France’s Macron Proclaims that Europe Shares Destiny with Africa, Awarded Charlemagne Prize


French President Emmanuel Macron spoke in resigned tones in mid April about the invasion of Europe by African negros.

On May 10 he received the Charlemagne Prize for contributions to “European unity.”

If you look more closely at the Charlemagne Prize, you’ll discover that it’s really the Codenhave-Kalergi Prize to encourage the genocide of the European.

Macron is widely viewed as a globalist shill, but is he playing a game with the Jews who would destroy the European race?

I don’t know for sure the answer to the question, but Macron is replacing Angela Merkel as the leader of a unified Europe. But unified in a good or bad way?

Defend Evropa

The French president claimed that due to immense population growth in Africa, Europe needs to prepare for an “unprecedented” wave of mass migration, “that is there and will last”, implying that the destiny of the two continents is intertwined.

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Negro Arrested When One Wife Reports Him for Having a Secret Second Wife


Bigamy is a crime you don’t read much about anymore. Usually, it’s associated with a cult.

Maybe the Negro’s defense could be that he forgot he was already married since many blacks don’t actually get married, but shack up.


BATON ROUGE – A man has been married to two women and, it seems, attempted to hide one wife from the other according to arrest documents obtained by WBRZ.

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Nigger LAPD Cop Mambasse Koulabalo Patara Charged with Smuggling Illegals Across the Border

Speculating a bit, the nog cop should never have been in the U.S. to begin with. How do they justify their presence? They always end up with government jobs and often end up in trouble. Black Africans should stay in Africa and not “darken” the country’s doorstep.

Even if Mambasse is a citizen now, deport him anyway after making it legal to revoke his citizenship.

NBC Los Angeles

A Los Angeles Police Department officer was federally charged Wednesday with allegedly smuggling undocumented immigrants into the United States, court documents show.

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11 Endangered Lions Found Dead in Uganda, Poisoned by Native Spear Chuckers

Here’s another sad story of black genocide in Africa. Only this story isn’t about white farmers in South Africa, but about lions in Uganda.

On the whole, preserving wildlife is a white thing. The future looks dim for the wildlife, but people of European descent have to keep fighting and hope that a virus wipes out most of the black population one day.

Sky News

Eleven lions from an endangered species have been found poisoned to death at a national park in Uganda.

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White South African Who Posted “disrespectful” Image of Winnie Mandela Threatened with Death by Necklacing

A white man apologized to a howling mob of monkeys in South Africa. Given the numbers on the black side, who could blame him.

He didn’t get necklaced.

This time.

Excerpt from Squawker

Nothing is sacred these days; not even memes. A white man in South Africa learned the hard way that corruption and hatred run rampantly in his country, and even the police officers have an agenda.

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70 Million Black Africans Plan to Move to the West in the Next Five Years

70 million Negroid peoples plan to move to the United States or to Europe in the next five years. That 70 million is actually only counting Nigerians. Negroids from other African countries would add millions more to the total.

Africans hate Africa even more than they hate the so-called racist white people who live in the West.

Pew Research via Excerpt from Unz with Steve Sailer’s Comments in Bold

From Pew Research Center:

However, the idea of migrating is on the minds of many Africans living south of the Sahara. According to a 2017 Pew Research Center survey in six sub-Saharan countries that have supplied many of the region’s migrants to the U.S. and Europe, many say they would move to another country if the means and opportunity presented themselves. And in Senegal, Ghana and Nigeria, more than a third say they actually plan to migrate in the next five years. Of those who plan to move, more individuals plan to move to the U.S. than to Europe in most countries surveyed. …

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Foreign Adoptions in U.S. Drop Again, Led by China and Congo


Americans of religious beliefs especially like to adopt retarded, violent, and crippled children from third world countries.

The American State Department has a problem with that, so there’s demands by these hipster fools to get the government out of the way so they can have “muh chilluns” from nonwhite countries.

ABC News

The number of foreign children adopted by U.S. parents dropped more than 12 percent last year, accelerating a decline that’s now continued for 13 years, according to new State Department figures.

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