Don’t have sex with men from ‘different race’ during World Cup, warns Russian woman politician


This is the second of two related posts dealing with sex during the World Cup in Russia this year. Scroll down the homepage to see the previous post in which a male pol advises women to sex it up with nonwhites.

Tamara, pictured above, is a race realist. She’s told Russian women who might be tempted to mate with the apes with arrive in Russia to play soccer during the World Cup that the blacks will leave the women to raise their mulattoes on their own.

How true!

Let’s hope Russian women have enough sense to listen to the truth and act on it.

As we say: Avoid the groid.

The Guardian

Russian women should avoid sex with non-white foreign men during the football World Cup because they could become single mothers to mixed-race children, a senior lawmaker in Moscow said on Wednesday.

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Phoenix Snowflakes are “disturbed” by “Nazi” flyers, says Press

If the flyer on the telephone pole above is representative, it appears that some Phoenix, Arizona, residents can’t deal with facts.

I don’t see “Gas the kikes.” I do see factual claims that a curious open mind would want to check out for truth.

Part of our job as good propagandists is to be able to open people’s minds to the truth, whether that truth favors our cause or not. Most of the time the truth will favor so-called Nazis or White Nationalists or fascists or whatever they want to call us.

Fox 10 Phoenix

PHOENIX (KSAZ) – Over the week, flyers have been popping up around one north Phoenix neighborhood that residents call disturbing.

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Lindsay Graham a Danger for Seeking War with North Korea, says Senator Rand Paul

Hold on everyone. We may be in for a wild ride as President Trump meets with Kim Jong Un at 9 P.M. Eastern tonight, U.S. time.

Vile little soy boy Graham made a last ditch effort to cause the Singapore Summit to fail.

The Hill

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) on Monday blasted Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) for drafting an authorization for the use of military force (AUMF) in North Korea should President Trump’s forthcoming meeting with Kim Jong Un go south.

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LOL! Trump Makes Nice at G-7 then Asks Where’s Russia?!!!


Donald Trump as a candidate created so many great mental pictures–Low Energy Jeb, Little Marco, and Crooked Hillary, for example.

He’s still trolling the politicians, this time the G-7 leaders.

Besides the little stuff, Trump pulled a giant surprise by advocating for Russia to be re-admitted to the group, which used to be the G-8 before Russia “stole” the Crimea.

This is great theater. It demeans the Western leaders that had control of the globalist agenda until Trump arrived on the scene.


On the surface, the Group of Seven meetings convened Friday along a pristine stretch of Canadian riverfront appeared just like normal.

But beneath the smiling handshakes and whispered pleasantries was the unmistakable impression the global alliance of industrialized nations has changed for good.

President Donald Trump arrived expecting to tangle with his foreign counterparts on trade, a fight he proudly began but has been apprehensive about waging in person.

The leaders of France, Germany, Great Britain and Canada all planned to confront him directly about the tariffs on steel and aluminum that they believe threaten America’s closest world alliances.

But when the time came to air their grievances in public, the leaders here mainly sounded resigned to the fact their differences with Trump may never be resolved. And they made light of the disputes.

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Alex Jones Chases Elderly Jew Bernie Sanders Through Airport Over Comments about White People

Go get him, fat man. We’re behind you!

Washington Times

Campaign rhetoric from 2016 came back to haunt Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders this week during a run-in with Info Wars’ Alex Jones in Los Angeles International Airport.

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Russian Football (Soccer) Fans Openly Express Distaste for Nogs and Fags as World Cup Ready to Start

Russian sports fans haven’t fallen for American and European style political correctness, but that doesn’t mean that the (((international community))) isn’t pressuring the country to welcome diversity and multiculturalism.

Poor Roseanne! If she were in Russia, she could call blacks monkeys to her heart’s content.

The Independent

Racist and anti-gay chants have become more common in Russian football as the country prepares to host the World Cup, even as overall incidents of discrimination declined.

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Black Bike Week Off to Great Start: Two DEAD Already!

#1.A nagger on a stolen bike tried to outrun police.

#2. One nagger shot another one dead.

And the good news is …

… the week is just getting started.

Myrtle Beach Online

Within the first hours of the morning that the 2018 Atlantic Beach Bikefest began two people died, marking a tragic beginning to the weekend of festivities.

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