Negro Featured in Viral Facebook Child Porn Video Arrested


Alabamans, living in close proximity to the Negro, understood that without being kept in line, the Negro would devolve into what he’s become today, a feral race of lazy, shiftless, parasites multiplying at an alarming rate.

The story of the viral Facebook child porn video was widely reported. None of the stories identified the adult who was seen having sex with an underage minor as a black.

The media always tries to cover for these scumbags because it really doesn’t want white people thinking too deeply about just how depraved the Negroid race is.

CBS News

MILLBROOK, Ala. — Authorities in Alabama say a man wanted for a child porn video being shared around the world has been arrested.

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FBI Warns Against Watching Disgusting Pedophile Video Gone Viral on Facebook

The FBI warns it’s illegal to watch, much less to share.

That raises the interesting legal issue related to accidental viewing of a video on Facebook, Twitter, or other social media. In general, we often don’t know for sure what’s coming up when we begin to watch a video.

People who accidentally watch an isolated child porn video should not be treated as a sexual deviant, placed on trial, and forced to register as a sex offender.

It’s easy to see how “politically incorrect” people could be set up by the Deep State under the current law.

Fox 5

The FBI and local enforcement agencies across the country have issued warnings about a disturbing video circulating on Facebook and other social media networks. The bottom line: sharing the video, and even viewing, is a crime.

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Security Cam Footage Shows Alabama Sex Mom Buying Liquor Hours Before Murder


There is still no break in the mystery of who killed an Alabama mother and housewife who maintained a membership adult website featuring her sexual shenanigans. Many of these women will go on “dates” with website members for a large fee. It’s prostitution.

Security cam footage has emerged of the woman, accompanied by a male (probably her husband) purchasing alcohol in a liquor store eight hours before her murder.

Could someone have seen her exaggerated curves in the liquor store, followed her home, and then raped and murdered her? Or is this a case of a husband who lost his temper, or a client who took revenge for some slight?

Police are still refusing to talk about the homicide in spite of world-wide interest in the case.

I looked at her Twitter page and most of the Tweets are about sexy items of clothing she bought and was possibly reselling to men after she had worn them. She was truly a narcissist and sexually obsessed.

Fox News

An Alabama mom who moonlighted and posed in scantily-clad photos as adult performer Kitty Kat West was seen laughing with a man at a liquor store while buying whiskey and absinthe in the hours before her death, according to video footage that surfaced this week.

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Mystery Surrounds Death of Married Alabama Suburban Mom Who Had a Sexually Explicit Subscription Website


A 42 year old Alabama mother played with fire and was fatally burned.

When there’s loose wool around, there’s plenty of motivation for murder. One possibility is that a jealous wife did not like her husband’s lust for Dawn Martin West and her bolt ons.

Or a male subscriber to her website got tired of playing second fiddle to other guys and decided to kill her.

There’s also the husband. There’s no word on whether he was partners with his wife in her sex games.

What’s odd is that I can only find this story in the Daily Mail. The local Alabama media have nothing on it, which may indicate that a cop or cops were involved with the sleazy whore. In that case, the cops are busy covering their tracks.

Daily Mail

The mysterious murder of a 42-year-old married mother in Alabama has revealed the double life she led as an online exhibitionist who charged men $15.99 to follow her on a website.

Dawn Martin West was found dead in the street outside her family home in Calera, Alabama, on Saturday morning.


Calera is a predominantly white, upscale bedroom community far removed from the blacks of Birmingham. It’s not the likely place for a murder.

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Bannon Out at Breitbart, Future Uncertain

We’ve had high hopes for Steve Bannon since we first heard of him.

Now, because he’s made intolerable backstabbing statements aimed at the Trump family, his influence will never recover that I can see.

He can’t be trusted is the problem, no matter how smart or awake he is. If Breitbart decided to terminate him, where’s he going to find a niche?


Steve Bannon, Donald Trump’s ex-chief strategist, has stepped down from the right-wing Breitbart News organisation where he built his reputation.

The move comes amid a furore over remarks he reportedly made about President Donald Trump’s son.

He described a meeting Donald Trump Jr held in New York with a Russian lawyer during the 2016 presidential election campaign as “treasonous”.

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Hospitalized Dindu’s Family Claims Alabama Cops Used Excessive Force in Making Arrest


We’ve all seen enough videos of “innocent” Dindus fighting with police to be skeptical of any claims that police brutality toward blacks is a real issue in America.

An update was posted three minutes ago as I write these words. I’ve added it to the post, following the main facts.

New York Daily News

Family members and activists in Alabama are questioning the use of force by cops in the arrest of a teen, who is recovering “slowly and painfully” from his injuries.

Ulysses Wilkerson’s mother, Angela Williams, posted a picture of her son’s battered face on Facebook in wake of Saturday night’s incident in Troy. The photo has been shared 80,000 times.

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Ann Coulter: Moore’s Loss is GOOD NEWS for Patriotic Americans

Ann Coulter fans at Breitbart and on Amren are praising their sweetheart for her incisive ability to see clearly that losing is winning.

I must respectfully disagree. She’s trying to put lipstick on a pig.

Now that Alabamans have voted for a globalist, anti-white, open borders Democrat, or simply stayed home, there will be a tendency to do it again unless they see big negative consequences in their own lives.

Doug Jones will pivot to the center a bit to keep Alabama placated. He will also deliver PORK to the voters back home. He’ll have a record to run on again.

Ann dates men of all races. She has homo friends. She doesn’t like the conservative brand of Christianity that Roy Moore would have brought to Washington. Although he would have been mocked by liberals, his denunciations of faggotry and other immorality would make it clear that at least one man in America was willing to say no to queer hedonism.

Moreover, now that the Democrats have successfully weaponized false sexual harassment charges they will do so over and over again while Republicans stand there like deer in the headlights.

Losing is never winning. Ann can go suck an egg. A black egg since she prefers dark men.

American Rennaissance

“Moore’s loss is good news for patriotic Americans.”

Rep. Mo Brooks was the true Trumpian candidate in Alabama, which is why I endorsed him in the primary (here, here and here). When the accusations against Roy Moore first arose, I proposed that the president make a deal to replace Moore with Brooks.

Mo Brooks has announced that he has aggressive prostate cancer. He is on the record as saying now that he knows, he’s happy not to have been in the race.

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