Alabama Sheboon Arrested for Bank Robbery Promised Manager Sex for Cooperation


Would you give up $6,000 of your employer’s money in exchange for a romp with the lovely Rachel Calhoun?

Rachel must think that she’s irresistible to men.

Maybe to a blind man, eh?

The criminal stupidity of the negro race never ceases to amaze.

A would-be bank robber tried an usual method to get cash from an Alabama bank on Wednesday, according to police.

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President Trump Commutes Sentence of Black Woman That Brought Kim Kardashian to White House

Heh, heh. I suspect that President Trump is a sucker for the pleas put forth by attractive women. It didn’t take him long to do exactly what Kim Kardashian (West) wanted him to do.

Now let’s see if Trump can make a short, fat Korean Kim happy on June 12 in Singapore.

There’s a video of the happy black woman thanking Trump embedded at the end of this post. She seems sincere and has pledged not to let anyone down.


President Trump has signed a commutation for Alice Johnson, currently serving a life sentence for a nonviolent drug offense, according to a source with direct knowledge. The Washington Post first reported last night that he had been considering pardoning Johnson.

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Black Alabama Teen Who Walked to HS Graduation Given Car by Black Benefactor

A black teen dedicated to his schooling, Corey Patrick, was gifted with a car by a black radio host in response to the photo above going viral.

This is a rare black altruism story offered here to balance the flood of negative stories involving blacks. Mr. Patrick is going to college, too. Let’s hope the corrupting influences of loose ladies and late night drinking and drugs don’t derail his quest for an education.

New York Daily News

An Alabama teenager got the ultimate high school graduation gift after an inspiring photo of him trekking to school on foot in his cap and gown went viral.

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Nog Parents of Nog Football Player Demand $12 Million From School After Attack by Other Nog Players (Video)

How are schools supposed to protect others, even other negros, from the black attack, which often erupts suddenly and without warning.

The only way would be to ban all negros from attending school, which is a great idea, but isn’t going to happen.

The school calls this a “hazing incident.” They refuse to call it what it really is, feral nogs on the loose–the black attack.

New York Post

MOBILE, Ala. — Four more students will be charged after a locker room assault on an Alabama high school football player was caught on camera.

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“Nigger:” Filthy Rapper Kendrick Lamar Set Up a White Female Fan to Become Pariah for Rapping N-Word on Stage

A white Alabama girl got a lesson in Negro treachery when she was sh*t on by the crowd at a rapper Kendrick Lamar show.

Not literally sh*t on, but demeaned, degraded, and humiliated by the nog celebrity and his fans as she sang with him on stage. When she hit the word “nigger” in the lyrics, she didn’t stop.

That enraged the monkeys.

Fox News

Rapper Kendrick Lamar called out a white fan on Sunday for not skipping the N-word in one of his songs after inviting her on stage to rap with him.

Dirty nigger.

The slut white girl isn’t off the hook in my book either. She’s a fan of a filthy nigger rapper? She gets whatever he dishes out and she’ll have to like it or set off a chimpout. She’ll be popping out mulattoes soon, if she hasn’t already.

Watch her in the video below.

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Black Pastor Warns Fellow Blacks to Stay Away from White Churches

A black pastor with a grudge against white people has nonetheless given his flock some good advice.

Black folks are likely to find more black cultural values in a black church than in a white one.

Excerpt from Sputnik News

A church’s highway sign in Birmingham, Alabama, has sparked controversy for saying “Black folks need to stay out of white churches.” The pastor of the black church that put up the sign has defended the remarks as encouraging locals to fight gentrification.

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African Stuck in Alabama “black hole” Awaiting Deportation Wants to Stay for AMERICAN Son


According to the linked AP article, 100,000 (nice round number there) illegals were held by ICE for an average of 34 days in 2017 before being released or deported.

The criminal African pictured above is proving hard to get rid of. He’s been under an ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) detainer for three years. He’s currently being held in a jail in northeastern Alabama.

If the AP intended to create sympathy for detainees with this piece, it’s a giant FAIL.

Excerpt from Associated Press

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) — Olusegun Olatunji paid a $40,700 fine, did three months in a halfway house and spent a year on probation for selling counterfeit hats out of an Indianapolis shopping mall. Then, since the Nigerian native had overstayed a work visa 30 years ago, immigration officials detained him to await deportation in 2014.

Nigeria? Those creatures are a criminal race! Olatungi can bring his sprog with him to Africa. The kid will be quite at home there. The law that says he’s an American should be changed.

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