Loyal Steve Bannon Sticking by Roy Moore

You can tell by the stories that so-called conservative Matt Drudge dislikes Roy Moore.

Drudge, both a sodomite and a Jew, may be a news aggregate website, but he decides which stories go on top of his site. The stories he’s put up have been quite negative toward Roy.

I speculate that Drudge doesn’t like anyone who’s opposed to faggotry.

This story represents a nice bit of good news for Roy.

There’s so much Roy Moore news that I’m breaking it up into multiple posts. This one focuses on the loyalty that Steve Bannon is showing toward Roy.

Bannon has his faults, but even staying loyal this long has been an act of courage by Steve. I hope he can resist the pressure to abandon Roy.

Washington Examiner

Steve Bannon is standing by Roy Moore, the Alabama Republican Senate nominee he backed in the primary earlier this year, even as the rest of the party rushes to cut ties amid a growing wave of sexual misconduct allegations against the candidate.

The former White House chief strategist has not changed his plans to campaign on Moore’s behalf and to back similarly provocative candidates in GOP primary races across the country next year, sources close to Bannon say.

Bannon also continues to believe Moore’s denials that he pursued romantic relationships with minors, and is “still with him” despite the collapse of Moore’s support nationally, a person close to Bannon told the Washington Examiner on Wednesday.

Those sources disputed a story by The Daily Beast that described Bannon as having “second thoughts about Roy Moore.”

“[The] Daily Beast clearly didn’t talk to anyone who knows Steve,” said one Bannon ally.

Bannon is slated to appear at a rally for Moore on Dec. 5, one week before Alabama voters will head to the ballot box to determine the fate of the former state supreme court justice.

But Bannon’s position is threatening to undermine his credibility as the leader of an insurgent movement heading into 2018. He cast Moore’s primary victory over incumbent Republican Sen. Luther Strange as the start of “a revolution” for America’s anti-establishment crowd, and is hoping to replicate that in other states around the country.

Those plans are at risk now, however, after one woman accused Moore of pursuing a sexual relationship with her when she was just 14, and three others said he sought to date them when they were in high school and he was in his 30s. A fifth woman, who came forward Monday, claimed Moore sexually abused her when she was barely of legal driving age.

The mounting allegations have devastated Moore’s campaign: He was cut off from the Republican National Committee on Tuesday, days after being ditched by the party’s Senate campaign arm. Numerous senators, including Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, have called for his withdrawal from the race. And one of his greatest allies in the media, Fox News host Sean Hannity, gave him “24 hours” late Tuesday to disprove his accusers with “satisfactory” evidence or “get out of this race.”

Bannon has stood by Moore through it all, leading a revolt unlike that which he probably imagined as he celebrated the former judge’s triumph on Sept. 26. Some Republicans are saying Bannon’s unwillingness to ditch Moore will likely hurt him among many Republicans.

“Whatever credibility Bannon originally had is disappearing rapidly,” a longtime GOP operative told the Washington Examiner on Wednesday morning, hours after a source close to Bannon said “Steve is behind [Moore] 1,000 percent.”

Loyalty can’t be bought. If Steve shows up for the Roy Moore rally on December 5, what a giant F U to the Republican establishment.

I’m really liking this meme tonight:

Two More Women Step Forward to Accuse Roy Moore of Evil, Satanic FLIRTING


There were several new developments in the Roy Moore saga today, which I’m breaking down into several posts.

The handful of women accusers seem to have been indoctrinated into the Jewish cult of radical feminism, which claims that all normal interactions between virile men and attractive women are vile, disgusting oppression of women by the evil patriarchy.


Another two women came forward Wednesday with personal stories detailing misconduct by Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore. The story published on AL.com comes a day after a lawyer for Moore and his wife served the local Alabama news outlet with a threatening legal notice warning it to abandon its reporting on the former chief justice of the state Supreme Court. The notice was likely an attempt to intimidate the news outlet. It did not appear to work.

Kelly Harrison Thorp described meeting Moore in 1982 when she was working at the Red Lobster in Moore’s hometown of Gadsden, Alabama. Moore was in his early thirties at the time and the deputy district attorney for the county. Thorp was a 17-year-old high school senior. Moore came into the Gadsden Red Lobster one day when Thorp was working and she recognized the man who, as a war veteran and lawyer, cut a powerful figure over the small town in northern Alabama.

Thorp says Moore asked her out on a date. “I just kind of said, ‘Do you know how old I am?'” Thorp told AL.com. “And he said, ‘Yeah. I go out with girls your age all the time.'” Thorp says she rebuffed Moore, telling him she had a boyfriend before walking away.

Ah, the old “I have a boyfriend” line. What man hasn’t heard that one!

The girl is obviously suffering from the prejudice known as “ageism.” From the point of view of this older man, ageism is worse than racism.

Ageism is illogical and self-defeating. Racism is a powerful self-preservation instinct.

Besides, who knew that a male asking a female for a date once would disqualify that man from serving in the United States Senate.

Crazy, huh?

Tina Johnson, on the other hand, was not a teenager when she encountered Moore at his local law office in 1991. At 28 years old, Johnson was dealing with the fallout of a broken marriage headed for divorce while raising three kids. Without a job, Johnson was at Moore’s office to sign over custody of her 12-year-old son to the boy’s grandmother, her mother, with whom he had been living. Johnson’s mother had hired Moore, then a lawyer and married, to help with the custody petition. From AL.com:

So Roy finds older women attractive. Is that where this is going?

Pedophiles do not find older women attractive. So, I guess Roy is or isn’t a pedo???

I’m confused. (Not really).

Almost from the moment she walked in to Moore’s office, Johnson said, Moore began flirting with her. “He kept commenting on my looks, telling me how pretty I was, how nice I looked,” recalled Johnson. “He was saying that my eyes were beautiful.” It made her uncomfortable. “I was thinking, can we hurry up and get out of here?”
At one point during the meeting, she said, Moore came around the desk and sat on the front of it, just inches from her. He was so close, she said, she could smell his breath. According to Johnson, he asked questions about her young daughters, including what color eyes they had and if they were as pretty as she was. She said that made her feel uncomfortable, too.

Once the papers were signed, she and her mother got up to leave. After her mother walked through the door first, she said, Moore came up behind her. It was at that point, she recalled, he grabbed her buttocks. “He didn’t pinch it; he grabbed it,” said Johnson. She was so surprised she didn’t say anything. She didn’t tell her mother.

Both women say they told family members after the incidents, although Johnson said she didn’t tell her sister until years after the event. Thorp said she didn’t make public her experience earlier because she didn’t feel like she’d be believed, particularly as Moore ascended to the pinnacle of legal power in the state. Johnson, who is now handicapped, said she came forward out of a sense of solidarity with the other women, a sense of moral outrage, and something else. “It’s because somebody asked,” she said. “If anybody had asked, we would have told it. No one asked.”

Once a flirt, always a flirt. We had plenty of married women at the university among the staff who flirted like crazy. Everyone understood it meant nothing for the most part.

The part of this story that I don’t find credible is the part about Roy playing grab ass with the lady.

Even the flirting part seems over the top. Roy is alleged to be flirting with the woman’s mother also in the office. Nope, doesn’t make sense.

This entire story is ridiculous on the face of it at this point. These women are being used by the establishment to smear a fellow in order to keep him out of Washington, where there’s a ray of hope that the swamp can be drained at least a little.

Stay Strong, Alabama! Roy Moore Still Ahead in Polls

At least one liberal was triggered this morning:

Hannity Gives Roy Moore 24 Hours to Explain or Drop Out

Roy Moore’s future looks exceedingly dim today as Sean Hannity’s ultimatum smells very much like a withdrawal of support from the politically incorrect judge.

I speculate that Hannity’s move is partly an effort to save his own job. He took an awful lot of abuse for his common sense defense of Roy on Friday.

But that seems like a million years ago.

Besides Hannity’s challenge to the judge, Politico reports that the Republican National Committee (RNC) has cut off his funding.

As is too often the case, Republican cucks would rather see a liberal Democrat in the Senate than stand up and fight.


Fox News host Sean Hannity walked back Tuesday night his original remarks insinuating that the five women accusing Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore of sexual assault when they were teenagers might be lying.

“For me, the judge has 24 hours,” Hannity said. “You must immediately and fully come up with a satisfactory explanation for your inconsistencies that I just showed.”

Hannity’s break with his original comments follows a cascade of Republican figures distancing themselves from the GOP candidate, including the Republican National Committee.

Hannity on Friday defended Moore after an interview where he stopped short of flatly denying allegations that he sexually assaulted teen girls when he was the Etowah County district attorney. “How do you know if it’s true? How do we — what’s true? What’s not true? How do you ascertain the truth? What happens when it’s 38 years later?” Hannity asked.

When asked in that interview if he ever dated teen girls, Moore replied, “Not generally, no.”

On Tuesday, Hannity altered his position.

“Between this interview that I did and the inconsistent answers. Between him saying ‘I never knew this girl,’ and then that yearbook comes out,” Hannity said. “You must remove any doubt. If you can’t do this, then Judge Moore needs to get out of this race.”

Hannity was referring to the disclosure of the 1977 high school yearbook of Brenda Young Nelson, the fifth woman to come forward accusing Moore of sexual assault. Despite Moore’s insistence that he does not know Nelson, her yearbook displays his signature; Nelson showed it during a press conference Monday in New York City with attorney Gloria Allred.

On Monday, Moore freshly denied the allegations, calling them “absolutely false” and a “political maneuver.”

Of the five women who have come forth, Leigh Corfman was the youngest at the time he says Moore pursued her, age 14.

Hannity’s defense of Moore spiraled into a bizarre feud with Keurig, the coffee machine company, which dropped their ads from the Hannity program after his Friday defense of Moore. The company sent a tweet Saturday announcing that it would be pulling its ads from Hannity’s show. But after videos and images of Hannity supporters destroying Keurig machines went viral, Keurig Chief Executive Bob Gamgort wrote an internal email apologizing for the manner in which it announced its decision and for appearing to “take sides.”

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) has said he believes Moore should step out of the race. Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who formerly held the Senate seat, said Monday during a hearing with the House Judiciary Committee that he has no reason not to believe Moore’s accusers. President Donald Trump has yet to make a statement on the matter.

As the pressure on Roy has mounted, he turned to a familiar venue: church.

Excerpt from ABC News

At the “God Save America Revival Conference” at Walker Springs Road Baptist Church in Jackson, Alabama on Tuesday night, embattled Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore addressed a loyal crowd and made little mention of his sexual assault scandal.

“Obviously I’ve made a few people mad. I’m the only one who can unite Democrats and Republicans because I seem to be opposed by both,” said Moore. “They’ve spent over $30 million to try to take me out, they’ve done everything they could, and now they’re together to try to keep me from going to Washington.”

Moore was met by applause when he walked into the church, with his wife Kayla at his side. He spoke following almost an hour of preaching and songs from a youth choir.

“Today you find out that people would rather hear criticisms of a person than look at what he’s done for 20 to 30 to 40 years,” said Moore.

Steve Bannon, who helped Roy defeat Luther Strange in the Republican primary, is another loser in this mess. Bannon’s efforts to propel Roy into the Senate look like a waste of time at this point.

Fake News: Roy Moore Was Banned from Alabama Mall for Trying to “Pick up” Teenage Girls


The phrase “pick up” has sordid connotations. It’s the kind of phrase a propagandist would use in place of the more benign word “meet.”

At 1979 or thereabouts, at age 32 Roy Moore had spent his 20s making something of himself. He was unmarried but wanted to find a wife, which he soon did.

In Alabama in that era, it was common for girls to marry in their late teens. It was also common for them to marry men 8 to 15 years older than themselves.

Most women in their 20s were already married. Thus, Roy Moore did the logical thing. He tried to meet unmarried girls, most of whom would have been in their late teens at the time.

A mall is a hell of a lot better place to meet young women than a bar. Especially if you’re a Christian man.

The New Puritans, as Paul Joseph Watson calls them, hate men, traditional marriage and the family. I’ve heard the term “creepy” used over and over to describe Roy’s search for a girl who might be willing to marry a successful young lawyer.

That word “creepy” to describe normal male heterosexuality while faggotry is glamorized and glorified ENRAGES ME.

The odds of finding sluts or prostitutes in a mall on the weekend would be very low. If you’re looking to “pick up” a slut, you go to a bar.

Let’s see what the story is on Roy’s allegedly being banned from his local mall for “creepy” behavior.

Excerpt from Bustle

Another accusation has been added to the growing list of sexual misconduct allegations against Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore (all of which he strongly denies). Most recently,The New Yorker published an exposé on Monday claiming that Moore was once supposedly banned from the mall in his hometown of Gadsden, Alabama after allegedly preying on teenagers. However, some former mall employees have said they don’t remember his name ever being on the ban list.

According to the allegations, Moore would allegedly walk around the mall trying to “pick up” young girls. Some said that he had been “run off” from certain stores for his behavior; most said he’d been banned from the mall itself. One police officer alleged, “The general knowledge at the time when I moved here was that this guy is a lawyer cruising the mall for high-school dates.” At the time, Moore was a lawyer in his 30s. He’s called allegations of sexual misconduct “completely false.”

The New Yorker’s Charles Bethea spoke to many Gadsden locals, including police officers, legal officials, and former mall visitors and employees. One employee, who was a bar worker at the time, claimed to Bethea that Moore was reportedly banned from at least 1979 to 1981. He said that he had been supposedly warned by his boss and a police officer to be on the lookout for Moore.

Some Gadsden Mall officials did not remember Moore being denied access to the building, but did tell Bethea that a ban list exists and existed. One security guard said, “We still have an active ban list,” but in reference to whether it might include Moore’s name, clarified, “It doesn’t go back that far.” Someone who helped manage the mall for a period beginning in the late ’80s confirmed that a ban list was in operation at the time, but didn’t remember Moore’s name being on it. Another former manager, who started his tenure in 1981 — and is a personal friend of Moore’s — suggested that all of the recent allegations against Moore are false and created for political reasons.

Feminists celebrate “cougars,” older women slutting around with their boy toys, while condemning men who prefer younger women.




Ted Cruz, Judge Janine Unload on Roy Moore Following New Accusation

Alabama Senate candidate Judge Roy Moore has seemingly been disowned by everyone except his wife and children now that a fifth accuser has appeared, this one telling a story of the attempted rape of a 16 year old girl.

The accuser, Beverly Young Nelson, pictured above, claims Roy attempted to rape her in his car in 1978. Check out my post previous to this one to get up to speed on the latest accusation.

Mitch McConnell had already called for Moore to withdraw from the race.

Ted Cruz was a rare Republican holdout, maintaining support for Judge Roy Moore until Monday afternoon.

Judge Moore is the hottest political hot potato in recent history. What’s amazing is how Democrats supported Bill Clinton when there was ironclad proof of his sexual misconduct, while Republicans have run for the hills, abandoning Moore in the face of unproven allegations.

Daily Caller

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz said Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore should face criminal prosecution Monday if the multiple allegations of sexual misconduct with minors are true.

Cruz joined multiple senate Republicans by saying he could no longer support Moore and also went a step further by saying Moore’s alleged conduct warrants criminal prosecution and makes him “unfit to serve” in the U.S. Senate.

“As it stands, I can’t urge the people of Alabama to support a campaign in the face of these charges without serious, persuasive demonstration that the charges are not true,” Cruz said, according The Texas Tribune.

“Both last week and this week, there are serious charges of criminal conduct that if true, not only make him unfit to serve in the Senate but merit criminal prosecution,” Cruz said in the statement.

Cruz endorsed Moore in October before the allegations were released by The Washington Post on Nov. 9. Cruz previously said Moore would “proudly defend Alabama values,” but now Cruz believes Moore should face his day in court if the allegations against him are true.

Cruz is on a long list of other GOP lawmakers who have called for Moore to step down from the Alabama Senate race. Moore has made it clear he will not step down anytime soon and has denied all allegations.

I believe that the statute of limitations has expired on any sex crimes Judge Moore may have committed. Ted Cruz knows that. He’s grandstanding for political gain.

While guesting on Sean Hannity’s Fox News TV program Judge Janine Pirro also harshly criticized Judge Roy Moore for “grooming” a teenage girl, Roy’s fifth accuser.

32 minutes. Judge Janine’s segment begins at about the 28 minute mark or thereabouts.

I wish I could see a way forward for Judge Moore, who is a race realist and a saboteur, even if an eccentric, but I don’t see any option other than his withdrawal from the race, with Luther Strange or Jeff Sessions conducting a write-in campaign.

I’ll predict that no matter what happens going forward, the Democrat will win handily and then work hard to derail the Trump populist agenda.

Breaking: NEW Roy Moore Accuser Says He Violently Sexually Assaulted Her at 16

Roy Moore is now dead meat politically.

The latest sexual contact allegation comes from a Trump voter, Beverly Young Nelson. It also involves a claim of force.

The possibility of draining the swamp has also died, along with most other aspects of the original Trump agenda.

Furthermore, Christians and conservatives have also been totally discredited.

This is the day the dream died.

Here’s the story along with a selection of pictures of Roy’s accuser.


An Alabama woman, Beverly Young Nelson, today accused Roy Moore of groping and assaulting her about 40 years ago when she was 16.

Nelson alleges the assault happened when Moore was a 30-something-year-old prosecutor in the Etowah County District Attorney’s Office. Nelson said she met Moore while working as a waitress at the Old Hickory House, a restaurant off U.S. 431 in Gadsden. The city is about 50 miles northeast of Birmingham and has fewer than 40,000 residents.

Nelson and New York attorney Gloria Allred, speaking today at a press conference, called on the Senate Judiciary committee to investigate the allegations ahead of the Dec. 12 Alabama special Senate election. Moore, a Republican is running against Democrat Doug Jones.

Nelson said she was waiting for her boyfriend to pick her up from work one night when Moore offered to give her a ride home.

“I trusted Mr. Moore because he was a district attorney,” Nelson said.

When Nelson got in Moore’s car, she said he drove behind the restaurant and parked near a dumpster instead of taking her home. Nelson said Moore groped her and tried to force her head onto his crotch. Nelson says she yelled and tried to leave the car, but Moore locked the door.

“I was not going to allow him to force me to have sex with him,” Nelson said. “I was terrified. I thought he was going to rape me. At some point, he gave up.”

Nelson said before Moore opened the door — at which point she either fell out or he pushed her out — he told her: ‘”You’re just a child and I am the District Attorney of Etowah County, and if you tell anyone about this, no one will ever believe you.”‘

Nelson said she had bruises where Moore grabbed her neck during the alleged assault and she covered them with makeup.

Nelson and Allred claimed Nelson told her sister about the incident two weeks later. Nelson told her mother about four years ago, and she told her husband before they got married 13 years ago, she claimed. Nelson’s husband was at the press conference.

Nelson said the alleged attack happened just days after Moore signed her yearbook on Dec. 22, 1977. Nelson said she had been flattered when Moore asked to sign her Gadsden High School yearbook. The book, which was shown at the press conference by Allred, includes this message in the back: “To a sweeter more beautiful girl, I could not say Merry Christmas.” Allred says it’s signed by Roy Moore, of the Etowah County District Attorney’s Office.

Nelson said Moore was a regular customer of the restaurant and that he would sometimes pull her long red hair or comment on her appearance. The flirting began when Nelson was 15, she claimed.

“I did nothing to encourage this flirtatious behavior,” Nelson said.

Allred said Nelson will voluntarily testify if the Senate Judiciary Committee will call a public hearing to investigate the allegations. Allred called for the committee to subpoena Moore.

Just before Nelson’s press conference began in New York, Moore issued a statement calling the allegations a “witch hunt,” AL.com’s Paul Gattis reported. Read more about Moore’s response here.

While I would normally condemn Roy at this point, draining the swamp, building the wall, and so forth are bigger than any one person. Roy would have been Trump’s strongest supporter in the Senate. If I lived in Alabama I would still vote for Roy.

Feminist Jew lawyer Beverly Allred is representing Mrs. Nelson.

This is a developing story. More later, as events unfold.