“Unhappy” Trump Signs Omnibus Spending Bill Designed to be A BIG F. U. to MAGA People

From what I’ve seen on the Internet, MAGA people are deserting President Trump in droves over his failure to veto the Paul Ryan spending bill.

Let’s not get all stupid and emotional here, folks.

Trump has promised never to sign a similar bill again. This one funds the government through September, so let’s see what happens then.

The President has also asked Congress to give him a line item veto. Liberals hate that idea and so say that it’s unconstitutional. I don’t know. I haven’t researched it.

Read Trump’s defense of his signing:

Excerpt from NBC News

WASHINGTON — In a hastily announced event, President Donald Trump announced Friday afternoon that he had just signed a bill to fund the government “as a matter of national security,” hours after a tweeted threat that he was weighing a veto of the $1.3 trillion bill.

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Breaking! War with Iran Looks More Likely as Trump Replaces Globalist McMaster with Hardliner John Bolton

America is now out of the frying pan and into the fire.

Fox News watchers are pleased, judging from the comments at that site.

I expect the alt-right to have a different reaction. GLP members are sounding the alarms.


John Bolton will replace H.R. McMaster as President Donald Trump’s national security advisor, the latest move in an ongoing shakeup of the president’s top advisors.

Iran, Iran, Iran. Tucker asks Bolton some tough questions.

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California Mestizo Teacher FIRED for Calling American Troops “the lowest of the low”


Attention all beaners! Attention all beaners!

You Mexicans enjoy getting white people fired for insulting the great Mexicano people.

Guess what? You’re not at the top of the pecking order.

Blacks and possibly women are ahead of you. But it appears that the military is at the top of the pecking order.

Never criticize the troops, amigos.

Los Angeles Times

A Pico Rivera teacher whose anti-military rant was caught on video and drew widespread condemnation has been terminated from his post, the school board president said.

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Nimrata Randhawa Tells UN That Putin Will Use Chemical Weapons in New York as Teresa May Expels Russian Diplomats

The crisis is growing. The war of words is escalating.

Russia vows to retaliate against Britain over it’s claims that the Russian government was the perpetrator of an attempted assassination on British soil.

Meanwhile, big mouth Nikki Haley, America’s UN Ambassador, fanned the flames of hostility toward a nuclear power by mouthing off about chemical weapons. She was referring to Novichok, the nerve agent alleged to be of Russian origin that was used to poison Sergei Skripal and his daughter.

New York Post

United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley on Wednesday called on the UN Security Council to take action against Moscow for poisoning a former Russian spy in England, saying it is “a defining moment.”

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Rand Paul Opposes Trump’s Neocon Picks for CIA and State Department



That group of patriotic American Nationalists who came to be known as the alt-right supported Donald Trump for the presidency because he said he wanted to end the senseless wars that the USA has been fighting since 9/11.

There’s every possibility that the alt-right will split on Rand Paul’s position on President Trump’s two latest nominees. Speaking only for myself, waterboarding terrorists is a good thing. Gina Haspel, that mild librarian-looking woman above is a strong supporter (or at least was) of torturing terrorists to extract information from them.

John McCain and now Rand Paul are on the record as strongly opposed to torturing our enemies, who have no reservations about torturing and murdering us. Opposing torture in advance gives the enemy more leeway to recruit new terrorists.

Where I part company with Trump’s picks and stand with Rand is on the issue of endless wars for Israel’s benefit. We don’t need a war with Iran or Russia.

Better choices for Trump would be antiwar nominees who would put America First, not the Jews and their insane desire to expand the borders of Israel.

USA Today

WASHINGTON — Republican Sen. Rand Paul said Wednesday that he will oppose President Trump’s nominations of Mike Pompeo to be secretary of State and Gina Haspel to be CIA director.

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Trump Chilly Toward Britain’s Threats to Punish Russia Over Poisoning of Former Double Agent and Daughter


Add the word Novichok to your vocabulary. It’s allegedly a Russian poison that was used to attempt to murder Russian president Vladimir Putin’s enemy, former double agent Sergei Skripal, in Britain.

Everyone who is fully awake realizes that Putin has nothing to gain and much to lose by poisoning enemies of Russia currently residing in Britain.

The poisonings are surely the work of some intel agency, most likely the CIA or Israel’s Mossad, or a combination of both.

President Trump has refused to support British PM Teresa May’s decision to declare economic war on Russia. May had given President Putin 24 hours to respond to her accusations that Russia was behing the poisonings. As Zerohedge reports, Putin’s defiant response: One doesn’t give 24 hours notice to a nuclear power.

The following excerpt is from a far left source, so ignore all the insults toward Trump and the distortions of reality that paint Trump in a negative way.

Vanity Fair

The correct White House response to the poisoning of an ex-Russian agent and his daughter, in Britain last week, would have been for Donald Trump to have delivered a televised address, shortly after that of British Prime Minister Theresa May. May is an unremarkable politician, meaning that she adheres to the traditions and mores of ordinary presidents and prime ministers. So on Monday, when she said, in front of Parliament, that it was “highly likely” the Kremlin was behind the assassination attempt, it was, in fact, highly likely. Unremarkable politicians are cautious and plodding and aware that their words, more than those of non-presidents and non-prime ministers, reverberate around the globe. The American president, signaling to the rest of the world (and especially Vladimir Putin) that the United States is a reliable ally, would have said in a televised address that America stands ready to support Britain in any way possible. He would have reiterated May’s demand that Moscow explain itself. The president might have added that the United States viewed a Russian attack in a NATO member country as particularly alarming and intimated that Washington and London would soon respond jointly. The overriding message would have been two-pronged and unmistakable: the United States and Britain are allies, and there will be consequences. This is how one bolsters relationships and deters future attacks.

Leftists are fully on board with the idea that Russia is the world’s great mischief maker when in reality false flags, lies, distortions, and manufactured fake news are the norm, meaning that Russia stands beinf falsely accused of much nonsense.

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Video of Tongan Tough Guy Gunned Down by U.S. Marshal in Court Released to Public


A sea monkey was shot to death by a U.S. marshal inside a courtroom when he tried to stab a witness. The incident happened in 2014, but video is just being released in response to a lawsuit.

The coconut nigger, pictured above, was a member of the Tongan Crips gang.

Watch the video, embedded below.

CBS News

SALT LAKE CITY — Dramatic video released Monday shows a U.S. marshal firing four times at close range at a defendant inside a Utah federal courthouse after he rushed the witness stand, jumped and swung with a pen at a shackled witness who barely backed out of the way. The defendant died from his wounds.

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