Letter from an Alabama Prison

American Renaissance, February 13, 2015

We should remain united against our opponents.

Editor’s note: This is a letter we received from a reader who is in prison.

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

On what do we agree? It would seem a simple question; yet, we are unable to find accord. Recently I read an article published by the Southern Poverty Law Center. As we all know it is helpful to know the enemy’s thoughts. What caught my attention was another article jumping for joy about discord among us. They publish this trash every time we attack one another. These traitors take pride in forming wedges between us and cheering when we form them ourselves.

I ask only that you read this letter in its entirety as we return to my original question. The answer I came up with is that we all agree that people of European heritage are threatened with extinction by various forces within and without. We agree that as a bio-cultural folk we have the duty to fight for our survival. We believe we have to demand an enclosure for our people not bound by multicultural false reasoning. Most importantly, we believe that all our differences will be irrelevant if our people cease to exist.

This is why I implore all aware Europeans to put aside that which divides us and find solidarity in facing the enemies that would destroy us all. We are of many nations, faiths, and cultures, but all are threatened. If you stand for blood, land, and heritage, we are one front. Shall the Heathen and Christian pass away divided or thrive side by side? Will we turn our backs on the thriving National Front of France because they have sided with some homosexuals? Are Identitarianism and nationalism to seek each other’s destruction? Can our women and men not honor each other’s strengths? Do we prefer the rule of the outsider or shall we recognize the greatness of all European peoples?

No more fratricidal war. No more petty differences that only embolden our opponents. What does it matter if we are democrat, monarchist, fascist, or imperialist if we are no more? Old right, new right, old world, new world, old debates, or new determination. We are rising around the world and the feeble dreams of our enemies are fading before our light. Let us not repeat history and fight ourselves for our opponent’s victory.

You may ask who I am and on what authority I speak? In answer, I am a man in a world where we are not the majority. Mine is a world where every day Europeans are attacked for the color of their skin. Here we each stand alone, if we stand at all. I am a prisoner in Alabama and I struggle to survive in a multicultural nightmare. Division is the name of our greatest enemy in this place. The other peoples here also have their differences. However, they have no problem joining together to assault the “white boys.”

In Troth,

Name withheld

32 thoughts on “Letter from an Alabama Prison

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  2. He’s got a good point; it’s always been our downfall. I’m all for unity, but I make two exceptions: I won’t stand with Communists or Gypsies. I doubt any of us with any sense would. Aside from that, I’m good with anyone.

    • Jews are the cause of this. They hate Christians and Muslims. If you know any better, Muslims believe in Christ.

  3. Part of the Jewish attack is of course via the media. Everyone will have seen films, TV, ‘news’ reports showing the French as cowards, Americans as hicks, British as effete, Germans as cruel, Russians as simpletons, etc etc – the cliches are endless, and gain their strength because Jews straddle the world as a layer, a blanket of filth, and can control opinions anywhere. At the moment blacks are being bombarded with memes about white evil and white thefts of their valuable contributions to the world. We must get control of the media. Not sell, not tinker – control.

      • What is needed is one new free Broadcast TV Network to rival NBC, CBS, ABC, PBC, not cable. The American people own the airwaves and license them to others. If a Donald Trump, the only candidate who opposes massive 3rd world immigration and understands a lot about our attack became President, then he could order that the 62% of the American public, the founding faith, people, and culture whose needs are not being served, must be served by this new network. I believe it would be instantaneously profitable and well worth any of our billionaires investment to form it. Our nightmare could be over in a day with truth being told. If we do not know what is true, then we cannot make good decisions.

      • Intresting idea indead. However, I believe you are forgetting one simple rule. I’ll give you a hint.

        Who owns those mainstreme networks?

    • Ad revenue is the crux of that matter. The fewer ads, the less revenue, the less revenue the weaker the magazine or newspaper… And eventually that is death.
      So choose not to buy or read those media whose ideas are insulting. Same for everything else we buy… we vote with our pocketbooks.

  4. I think we need more drastic. White No-Go Zones like the muslims have in France. They do it by being better armed than local police and feds and being super militant. Of course oboingo would not tolerate and send in tanks. That could trip it off.
    The idea of multiple white zones completely walled off or negotiating part of the country (Northwest Front) is the best we can hope for. Woodrow Wilson was compromised by the dirty jew (fed reserve) and he deeply regreted and understood it. Now jew is trashing our constitution and flooding us with 3rd world shit. White sell out pols like Sissy Graham and insane McCain are the enemy. We need to go on offense.

    • Arm yourselves and train, train, train. Be close with like-minded neighbors and family. If possible, keep family members in your same neighborhood, or even in the same house. It worked for our ancestors.

  5. Immigration is hurting black Americans big time. Are all are leaders that are for mass immigration trying to hurt black Americans. Are liberals worse racists then the KKK.

    • I understand your point and agree that illegal migration IS hurting black Americans. “Leaders” of illegal migration are the NWO, etc. Soros would be one example. When they can form groups and collect members who then hate anyone who isn’t in that group… well, there you go. Are you in any groups? Think about how that might contribute to hurting or helping you if you’re looking for more friends who could provide safety in numbers of like-minded folks. If I’m in a group, is it harder or easier to get to know people outside the group who could enrich my life? I being in a group, whatever it might be, could get in my way if my aim were to meet and conceivably find more like-minded friends.
      I like the idea of gender neutrality and color-blindness among my friends. It’s sometimes difficult to achieve, but I like it as a goal.

  6. Just stop being a “white boy”. Thats no identity which could impress anybody. First advise: go into the sun. If your skin is too sensitive: learn something that impresses other people. what about foreign languages or developng muscial talents? Math? Beating up other people is not impressive. Everybody can do that with the correct training. And your skills in organizing and inspiring people rnt impressive as well, as it seems. Go, diversify your identity! German? Irish? Italian? WHat? Language? Recepies? Religion? Dresses? Ornamentals? Why not? Its so easy. Maybe your hate filled existence can profit from that. Being yourself isnt eough? Your skin is a problem? Oh boy, i am so sorry for you. If you do drugs it might get blue? Alc? Meth? Ganja? Not impressive? Their skin is your problem? Heroin? Opiates? Hatespeech? Afterwards you cant see them clearly and you wont care for the blows and wont ask why. There are so many possible ways to blur identities …

  7. In the factories and nazi camps they divided the prisoners ethnically too, using additionally the kapo-system. That had to be overcome to achieve higher survival rates and maybe even sabotage and uprisings. just because you r white doesnt meen you have to act like a ghost under a blanket. statistically the chances to get into an alabama prison are lower for a white dude anyway. to ignore that fact is ignorant, expeciall in prison. so guess whos ruling there. better be a braven white guy who does no harm and stays out of prison.

  8. and prison is shitty for black dudes too. you cannot victimize yourselve above the other inmates. most certainly tere are even more harsh institutions in alabama? which one is it? Do they work outside? in the sun?

  9. “ Before the camps , I regarded the existence of nationality as something that shouldn’t be noticed – nationality did not really exist, only humanity. But in the camps one learns : if you belong to a successful nation you are protected and you survive. If you are part of universal humanity – too bad for you . “
    – Alexander Solzhenitsyn

  10. As a Christian Identitarian, I see that we are always getting bashed by other whites. All we are trying to get people to understand is that the Jews are NOT Israel of the Bible. There will be no victory without God and Christ. Christian Identity is the true christianity. “Judeo-churchianity” is a false religion ran by jews. Period. There is a new website by Arthur Lee called identityfaith.org
    Could you guys please check it out, and if you like it, please tell your friends or consider linking to it. Even if you don’t agree with the spiritual part, we are still trying to help our people to become racially aware. I appreciate your help.

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