IQ matters.  Click to enlarge.

IQ matters. Click to enlarge.

This page offers links to articles about IQ, intelligence, race, and related matters. I intend to update it often, eventually creating a resource with links to a hundred or more articles. Most of them will have links to scholarly papers on the subject.

Page created on December 11, 2014. More to come.

Wikipedia, race and intelligence

Wikipedia, the bell curve

The significance of the Flynn Effect

Neuroscience of racism (Not an IQ study but interesting anyway)

how trauma affects our genes (epigenetics)

This page is evolving into a science and other academic studies page rather than one exclusively focused on IQ. So be it.

Daily Stormer This article is a series of charts and graphs showing IQ, race, and behavior.

Black on white femicideArticle has a link to an academic study showing that black males are 9 times (800 percent) more likely to do domestic violence than white males. The study also suggests that the number is even larger when the black male has a white wife or girlfriend.

Robert Lindsay This article by Communist anti-racist Robert Lindsay claims black IQ has been increasing. There are links to various articles about skull size. Lindsay is fascinated by skulls.

Daily Stormer This article features links to several academic studies that show that blacks have higher self esteem than whites. Blacks overestimate their IQs and other abilities.

Frontal Lobe Function and the African

Google search result for frontal lobe idleness

Scientific Research An academic paper that uses DNA studies to refute the out of Africa theory. The races really are different. Highly technical science paper.

Jewish Daily Forward. The genetic evidence that Jews are a race is put forward in a book, which is reviewed in this article. The book is:
Legacy: A Genetic History of the Jewish People
By Harry Ostrer
Oxford University Press, 288 Pages, $24.95

This link from Haaretz features the story of how a gene increases schizophrenia in Ashkenazi Jews by 40 percent relative to the general population.

This article from / reveals through archeology that Euro man trekked far and wide in prehistoric times, through China and to North America.

This article offers an introduction to neuroscience, specifically the works of Antonio Demasio. The focus is on body states and emotions.

This abstract describes a paper about psychopathology differences between blacks and whites.

18 thoughts on “Research

  1. Your arguments are based on flawed understanding of the papers you “cite,” many of which are from the popular press and have almost no scientific basis or credibility. Anyone can take a loose collection of facts and paste together some claim, but in order to make that claim valid, you need to be methodical and rigorous. You have failed to cite one peer reviewed paper that assigns a causal role or race to intelligence (whether you know how to define that remains unclear) or race to violence. Yet, there are many papers that you (somehow) have missed that show environment shapes behavior, which is conditionally independent of race. Finally, you claim to have been an economics professor, where then are you economic theory based arguments?

    • The links are often to the popular press, which then have the links to the original academic studies. I feel no more need to confine myself to economics than psych professor and Economics Nobel winner Daniel Kahneman felt compelled to stay within psychology. Many of us venture outside our fields. I started reading original brain research back in 2004 when I was tasked with teaching the faculty how to more effectively teach nonwhites, who were flooding the campus on minority scholarships and then flunking out.

  2. So a persons worth is based upon IQ (eugenics) and GDP? You have fallen for a lie. I never thought this blog had much genuine integrity or concern for ‘truth’ simply based upon its insane pretense to be sabotaging a system that already has destroyed civilization, now I know it has none.

  3. Jews are not a Race and the facts sticks out like dogs balls, but for brainwashing that the media and the schools push.
    I think it because of WW2 and the claim that a race was to be wiped out as they claim called the Jews, fact is there are many races who make the claim to be Jews even black and white people just for a start. so there you go it’s all BS.
    There is the Hebrews however and I believe such is of that man of that race that God gave them a calling that the Bible is on about, not the Jews at all because the fact is the Jews did not exist at the time as the term Jews only came about after Jesus Christ and the true Israelites became Christians.

    A point of relationship with God has to do with Israel and he is a Hebrew that became Israel and from there comes the tribes of Israel and then the tribes of Judah. not ‘Jew’ Judah ?

    It’s all about Israel, a Man ! and the reason why he was called Israel is in the Bible and only one Son of 11 was truly worthy and 2 were truly legit Sons Jacob Israel truly in fact wanted all along as he was tricked into the first wife and the other 2 women were not his wife’s.

    A man becomes truly an Israel, by being an Israel = servant of God, not by being one just within the tribe, that is a blessing to be in the tribe, just as it is to be a water baptised Christian is, but to be an Israel after Jesus Christ came, one has to be a Born Again Christian of the Holy Spirit, a servant of the King of Israel, Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour.

    All this talk about Jewish race is nonsense.

    I believe there are races, but one thing is that when a person has a father and a mother of different race what is the child then ? bingo, nothing ! such can not make a claim then of being one or the other. hell I would be making claims all over the place then, that it becomes just madness.

    Hitler’s Nazi Germany claimed people removed from the Jewish religion by 3 generations were Germans, not to mention some others who were Jews had rights as Germans as well, not to mention the Nazi love of the Zionist Jewish media.

    In Australia the Aboriginals were the original inhabitants of the land, that’s what the word means end of story, but now Government dipsticks claim it’s anyone with bit of that blood line is Aboriginal and claim all the benefits of a full blood and the majority of fools swallow this crap hook line and sinker, but what about the true Aboriginal’s peoples rights ? it’s a work of Satan as it’s a fantastic way of disregarding the true Aboriginals. but that’s the work of Satanist leading all astray for you.

    Satanist always work to undermine and enslave people in the most cunning ways and such ways can be of un imaginable evil and as such people can’t truly perceive the reality of the gravity of the deception at hand.

    Political Correctness is Satanic to the core. in fact such morons who worship PC don’t regard there is anything that is truly right or wrong, well bingo that’s truly Satanic ! just truly f heads being lead down the garden path with no direction without a hope in Hell.

    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I have often thought along the same lines but unable to put it together as such. I believe when it cones to certain truths it isn’t so much about IQ or education its about God removing the blinders when some one is far enough along the path to enlightenment to ascertain what those truths are and what one is to do w/them once they are reveled. Too many Christians try to debate Christianity IMO. How can one explain to a nonbeliever having a possession of sorts (in a good way) As one can be possessed of a demon one is possessed by the Holy Spirit.
      That is not to say that we are infallible or no longer sinners but one has an ingrained lie detector, compass for righteousness (not for self) charity, compassion, and quest for learning by living and experience.
      Thanks again. God bless.

      • Coonhound I feel your correct with the point of debating with others when it could only be missing the mark, such people can only be given pointers and it’s then all up to them, as sure most are just rabbiting on about all the bad in what they can perceive, sure I can agree with them on many points, but at the end of the day If one does not have a handle on the true comprehension of Sin then there is no in during hope worthy to speak of.
        Sin is the one biggest hurdle to deal with, socialism sure as Hell does not address the issue of Sin at all. because it is a Sin in it’s self in fact, as socialism is only a mans works ego trip that only leads to the enslavement of man.

        Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ is the only hope that humans have, not the churches that sadly promote so much dribble.

        We come to abide in Christ Jesus as our Lord and it’s his message being the Holy Spirit that is the saving Grace and it’s this that is the Light opposed to the darkness of the foolishness of Sinful man’s workings.
        Thus we are in possession of the Holy Spirit and from there we can truly comprehend the possessed due to comprehending the workings of dark forces that lead man astray, due to comprehension of what such a sinful nature truly in details.
        Sure people will bag all Christians, but we are not claiming to be Jesus Christ, but one who can comprehend the power of forgiveness, can truly comprehend such is indeed a merit of Grace, but any clown can bag another, so their is not much merit in such as that.

  4. “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know”. An anti-IQ comment, or at least a comment opposing the reading-writing-math based components of IQ. A JQ test would have measures for cunning, cheating the test, skill in lying, deception, skilled promotion of BS, uniting secretly after choosing enemies. That sort of thing. There have been books on ‘Emotional Intelligence’, but of course they omit distinctively Jewish attitudes.

    • Interesting that the left denies science when it doesn’t fit the agenda, but promotes science (climate change) when it does. There’s an awful lot of academic research that the left has to deny–race differences are real and significant.

      • The IQ results above are impossible. IQ is simply a presentation of percentiles of the population (shown by a bell curve) . What this map says is that 13% of the population (sub-Saharans) are in the bottom 2-4% of the population by intelligence. I find your references to IQ levels astounding when taking into account the overwhelming inaccuracy of the data.

        Your chain of reasoning is perverted: believingthe darker pigment being the reason for lower intelligence as opposed to a lower intelligence caused by a worse education system caused by worse agricultural and environmental conditions which caused the sustained darker pigment.

  5. When addressing IQ, I think it is important to understand that it is based off of a test made by and for European education. As we compare countries around the world, we should look at types of education, as that will certainly effect the area’s IQ.

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