“God is on our side:” Maxine Waters Pushes for Unending HARASSMENT of Trump’s People

The crazy ole nigga gonna get somebody killed.

Excerpt from Daily Caller

Staffers and allies of President Donald Trump face a new normal in today’s heated political environment: the potential for harassment and protests anywhere they show their faces — both in their public and private lives.

Democratic California Rep. Maxine Waters shocked political observers over the weekend by encouraging liberal mobs to harass Trump officials at restaurants, gas stations and even at home.

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Jew Fact Checker RESIGNS Over Nazi Slander of Veteran


Jews see Nazis everywhere.

Fox News

The New York fact checker who falsely accused an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) employee of being a Nazi over an innocuous tattoo has resigned and apologized on social media.

Never apologize when you’re right. In Talia Lavin’s case she was dead wrong about a fact. It was right to apologize.


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Photo Essay: Millions of Faggots Flocked to NYC’s Faggy Pride Day Parade

LGBT maggots just being themselves. Know what I’m saying?

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Jew Protesters Blast Audio of Crying Children Outside “child snatcher” Kirstjen Nielsen’s Home

You didn’t think it was the Amish who were protesting outside DHS Chief’s Kristjen Nielson’s house, did you?

What’s the term that best fits the Jews? Nation wreckers?

In the case of immigration, the Jews literally seek to wreck the American nation.

Fox News

A cabal of protesters gathered outside Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen’s Virginia townhouse Friday morning, blasting audio of crying immigrant children and chanting “No justice, no sleep.”

Watch the scumbag protesters in various videos below.

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Feminist Cambridge Professor Attends University Dinner NAKED to Protest … Something

Her name is Victoria Bateman. She’s a professor at Cambridge University in England.

Don’t ask me to explain her bizarre behavior because I’m a member of the patriarchy that’s oppressing her. If I knew how I was oppressing her, I might be able to explain it, but I have no idea.

She grudgingly wrote something that’s too dense for my pea brain. It allegedly explains everything. I think she’s saying that women should approve of prostitutes, porn stars, escorts, etc.

If you go down to the bottom of this post, you’ll see proof that Victoria doesn’t shave that most intimate of areas. LOL!

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Angel Moms Slam Kathy Griffin for Tweeting that Trump is Using Them and Doesn’t Give Two Sh*ts About Them


President Donald Trump is changing the culture and the insane left can’t stand it.

Kathy Griffin should have shut up after the severed head of Trump flap. But no, her yapping pie hole is like the Energizer bunny. It just keeps going and going and going.

The big difference is that the bunny is likable and cute. Kathy Griffin is ugly and not likable at all.

Fox News Insider

A mother whose son was killed by an illegal immigrant blasted Kathy Griffin after the comedian said President Trump is using angel parents “for propaganda.”

Sick and ulgy on the outside and inside:

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Woman Dubbed #PermitPatty Calls Cops on 8 Year Old Niglet Selling Water Illegally


A certain fraction of white people in the USA are suffering from negro fatigue. Another group are still stuck in the negro worshiping mode.

Alison Ettel, nicknamed #PermitPatty now, denies there was any racism that motivated her to call the police on a black sprog selling water bottles without a permit.

Setting aside the issue of whether permits should be required (they shouldn’t), the propensity of our tinted obsolete farm equipment to believe that they don’t have to follow the rules is getting more and more tiresome.

It seems like we’re talking about the black lack of obedience to the simplest rules every day now.

When they don’t follow the rules and there are consequences, then the race card comes out.

USA Today

Video of a woman allegedly calling the police on a young girl who was selling water bottles in San Francisco across from the AT&T stadium Friday is going viral.

Race baiting fake Negro Shaun King always has to get his garbage thoughts in play:

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