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62 thoughts on “Policies

  1. So you seem racist. Is that a fair assessment? Help me understand your process. Anything I saw regarding race seemed one sided without taking into account historical context.

    • Click and read the statement on race realism in the header. I have posts on this site praising specific blacks and Hispanics for their good deeds. I’ve written of my love of the Hindu people, but am deeply concerned about aspects of their culture, such as the honor killings of women and the mass rapes carried out in public. I have a post in mind detailing some positive experiences with Jews to balance my negative experiences with a Jew history professor who was also a professional pornograher that I recently wrote about.

      But go ahead and label me racist if you like. That annoying ridiculous word has no power over me and many of the people I know online. As to historical context, none of us are buying that “legacy of slavery” argument for black dysfunction anymore. Realistically, many blacks hate whites. Thus, to preserve my life and my safety I avoid them.

      I am a segregationist in the present and for the future I have a desire a country for white persons of European ancestry only. I am an admirer of Jared Taylor and Andrew Anglin, although I disagree with both of them on some points. Mr. Taylor is a race realist, young Mr. Anglin a National Socialist.

      I’m also a cultural Christian, which means I hate everything about the corrupt culture of the West, and admire much of what Russian President Vladimir Putin is doing to preserve decency, Christianity, and civilization.

      • I happened to run across your site, figured I would take a look. I certainly can comprehend some of your “Christian bigotry,” I mean often times some of the least educated and narrow-minded are, in fact Christian, and surprisingly race baiters.
        Now, I could be wrong, but I am suspecting you may be Eastern European? I say this only because I am wondering why your affinity for Putin.

        Several things: I don’t think anyone can prevent being born any particular ethnicity, but that being said, I would agree that in the US, there are excessive numbers of black people, who have lost their minds and a wreaking serious havoc across the board. Having studied history, I would certainly attribute some of this dysfunction to “poverty,” “lack of opportunity,” “systemic racism,” to name a few factors.
        But, frankly, I do not see how rape, for example, figures into the above precipitants.
        I do wonder what your thought process would be if, let’s say, you had been actually born one of those folks you “love,” a Hindu? Would you still think of yourself as being worth the weight of “your Aryan brethren?”
        As far as your “Jew” professor goes, what is the hostility for Jews?

        I don’t understand the term “cultural Christian,” hate the corrupt Western culture. Does that mean you live in the east, or does it mean you have isolated yourself from much of the culture?

        Personally, I find you segregationists interesting, and I certainly welcome feedback if you choose to respond. For example, I wonder, if you are a Christian, following the teachings of Christ, can you also hate? Have you experienced firsthand and conflict with individuals of color?
        I am aware that a number of people I have chatted with and who have had the misfortune to go to prison, have firmly suggested that their dislike of blacks increased significantly as a result of such experience. From what I have heard and read, I certainly understand.
        And, do you find contentment in essentially limiting your exposure and ideas to similar thinking individuals? I see some of the sites on your list are what many folks would call “right-wing.” If this type of information is essentially most of what you follow, if you are an isolationist/segregationist/ and if, I would imagine, the people you hang out with, think like you, then how do you develop unbiased, or less biased, critical thinking skills?

        Look forward to your comments

      • You might check out the Daily Stormer (see blogroll) to see what harder edged racial theories look like. The Stormer is youth oriented and Hitler worshiping.

        I admire conservative Jews such as Jew Among You, Dr. Henry Makow, and Brother Nathanael (see blogroll). As to being a “cultural Christian” I think I invented that phrase several years ago and others are starting to pick up on it. It means I support and live by traditional European values without having a formal religious affiliation. Look up “alt right” and you pretty much see me reflected in that movement.

        Excerpt form http://www.radixjournal.com/journal/2016/7/24/reflections-on-seven-years-in-the-alt-right

        When I first became involved with the movement, I saw a hopeless task in front of us. I wrote not because I thought it would change the world, but because I was sick of suffocating political correctness and the denial of biological realities and needed an outlet to express how I felt. But we planted a few seeds, and two presidential cycles later, we had an influence—however small and indirect it might be—on who became the Republican nominee for president.

        The growing influence of the Alt Right is not the result of access to large budgets or important gatekeepers. Rather, we have the better arguments, both empirically and morally, and met an emotional need that Whites have after a lifetime of hearing themselves blamed for all the misfortunes of history. The fact that there are important biological differences between the two sexes and the human races is indisputable, but the implications of these findings have been suppressed by the Left and their conservative enablers. Morally, there is no answer to the question of why every group besides Whites is allowed to advocate on its own behalf, or why Whites are the only group morally required to be demographically displaced in their own countries.

        Our positions are both obvious and emotionally compelling to young people feeling alienated and defeated by what politics and the larger culture have become. In an environment of demographic transformation and ever more stifling political correctness, all it took was a few obscure voices in the wilderness to help spark the Trumpian revolution.

        This should make us optimistic about our ability to influence the future. If our success is the result of the logical and emotionally compelling nature of our ideas, then the exponential increase in exposure of the last few years should continue to bring people into our movement at an even faster pace. It helps that much of the media presents us as a youth movement, which will make it seem all the more appealing to the college students and professionals we need to attract.

        While spending 30 years as a college professor I was around a variety of leftists (feminists, communists, liberals, unitarians, etc.). The obvious falsity of their beliefs was proved every day in the the classrooms in which I taught, which were a mix of half European descended students and half Mexican descended. My boss was a liberal feminist whose credo was “We are all just alike.” Not true. I took it from there.

      • Yours is a common liberal response. But it makes no sense. Europeans, including my ancestors, built this civilization. I might move to Europe except the globalists have fuxated it as much or more as the USA, whose Founding Fathers were of English stock.

      • I think you are fair. I do not see hate in you. I see you are concerned about the white race which is fine. If other races can have a group, then why cannot the Whites?

      • Amen brother. You can’t mold young males into men with faggot kisses and rainbow flags whilst going to work all day while your child is in public school being brainwashed by some libtarded woman that couldn’t find a better position at a university or a public school.

    • One more thing. http://www.amren.com/news/2014/06/robber-punches-pregnant-florida-boost-mobile-store-clerk-in-face-before-escaping-with-cash/#comment-1446851472

      The link to American Renaissance (Jared Taylor’s site) shows a video of a 41-year-old black male viciously assaulting a young pregnant store clerk. Anyone who watches the video and reads the comments will better understand why race realism is spreading fast in America, no matter that we are labeled “haters,” “racists,” etc..

    • Your story about Shannon Dominguez being a Hispanic Good Samaritan who was run over by a white woman in a white car…. That’s Shannon’s married name, not her maiden name. She’s not Hispanic. Might want to keep her out of your attempt at race wars. Just an idea.

      • Attempt at race wars? Hahahaha. The race war has been going on a long time. I just report it, while suggesting politically incorrect ways to end it. In fact, I had this headline from the SPLC “Latino Gang Members in Southern California are Terrorizing and Killing Blacks” in my memory when I saw your comment–getting ready to post it. The story was posted by the SPLC in 2006!!!

        As to Ms. Dominguez, can you provide a reference that she’s not Hispanic?

    • This “author” can say what he likes and try to pretty/cover it all up with fancy words and intellectual arguments, but we all know it comes from hate. Come on man. You can’t try to sound all professorial to give your arguments a thin gleam of unbiased rationality and then call black people monkeys and primates in the same sentence.

  2. Dear Sir

    I have been following your blog for the last two months and commenting for the last fortnight or so. I found it through one of your comments which you posted to Amren.

    Thank you for all the hard work you put into your blog on a daily basis. You never let up, which is exactly what a saboteur does!

    I would like to take this opportunity to recommend another great blog to you if you don’t already know about it. The link is below.

    Many thanks once again.



    • I appreciate your support. I took a look at Ozzie Saffa and added his blog to my blogroll. Thanks for the tip. I really need to clean up the blogroll as their are some dead links in there, as well as some sites that, while high quality, don’t fit the theme of this site. But I’m willing to add new sites like Ozzie’s site. He’s sabotaging the System with truth. We need to support each other as best we can.

      • Wow it appears you shook the nest of the SJW.. remember only white Christians are racist ..any comments,feelings, actions, thoughts, experiences views, values or videos you post are racist…Love your video…why are all you these libtards so easily triggered..who cares ..right

  3. Just read your post on not being able to find an entry for the word Holocaust in the 1964 Worldbook. I had this same set and though i havent seen it in many years I think if you look under Hitler, Nazis, WWII etc you will find mention of the extermination camps. The term holocaust for the Shoa had not come into common usage by 1964. WWII and the Reich period in Germany were passions of mine as a youngster, my Dad fought in the Battle of the Bulge so naturally i was interested. I think there may be some legitimate arguments about the numbers that have been thrown around since the end of the war, but as for the fact that the National Socialists commited deliberate genocide on the Jews of Europe there is no refuting that.

    • Interesting. I’ll check some of the other entries in the set when I get a little more organized. As to the issue of the deliberate genocide of Jews, there is quite a bit of disagreement. I don’t have any references handy but on the Daily Stormer site, there have been a lot of articles posted.

      PS My high school history teacher, Mr. Kent, was something of an admirer of Hitler and National Socialism. We learned things that no one could teach today. I wish my memory were better, but I think he challenged the whole extermination story. Interestingly, one of my economics professors who taught comparative economic systems was from Austria. He was a member of the Hitler youth as a boy and he admired National Socialist economics, although he never talked about social or military policy. So, I had two “Nazi” educators in my youth.

      • A Mr Friedman gave a wonderful speech in I think it was 1961 and made NO mention of the Holocaust probably because it wasn’t invented till later!?!?!

      • David Irving, the British historian gives a very good talk about the holocaust…search youtube and surprisingly you you will find many of his talks still on the site….

  4. Sterling work you’re doing here. Unfortunately, if you have the audacity to spread Truth, you will attract a lot of evil people and another lot of simply misguided/misinformed people. We have to allow for the fact that not a few folk have been totally brainwashed by the mainstream media and the ignorance they reveal is not really their fault – although since the internet revolution the opportunities to avail oneself of the ‘ignorance’ defense are vanishing week by week so that increasingly only the wilfully ignorant remain….
    Keep it up!

  5. Hi, I’ve been reading you blog for awhile and thought you might find this interesting. I found it on Craigslist (St.Louis).
    Biological Differences between the Races

    A race is a major division of the human species. Its members, though differing from one another in many minor respects, are nevertheless, as a whole, distinguished by a particular combination of features, principally non-adaptive, which they have inherited from ancestors alike as they are themselves. These distinguishing features are most apparent in body, where they are both structural and measurable, but manifest themselves also in innate capacity for intellectual and emotional development as well as temperament and character.

    Like many White people, I once thought that the only difference between the races was the color of skin. After all, I had been taught this in school as well as by the many television programs which either directly or indirectly promote this idea of racial equality.

    However, as I grew older, I came to think twice about this idea, and as I learned more about the world (I had an avid interest in history), it became clear to me that if the races were truly “equal”, they would have contributed to the world equally. Also, it became clear to me in my contacts with other races that the other races did not think or act the same as White people. There was a definite difference between us and I later learned that these differences are caused by biological differences.

    There are only two ways people can be equal. One way is to be the same physically; the other is to be the same mentally. Considering the former first, are people the same physically? No. We have tall and short, thin and fat, young and old, White and Black, strong and weak, fast and slow, plus all sorts of mediums and in-betweens. No equality is to be seen among individuals.

    As to differences among races, there are many differences such as head shape and facial features, physical maturity at birth, brain formation and cranial capacity, visual and auditory acuity, body size and proportions, number of vertebrae, blood types, bone density, length of gestation period, number and distribution of sweat glands, rate of infant development of alpha brain waves, fingerprints, ability to digest milk, hair forms and distribution, odor, color-blindness, genetic diseases (such as sickle cell anemia and Tay Sachs), galvanic skin resistance, pigmentation of the skin and eyes, and susceptibility to infectious diseases.

    If there are this many physical differences, it would be silly to think that there would be no mental differences, and indeed we do find that they not only exist, but are of great significance.

    The brain is the most important organ in the human body. It comprises only 2% of our total body weight but uses 25% of all the calories we consume. The brain never sleeps; it works around the clock keeping the body functioning. Besides the thinking process, it operates the heart, respiratory and digestive systems, and directs the body’s resistance to disease.

    In his epic book The Story of Man, Professor Carleton S. Coon (former President of the American Association of Anthropologists) wrote that the weight of the average Black brain is 1249 grams, compared to the weight of 1380 grams of the average White brain, and that the average cubic capacity of the Black brain is 1316 cubic centimeters, and was 1481 cubic centimeters in the White Man. He also found that brain weight and size is greatest in Whites, with Orientals second, Blacks third, and Australian aborigines last.

    The differences in brain size between the races is in large part due to the differing sizes and shapes of the skull. Any anatomist, for example, can look at a skull and instantly tell you if it belongs to the White or Black race, and this is borne out by the fact that when a person’s body is found, that person’s race can be determined even if it is completely decomposed and only the skeleton is remaining.

    The Black skull is narrow with a low forehead. It is not only smaller but is thicker than that of the average White. The hardness and thickness of the Black skull has much to do with their success as boxers, for they can generally absorb more blows to the head than their White counterparts. The area of the brain termed the cerebral cortex is the most recently evolved and most complex part of the brain. It governs the most advanced types of mental activity, such as mathematical ability and other forms of abstract reasoning.

    Dr. Coon wrote that there is a considerable difference between the Black brain and the White. The frontal lobe of the Black forebrain is less developed than that of the White. Thus, their ability in the performance of thinking, planning, communication, and behavior is more limited than in Whites.

    Professor Coon also found that this area of the Black brain is thinner and less grooved on the outer surface than in that of a White person, and that the development of this part of the brain ceases at an earlier age in the Black, thus limiting further intellectual advancement. Nor is Dr. Coon alone in his conclusions.

    The following researchers, in the listed years, using different procedures, showed the differences to run from 2.6 to 7.9% in favor of Whites: Todd (1923), Pearl (1934), Simmons (1942), and Connolly (1950). In 1980, Khang-cheng Ho and associates, working at the Case Western Institute of Pathology, determined that White men had brains 8.2% larger than those of Black men, while White women had brains 8.1% larger than those of Black women. (Women’s brains are smaller than men’s if measured absolutely, but larger in proportion to their body size).

    Even more important than brain size are differences in brain shape, fissuration, the number of pyramidal neurons, and supra-grandular layer thickness. It has long been known that the depth of fissuration is related to superior intelligence, and the brains of Whites have deeper fissures in the frontal and occipital regions. In 1932 and 1934, studies by F. W. Vint showed that the supra-grandular layer of Black brains is 16% smaller than it is for White brains.

    Black infants mature faster than White infants. Their motor skills develop earlier, along with their mental alertness, but they later start falling behind, so that by the age of five, Whites have not only caught up, but have developed a 15 point I.Q. advantage. By age six, the larger brain size of young Whites is clearly evident. (Of all the I.Q. tests that have ever been given, most show the I.Q. differences to run from 15% to 23% with 15% being the more common).

    Studies by Todd (1923), Vint (1932 & 1934), Pearl (1934), Simmons (1942), Connolly (1950), and Ho (1980 & 1981) showed major differences between the races in both brain size and development, and hundreds of psychometric experiments have again and again confirmed the 15 point average I.Q. advantage that Whites hold over Blacks. However, such studies are very much discouraged today and there would be a frenzied effort to suppress them if they did take place.

    Indeed, studying the biological differences between the races seems to be one of the only topics in our country that is “off limits” to talk about. The findings of Professor Audrey Shuey, in a monumental compendium of 50 years of I.Q. tests entitled, The Testing of Negro Intelligence, are that the Black, on the average, scores 15 to 20 points lower than Whites. This research has recently been confirmed by the bestseller, The Bell Curve.

    The average overlap (in which exceptional Blacks score the same as Whites) is only 11%. Equality would require a 50% overlap. According to Professor Henry Garrett, author of Children: Black and White, for every one gifted Black, there are 7 to 8 gifted Whites. He also states that 80% of gifted Blacks are of mixed blood. In addition, the researchers Baker, Eyseneck, Jensen, Peterson, Garrett, Pinter, Shuey, Tyler, and Yerkes all agree that Blacks are inferior in reasoning and abstract thought, numerical calculation and conceptual memory.

    It should also be noted that those of mixed blood score higher than those of pure Black ancestry but lower than those of pure White ancestry. This explains why light-skinned Blacks are almost always more intelligent than dark-skinned. An easy way for you to examine whether this is true or not is to look at the “Blacks” on television, particularly on news programs. Many of them have as much or more White blood than Black, and as a result, are more capable of communication more on a par with Whites.

    The argument has been made that I.Q. tests are somehow “culturally biased.” However, this can be easily refuted by the fact Asians right off the boat from Asia, totally unaccustomed to our culture (which certainly cannot be said of American Blacks), outperform Blacks on these tests. Also, American Indians, who clearly are the most socially disadvantaged group in America, also outperform Blacks. Lastly, poor Whites with few advantages still outperform upper-class Blacks who have been thoroughly integrated into our culture.

    Furthermore, every I.Q. test which has been given by the U.S. Dept. of Education, all branches of the Armed Forces, state, county, and city boards of education, have always found that Blacks test on an average of 15 points lower than White children. If the tests were culturally biased, it would be practically impossible that each test, which contains a great variety of questions, could possibly be biased to such a precise degree.

    The chart below from the Society for Research on Child Development demonstrates that the vast majority of Black children score in the lower range on I.Q. tests. As an I.Q. of 85 to 115 is considered normal, it can be seen that the majority of Black children fall below this. It can also be seen that many more White children than Black have I.Q.’s of more than 100.

    Why has this information been removed? Simply put, it has been removed because it did not conform to the agenda of the government and media. Please remember that until the 1960s, racial differences between the White and Black races were almost universally known and accepted. These are the biological facts of race. I realize that they may not be “politically correct” but facts are no less facts if they are “politically correct” or not.

    It is not hatred to state these biological facts that the White race possesses more intellectual capability than the other races any more than it is hatred to state that humans possess more intellectual capability than animals and some animals possess more intellectual capability than other animals. Science has nothing to do with hatred, but with reality.

    The difference in raw brainpower is not the only mental difference between Whites and Blacks. According to J. P. Rushton’s analysis, Blacks are more excitable, more violent, less sexually restrained, more impulsive, more prone to crime, less altruistic, less inclined to follow rules, and less cooperative. The crime statistics, the impulsive and violent nature of most crimes that Blacks commit, the fact that integrated schools require more discipline and oftentimes the presence of police than do all-white schools, and the more willingness on the part of Blacks to participate in riots would all seem to confirm Mr. Rushton’s observations

    • Some of the earlier research is more honest because it was not infected by political correctness. Dr. Watson, the Nobel Prize winner associated with DNA studies was drummed out of polite civilzation for simply observing that Africans are less intelligent than other peoples. In fact, he was running out of money and put his Nobel up for sale. Ironically, a Muslim billionaire bought it for $2 million, which Watson needed. The buyer then gave the Nobel back to him. Nice guy.

      Thanks for posting a very interesting comment. That St. Louis Craigslist must have some real race realists among the contributors.

  6. This website is fantastic. A breath of fresh air media wise as they say. How can we submit articles? Check out Beverly Scott, the black director of the Boston transit system resigning after her incompetent performance during the snow storms. She had psychological counseling while running the Atlanta system and no one in Boston knew when they hired her as affirmative action. http://www.wcvb.com

  7. There’s an article on Amren currently that is about a mutiny on a US aircraft carrier during the ending years of the Viet Nam war. In the comments that follow are several (I wrote one of them) responses that recount instances of blacks doing a racial solidarity fist bump or “doin’ the dap”. This is the first reference to this behavior that I think I have ever seen. At the time, the rest of us (i.e., whites) thought that “doin’ the dap” was somewhere between relentless stupidity and just plain annoying. You might want to look into it. Maybe there’s an article in it.

    BTW, in the novel “All Quiet on the Western Front” (“Im Westen Nichts Neues’), there is a short account of black soldiers trying a sneak attack across no-mans-land at night while they were smoking. The German soldiers just aimed at all the glowing dots.

    • Race Riot at Sea. I see it on amren. Wow. That’s a story I never heard of before. The most interesting part is what triggered the beating of the cook–refusal to give a second sandwich. Plus, the black commander going all solid with the brothers. Amazing.

  8. This is from Dave Hodges.This is a friendly, non-legal, for the time-being, warning. You do not have permission to plagiarize my articles by posting them to your site- I do not want my articles appearing on this site for any reason. Take down all articles associated with me and remove any links from this site to my web site.

  9. Pingback: Conspiracy Theorist Dave Hodges BANS Saboteur From Quoting Him, Claims “Plagiarism,” Hints at Lawsuit | saboteur365

  10. Guten tag! Casteneda of all authors brought me to your site. Bear with me. After reading constantly book of the hopi , casteneda , lame deer seeker of visions,. I finally got to mein vaters 2500 plus ww2 library willed to myself . Starting with mein kampf then to manhatten project. Dropped me in my tracks. They needed six thousand tons of silver for da bomb. Who authorized it? Secretary Morgenthau. Of course when it was time to reclaim the used silver didn’t mention that process. Incendiary. Talking to my mother about the boys of summer ww2. She always said they never talked about the war. Gave her a hardbound hellstorm copy. At 89 years with no coaxing she looked at me and said they fought the wrong side! Bumpersticker: ” When will is outlawed only outlaws will have will”.

  11. Oh forgot…. How come nobody has brought up the obvious? “Violence is as American as muh cherry pie”. ??????

  12. Awash in my white privalige “hood ” which I fought tooth and nail to achieve. Trained by viking descendants to work aka indomitable spirit. Wielding the tools of pain. The main theme was always. Don’t be a disgrace to your race ! That means honor something that is scarce in this cultural milieu. Ie dieversity. First things first. While you all are ordering up your 64oz Malt disneys. Remember that us sons of reich don’t want the moniker prefix of NEO. It’s full on. As one enlightened englishman said in heavy metal condemnation . “The Hammer Is Coming DOWN !

    • Violence should be a last resort, but I sympathize with you. Let the plow become the sword and let what Jefferson said about replenishing the tree of liberty with blood happen if it must.

  13. This summed it up. What the hopi tribe calls quoyannisquatsi “world out of balance “. From a blogger. Headline. “German officials are planning on dividing migrants by their ethnicity “. What you my friend have rigorously championed. If there ever was a more painfully obvious answer. And so peaceful an end. But……….

  14. In route to email another site they say shut down. I wanted to say I saw a video of marine le pen addressing frau merkel saying immigration should be ended Also her own words in effect if I am to be labeled the anti merkel I accept the OMEN. Things being what they are i just want to say this about that. No posturing. Dark times that most people don’t see or want to. The disease the arrogance of power and money for a world they cannot sustain. And I have to quote casteneda even though some say sham. To seek death is to seek nothing

  15. White people always want to use Black people as their measuring gage for superiority i.e; brain size, IQ test, GPA scores and the like. Truth is, “IF YOU WERE SUPERIOR, THEN GOD WOULD HAVE MADE YOU FIRST.” Blacks have ruled the Earth for hundreds of thousands of years, on the other hand, White skin has only been mutated the past 6 to 7 thousand years. Whites stole everything invention from Black people, that only makes you superior in lying, stealing, killing, and deceiving. Get over it man! Blacks are created, Whites are mutated. GOT GOD?

    • This isnt my writting but i hope it answers your queries.
      If European people are so evil and fscistic why does anyone want to go there?

      The fact is that Europe treats refugees very well, look at Indonesia who leave their fellow Muslims to die of thirst in boats in the sea, look at the yemenis and many others, also Muslims, who kidnap, rape and torture refugees and demand money from their families for their release.
      Nice people!

      The fact is that people are fleeing the Islamic world in droves, leaving peaceful countries even like Morocco, because Islamic countries are not a nice place to live. I spent a lot of time in Morocco talking to subsaharan migrants who arrived in Morocco hoping to stay there and were treated with terrible racism by the local arabs. They said ‘We want to get away from the place and go to Europe because Europeans treat us better’.

      You say Europe has robbed the planet, but so have many other people. The persians were responsible for millennia of atrocities, unlike the Europeans measily 500 years, should we go burn down Iran? People have lost their freedom under colonialialism, but only because these people were complicit in their own oppression. For example, when Nigerian women rose up against the British, they were shot, not by the British but by Nigerian men. At the end of colonialism, African countries could have gone back to their ways of living in peace and with freedom but they wanted to follow the west which has lead them into the mess they are in now. And lets not forget that Islam invaded the entire

      • Hear! Hear! Muslims are voting with their feet to go West. Then when they get here they demand to be put in charge so they can create the mess they just left.

  16. Hello Paladin.
    You may or may not be aware of this story, you may find it interesting and may want to use it.
    I reckon most European news services didnt air this story.Its about a Sudanese versus Pacific Islander gangs brawlng in Melbournes CBD
    Australias media do their best not to highlight race.
    Our news services are very koscher and i avoid them but here is a link

    • I’ve saved the link and will probably use it later tonight for tomorrow’s posts. Thanks. The site is starting to pick up readers in Australia, and I do my best to bring in some posts on Oz and NZ.

  17. You are not a race realist. You’re just racist. Please go to South Chicago, the Bronx New York, Atlanta, Baltimore, or whatever other city has a large population of black people. I want you to show black community’s in America all of these fantastic articles you e written for this website. I so want you to film it, and live stream it. I want to see the reactions that they give you. Thank you.

  18. Saboteur365, not sure where to put this. Did you see the recent updates I put on your entry regarding AR #K9 Lina’s death in hot car? Most disturbing as prosecutor of neighboring county is not charging deputy. He was sleep deprived yaddy yaddy. Read the first link it gives breakdown of his time. He wasn’t too tired to help a neighbor fix a lawnmower while Lina roasted in 91 degree outside heat. I tweet constantly to you; not sure if you see them.

    • As to Twitter, I don’t look at my Tweets. It’s better to post a comment here. You and someone else left links to the story on the nonaction by the local cops and DA.

      I’m not sure what to do next re Lina’s cruel death. Any suggestions?

      • Hoping you get this Paladin: But I would like your blog roll to enable my links differently than you have set them. I would prefer these links for further contact and narration as follows:



        Please paste these to your next “Hello I am out there” blog as the link you set up for me was an ended construction.

        I am now on Youtube as well with heavier traffic and will transport as much as I can to your site. Apologies for this mishap, but as always, I promise to forward all contacts to your site and its manifestations…



        Oh. BTW I do know what a PALADIN means. Coming from the Latin “Palitinus” or “officer” in the old Latin. But what it really comes from is the chamberlains who protected the senators in old Republican Rome. Only the best sons were given this task; and the entire Republican system was based on their honour. Funny how it was warped into the “protector of the king” in the Frankish language… When you twist a language, you get what you want out of it…

        Either way, we protect each other..


      • OK, no problem. I recently changed the blogroll to make it easier for certain ones to be found. For example, I changed Dr. Henry Makow to just Henry Makow. Few know he has a Ph.D. I’ll get on this in the next 12 hours.

      • Yes he is a Doc, although few realize this. Regarding the link up to my WordPress site: I would prefer you use the following link on you blogroll for my site (VertigoPolitix) as it is the central platform for my Eurocentric politics:


        Appreciate this. And BTW: I have a few contacts in Poland, and they have recently mailed me with some concerns they had during the first 2 days following the Berlin attack. looks like German authorities were running a narrative over the Polish news wires that a White Nationalist had done the terror attack. Look like another Gladio Op got botched. The scapegoat then gets gunned down, his passport neatly left on a cushioned seat at the scene of the crime… Any thoughts?

      • Done! Check it out and make sure it’s working to your satisfaction. Also, didn’t you want me to put a link to your youtube channel? Send me the link to that one and I’ll do that too. Thanks.

      • Perfect thanks. The youtube channel should be blogrolled separately for identifying purposes. I would go with:
        using the link chain:
        The separation of the two will make for less confusion. I will be creating other channels with my own and other indie-right docos and films once the ground is clear. I am no longer with Black Pigeon Speaks but am in the works with Henrik from RedIce on several topics. Either way, my whole prerogative is to use wideband tactics and spread as many platforms around as possible. Unfortunately I can’t write as many articles as I was hoping as I am forced to offer content to other sites. But your blog is a top 5 in the US, and hits my politics on the nose, so my loyalty to your content will not change, ever. Thanks again for the fix up, and I will keep in touch…


  19. Holocaust = a burnt offering I thought, now if it as such, would not the Satanist call it such, because it would mean they caused it in the first place or wished it to happen ?
    Genocide is what it’s truly called by anyone who is sane.

    But then again not all of this people in camped under the Nazis were killed, why not ? if it’s truly as some say that Hitler truly intended to wipe them all off the face of the earth, it would off been easy as to do in them camps.

    I have met many people from the camps with the numbers on their arm who are German Jews who were from Jewish religion.
    When I asked how come they survived the camp they said they don’t know why, but I was just a young bloke them days and did not want to intrude, not to mention old people in them days would consider you a boy if you were under 30 years old, so they would not converse much beyond a certain point.

    If I asked so what’s all this WW2 about you Nazis, it was like pulling teeth when talking to one. sure they would only tell you what they only wanted to. but they were all bloody hard workers and very well educated bright men who’s workmanship was 2ed to non and you could not fault at all. people nowadays could not hold a candle to them, bloody real hard bastards to work for but you learned the correct way to become a master at your job, if you could not cut it you were out on your arse.
    I have herd people claim to say that in Hitler’s Germany the kids got a 3rd rate education BS ! the only stupid or lazy good for nothing Germans I have seen were born right after the war.

    I was brought up to hate the Nazis by my mum, she would always be ranting about Fritz, all Germans are Fritz = dog’s. but I liked and respected the ones I knew, so much for what the political correct say (push) nowadays that racism it taught by your parents f ing BS !

    Racial hatred comes from having to be dealing with low life gutter trash day in day out, full stop, be it due to a war or be it in your own back yard.
    I know a woman who was accused of being a racist, she said wait till you go and work out their and see how you go, you will come back quick smart with your tail between your legs.

  20. One could say or ask why is it that some Nations evolved to be so great and others never went anywhere’
    I would think it had to do with Christianity as to people having a common bond and wanting to improve their Nation.
    But we have always had degenerates in our nations that work only to drag people down .
    I think it’s got to do with a lot of things, but one major one would be a inferiority complex, that I can see, such people see themselves as what ever ? and feel others are above them for many reasons that their ego can not basically hack.
    They are simple minded fools easy lead by trends and do idolise some people as well, manly for some stupid ego driven reason they are obsessed with, like movie stars rock stars etc.
    Simplistic but not un intelligent at all, it’s more like a cat type of thing that just lays about in it’s own world never thinking beyond themselves, so they do not understand other concepts well at all. so you get childish attacks if you go beyond their boundary’s.
    Such egos claim to be good people that take offence at anything they may perceive as wrong, but the truth or comprehension is far from them but they are satisfied with their simple position and it all ends right their. one can not reason with them because they are to shallow and when they look around for support for their position and they see most agree with them then they claim convinced and just switch off. but if they see the majority reject their point of view they just quickly change to agree with the majority. they can not hack to be the odd one out.
    So such just go along with what ever the Media say or what they were told at school and that’s were it all ends.
    I f they have never had to deal with a subject then they will never know and if they do, they can run and hide from it if they can.
    But what of people who can not hide from reality that have to go through and deal with the shit, the ego driven wimps that hide will attack the ones who deal with the stupid crap from low life idiots.
    So if some prick comes the arse with you trying to f you over and you deal with it, then the wimp will have a go at you. because you stood up for yourself being f ed over.
    That’s what is happing with all the Political Correct Justice Worrier pin heads pushing their Marxist nonsense, that’s what they are pin heads who are going to end up enslaved under communism and the thing about such a system is communism is such thugs rule and oppress everyone.

    The races that have such people who control always are hopeless, look at the niggers all through history highly ego driven and selfish and cunningly evil Satanic oppressive and lazy culture never got anywhere and white people are now imitating this crap because of Satanic influence that only destroys all people. I am not saying that all the niggers were evil bad but they had to suffer under Satanic influence and that’s why they never moved out of the hole they dug for themselves. whites are doing the same thing nowadays by rejecting Salvation that is in the true Christ Jesus.
    Christianity nowadays is BS they are mainly lost talking about anything but Jesus Christ and it’s the satanic influence that has got a hold of that as well because the priest are not preaching Christ Jesus, they fear to speak out the truth because it may offend out little darling wimps that can not handle the truth and the Jews are now idolised above all, yet the majority don’t have a clue about Jews that’s worthy of a 5 year old in fact, that their ignorance is astounding ! morons is the word for it. and this is the year 2017 well FFS !

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