Turd World Lettuce Pickers Have Contaminated America’s Romaine Lettuce with E. Coli

It’s not Shinola that Mexicans are dropping in the lettuce fields.

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School APOLOGIZES for Asking Students to List Positive Aspects of Slavery

A middle school history book asked students to think about a balanced view of slavery. Then all hell broke loose.

An unidentified teacher is now suspended.

The Hill

A charter school in Texas apologized on Friday after students were asked to write a list of the positive aspects of slavery.

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Winning! Anti-Abortion Leader Emerges as White Nationalist Following Trump’s 2016 Victory


Kristen Hatten is getting the same treatment that any white person expressing white pride or white identity gets. Censored, fired, demonized, written up in the liberal media–it’s happening to Kristen.

She’s not apologizing though. I suspect that the iron fist coming down on her has made her even tougher.


Excerpt from the Huffington Post

Anti-abortion groups are distancing themselves from a prominent writer, activist and thought leader in the movement who has leaned into white nationalism since Donald Trump’s election.

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Judge Orders U.S. Poetry Contest to Admit Black as Coal Zambian

A Maine school district sued the National Endowment of the Arts on behalf of an African student attending one of its schools.

Associated Press

PORTLAND, Maine (AP) — A high school student in Maine who fled his native Zambia can compete in a U.S. government-funded poetry contest, a federal judge ruled Friday.

The National Endowment for the Arts had blocked the 11th-grader’s participation, saying he doesn’t meet their U.S. citizenship rules.

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Starbucks Trolled by Prank Call: Free Beverages for Every “Person of Color” (Video)

Starbucks has apologized to the blacks arrested in their shop in Philly for trespassing. The company is mandating diversity training.

According to this prank call to a Starbucks the company is doing more for blacks.

I would say it’s pretty easy to fool a young white female waitress (no more “barista”) working at Starbucks. They’re liberal anyway so anything you tell them that’s politically correct they’re going to buy into.

Less than three minutes.

Christian Churches Move to Get Everyone to Stop Calling the Police on Blacks, Even When They Commit Violent Crimes

Well, the police can’t shoot a nagger if the police aren’t notified of a crime.

As I’ve written before there is no more rule of law in America.

Next step, total gun ban, defund and disband police departments.

This is not a joke.

Washington Post

Referring to the First Congregational Church of Oakland, California:

Now, the church has joined a small handful of like-minded congregations with a radical goal: to stop calling the police. Not for mental health crises, not for graffiti on their buildings, not even for acts of violence. These churches believe the American police system, criticized for its impact especially on people of color, is such a problem that they should wash their hands of it entirely.

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Mary Freedom PERMANENTLY BANNED From Twitter for Wishing Uncle A a Happy Birthday

Mary posted the above picture in a Tweet on April 20, Hitler’s birthday.

She writes:

#Censorship I was just permanently suspended from Twitter for posting “Happy Birthday Uncle” greetings with a photo of Uncle A.
DO NOT post “anything Hitler” on Twitter because those joos will shoah your account immediately

I’m going to miss Mary’s work. Tweets will embed in a WordPress blog, but Gab won’t. Gab will show up as a link, as seen below.