Paypal Bans Faith Goldy for Saying the 14 Words and GLP in its Continuing War on Alt Media

Faith Goldy was banned from Paypal because she said the 14 words in a video. She’s very active in opposing the race replacement of white people in Western countries.

There’s a short discussion thread about her at Stormfront, which is pretty negative.

I agree with one of the Stormfront people in saying that I’ve always liked her work.

GLP, the popular conspiracy forum, was also banned by Paypal, with no explanation given. GLP ciovers a wide variety of popular topics unrelated to race or religion, such as UFOs.

Paypal is something like a bank and so should be forced by law to accept all customers, regardless of their political or personal views.

This is all very disturbing because Red Ice and many others I assume have also been banned as part of the great purge by Jew-controlled companies.

Stormy Daniels’ Lawyer Has Threatened Friend of the Alt-Right, Actor James Woods

Stormy Daniels’ lawyer, the vile Michael Avenatti, has threatened to smear actor James Woods because of a Woods Tweet mocking Avenatti.

Jewish controlled Hollywood has blacklisted James, not because of his behavior toward women, but because of his vocal support for President Trump.

Woods, like all of us on the alt-right, wants that wall and more that we also favor.

Avenatti, on the other hand, is apparently driven by his hatred of President Trump.


Michael Avenatti is fighting back against James Woods, threatening to expose the actor’s “#MeToo issues” in an exchange of words via Twitter on Saturday morning.

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Creator of Pepe the Frog Forces Daily Stormer to Remove the Alt-Right Icon

The Daily Stormer says it is the most censored publication in history. I can believe it.

Raw Story

Pepe has been disappeared from neo-Nazi site The Daily Stormer.

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Oz Reverses Course, Approves Lauren Southern’s Visa

Stefan Molyneux and Lauren Southern will have the opportunity to talk to Aussies later this month, now that the government has approved their visas.

It should be fun, but watch out for Jihadis, Lauren.

Daily Mail

Just one day after her visa was rejected, a far-right activist has had her Australian visa approved ahead of a controversial speaking tour.

The press insists on calling Lauren “far-right” when a better term might be far-light, or alt-light or something similar.

He song seems to have only one verse: Muslims are bad.

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“No racism here!” Trump Supporters Kick White Nationalists Out of Louisville Rally (Videos)

Some are claiming that the “white nationalists” are George Soros people in disguise, hoping to discredit President Trump.

One thing we can agree on, I believe, is that white nationalism is a belief system, not a uniform.

Here’s a second video and a few reactions.

Woman Follows Maxine Waters’ Advice, Verbally Abuses Former Trump Adviser Steve Bannon in Bookstore

From a kid in a MAGA hat to the famous rough-hewn face of Steve Bannon, if you’re known to be a Trump supporter you run the risk of being the victim of verbal abuse up to physical assault.

This is a good time to remind everyone not to verbally abuse anyone, even the stray liberal or black much less a regular, who comments on the site. Disagree with their ideas all you like, but no name calling, please. I periodically have to go into a comment and clean out an insult or verbal abuse.

Todd Starnes

Former White House staffer Steve Bannon was accosted Saturday by a screaming leftist inside a Richmond, Virginia bookstore.

“Piece of trash,” the unidentified woman yelled.

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Poland Kicks Out Sweden-Bound Richard Spencer, Who’s Now Sporting a New Mustache

Although the fake news press constantly gets off to calling Richard Spencer a white supremacist, he’s actually a white identitarian.

It’s disappointing that Poland, which is doing some things right about the Muslim invasion of Europe, has sent him back to the United States, rather than let him go through to Sweden, which was apparently his plan.

I assume that Poland wished to placate the Jews, who were offended by the “Nazi salutes” at one of Richard’s appearances.


An American white supremacist has been told to return home from Europe just days before he planned to speak at an “alt-right” conference in Sweden.

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