUTED by Paul Nehlen


There’s a reason we use pen names rather than our real names.

Paul Nehlen, aiming to oust Paul Ryan from his seat in Congress, has done a bad thing. Crying Nazi Christopher Cantwell was his partner in doxing Rickey Vaughn 2.0.

New York Daily News

Infighting among white supremacists led to a major development this week: one of the most notorious pro-Trump internet trolls was outed as a Middlebury College grad who lives in Manhattan.

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