Porn Star Reveals Social Media Messages from Children as Young as 12 Asking Her for Sex


Whether she intends to or not, porn actress Nikiti Bellucci has given the world a good reason for outlawing online pornography.

I feel certain that while Bellucci says she turns down her young admirers that there are plenty of greedier colleagues of hers who would meet up with the bold young pups who proposition them. So long as the boy brought money.

A porn actress has revealed she receives obscene messages from children as young as 12 on social media.

Nikita Bellucci, 28, from France, has pinned the blame on parents for not informing their children properly when it comes to sex education.

She took to Twitter to say she was “tired of educating kids about sex” and to share the explicit messages she received from pre-teens.

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Porn Star Who Denied Sex with Trump Told Different Story in Old Interview

The Daily Beast reports that Trump nicknamed porn star Stormy Daniels “Honeybunch” after their 2011 sexual encounter.

Although Trump’s base includes conservative Christians who disapprove of adultery, the reports of his frisky sexual behavior haven’t damaged him yet, nor are they likely to.

The base cares about immigration, not about skanks with stories to tell that advance their careers in the Satanic porn industry.

USA Today

In Touch magazine has published a 7-year-old interview with a former porn star in which she goes into salacious details about an alleged extramarital affair with Donald Trump that only last week she claimed never took place.


That mugshot above was taken when Stormy beat up her hubby for not doing the laundry correctly.

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Aging Porn Star Stormie Daniels Allegedly Paid $130G for Silence on Trump Affair


The deplorables didn’t vote for Donald Trump because we believed that he’s always been faithful to his wives.

Trump denies, the porn slut denies. But on a day in which the sharks were feeding on Trump because of his alleged “sh*thole” remarks, the press decided to recycle an old story.

New York Daily News

A former porn star was paid $130,000 by President Trump’s personal lawyer a month before the 2016 election — part of an agreement to keep her quiet about an extramarital affair she had with the President, according to a report Friday.

Attorney Michael Cohen arranged the payment to X-rated actress Stephanie Clifford after her lawyer negotiated a nondisclosure agreement, the Wall Street Journal reported.

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