“God is on our side:” Maxine Waters Pushes for Unending HARASSMENT of Trump’s People

The crazy ole nigga gonna get somebody killed.

Excerpt from Daily Caller

Staffers and allies of President Donald Trump face a new normal in today’s heated political environment: the potential for harassment and protests anywhere they show their faces — both in their public and private lives.

Democratic California Rep. Maxine Waters shocked political observers over the weekend by encouraging liberal mobs to harass Trump officials at restaurants, gas stations and even at home.

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Woman Dubbed #PermitPatty Calls Cops on 8 Year Old Niglet Selling Water Illegally


A certain fraction of white people in the USA are suffering from negro fatigue. Another group are still stuck in the negro worshiping mode.

Alison Ettel, nicknamed #PermitPatty now, denies there was any racism that motivated her to call the police on a black sprog selling water bottles without a permit.

Setting aside the issue of whether permits should be required (they shouldn’t), the propensity of our tinted obsolete farm equipment to believe that they don’t have to follow the rules is getting more and more tiresome.

It seems like we’re talking about the black lack of obedience to the simplest rules every day now.

When they don’t follow the rules and there are consequences, then the race card comes out.

USA Today

Video of a woman allegedly calling the police on a young girl who was selling water bottles in San Francisco across from the AT&T stadium Friday is going viral.

Race baiting fake Negro Shaun King always has to get his garbage thoughts in play:

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Nagger Teens Who Laughed and Mocked Drowning Darkie Won’t Be Charged



New York Post

COCOA, Fla. — Florida prosecutors say they aren’t charging a group of teens who taunted a drowning disabled man and recorded his death.


Watch the video of the naggers mocking their fellow nagger, embedded at the bottom of this post.

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Netflix’s Top Spokesman, a Jew, is Fired for Using the word “nigger”


A prominent Jewish business executive has fallen afoul of the de facto ban on the use of the word “nigger,” even when you’re condemning the word.

Thus, a Jew falls victim to Jewish Cultural Marxism.

Where will it all end–this insane Negro worship that infects the USA?

Sky News

Netflix has sacked its head of communications over his use of the “N-word” during conversations with work colleagues.

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The Black Attack: Negro Male Accused of Decapitating His Own Mother!


Terrelle Johnson’s defense lawyer is thinking about an insanity defense for his client. Terrelle admits he lost control and cut off his mother’s head, so what other defense is left?

A jury should still send him to prison (or to death row) even if he is a nutjob. The trigger was an argument over credit cards. Terrelle is a vet, which shows that the American military may have issues.


A Mississippi man who beheaded his mother called out to reporters as he was being led into court on Wednesday, shouting, “I plead guilty… [I’ve] done it!”

Terrelle’s late mother was extremely fit. Two more photos of her are embedded in the post and The Daily Mail offers even more photos of her, the crime scene, and the arrest.

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Negress Screams “I hate white people” Before Attacking Two Fellow Bus Passengers

A colored woman riding a Maryland bus has hopefully turned two white passengers into race realists, or even racists.

A white male and a white female were gratuitously attacked because of the color of their skin. Their attacker, picture above, has a long rap sheet showing assorted crimes. It’s reasonable to suppose that she blames white people because she lost the genetic lottery.

A sane society would legally mandate the death penalty for her. We really can’t afford these pieces of obsolete farm equipment any more.

Fox News

A black woman proclaimed “I hate white people” before attacking two fellow passengers on a bus on Monday in Maryland, police said.

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“White Bitch Take That!” Sheboon Arrested for NYC Racially Motivated Assault

The sacred Negro goddess, Amy Bell, pictured above, has sent a message to white women: You will be paying the price for slavery and other apostasy. Amy, a true daughter of Wakanda, knows that if not for white interference in the lives of the African peoples, they would be kangz.

Patch New York

RIBECA, NY — A Brooklyn woman was arrested and charged with assault and harassment Wednesday for allegedly bashing a Manhattan lawyer in the face with a metal make-up box and shouting ‘White b—h, take that,’ police said.

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