This Was A Huge Mistake! They Just Jeopardized The Lives Of Thousands Of People! (Video)

10 minutes. Published June 5. 162,000 views.

Tucker Carlson talks about Obama’s affirmative action program for air traffic controllers. It’s insane. You won’t believe it.

People respond on youtube:

darkstar. hooter bell
1 day ago
White men create aircraft… then airports then radar…. as usual share the technology with all races within the species….now hand it all over whitey you are not allowed to be involved in your own creations….

1 day ago
Every day past Trump’s inauguration is another day we learn of how Obama rotted the government and country from within.

Tim McGivney
1 day ago
This reminds me of the FDNY being forced to accept females that couldn’t pass the fitness test. People’s lives hang in the balance but the SJW’s are more concerned with virtue signalling.

22 hours ago
“Ain’t nobody got time for this” – Unqualified Black 911 operator diversity hire

Crenshanda Williams <– Sentenced to jail after hanging up on thousands of 911 calls.

When investigators asked why she had hung up on so many people, she told them that sometimes she just didn’t feel like talking.

I can't wait for one of them to ignore air traffic calls.

Dale Roger
1 day ago
We have all seen and heard blacks that simply can't speak English. So when a black is trying to speak but using ghetto how is the pilot going to interpret that crap while flying a plane full of humans!?! The pilots will have to sit there and try to think about what the black just said while completing extremely complex and difficult tasks and now they will have to decipher ghetto speak at the same time!
The first time they cause 3OO + people to die = dindu nuffinz.

Black Woman Destroys White Privilege Myth (Video)

I think you’ll like the black woman’s honesty.

Flashback to January 2017. Eight minutes.

Over one million views.

The black lady calls out Jews for Jewish privilege.

New Nagger Principal Has Record of Sexual Exploitation of a Minor


A newly appointed elementary school principal has three arrests on his record, but the black powers that be in Memphis, Tennessee think that’s OK.

A black mother of a small child assigned to Oakshire elementary doesn’t think it’s OK. Kudos to her for objecting.


MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A school administrator with prior charges in his background has been hired as the principal of Oakshire Elementary, Shelby County Schools confirmed.

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Baldylocks Black Lady Principal Claims White Super Wants to Close Her School Because SHE REJECTED his Sexual Advances


Patricia Williams was bestowed the title of principal in a “school” made up of a few overage “students.”

It looks to the outside observer to be a make work job for a black woman.

The school is being closed and Ms. Williams may soon be unemployed unless a new make work assignment can be found for her.

Excerpt from the New York Daily News

A Bronx principal says a powerful city superintendent targeted her school for closure after she rejected his sexual advances.

Crotona Academy will shut its doors in June — and Principal Patricia Williams may lose her job — in part due to the efforts of her supervising superintendent Paul Rotondo.

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Illinois Fire Department Lowering Standards to Increase “Diversity”

In order to have more negros manning the fire hoses, the city of Elgin, Illinois is planning to eliminate the current education requirement, which is 60 hours of college credits.

Just what America needs–firemen too stupid to get through two years of college.

The drive to put more blacks and women in the station house makes little sense except in terms of politics. Every locality should be aiming to have the best firefighters and the best equipment, not focusing on how many of this group or that is on the job.

Chicago Tribune

Elgin may revise its requirements for firefighters to attract a more diverse group of applicants.

Feel safer with Wakandans manning those fire hoses, eh Elgin?

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Affirmative Action JC Penney CEO Leaves for Lowe’s in Surprise Move


Jewish CNBC analyst Jim Cramer praises Marvin Ellison, the African-American CEO who failed to turn JC Penney around, as he leaves to become president and CEO at Lowe’s.

Why praise Marvin when the company’s stock dropped from between $8 and $9 a share to around $2 a share during the black CEO’s tenure. Who listens to Cramer anyway?

Smart investors avoid any company with a Negro CEO. Shoppers might do well to do avoid the company too. So, bye, bye Lowe’s. Marvin might be a good fit with Starbucks, though. He could also do a fine job of managing Jim Carrey’s career if he wanted to make a really big change.


Marvin Ellison’s exit as CEO of J.C. Penney means the struggling department store chain can’t be turned around, CNBC’s Jim Cramer said Tuesday.


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Fox News Installs Meditation Room with Muslim Prayer Rugs


A Muslim prayer rug? That would be a sacrilege in a Christian prayer room, would it not.

Why would a workplace need a meditation room? Mine had no such amenity.

Is the new CEO about to screw up whatever value Fox News ever had?

It looks that way.


With Suzanne Scott as the new CEO of Fox News, comes a meditation room complete with Muslim prayer rugs, reports the far-left Vanity Fair.

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