Ready to Board Flight, Service Dog Goes into Labor, Gives Birth to 8 Pups

Tampa, Florida fire rescue was called to the airport to deliver a pregnant service dog’s pups. As if dogs have never delivered their pups without human help.

Mama Ellie and her 8 babies are doing fine. As is dad Nugget who looked on.

Miami Herald

A service dog went into labor at Tampa International Airport just before she was scheduled to board her flight to Philadelphia.

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White Knight Rescues “Smelly Fatty” on Plane from Texting Passenger Critical of Plus-Sized White Woman


Why can’t people just mind their own business these days?

Everyone’s a social justice warrior.

In this case a white man didn’t like what another white man had texted about a “helpless” woman seated next to him on a United Air flight.

What do you think of white knights?

Daily Mail

An Oklahoma woman has hailed a good Samaritan as her hero after he intervened when a passenger on a plane began to fat-shame her by calling her a ‘smelly fatty’.

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White Ingenuity: Pod Pack Plane, 1950 (Video)

Four minutes. Before diversity, the world seemed as if there were no limits.

From the youtube information box:

Film from British Pathe’ via the Rick Prelinger Archives. Great footage of the sole XC-120, a further development of the C-82 Packet & C-119 Flying Boxcar, which never came to fruition beyond the prototype. Since I was a kid in the ’60s, I’ve loved experimental stuff from the ’50s, and this gem is no exception. Be sure to check my channel for the best in VINTAGE & RARE airliner videos!

Negress Restrained wit Duct Tape, Zip Ties After Storming American Airlines Cockpit

Charlene Sarieann Harriott.

Damn! Te letter after g and te letter before Z quit working on m computer ke board toda. I ave to cop and paste letters to be able to write. Time for a new computer and tis one is onl 3 ears old. An bod ave an recommendations for a good brand?

This news item is another in a seemingl endless series of posts about bad behavior b nonwhites on airplanes.

New York Post

A passenger was taken into custody Wednesday after landing in Charlotte, NC, for attacking three airline crew members during the flight.

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Flight To California 1952 (Nostalgia Film in Color)

27 delightful minutes of beautiful color film promoting air travel. This jewel has racked up a quarter million views since being published.

Published on May 29, 2008

A tour of Los Angeles, San Francisco and other California sites in the early 1950s

Perceptive comment. You’ll probably feel the same way:

Super Kyle
1 year ago
This is absolutely SURREAL, nice meals, legroom, wide seats, a cabin that’s full of smiling, polite, well dressed, sub 200 pound Americans who’ve bathed within the last 24 hours, it’s like I’m watching something from an alternate parallel universe.

TWA Boeing 307 Stratoliner Travelogue – 1940 (Nostalgia Aviation Film)

Hollywood stars go traveling on the latest and greatest airplane in 1940 America in this fragment of a longer film, which you can see in its entirety at the bottom of this post.

Less than five minutes. The color is faded but this is still and enjoyable short film that promoted Transcontinental and Western Airlines (TWA). Mary Martin was Larry Hagman’s (I Dream of Jeannie, Dallas) mother, I recall.

Classic Airliners & Vintage Pop Culture

Published on Nov 14, 2013

AMAZING COLOUR footage of one of only FIVE Stratoliners operated by TWA! Also airborne scenery from aboard a DC-3. The world’s first airliner to feature a pressurized cabin, the 307 utilised the wings & tail feathers from a B-17, with a completely new fuselage. Many thanks to the Rick Prelinger Archives.

Full length version of the same film. 19 minutes. Much more enjoyable than the sample. Rich and famous had its perks in 1940. Air travel was still in its infancy too.

United Douglas DC-8 Promo Film – 1959 (Jet Age Nostalgia Video)

There are an amazing number of things you won’t believe about this little jewel of a film. The 1950s were probably peak America.

Great music at around the 6 minute mark as the big jet airliner takes off. I hope someone finds the end of the film and restores it.

Published on Mar 26, 2014

Re-upped with better colour. Same uniform Mom wore…CHECK. “United” titles on the port wing…CHECK. Early “Black Button” nose…CHECK. P&W JT3C-6 turbojets…CHECK. White horisontal stabs…CHECK. Sorry, the end of the film is missing.

People who watch this sort of material understand what has been lost:

Very quaint indeed. Notice the level of class and breeding among the passengers. Nary a flip flop or cargo shorts in sight. And how about all that swell grub? Was air travel really like this once.

Folks! Those were the days. Started myself 2years after this Promo film from 1959 in SAS ( Scandinavien Airlines System), nowadays called Scandinavian. In 1973-76 I was a Station manager and responsible for our DC8-62 operation in Monrovia, Liberia West Africa. At that time we operated from Copenhagen via Zürich and Monrovia to South America( read Rio De Janeiro, Montevideo, Buenos Aires and Santiago De Chile) and back. In my opinion the DC8 was one of the best, if not the best, commercial jet aircrat ever!

he Boeing 707 was an aerial tanker / refueler – the KC-135 – modified as a passenger jet. The DC-8 was built from the ground up as a passenger jet and was the better plane. The 30 degree wing sweep made for a smoother ride than the 707’s 35 degree sweep. A DC-8 was once flown faster than sound, a feat never accomplished by the 707.

In those days, EVERYONE was treated like they were in first class. First Class, was a place where one was treated like Royalty. The food on the carriers in those days was a delight. And why not, the food was prepared by kitchens dedicated to high quality food while flying First Class, baby. Unless you are a millionaire now, the majority of you wont know what being treated special really felt like. 

Before NYC was a ghetto.