Mestizo Cop Threatens to Kill White Man with Camera (Video)

YOu better watch this. 8 minutes.

A white man with a camera is threatened with death by a cop who points his gun at him for taping.

Faggot Army Chaplain and Beaner “Husband” Vow to Fight for Immigration Reform Following Release from Detention Center

First, no homosexual should ever be allowed to become a military chaplain. These degenerate perverts can only lead their flocks astray. There are going to be men who die in battle condemned to hell because of fag Chaplain Tim Brown and his false doctrine, left above (shown with his “husband.”)

Second, the beaner “husband” looks much younger than the old, wore out fag dude, which suggests to any reasonable person that the bean fag is running a scam on whitey.

Third, even if the fake religious leader were not a fag, being in a mixed race marriage is prohibited to genuine Christians.

The American Army is a shameful experiment in social engineering. No wonder it can’t win a war.


Fort Bragg Army chaplain Tim Brown and his husband, Sergio Avila, pledged Tuesday to continue fighting for immigration reform after Avila’s detainment in Charlotte last week and release Tuesday.

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It Looks Like Deranged Warmongering Lunatic John “The Bolt” Bolton Threw a Monkey Wrench into the Peace Talks with North Korea

Israel’s lapdog John Bolton made a bizarre statement that was noticed in North Korea.

If the Bolt wanted to sabotage peace in Korea, he would have been acting on Israeli orders, since he seems to do nothing that does not meet with the approval of the Jews.

I’m not sure why Israel would be concerned about derailing peace in Asia.

Business Insider

North Korea appeared to flip on the US on Tuesday with a variety of complaints and statements that marked the first real backslide of a diplomatic push for peace in Korea — and much of it was pinned on a dark, threatening statement made by President Donald Trump’s hawkish new national security adviser.

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MAGA: Good Trump Calls Some Illegals “Animals” as WH Seeks to Outlaw “Sanctuary”

Heh, heh. Liberals are now in a position where they’re implicitly defending MS-13, drug cartels, beheadings, and mass murder.

Trump sets them up and they take the bait every time.

Today, Trump was the good Trump we elected. Tomorrow is wait and see.

The Star

WASHINGTON—U.S. President Donald Trump lashed out at unauthorized immigrants during a White House meeting Wednesday, warning in front of news cameras that dangerous people were clamouring to breach the country’s borders and branding such people “animals.”

It didn’t take long for Trump to be labeled the new Hitler:

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Trudeau Upset that Jews Shot “Canadian” (Muzzie) Doctor During Gaza Protests


The U.S. says Israel acted with restraint when it killed 59 Palestinians and wounded hundreds of others.

That’s Nikki Haley and shabbos goy Donald Trump for you.

Meanwhile, perennial cuck Justin Trudeau, PM of Canada, seems to have
grown a little backbone.

That said, I’d feel better if Justin the cuck were standing up for a white Canadian rather than a Muzzie. I’m not sure he’d find the backbone to do that.

The Star

OTTAWA—Justin Trudeau added his voice Wednesday to the calls for an independent investigation into the shootings by Israeli soldiers on the Gaza border that killed 59 Palestinians and wounded hundreds more during Monday’s mass protests.

These guys look like real Canadians:

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Trump Goes Soft on Muslims

Donald Trump is a bullsh*tter. We knew that. We loved his politically incorrect words during the 2016 campaign.

However, Tuesday’s message of praise for Muslims in America was not a happy moment for the base.

Actions speak louder than words, so we’ll have to see what happens next.

The Hill

President Trump on Tuesday wished Muslims observing Ramadan a “blessed month,” and praised the holiday as a reminder of “the richness Muslims add to the religious tapestry of American life.”

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Nimrata Randhawa Talks Trash and Pulls a MEGA STUNT at the UN in response to Israel’s Mass Killing of Palestinians

Israel-loving American President Donald Trump has got to be loving what his UN Ambassador did.

Nimrata, aka Nikki Haley, is a disgusting shill for Israel who hopes to be president one day soon.

If the Jews want total loyalty combined with blood lust toward Israel’s enemies, they have it in this crazy bitch.

Daily Caller

US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley had a simple response Tuesday when Palestine’s Ambassador to the UN blamed Israel for the recent violence in Gaza.

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