Orthodox Jew Allegedly Paid $1 Million in Bribes to NYPD for Gun Licenses


Where’s Alex Lichtenstein’s conscience? Doesn’t he know that Jews aren’t supposed to be ripping off other Jews? But I guess if Bernie Madoff did it, he can too.

What the hell is that curly thing coming out of Lichtenstein’s head?

Daily Mail

A member of a volunteer safety patrol in an Orthodox Jewish community in Brooklyn who bragged about obtaining 150 gun licences through NYPD connections was charged Monday.

Alex Lichtenstein, 44, was charged with conspiracy and bribery for ‘trying to bribe police officers to obtain gun licenses’, prosecutors said.

The criminal complaint filed in a Manhattan criminal court is the latest fallout from a wide-ranging corruption probe into the New York City Police Department.

Those statements were recorded by another officer whom Lichtenstein last week offered to pay $6,000 per license application that he could get through the department’s license division, prosecutors said.
The complaint said Lichtenstein told the officer he tried to bribe that he charged community members thousands of dollars to help them obtain licenses through his NYPD connections.

Lichtenstein was ‘no less than an arms dealer for the community of New York City,’ assistant U.S. attorney Kan Nawaday said in court.
The complaint cited three officers connected to Lichtenstein, including one who told investigators that Lichtenstein paid him and another officer $100 in ‘lunch money.’

We’re to believe that a Jewish volunteer safety patrol needed guns and was willing to let Lichtenstein bribe the police to get them. So, who were the Jews needing protection from? Nazis or N*ggers?

Nazis are the staple bad guys in the movies, but it’s doubtful many of them are running around Jewish neighborhoods in New York City.

So that leaves the Naggers.

Well, yes, it would be worth it to have a gun in that case.

However, it seems like it’s a violation of one’s Second Amendment rights to have to pay thousands of dollars to get a license to own a gun.

The complaint did not name those officers, but their titles matched those of three officers who Police Commissioner William Bratton on Monday said were being reassigned in light of the probe.

Those were Deputy Inspector Michael Endall, the license division’s commanding officer, Sergeant David Villanueva and Officer Richard Ochetal.

Roy Richter, president of the union that represents high-ranking officers, said Endall was ‘sickened’ by the allegations. The other men’s unions did not respond to requests for comment.

Lichtenstein was arrested on Sunday at his home in Pomona, New York, northwest of New York City, where he moved from Brooklyn, where he belonged to the Borough Park Shomrim, a volunteer, unarmed Orthodox Jewish patrol society.

“unarmed Orthodox patrol society” Do unarmed groups require gun licenses? There’s something wrong with the story that’s being told here. 150 gun licenses and guns shouldn’t be needed by a neighborhood patrol group.

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