White Altruism: Suited Canadian Groom Jumps in Water to Save Drowning Black Child

White altruism. Ain’t it a bitch!

Clayton Cook is being widely hailed as a hero.

CBS News

When Clayton Cook jumped off a park bridge and into the water while posing for wedding photos, his bride, Brittany, thought he was playing a prank on her.

Seconds later, she realized it wasn’t a prank at all.

“Grab my hand, grab my hand!” Cook yelled as he popped up from the water.

Several feet below, Brittany saw a little boy struggling to keep his head above water. Her new husband was swimming toward the child, reaching for his wrist.

“I kind of plucked him out, and he was OK,” Cook told BBC News.

The couple from Cambridge, Ontario, Canada, said three children had been following them around, cheering and pointing at their wedding outfits.

“For several minutes these kids were following us, and I was just keeping an eye on them because they were standing close to the water,” Cook said. “Then while Brittany was getting her solo shots taken I realized only two were standing on the rock ledge.”

That’s when Cook bolted from the photo shoot and ran toward the scene.

“I saw the boy in the water struggling to keep his head up,” he explained. “That’s when I jumped down.”

Wedding photographer Darren Hatt captured the incredible moment on camera. His images have been shared nearly 2,000 times since they were posted Saturday afternoon.

“As soon as I could turn around he had already plunked him on the ground outside the river,” Hatt told BBC News. “So I just kept on capturing the story of the day, including this.”

People online have been praising the groom’s quick response since the photos surfaced.

“Wow! What a hero! Such a selfless thing to do…so lucky that he just happened to be there,” one Facebook user commented.

“God bless you and your new wife. You did a great thing for that little boy,” another replied. “You impacted his life in ways you will never know, but who knows, maybe you will know someday.”

Yes, Clayton Cook will learn in the future every time the sprog he saved is arrested. Clayton has saved his life, so Clayton should also have the honor of bailing out the young rascal.

Every. Damn. Time.

Attractive 24 Year Old White Woman’s Throat Slashed in NYC Senseless Daylight Attack


Perhaps Luis Perez saw a young white woman and made the decision to threaten her with broken glass to steal her bike or the nose ring she’s wearing in the photo above. Or maybe he just likes to scare people, but went overboard this time.

The reporting is scant here. We have no inkling of Perez’s criminal history. It’s doubtful he’s a first time offender.

New York Post

The Ridgewood woman who was randomly slashed in the throat by a stranger in Brooklyn recalled Friday the terrifying moment she was attacked, saying it will “take some time” before she’s no longer afraid.

She was on her way to an art show in Gowanus just before 8 p.m. Thursday when Luis Perez, 37, approached her as she was locking up her bike in Gowanus, the 24-year-old art teacher told The Post.

“[I felt] a little bit of panic. He just looked like he was focused on me. There was a clear trajectory toward me. I just thought maybe if I would ignore him, continue, I’ll be okay,” she said.

But Perez then grabbed her and plunged a piece of glass in her throat, warning her not to scream, she said.

“He grabbed me from behind, put a piece of glass on my neck [and] told me not to scream or he’d cut my throat, and I just started screaming,” the young woman said.

“I was screaming, screaming. I felt that all I needed to do was to get people’s attention — that if I would call attention to it, then it would stop.”

Her attacker remained “calm and quiet,” as she tried to push him away from her neck, she recalled.

“I was just trying to get him off my neck. I didn’t really care about my hands. He had a piece of glass on my neck,” she explained. “And then I let go. And he walked away very slowly.”

Perez crossed the street, where he remained until police arrived and arrested him. He was charged with assault and criminal possession of a weapon, and was awaiting arraignment in Brooklyn court on Friday.

His alleged victim was still wearing blood-stained clothes when she spoke to The Post. A large, square bandage covered her throat, and a second bandage was wrapped around her left hand.

“I got eight stitches in my neck and six in my hand. It was bleeding a lot, mostly the neck. Which is why I still have blood on my clothes,” said the aspiring artist, who was discharged from Methodist Hospital early Friday morning.

The young woman said “it’s going to take some time” to recover from the incident — but she still thinks the Big Apple is safe.

“I’m just happy that I’m okay,” she said. “And I can’t wait to ride my bike again. That’s all I want to do.”

No mugshot of the perp was up early Saturday morning, but I suspect he’s Puerto Rican since there are large numbers of them in New York City. Many of them are black.

There’s no hint that police intend to investigate this potentially deadly incident as a hate crime against women or against a white person.

One more thing. The victim is wrong about New York City being safe. The perp has been charged with assault. Why not attempted murder?

Mercy Killing: Deaths of Nonwhite Hikers Lost in Desert Inferno Murder-Suicide, Say Police


Last July two novice hikers walked into California’s Joshua Tree National Park, not to be seen again until they were found dead four days ago.

Police say that Joseph Orbeso (his last name is European) shot and killed Rachel Nguyen (her last name is Vietnamese), then turned the gun on himself in a murder-suicide.

Had he not pulled the trigger, the lost duo would probably have died from the heat and dehydration. They were found with little food and no water.

The facts, recounted by the media in the story below, suggest that Orbeso carried out the mercy killing of Nguyen, motivated by a desire to alleviate her suffering, before shooting himself.

Mercy killing is not a pleasant subject to deal with. Recently, I saw a story of an elderly white man who killed his elderly, terminally ill wife in a hospital by shooting her. I didn’t post that story.

In this story, the dead are young and nonwhite, which allows me to raise the issue of Western Christian Civilization’s rejection of mercy killing and suicide.

I have an impression that the United States (and Europe) are more tolerant of mercy killing than in the past because of nonwhite influences. The Jews in particular have played a significant role in promoting mercy killing.

As you read this story, if you have any thoughts about mercy killing or this “murder-suicide” in particular, feel free to share them.


A California couple who went missing in July in the Joshua Tree National Park are believed to have died in a murder-suicide pact, police have said.

Rachel Nguyen, 20 and Joseph Orbeso, 22, were first discovered on 15 October by a search and rescue party that included Mr Orbeso’s father.

Police said evidence at the scene suggested that Mr Orbeso shot Ms Nguyen before turning the gun on himself.

It appeared they were low on food and without water, an official said.

San Bernardino sheriff’s spokeswoman Cindy Bachman told the BBC the couple was found under a tree and appeared to be embracing each other.

She said Mr Orbeso and Ms Nguyen had positioned their clothing to cover their lower legs to protect themselves from the heat.

Investigators found a handgun registered to Mr Orbeso at the scene, she added.

“The circumstances are really like no other search operation that we’ve been involved in,” Ms Bachman said.

“But there is no evidence that leads [investigators] to believe that he was intending to harm her.”

Mr Orbeso and Ms Nguyen were reported missing on 28 July after they failed to check out of their Airbnb accommodation in the Morongo Basin area.

National Park Service rangers found their car near a trailhead, prompting search and rescue teams to spend more than 2,100 hours looking for the couple.

According to Joshua Tree Search and Rescue, they were found in a “a steep canyon” north of the Maze Loop trail. The bodies were recovered a day after the discovery.

The San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department Morongo Basin station said in a statement on Friday that homicide detectives were called to help “due to suspicious circumstances and visible injuries” to their bodies. The investigation is ongoing, they added.

Mr Orbeso’s father said in an email to the Southern California News Group that he wants his son “to be remembered as a kind, caring and thoughtful person”.

“The way he was found beside Rachel holding her as they were seeking shade under the brush says everything you need to know about him as a man and as a human being,” Mr Orbeso said.

The week-long search had been suspended back in August after more than 10 search personnel were injured due to severe heat.

The search was then “scaled back to smaller teams on the weekends”, the sheriff said.

Both of the deceased may have been hallucinating from the heat and lack of water. In that case, the moral issue evaporates as rapidly as water in the desert. At least I think it does. This may be an issue that only God has the answer to.

Negress Congresswoman at Heart of Trump Phone Call Kerfuffle Calls General Kelly a Racist and a Liar


Looks like this may be the big story of the day. This is the second post here on Frederica the Hat Lady in the last 12 hours.

The more that she keeps opening her retarded mouth, the easier it is to flip people toward race realism.

Daily Mail

Congresswoman Frederica Wilson says John Kelly lied about her behavior at the dedication of an FBI building in her state and made a ‘racist’ charge against her in the process.

Wilson says she wasn’t a Member of Congress when the money for the building was secured, so she couldn’t have ‘bragged’ about bringing home the bacon like Kelly said she did.

‘You know, I feel sorry for Gen. Kelly. He has the sympathy for the loss of his son. But he can’t just go on TV and lie on me,’ Wilson said Friday on CNN.

The Florida Democrat also accused Kelly of using a ‘racist’ epithet against her during a White House news conference on Thursday afternoon, where he compared her to an ’empty barrel.’

Wilson said that after looking it up in the dictionary, she had concluded that ’empty barrel’ is a ‘racist term.’

The White House chief of staff and the Florida congresswoman are wrapped up in a mushrooming dispute over the president’s condolence call earlier this week to a soldier’s family that Wilson says was inappropriate.


Wilson says that Trump told Sgt. La David T. Johnson’s pregnant widow Myeshia that her late husband ‘knew what he signed up for’ when he enlisted but ‘when it happens it hurts anyway.’

Her account of the call, which she says she just happened to be present for, has been backed up publicly by other officials and family members who were present.


Kelly, a retired general whose own son died in combat, was in the room with Trump when the president called the grieving family on Tuesday. He suggested yesterday that Trump spoke the words in question to the Johnsons – it’s the sentiment behind the statement that’s being misconstrued.

Denouncing Wilson as ‘selfish’ in an emotional statement for listening in on the presidential condolence call in the first place, Kelly smacked the Florida lawmaker for her conduct a 2015 memorial service for two slain FBI agents in Miami-Dade.

‘And a congresswoman stood up, and in the long tradition of empty barrels making the most noise, stood up there and all of that and talked about how she was instrumental in getting the funding for that building, and how she took care of her constituents because she got the money, and she just called up President Obama, and on that phone call he gave the money — the $20 million — to build the building,’ Kelly said.

‘And she sat down, and we were stunned. Stunned that she had done it. Even for someone that is that empty a barrel, we were stunned,’ he added.

Kelly – himself a Gold Star parent following his son’s 2010 death in Afghanistan – delivered the stunning statement from the White House briefing room.

Between this one and Maxine Waters, you have a good case that blacks should never be allowed to vote.

Grieving husband found male nurse ‘having sex with dead wife’s body in morgue’


Our friends in the LGBT community will surely endorse the case of the love sick male nurse. As the LGBT folks say, “Love is love.” Grover, our perp, was born that way. How dare you people condemn love! Any day now the Supreme Court is going to rule that we can all marry the dead person of our choice.


Police have arrested a nurse after a grieving husband reportedly walked in on him having sex with the body of his dead wife.

Officers took Grover Macuchapi, 27, into custody in connection with the incident at the Hospital de Clinicas in La Paz, Bolivia.

Macuchapi, who faces unspecified charges, reportedly told officers that he ‘could not remember anything’ about the incident.

The woman’s 28-year-old husband had left his wife’s body to pay some hospital bills and claims he returned to find the distressing scene.

He said: ‘I saw him and hit him. He was moving, he had his pants down.’

Douglas Uzquiano, deputy director of the Bolivian anti-crime force, said: ‘At the time, the deceased had been transferred to the morgue.

‘The husband returns and finds that this man of 27 years was maintaining relations with the corpse of his wife.

‘The nursing assistant was committing the crime of necrophilia.’

The identities of the dead woman and her husband have not been released.

Police in Bolivia are currently discussing what charges Macuchapi should face, with ‘profanation’ considered the most likely.

Legal experts are studying the law books with the aim of finding a more serious charge which would carry a heavier sentence.

The crime of abuse of a corpse is fairly common in San Antonio’s big barrio. Mixed race people that carry Indian genes enjoy sex with dogs,cats,trannies, and even dead bodies.

I wish I knew why they behave this way.

White Policewoman Fined Five Days Pay for Facebook Criticism of NFL Players Who Kneel


For once, blacks didn’t get a white person fired.

Daily Mail

A top Michigan police woman will lose five days of pay for sharing a Facebook post in September that called NFL players who kneel during the national anthem ‘anti-American degenerates.’

Col. Kriste Kibbey Etue has been under fire since September 24 when she shared a meme on her personal Facebook page that called NFL players who kneel during the national anthem ‘millionaire ingrates who hate America.’

She has apologized, especially to black lawmakers, but hasn’t publicly explained why she shared it.

Governor Rick Snyder confirmed the penalty Thursday at the end of press release that announced many steps to ‘review the culture of state government.’

Hundreds of athletes have expressed they are taking a knee during the pre-game national anthem as a symbolic protest against racial oppression and incidents of police brutality against blacks.

The controversial message on her personal Facebook page caused outrage, as some have called for her to be fired – which Snyder had already said he would not do.

A patriot has been fined for writing the truth. The fine is a relatively small one. And a coerced apology is no apology.

Kriste expressed the majority view in America. Too bad she doesn’t have the same free speech right to protest that the millionaire players have.

Richard Spencer Declares Victory After UF Speech

Richard Spencer has come out alive and uninjured from his University of Florida speech on Thursday. He’s also gotten millions of dollars of free publicity from the press coverage.

If reporters were hoping that violence would break out on a massive scale (and they were), they left disappointed.

I’ve put together the following in-depth article, the full video of Spencer’s talk, a short video with interviews of protesters and supporters, plus a handful of relevant White Nationalist Tweets.

Los Angeles Times

White nationalist Richard Spencer to noisy Florida protesters: You didn’t shut me down

Students and other audience members heavily booed white nationalist Richard Spencer on Thursday as he gave a speech at the University of Florida, where the atmosphere was tense but mostly peaceful as police in riot gear kept watch.

“We represent a new white America,” said one speaker who came onstage to introduce Spencer.

“Black lives matter,” student protesters responded. “Black lives matter! Black lives matter!”

Later, Spencer’s supporters, some of whom filled the front rows of the Phillips Center for the Performing Arts, chanted back: “You will not replace us!”

“Go home, Spencer!” protesters intoned after Spencer began speaking.

“You are trying to stifle our free speech,” Spencer said as the crowd continuously booed and chanted through his speech, in which he recited his ideas about the “ideal” of a white nation.

Police and media helicopters circled over the area Thursday as hundreds of protesters marched in opposition to Spencer’s appearance. Demonstrators were met by a blockade of police wearing riot gear.

“From what I’ve learned, this guy just preaches hate,” said one of the marchers, LaMonte Kendrick, 22, of Gainesville. “What he says doesn’t make sense. It’s like the ’60s or something. Gainesville’s already had enough hate and racism in its history.”

Spencer’s last major public appearance with other white nationalists ended with a deadly riot in Charlottesville, Va., in August.

Spencer gained national prominence in recent years for his support of President Trump and for his views calling for a separate nation for white people. The apparent resurgence in white nationalism in the United States has sparked anti-supremacists to mobilize with their own efforts, including nonviolent demonstrations and pressure campaigns on companies providing services to white nationalists and sometimes violent attacks intended to drive them out of public spaces.

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