ABC’s Screw Up With Trump and General Flynn Explained in Simple Terms



Simply explained: Here’s What Happened With ABC’s Retracted , and completely false, Story about Trump and Russia.

The original story claimed Trump ordered Flynn to talk and attempt to make a deal with the Russian government as just a presidential candidate and not as the President. That would have been very illegal.

What really happened, and why they had to retract their story, was that Trump had Flynn talk to Russia about teaming up on ISIS in Syria AFTER he was President. Which is not only legal it’s extremely normal. It was one of Trumps first acts of foreign policy after becoming President.

So, everything that made that story a story (Trump making deals with Russia before he had the authority to as just a candidate) was false.

Which means it’s what we already knew. Trump worked with Russia on doing something about ISIS in Syria together. That’s it. That’s ABC’s story after the retraction. Which is literally nothing and old news to boot. YUGE and embarrassing screw up by ABC and everyone who ran with it.

Now why was Flynn arrested? That’s as stupid as the screw up ABC just made. Flynn was arrested for lying to the FBI about talking to Russia after Trump became president. Which was really fucking stupid because there was no reason to lie about it, but he did and that is illegal (lying to the FBI), so they charged him.

There you go. That’s the whole story and you better believe Trump is going to have a hay day with his biggest example of fake news yet that cost billions in stock market losses before the real story git out and the market corrected.

You’re welcome

ABC News’ Liar Brian Ross Suspended for Four Weeks for Making Up Anti-Trump Story

News reader Brian Ross should not be suspended. He should be fired.

Let him go to MSNBC and hang out with liars like Morning Joe, Rachel Maddow, and another Brian–Brian Williams.

All of these people are stooges for the (((globalists))) who will say or do anything to destroy President Donald Trump’s MILD pushback against globalism.

Ross’s lie is being punished only because of the negative reaction by the stock market. Somebody is pissed because they lost some money and so good old Brian is going to pay too: His suspension is WITHOUT PAY. LOL!

On the other hand, ABC executives who knew what Lyin’ Brian was up to could have shorted the stock market and made a bundle.

The Wrap

ABC News has announced that Brian Ross would be suspended for four weeks without pay “effective immediately.”

“It is vital we get the story right and retain the trust we have built with our audience – these are our core principles. We fell far short of that yesterday,” the network said in a statement on Saturday. “Effective immediately, Brian Ross will be suspended for four weeks without pay.”

Ross came under considerable fire on Friday after he erroneously reported on live television that then-candidate Donald Trump had instructed Michael Flynn to make contact with the Russians. In a correction seven hours later, the channel admitted that it was “President-elect” Trump who had made the request of Flynn — a pretty significant difference.

ABC issued a correction on Twitter and also updated their original article.

ABC has sustained withering criticism from all corners of the internet since the error first became known Friday.

“We deeply regret and apologize for the serious error we made yesterday,” the network continued in its latest statement. “The reporting conveyed by Brian Ross during the special report had not been fully vetted through our editorial standards process.

“As a result of our continued reporting over the next several hours ultimately we determined the information was wrong and we corrected the mistake on air and online,” it concluded.

It’s not the first time Ross has come under fire for playing fast and loose with the facts, either. In 2012, he falsely suggested that the Aurora shooter Jim Holmes had been a member of the Colorado Tea Party — he was not.

The View Censors the Name of Jesus During Discussion of Throwing Out Some of the Ten Commandments from Christianity

At around the 4:20 mark or a little past, the sound stops for about a second or two. You can read the speaker’s lips. She’s saying “Jesus” or “Jesus Christ” during a discussion on which of the Ten Commandments to discard.

By the way, the blonde who is all chest is Meghan McCain, daughter of U.S. Senator John McCain. One of her statements about her father teaching her morality is priceless.

In the south the billboards in the 50s said, “Jesus Saves.” Today, I guess Jesus offends. ABC anyway.

Masturbating Jew Journalist Mark Halperin Apologizes to Women He “mistreated”

I ran into a woman yesterday who is a fan of Jewish journalist Mark Halperin. We briefly mentioned his troubles with women accusers. I had a wild idea of telling her that he’s a Jew and that both he and Harvey Weinstein, whom she mentioned, are both Jews acting out their Jewish supremacy mind script.

It didn’t seem the right time or place to bring up Jewish hatred mixed with sexual attraction to shiksas, so I remained silent about his ethnicity.


While news of the Trump-Russia investigation’s first indictments made the rounds on Friday, political journalist Mark Halperin issued a statement of apology to his many accusers on Twitter. The NBC News political analyst, who until recently frequently guested on MSNBC’s popular Morning Joe program, is accused of sexually harassing several women during his time at ABC News. While his initial accusers numbered five, CNN reports at least a dozen women have alleged Halperin said or did sexually inappropriate things during their time together.

“I am profoundly sorry for the pain and anguish I have caused by my past actions. I apologize sincerely to the women I mistreated,” Halperin wrote before briefly changing the subject. Despite noting the “inappropriate” behavior of men toward women in these general terms, he did return the focus to his own misdeeds. “Toward the end of my time at ABC News, I recognized that I had a problem. I acknowledge that, and I deeply regret it. As I said earlier this week, my behavior was wrong. It caused fear and anxiety for women who were only seeking to do their jobs.”

Weirdly enough, Halperin somewhat echoed viral comments of his about the many women who accused then-Republican nominee Donald Trump of sexual harassment or assault.

“No one had sued me, no one had filed a human resources complaint against me, no colleague had confronted me,” he wrote in his statement. (“There’s nothing illegal,” he said in May 2016. “There’s nothing even kind of like beyond boorish or politically incorrect.”) Despite the odd discrepancy, Halperin subsequently admitted he “didn’t need a call from HR to know that I was a selfish, immature person, who was behaving in a manner that had to stop.”

Read the full statement below

NBC News offers a discreet in-depth look at the accusations. You’d never quite figure out what the hell Halperin was up to from most news accounts. It looks like a case of other Jewish journalists protecting one of their own.

However, Jewish owned and edited Business Insider pulls back the curtain a ways.

Halperin, who was dismissed from his roles at NBC and MSNBC this week after the sexual harassment claims first surfaced, was accused of the lewd acts from women who worked with him at ABC News.

One of the four new claims reported on Friday by CNN’s Oliver Darcy included one accuser who worked as an ABC News desk assistant in the late 1990s. The accuser, who CNN reported was her early 20s at the time, asked to meet with Halperin for career advice and went into his office after 10 p.m. While the two were talking, she told CNN, Halperin began masturbating behind his wooden desk while he stared at her.

“I sat in a chair across from him,” she said to CNN. “He was behind a wooden desk so I couldn’t see him from the waist down. As we had our conversation about my career he was masturbating. There was no question about it.”

“I pretended like I didn’t know what was going on and we talked a bit more and then he abruptly wrapped up the conversation,” she continued.

Her account, like others, was corroborated by friends who said they were told of the allegations years ago.

Another woman alleged that Halperin had violently thrown her against the window of a restaurant before coming “at me with his open mouth.”

“He put both hands on my arms and threw me against the window of the restaurant hard,” she said to CNN. “So my head banged against the window hard, in a way I thought people inside were going to think something terrible had happened to me.”

“This was rough, and hard, and violent,” she continued. “And not in a seductive way — in a way that telegraphs some anger and meanness.”

Although the woman said she avoided his attempt to kiss her, she said that about 10 minutes later, Halperin gave her a call.

“I was really hoping he would be calling to apologize,” she told CNN. “And he said something to the effect of, ‘You are never going to get a job. You’re never going to be hired in politics or media. Why would anyone ever hire you?'”

“And that’s when I broke down and started crying,” she continued.

CNN reported that Halperin denied some of the latest allegations, saying he had never masturbated in front of anyone or physically assaulted anyone. He released a statement on Friday to “apologize sincerely to the women [he] mistreated.”

You don’t have to be antisemitic to believe that there’s something wrong when Jews are solidly overrepresented in the current moral panic over sexual harassment. Yes, Bill O’Reilly is not a Jew and neither is Bill Cosby, but for Jews being less than 2 percent of the population, they sure are the stars of this sh*tshow.

Therapy Dogs are Bringing Comfort to Las Vegas Massacre Victims (Twitter Video)

Good dogs!

Vegas Sheriff: Paddock had Help, an Escape Plan, and Possible Female Accomplice

Among the theories offered toward the end of this post are the occult sacrifice theory perpetrated by (((them.)))

Could Sheriff Lombardo be an honest guy? He seems to be hinting that something is amiss with the initial narrative. In fact he seems to be hinting at (((Deep State))) involvement.


During a lengthy press conference update on the investigation into the Las Vegas massacre, Clark County Sheriff Lombardo expressed his belief that gunman Stephen Paddock had to have help at some point but sarcastically says “maybe he’s a super guy.”

Clearly showing the strains of being awake under serious stress for the last 72 hours, the sheriff explained…

“Look at this. You look at the weapon obtaining the different amounts of tannerite available, do you think this was all accomplished on his own, face value?”

“You got to make the assumption he had to have help at some point, and we want to insure that’s the answer. Maybe he’s a super guy, super hero–not a hero, super–I won’t use the word. Maybe he’s super — that was working out this out on his own, but it will be hard for me to believe that.”

“Here’s the reason why, put one and one–two and two together, another residence in Reno with firearms, okay, electronics and everything else associated with larger amounts of ammo, a place in Mesquite, we know he had a girlfriend. Do you think this is all self-facing individual without talking to somebody, it was sequestered amongst himself. Come on focus folks these type of investigations have been occurring in the last few years and we have to investigate that.”

Sheriff Lombardo began by giving more detailed timeline of the Las Vegas Police effort to breach the hotel door…

Additionally, Sheriff Lombardo stated that the piece of paper in the gunman’s hotel room was not a suicide note and that authorities have seen evidence that the shooter planned to survive and possible escape, adding that he could not disclose details…

Police also told a news conference that 317 of the 489 people injured in the Las Vegas shooting have been discharged from hospitals.

Lombardo also said none of the cameras Paddock put up in the hotel room where he unleashed gunfire onto a concert crowd were recording, and noted that the shooter had 1,600 rounds of ammunition and several containers of an explosive commonly used in target shooting (Ammonium nitrate and Tannerite) that totaled 50 pounds in his car.

Earlier this afternoon, several law enforcement officials told NBC News [10] that investigatorsare trying to identify a mystery woman seen with Stephen Paddock in the days before the Las Vegas massacre. They don’t know if she has any connection to the attack, but they would like to speak with her as they build a timeline of Paddock’s last days, the officials said.

So to summarize – He had help, planned to escape (so was not a suicide mission), there is a female potential accomplice at large, and the FBI further confirmed that “no evidence at this point to say it was an act of [domestic] terrorism.”

Some of the more relevant or skeptical comments at Zerohedge include these.

His accomplice was CIASIS and he deep state.

They need the people to be scared to hand more tithings to them.




He just called him a “super guy” !

Well …. that will inspire some Nut Jobs ….

Sherrif needs to get OUT of Town!

No what he is saying is that the narritive is stupid and he is right. It was obvious to begin with anyway.

There is a new audio in which a concert goer who was in close proximity to a young girl who was shot straight in the stomach and directly from due south and not west which was to her right. She also claims that there was two different sounds of fire, one of which seemed to get closer to them:

Listen to the whole audio 8 min 30 secs.…

“Come on focus folks these type of investigations have been occurring in the last few years and we have to investigate that.”

Seems he is suggesting ISIS, Deep State, Antifa or other…

Perhaps this department can get to the bottom of it?

I would say that the official story is full of holes, but there is no official story now other than there was only one shooter… The rest is conjecture made up by the MSM and internet pundits, causing officialdom to reply with knee-jerk responses…. The only thing we know for sure is that Paddock was the patsy in all of this…

Lug 20 something guns up there and only some 1500 rounds, that makes no sense. Plus what was housekeeping doing for a week cleaning around all of those guns and ammo. 1 or 2 guns could be hidden to look like luggage but after 5 or more you run out of places to put them and then while a half dozen suitcases might look a little weird and nobody says anything but if you’re cleaning around a half dozen or more gun cases, maybe you mention something……

Plus, how after lighting up the night with 1500 rounds, did he plan to pack some 20+ guns out to the car? If he was gong to leave guns after the show, then for sure why bring so many that he can’t use only to be left behind. I’ve left gun shows carrying 3 rifle cases, can barely make it down the aisle and out the door and that’s with a little friendly neighborly help.

If they found 4 guns in the room and 2,000 rounds plus 4 more in the car and another 1,000 rounds or more in the car, that makes sense for a guy planning to leave in a hurry.

The whole storyline seems pathetic.

If the guy had planned to escape, he should perhaps have planned a fire in the electrical room to take out the elevators first?. It would take the plod some 20 minutes or more to lump all their tactical gear and body armour up 30 flights of stairs, giving the perp 10 minutes of shooting and ample time to just walk out with the crowds of everyone else during the fire evacutation.

He could simply have paid extra for cleaning to stay well clear of his room – Just tell the reception he is there for a week of “partying” and he doesn’t want to be disturbed. it is a high-class hotel, the guy was known to have money. If one is up to some pervy shit, which is not straigh-up illegal of course, one pays extra for the hotel to not stick their noses in any of it. As long as the other guests do not complain, they won’t. It’s a Service.

The hotel knows, with person like that, they can just Amex the final bill for bunny-suited forensic cleaners clearing all of that that nasty lube and latex away. They probably did exactly that many times before, he looks like exactly the kind of guy who would be into nasty stuff, that one don’t wanna know the details off.

If you count the ground floor as the first floor (as you should) “Paddock” was on the 33rd floor. The festival was called 91 road “harvest” festival by “sirius”. The shooting happened 133 days after the Ariana Grande Manchester false flag. Oct 1st is 91 days before end of year. The two broken windows are 9-11 apart (counting and not counting the broken windows). The shooter fired for “9 to 11” minutes according to media. The whole thing happened at the foot of a pyramid, with its top alight, facing an obelisk. It happened during a kabbalistic holiday known for its mandated blood sacrifices. The list goes on…

What else does one need?? So many hermetic numbers and symbols. Just like 911 and most attacks after it. This was not only a false flag, it was an occult sacrifice.

Yes, yes, yes! This is a spiritual war, millenia old. Yes, there are several layers of useful idiots between us and (((Them))). It is fine to see the evil in the state, the deep state, the shadow government, all the way up to the BIS. But that is not the point. The useful idiots are movitated and manipulated by greed or lust. The (((people))) calling the shots have a different motivation.

(((They))) do simply enjoy dominating others and watching others suffer. Yet, that is just a fringe benefit. (((They))) compete with one another for the (real or imagined) favor of Lucifer. This is what it is ALL about. Call it criminal insanity, or a Faustian bargain, or both, that is what motivates all of the great evils of this world. As for 9/11, one could write a whole book about the many occult facets of that event. Circumstantial evidence suggests planning began no later than the mid 1960s. In which case, the entire architecture of the towers (ahem, it looked like 11 and was very dark) was premeditated, the buildings were built for the purpose of occult sacrifice.

Fat White Liberal Bashes Trump as White Nationalist, Spews Hatred Toward ALL WHITE PEOPLE (Video)

I keep running across this ***hole’s videos. So, here’s the latest one that exposes a deluded white male’s mindset. If he’s white. I strongly suspect that “Dixon White” is a sh*t-stirring Juuuu. Not that anyone is admitting he’s Jewish, you understand.

In this video he even attacks Andrew Jackson’s presence on the $20 bill. He praises the “beautiful,” “gentle” Obama, too. He’s a talking caricature of the white or Jewish far left liberal.

Huffington Post has a very short bio on him.

ABC News published a positive article on him.

The Boston Globe also promoted him in an article.

In spite of all the publicity this fruitloop has gotten, his videos don’t seem to be that popular.