Afghan Convicted of Woman’s Murder in Netherlands Sentenced for Hammer Attack on British Cops


Add the Netherlands to the list of countries coddling Muslim psychopaths. Jamshid Piruz served just six years in prison for slitting a woman’s throat, a crime that might merit the death penalty in Texas, USA. We don’t have many women with their throats cut here.

The POS somehow ended up in Britain where he nearly beat a woman cop to death with a hammer. But not to worry. It’s not his fault. His scumbag lawyer says he suffers from PTSD. Give him a couple of pills and let him be on his way.

Sky News

A man convicted of murder in the Netherlands has been jailed for life in the UK for a hammer attack on two police officers that was likened to a horror film.

Afghan-born Jamshid Piruz lashed out when he was cornered by police after carrying out a series of burglaries.

Police bodycam footage showed Piruz being cornered by PCs Jessica Chick and Stuart Young in a tool shed before he lashed out with a claw hammer.

The court heard police had Tasered him three times, but it was ineffective because he was wearing thick clothes.

PC Chick was trapped screaming behind a pillar by Piruz, who swung the hammer at her.

She said: “I have never been so scared in my life. I have never been in a situation where I thought ‘this is it, I am going to die or I am going to be brain dead’.”

PC Young, who was hit in the neck, said it was “akin to a horror film.”

Piruz pleaded guilty at Hove Crown Court to burglary, as well as two counts of attempting to cause grievous bodily harm with intent and affray.

The 35-year-old had previously served six years of a 12-year term imposed in 2007 for slitting a woman’s throat in Almere in the Netherlands.

He came to Britain in December 2015 to see relatives, but missed his flight home.

When he was told he would have to pay for another ticket, he spat at an easyJet employee.

After a court ordered him to pay compensation, he burgled garages in Crawley in Sussex, where he stole tools including a hammer.

Police were called when a member of the public saw Piruz attempting a further break-in, which led to him attacking PCs Chick and Young.

Judge Jeremy Gold QC sentenced Piruz to a minimum of six years in jail, telling him: “This was an incident of truly terrifying violence, the officers were in fear of their lives and you had no reason to attack them whatsoever.”

Piruz, he said, suffered “acute psychotic episodes”.

“You are potentially a very dangerous man and you are prone to outbursts of potentially fatal violence when you are stressed, with little or no ability to control those outbursts,” the judge said.

Simon Blackford, defending, said his client, who sobbed in the dock, was remorseful and added: “He suffers from post traumatic stress disorder after he witnessed the murder of his parents by the Taliban when he was 11 years old and subsequent experiences living in Kabul during the war.”

The oddity in British sentencing is that the story tells us Piruz has been sentenced to life, but will only have to serve a minimum of six years. This makes no sense whatsoever to the American mind.

Let him rot, where hopefully another prisoner kills him with a shiv.

Negress With Attitude Gets Glass Shattered By Police For Refusing To Lower Window (Viral Video)

An older police video with nearly 6 million views shows a brutal racist white cop attack an innocent Negro for no reason.

Oy vey! Obama should have given her a pardon or something. Right?


Explanatory comment:

Her name is Victoria King. She’s a student at University of Central Florida in Orlando (or was as I don’t know if she still attends). She was convicted of battery and resisting arrest without violence and was sentenced to probation for I believe a year or so, plus 75 hours of community service. She was offered plea deals beforehand which didn’t include any jail time, but turned them down. She alleged in court that the officer used excessive force and filed a brutality charge. After her conviction her appeals were denied. For further details you can look them up, but that’s the gist of it. I do wonder though the result of any lawsuits she filed against the city or the campus (the officer was campus police). Basically though the bitch lost.

It makes you wonder if blacks are really this stupid. They consistently are unable to follow simple orders. Every encounter with them becomes a test of wills against a white person.

Muslim Vermin Turn Swedish Shopping Center into No-Go Zone

This post offers another glimpse into what living one’s life in fear is like in Sweden. That fear arises from the presence of youth gangs made up of Muslim illegal immigrants.

We already knew that Swedent was being strangled to death while the liberal citizenry tolerated every form of malice directed out them by their nonwhite guests.

Even the police are wary of the “kids” who migrated from the Middle East to parasite off their host.

MIGRANT youth gangs have turned Sweden’s largest shopping centre into a “no-go zone” as they intimidate police, harass girls and deal drugs openly.

Gothenburg police have been forced implement extraordinary measures to cope with the increased number of incidents, which have left shoppers and business owners terrified of their workplace.

Nordstan is Sweden’s largest shopping centre in terms of sales and number of visitors, however once the shops close at 8pm, criminal youth gangs take over despite officers turning out in force.

Jonas Bergqvist, one of the team managers of the city police, told Expressen: “We have seen an increase since last autumn, with mostly unaccompanied minors who are staying here in North Town.

“In the evening they deal drugs and violence between fractions sometimes occur. If there are conflicts from their home countries, they bring them here.”

While his colleague Rikard Sorensen added the thugs was experiencing increasing levels of increasingly more aggressive toward police.

He said: “There is a lot of drugs circulating. I wouldn’t even let my son go down to North Town.

“There is a risk of robbery, but also harassment of girls.”

The shopping centre has become a central hub for youngsters to meet and despite Swedish teenagers also engaging in some of the incidents, the officials argued lone migrants from Afghanistan and Syria, in addition to Moroccan street children, were behind the drastic increase.

Just days after the busy centre was forced to close early on New Year’s Eve as thugs threatened to set off fireworks inside the building, around 150 teenagers also surrounded and threatened police officers, Mr Bergqvist said.

“There was an incident at Nordstadstorget and some policemen were surrounded by a large number of young people and they experienced the situation as threatening and called for reinforcements,” he revealed.

Other incidents at the shopping centre, which is located in south-west Sweden, include a teenager being robbed while a broken glass bottle was held to his throat, and a shopkeeper being threatened after he tried to stop thugs from stealing.

Mr Sorensen condemned the situation as he made a clear dig at the liberal country’s immigration policy, as many for the foreign youths wreaking havoc lacked identification papers.

Explaining the lack of documentation forced them to hand the detained vandals over to social services because they could not prove they were adults, the officer said it lead to the crooks being back on the streets within a short period of time.

“I’ve had people in front of me that look like they are 35, but who claim to be 15. I can’t prove they’re lying so we have to release them,” Mr Sorensen said.

The admission that Nordstan has become a lawless hotspot comes as Swedish police last year issued a report where it detailed incidents from more than 55 areas which it branded as “no-go zones”.

Since the authorities are capable of doing nothing about the youthful terrorists masquerading as refugees, the only alternative would seem to be either a new government or vigilantism.

Have A Laugh: Bill Clinton’s Remorse

Black Singer Backs Out on Inauguration After “Uncle Tom” Backlash

One of my commenters used to say that you can always count on blacks to stick with other blacks, no matter what. That’s not entirely true, but for sure, the black entertainer pictured above, Jennifer Holliday, is protecting her career after a backlash from blacks and homosexuals for her agreeing to sing a song at Donald Trump’s inauguration.

In all honesty, I don’t know the entertainer Jennifer Holliday. I’m not sure she’ll be missed by the Inauguration crowd.


PASADENA, Calif. (AP) — Broadway star Jennifer Holliday has backed out as a performer at next week’s presidential inaugural following protests from her gay and black fans, further dimming the event’s already low celebrity wattage.

Holliday said it was painful to read racial epithets, insults such as “Uncle Tom” and people wishing that she were dead “just for singing a song.” She had been scheduled to sing the Stephen Foster song “Hard Times Come Again No More.”

“I had no idea it would be interpreted as a political statement,” she said. “That’s my fault for not paying attention to what the climate is like in the country right now.”

She cited an article by Kevin Fallon in The Daily Beast, which explained why Holliday’s role as Effie in “Dreamgirls” made her an icon in the gay and lesbian community during the initial AIDS outbreak in the 1980s. In that context, learning Holliday was performing at the inaugural “feels like a betrayal,” Fallon wrote. “It is heartbreaking.”

It’s interesting that homosexuals feel so threatened by Trump, who seems to support just about everything faggoty. It’s similar to how Jews feel threatened too, although there is no bigger supporter of Israel than Trump.

The issue that no one talks about is that Trump is explicitly advocating policies that would help white working people instead of policies that would continue the War on Whites that has been ongoing for 50 years now.

Trump’s crime is that he is not explicitly anti-white, as are Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, among many others in politics, including RINO Paul Ryan.

Believe me, talent is not in short supply. I’ve seen little bars feature bands and singers who are just as good as the big names, but who refuse to s*ck Jew d*ck, and thus stay marginalized in the Jewish controlled entertainment industry.

Trump should just get talented ordinary people without a big name to sing for him.

Here’s That “I Will Survive Trump” Hollywood Stars Video That Everyone’s Talking About

Go to youtube and extract a small measure of revenge on Hollywood by down voting this sh*t. I just did.

In doing research for this post, I noticed that Google is now delivering a bunch of Spanish-language results when you ask for news. F*ck them along with Hollywood.


While none of the actors mention the president-elect in the “dramatic interpretation” of the 1979 Gloria Gaynor hit, the magazine that produced the video said it was the “kind of anthem we need now more than ever with the inauguration bearing down on us”.