Bakery That Pressed Charges Against Black Shoplifters Boycotted for Racial Profiling


The is not a post about sticky fingered blacks. It’s about the expanding definition of racism and the liberal effort to destroy everything and everyone that it deems to be racist under the new definition.

What happens when you own a business in an anti-racist town infected with academic liberal insanity and you’re accused of racism for having black shoplifters arrested?

Answer: You lose your life’s work.


OBERLIN, Ohio (AP) — Students at Oberlin College have long enjoyed pastries, bagels and chocolates from Gibson’s Bakery, a century-old, family-owned business near campus. That sweet relationship has turned bitter amid hotly disputed accusations of racism, roiling a school and town long known for their liberal politics.

The dispute, which began in November 2016 with the arrest of three black Oberlin students who tried stealing wine from Gibson’s, is now a lawsuit in which the exasperated bakery owners accuse the college and a top dean of slandering Gibson’s as a “racist establishment” and taking steps to destroy the family’s livelihood.

Dumb ass white youths helping along their own genocide:

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Judge Awards $1,000 Each to Black Lives Matters Protesters in Slap in the Face to Cops


Taxpayers in Baton Rouge, Louisiana are going to be a little bit poorer thanks to a deal that pays Black Lives Matters protesters who were arrested while blocking a highway $1,000 each.

A federal judge signed off on a deal negotiated between BLM and local officials. Someone should have the locals read up on negotiating before stepping into a pile of crap like this deal.

Excerpt from MSN

BATON ROUGE, La. — A federal judge approved a class-action settlement Friday that awards up to $1,000 in cash to dozens of protesters who claim police violated their civil rights and used excessive force in arresting them after a deadly police shooting.

The deal resolves one of several lawsuits against Louisiana law enforcement agencies after a white Baton Rouge police officer shot and killed Alton Sterling, a 37-year-old black man, in July 2016. The shooting was one of several that had fueled a national debate about race and policing.

Black Lives Matter movement leader DeRay Mckesson is among 69 arrested protesters eligible for payments ranging from $500 to $1,000 now that U.S. District Judge John W. deGravelles has given his final approval. The judge, who said the total value of the settlement is about $136,000, ruled from the bench after a hearing that Mckesson and another plaintiff attended.

Police arrested nearly 200 people at protests in Baton Rouge after a white police officer fatally shot Sterling during a struggle outside a convenience store.

The Justice Department investigated the shooting and announced earlier this month that it won’t file criminal charges against the two officers who struggled with Sterling. Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry’s office is investigating whether any state charges are warranted.

The settlement’s class is limited to protesters who were arrested only on charges of obstructing a highway. The local district attorney announced last summer that roughly 100 arrested protesters wouldn’t be prosecuted on that charge.

Besides cash payments, the deal also calls for expunging criminal records free of charge. Plaintiffs’ attorney Roy Rodney Jr. said that is the most important component of the deal because it ensures a criminal record won’t follow the arrested protesters, many of whom are young adults.

A federal magistrate gave preliminary approval to the settlement in May. Nobody formally objected to the deal, but some publicly criticized it. The head of the union that represents Baton Rouge police officers has called the agreement a “slap in the face” and a “dangerous precedent” that could lead to even larger crowds at future protests.

Mckesson and two other arrested protesters were named as plaintiffs in the suit against the city of Baton Rouge and officials from the city’s police department, the local sheriff’s office and the Louisiana State Police. The lawsuit, filed last August and now resolved, claimed police advanced against peaceful protesters while wearing military gear and gas masks and brandishing assault weapons alongside armored vehicles.

Baton Rouge taxpayers should vote all responsible for this outrage out of office and into the unemployment line.

Cities have lawyers on payroll. They get paid whether they litigate or not. Fighting the BLACKmailers would be better than rolling over and playing dead as happened in this instance.

Negro Federal judge: Black Lives Matter is a social movement, can’t be sued


None of the MSM reports on this ruling show the judge’s face nor mention even in passing his race.

This black bastard should have recused himself. All the way back to Africa.

To add insult to injury, he chewed out the white cop who filed the lawsuit.

USA Today

A federal judge dismissed a lawsuit filed by a Baton Rouge cop on Thursday against Black Lives Matter and one of the movement’s prominent activists, noting that BLM is a social movement and thus can’t be sued.

The Baton Rouge police officer was injured at a protest in July 2016 following the controversial police shooting death of Alton Sterling. He alleged in his suit that BLM and Deray Mckesson, a prominent activist in the movement, were responsible for injuries he suffered at the hands of demonstrators.

But U.S. District Judge Brian Jackson said that Black Lives Matter is not “an entity of any sort,” and can’t be sued.

“Although many entities have utilized the phrase ‘black lives matter’ in their titles or business designations, ‘Black Lives Matter’ itself is not an entity of any sort,” Jackson wrote. “Therefore, all claims against “Black Lives Matter” must be dismissed because social movements lack the capacity to be sued.”

The judge laced into the plaintiff, writing that an “attempt to bring suit against a social movement and a hashtag evinces either a gross lack of understanding of the concept of capacity or bad faith.”

Mckesson engaged only in protected speech at the July 2016 demonstration where someone threw a rock at the officer, Jackson added.

“It is an age-old tactic to attempt to silence activists and organizers,” Mckesson said after the judge announced the dismissal. “I am thankful that the judge dismissed the case today.”

The protest followed the death of Sterling, a black man fatally shot by a white police officer in front of a Baton Rouge convenience store that triggered weeks of protests around the U.S.

Federal prosecutors announced in May after a year-long investigation that they found insufficient evidence to charge either officer involved in the shooting of Sterling. Officers confronted Sterling after receiving a 911 call that a man fitting Sterling’s description was selling CDs and was armed.

The officers say that Sterling was reaching for a gun as they tried to subdue him and one of the officers opened fire. Video of the incident was inconclusive, prosecutors said.

There have been several instances in which white men who led “racist” groups have been bankrupted after lawsuits were successfully filed against them by crime victims and/or their families.

It’s obvious that “Neo-Nazism” and “White Nationalism” are social movements, but that hasn’t stopped legal actions from being taken against white people in these movements.

Hell, many of you know that Jews are suing Andrew Anglin. The Daily Stormer could be argued to be a social movement by this logic.

Putting a monkey in black robes means you’re going to get monkey decisions from the bench.

Obama Ripped by Butt Hurt Blacks Over Chicongo Presidential Library


Blacks aren’t happy because Obama won’t put in writing all the gibsmedat that he’s promised them in relation to his new presidential library going up in the black part of Chicago.

No matter how much is given to them, they always agitate for more.

This story is the top headline on Drudge tonight.

Excerpt from the Chicago Tribune

Now that Obama is about to build his presidential center in Woodlawn’s Jackson Park, some residents are wary of his ability to transform neighborhoods without doing harm to longtime residents who could end up displaced by gentrification.

A nasty fight over a community benefits agreement with the Obama Foundation has exposed an unexpected rift between the former president and some of the South Side residents who helped lift him to prominence.

Not everyone on the South Side, it seems, thinks Obama did enough for black folks during his eight years as president. And as he prepares to build a presidential center that will pay tribute to his legacy, some South Siders are calling him out for what they consider broken promises.

Obama consistently has asked residents to trust that he will do right by them. The presidential center, he insists, will provide a wealth of opportunities specifically designed to meet the needs of Chicagoans who have long been overlooked.

But this time, according to one activist, there will be no “Amen, kiss the ring.”

Obama opened the door to the backlash when he appeared on a video at the foundation’s first public meeting last week and said flat-out that there would be no community benefits agreement.

Such a legal document, he said, would force the foundation to side with certain activist groups and leave others out. And, he added, it would open the door for other groups to step up and start making demands.

The Obama Library South Side Community Benefits Agreement Coalition, founded by five prominent community organizations, has been leading the call for a document guaranteeing jobs and low-income housing protections. But it also wants him to deliver other items on its dream list, things he cannot control, such as placing librarians in every school.

In reality, it is asking him to fill the void created through decades of neglect by the city. That kind of change, once again, is unrealistic.

At a community forum Wednesday night, a discussion about the proposed agreement morphed into a shouting match over whether Obama actually loves black people. One man in the audience yelled, “No” while others alluded to the fact that Obama is biracial.

Hip-hop artist and community activist Che “Rhymefest” Smith tried to defend the president — but only to a point.

“I don’t believe he understands everything about black people,” Smith said. “But he married a black woman from the South Side, and she feels our pain. Our pain is her pain.”

It’s just amazing how blacks believe that others are obligated to do for them. It seems to only rarely occur among the members of this wretched race that adults do things for themselves.

3 Mestizo members of Congress arrested at Trump Tower street protest


Three anti-white racist Latinos weren’t really arrested as the ABC News headline suggests. They were issued orders to appear in court. I would say they were issued tickets by the police and then allowed to leave the scene.

Whatever, these un-American agitators should be removed from Congress. They weren’t at work, so fire them for skipping work.

ABC News

Three Democratic members of Congress have been arrested on disorderly conduct charges at a protest outside Trump Tower.

U.S. Reps. Raul Grijalva, of Arizona; Luis Gutierrez, of Illinois; and Adriano Espaillat, of New York, were among a small group of demonstrators who sat down in the street on New York’s Fifth Avenue on Tuesday and refused to move.

The lawmakers were handcuffed and led away. Police say they were issued desk appearance tickets and released.

The protesters were demanding that Congress pass legislation protecting thousands of young immigrants from deportation.

Protest organizers said before the event the lawmakers planned to get arrested.

President Donald Trump delivered an address at the United Nations earlier Tuesday. The Republican was scheduled to stay at Trump Tower afterward but wasn’t present for the protest.

Adriano was an illegal before he was elected to Congress. WTF???!!!

Grijalva is a radical La Raza racist.

Gutierrez is a radical loudmouth who is constantly on TV whining about Latinos being oppressed by evil whitey. He’s been arrested several times over the last few years.

Here’s a one-minute video of some of the arrests at Trump Tower.

“No justice, no profits:” St. Louis Mob Storms, Shuts Down Mall (Video)

It looks like half the mob are dumb-ass white youths. F*ck them. May diversity ram a protest sign up each one of their sorry asses.

Here’s a highly informative comment that shows just how dumb blacks are to always go out and defend thugs by tearing up their neighborhoods.

Gateway Pundit Comments

Huffam Tracksuit Al • 2 hours ago

An interesting fact that I’ve never seen mentioned in the mainstream media reports was mentioned in the judge’s ruling. He pointed out the entry wound on the deceased’s lower left abdomen. Had he been sitting quietly in the driver’s seat, as the judge pointed out, there’s no way anyone standing outside the door could have shot him in the lower left flank. A doctor testified that a bullet wound in that location was consistent with what Stockley said: That Smith was reaching over for something–like the gun that both officers had seen earlier, before the chase, and which was found in the car. The judge also pointed out that Stockley had nothing in his hand when he exited his own car and that it would have been impossible for him to secrete on his person a gun that large. Also that it made no logical sense for someone who planned to plant a gun to first take off his gloves so he’d leave DNA or fingerprints on it!.

Leftist Antifa Expert Draws Dartmouth Faculty Support for Allegedly Advocating Violence Against “Nazis”


Die Nazi Scum.

We’re seen the signs at so-called counterprotests held by the Antifa. We’ve also seen them attack people they consider to Nazis, which is anyone who disagrees with them.

Since the Anitfa petition went viral and caught everyone’s attention, I wonder if the faculty who supported the Antifa feel any embarrassment. The press moved from support to condemnation of the Communist/anarchists in a flash when it became expedient to do so. Professors haven’t been coming out against the Antifa that I know of.

Mark Bray should be fired for advocating violence, if that accusation is true. It’s one thing to hold political opinions, but entirely another thing to use the bully pulpit of the classroom and the TV interview to push others to go out and violate the law by attacking people with bike locks and baseball bats.

The New American

On August 21, Dartmouth College president Philip J. Hanlon issued a relatively mild public statement disavowing recent comments by one of the college’s lecturers in support of the violent actions of the anarcho-communist group Antifa. Now, more than 100 Dartmouth faculty members have signed a letter in support of the lecturer, Dr. Mark Bray, and are calling upon Dr. Hanlon to retract his statement.

Dr. Bray is the author of Antifa: The Anti-Fascist Handbook, and since the deadly battle in Charlottseville, Virginia, between Antifa cadres and neo-Nazis on August 12, he has shot to stardom, thanks to friendly interviews with NPR, CNN, NBC, Slate, Vox, Vice, and more.

As we noted in our August 29 article, Liberal Media: Cheerleaders for “Antifa” Communist Thugs, the violent Antifa extremists have been generously showered with sympathetic coverage by much of the media. On August 14, for example, Yahoo! News posted a story titled, “As neo-Nazis grow bolder, the ‘antifa’ has emerged to fight them.” Like many similar reports in the “mainstream” media, the article paid an obligatory nod to objectivity by quoting Antifa critics, but the upshot for many readers will be: “Finally, someone is standing up to the Nazi-KKK bullies!”

The masked, black-clad Antifa radicals scored a big media boost from NBC shortly after Charlottesville when Meet The Press featured a powderpuff interview by Chuck Todd of Mark Bray on August 16. Todd then brought Bray back for another friendly gabfest on August 20. Bray, a longtime militant activist and a visiting lecturer in Gender Studies at Dartmouth College, publicly let it be known that he is a supporter of Antifa. In other words, he is not coming under criticism merely because he is a scholar who has written a book about a subject he has researched. He has not, as far as we know, publicly admitted to taking part in violent and illegal Antifa activities, but he vocally endorses their actions and is viewed by both supporters and opponents as the chief theoretician and “public intellectual” of the militant movement. Bray previously wrote a sympathetic book promoting the Occupy Wall Street movement, which provided the training ground where the Antifa leaders recruited many of their activists, refined their Marxist-Leninist rhetoric, and honed their violent communist tactics.

Media Research Center (MRC) president Brent Bozell condemned the NBC whitewash of Antifa. “Violent leftists have broken into the mainstream and Chuck Todd is guilty of aiding and abetting,” Bozell charged. “It is abhorrent that NBC and Todd believe it acceptable to normalize extremist groups like Antifa which use terror to silence their opposition.”

Bozell continued: “After the initial interview with Bray, Chuck Todd had the opportunity to correct his mistake but instead chose to again allow a radical to promote domestic terrorism with little push back. Can you imagine Chuck Todd inviting a member of a militant right-wing group on his show to rationalize violence against the left? NBC must cease giving legitimacy to supporters of this violent left-wing movement immediately.”

A letter to President Hanlon defending Bray, reportedly signed by more than 100 Dartmouth faculty members, goes a long way to confirming charges (as if more confirmation were necessary) that much of academia has become totally dominated by the far-left. Bray’s Dartmouth comrades see no problem with his support for Antifa’s violent approach to shutting down speech of opponents. Antifa violence, of course, is not only limited to censoring speech, nor is it directed only at genuine fascists and racists. As we have seen repeatedly (and as we will show presently) the black-clad goons broadly apply the “fascist” label and viciously attack anyone who stands in the way of their radical anarchist-communist agenda.

The Dartmouth supporters cite the cornucopia of media attention Bray has received as evidence of his importance as a scholar, and then note that even more media glory is on the way with his upcoming nationwide book tour. “With the appearance last week of his new book on the subject — which has already sold 10,000 copies and been reviewed in the New Yorker–he is embarking on a 30-city book tour,” the faculty letter breathlessly relates. “He is speaking by invitation at campuses like Duke, NYU, and Colby. In short, his historical expertise is in demand around the country and internationally.”