Breaking! Conservationist Kuki Gallman Shot from Ambush in Kenya, Airlifted to Nairobi


Africa is not a safe place for any species, including the European.

The Kenya Star

Laikipia Nature Conservancy owner Kuki Gallmann was shot in the stomach by armed raiders on Saturday night.

She was flown to Aga Khan hospital, Nairobi on Sunday morning for specialised treatment.

“She was evacuated to Nanyuki with medics attending to her,” a source told the Star.

The incident signals the height of violence in Laikipia where armed herders have run down conservancies, destroyed and looted property.

This happened despite the deployment of KDF to flush out bandits and seize illegal guns used in the incessant raids.

Gallmann is known internationally for her memoir “I Dreamed of Africa”.

The Gallmann’s luxury safari lodge was burned down by suspected cattle herders on March 30.


There were no visitors staying at the Mukutan Retreat at the time of the attack.

It was assumed that the raid was retaliation for the ongoing police operation in the area.

On Thursday last week, a Laikipia ranch worker was killed by the daring militias.

“The bullets used were found to have been from the Eldoret ordnance factory,” a source told the Star.


Kuki’s Wikipedia page shows that she’s been very generous in trying to help the black African as well as the wildlife.

In the video below Kuki talks about an arson event on her property in 2015. She calls out the Africans as destructive “a**holes.”

60 Minutes Australia ran a story on the black poachers who were destroying everything Kuki built. A very lovely lady who tried and failed to stem the damage done by the black hoards. Whites are simply outnumbered. The wildlife is doomed. But she tried!

Let us pray for Kuki and her beloved animals.

It’s A BOY! The Long-Necked Poster Boy for Black African Population Control is Born


The publicity given to April the giraffe’s pregnancy can be used to promote a better understanding of how the black African population explosion is rapidly leading to the extinction of giraffes, lions, elephants, hippos, and so forth.

Anything that creates hostility to black rule in Africa is a propganda tool in our toolbox. April’s baby can be the poster boy for the sterilization of the African human population.


April the giraffe welcomed a not-so-little bundle of joy Saturday morning after animal lovers devoted weeks to watching and waiting.

April is one of the most popular residents at the Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville, New York. Fans have kept up with her for weeks as she anticipated the birth of her fourth calf. April is 15 years old.

After a 16-month gestation period, the wait finally ended with the male calf’s debut in a livestream from the zoo. At the time of the birth, 1.25 million people were watching the livestream. It is the first time a calf has been born in the animal park.

If you love giraffes, then you have to support the sterilization of blacks. There is no other choice. Either the blacks continue to populate and the giraffe dies, or vice-versa.

Trolls? Jewish Group Aims to Bring Millions of “lost tribe” Black Africans to Israel


Since Jews are the ringleaders in the movement to flood the West with third world peoples, it seems only fair that Israel be flooded with them too.

And now there’s a chance that could happen.

This story is pretty nutty. But even Jews lose when Jews take their particular brand of crazy to its logical conclusion.

PJ Media

Jewish Voice Ministries International (JVMI) has encouraged Nigeria’s Igbo people to undergo genetic testing to confirm if they are descendants of the biblical Israelites as they claim. If they are, this would quadruple the global Jewish community, as the 40 million Igbos join the 13 million known Jews worldwide.


“In the same way as the texts [of the Bible] were preserved, I believe that the Jewish people have been preserved — it’s a sovereign preservation of Israel,” JVMI President and CEO Jonathan Bernis told PJ Media in an interview. He argued that the rediscovery of “lost tribes” of Israel, like the Igbo might be, constitutes the fulfilling of Bible prophecy.

“The Bible talks, particularly in the prophets, a great deal about a time when God will regather the Jewish people back to the land that he promised Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob,” Bernis explained. He noted that Israel was “restored” in 1948, and Jerusalem came back under Jewish control in 1967, after almost 2,000 years.

“At that time, the Jewish communities began to return to the state of Israel,” the JVMI president added. He listed Jewish groups from Yemen, Tunisia, Morocco, and Syria, in addition to those from European countries. More recently, Ethiopian Jews in “Operation Moses” and “Operation Solomon” went north to settle in the Holy Land.

Bernis cited Jeremiah 16:14-15:

Therefore, behold, the days are coming, declares the Lord, when it shall no longer be said, “As the Lord lives who brought up the people of Israel out of the land of Egypt,” but “As the Lord lives who brought up the people of Israel out of the north country and out of all the countries where he had driven them.” For I will bring them back to their own land that I gave to their fathers.

While some might argue this prophecy was more focused on the return of the exiles from Babylon (an event Jeremiah prophesied multiple times), Bernis explained that “something that could initially be talking about a period of time in context has a deeper meaning.”

The JVMI president noted that when the Jewish exiles returned from Babylon, “that was a remnant returning, not all of the exiles.” As such, “I don’t see that fulfilling the magnitude of God being the God who returns us.” The Exodus was a huge event in Jewish memory, a founding of their entire people based on God’s specific action to preserve them.

I guess we have to rethink what a Jew looks like. These Jews I would have sworn were Dindus.

Link to Jewish Voice website

Animation: The World’s Population in 2100


We have to stop this for our posterity or the planet is finished.

Black-Run South Africa’s Credit Rating Downgraded to Junk Status


The economic collapse of South Africa presages a societal collapse. How the white families left in that hellish monument to black rule will fare is anybody’s guess.

The Guardian

South Africa’s rand tumbled on Monday afternoon after credit rating agency Standard & Poor’s downgraded the country’s the credit grade to junk status, saying a cabinet reshuffle by President Jacob Zuma last week had put fiscal and growth outcomes at risk.

The agency said the downgrade reflected its view that the divisions in the African National Congress (ANC) government, especially the firing of respected finance minister Pravin Gordhan, who was replaced by an ally of Zuma last week, have put policy continuity at risk.

“In our opinion, the executive changes initiated by President Zuma have put at risk fiscal and growth outcomes,” S&P said. “The negative outlook reflects our view that political risks will remain elevated this year, and that policy shifts are likely.”

Gordhan was seen as a bulwark against corruption and as finance minister had blocked some questionable policies by other members of Zuma’s government. Since he was fired the rand has fallen against major currencies and the ruling ANC party is in turmoil.

Economists had predicted that the firing of Gordhan would hurt South Africa’s economy, which saw growth of just 0.5% last year and has an unemployment rate of about 27%. Zuma’s actions would cause South Africa to be downgraded to junk status by credit rating agencies, economists warned.


It makes no sense whatsoever to think that Africans can manage money. Only a white liberal would expect it. Liberal politicians will have to step in to save South Africa, their failed experiment in a multicultural African country.

African Millionaire Lawyer and Soros Fellowship Holder Flees U.S., Wife Facing Criminal Charges Over Welfare Scam

That greatest of analyses of the Negro, the book Negroes in Negroeland, describes the Negro as a liar and born thief.

It must be true. Otherwise, why would a wealthy African lawyer’s wife engage in theft for the sake of theft?

America is a land of immigrants, say the liberals. They would rather you forget that the darker species of immigrant is often a drag on the economy and the culture of a country.

Daily Caller

A lawyer and recipient of a prestigious Paul & Daisy Soros fellowship for immigrants has reportedly fled the U.S., possibly to Africa, as his wife faces criminal welfare fraud charges in Arlington, Va.

Fidelis Agbapuruonwu, a Nigerian immigrant, “fled the country and is somewhere in Africa,” according to officials at the Arlington General Court, NBC News 4 reports.

Agbapuruonwu’s wife Helen was arraigned March 8 and charged with felony welfare fraud after she allegedly “fraudulently obtained public assistance in excess of $100,000 under false pretenses” for about six years between 2010 and 2016, according to a police report. The defense attorney for Mrs. Agbapuruonwu declined to comment when contacted by The Daily Caller News Foundation.

According to Fidelis Agbapuruonwu’s LinkedIn page, he worked most recently as an associate at the Washington, D.C., offices of Mayer Brown LLP, a top-tier, international law firm, NBC 4 reports. While there, he earned $1.5 million a year — a high salary for an associate-level attorney.

Agbapuruonwu worked for the firm for about five years and left in 2011, explained an attorney at Mayer Brown, who spoke with The Daily Caller News Foundation on a condition of anonymity. Associates at the firm do not make $1.5 million in salary, the attorney added.

Agbapuruonwu immigrated to the U.S. from Nigeria in the 1990s, and later received a Paul & Daisy Soros Fellowship for New Americans in 2001 and 2002, which he used to pay for law school at Ohio State University.

The Paul & Daisy Soros Fellowships for New Americans offers up to $90,000 for two years of graduate education. Paul Soros, older brother to Democratic mega-donor George Soros, created the fellowship program in 1998 to honor “the contributions of immigrants and children of immigrants to the United States,” and help fund graduate study for immigrants “who are poised to make significant contributions to US society, culture or their academic field.”

The Paul & Daisy Soros Foundation did not return TheDCNF’s request for comment.

As a lawyer at Mayer Brown, Agbapuruonwu worked on a number financial and civil cases, according to a search of federal court records.

In one of his cases, Agbapuruonwu assisted a pro bono team in 2011, which helped a woman from El Salvador win asylum in the U.S. from the “continuous and severe physical, emotional, and psychological abuse inflicted by her ex-boyfriend.”

Helen Agbapuruonwu’s preliminary hearing is scheduled for early April. Police allege that Helen forged documents to illegally obtain public benefits like food stamps, also known as Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits, and Medicaid for herself and four children.

“We hope it sends a message that if you are taking public assistance it’s truly intended for those in need, and we’re committed to ensuring those who need the most help receive it,” Ashley Savage, spokeswoman for the Arlington County Police, told NBC News.

The director of a pre-school where Agbapuruonwu’s attended said the allegations do not make sense. “I have to believe it’s not true,” the director told NBC4 News.

Hmmmm. In prison, she’ll have plenty of eats. As to Africans with college degrees, let Tyrone speak

Super Cool World Map Shows Fertility Rates as Africans Breed Like Rabbits

I found the above map after doing some research related to the African population explosion seen in the Tweet below. To put the table in perspective, the fertility rates for Western women are below 2.0. The CIA World Factbook shows fertility rates by country. As I recall, fertility rates in the West indicate a shrinking population. With Africa’s population exploding, the existence of the white race is imperiled. Not the mainstream media is going to write about that.

See why we say, “Have white babies.”