Nebraska Town Considers Banning Wetbacks from Jobs, Housing

With no job and ho house for him and his 35 relatives to live in, the beaner must do without or steal.

Fox News

A Nebraska town is considering blocking undocumented immigrants from obtaining jobs or renting houses ahead of a new Costco plant opening in the area.

Undocumented immigrants? How about illegal aliens, the correct but non-PC term for illegal Mexiturds.

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Female Harvard Researcher Smeared as “Sidewalk Susie” Over Effort to Escape Screaming Niglet

Never allow them to get you on video.

Theresa “Sidewalk Susie” Lund is groveling before a mudshark with a disgusting noisy niglet. Lund has nothing to apologize about. She just asked for a little peace and quiet.

It’s reasonable to suppose that the groveling took place because she wants to keep her job. However, her presence has already been removed from the Harvard website, which is not a good sign.

New York Post

The head of a Harvard-linked research center is being ridiculed as “Sidewalk Susie” after a viral, cringe-worthy video caught the woman trying to order a mom and her biracial child to get away from her home and then condescendingly asking the family if they live in “affordable housing.”

I’m not even sure that the “white” mom with the niglet is white. What do you think?


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KC Police Looking for Rasta-Man Type Negro for Fatal Shooting of Pajeet Student During Restaurant Robbery


Surveillance video (watch below) shows a dreadlocked Rastafarian type wanted in connection with the murder of Sharath Koppu.

There’s a $10,000 reward for information leading to his arrest and conviction.

Mr. Koppu had only been in the States since January, probably not long enough to become wise to the way of the negro. He was a student working on a master’s degree, not an environment where the truth about the black race would surface.

On the whole, I liked the people from India at the university. Their country is one of the few where animals are valued. I had a light complexioned Indian girl as my research assistant for a year. She was very sweet, nice, and conscientious.

Kansas City

The Kansas City Police Department announced Sunday it has received few tips related to the fatal shooting of a student from India who was studying at the University of Missouri-Kansas City.


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Why I Don’t Care About a Group of Brown Thai Lady Boys Trapped in a Hole in the Ground

Donald Trump cares about the Lady Boys:

The press must care because they’ve slowed down the endless Trump bashing in order to post one story after another about the idiots in a cave.

All the major news organizations are giving live updates, which says that lots of people are glued to the news to stay up with this story, or the press wants them to keep up with it.

Do you care about the brown lady boys? Am I the only one who doesn’t care? I’ll explain why I don’t care in a moment.

Here’s the latest from the BBC, published 17 minutes ago as I’m writing.


More than two weeks ago, 12 boys and their football coach walked into a cave after football practice in northern Thailand.

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Dumb Nagger Hospital Employee Used Hospital Phone to Call in Bomb Threat


He dindu nuffins.

Juvane is another candidate for a reality show, America’s Dumbest Criminals.

NBC Miami

Police have arrested a man who they say phoned in a threat to Miami’s Jackson Memorial Hospital.

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With Economics on His Mind, Trump Unloads on Trudeau and Macron Before G7 Summit Today

American president Donald Trump has potentially thrown a monkey wrench into the globalist plan for one world government, one world currency, one world religion (Islam), and so forth. He’s doing it the old fashioned way, with tariffs.

Or maybe this is all Kabuki theater designed to fool the people.

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Flashback Video: Donald Trump Talks to Oprah Decades Ago About the Screwing of America

President Trump was saying the same thing in the 80s that he said during the campaign.

Watch the audience’s positive reaction to his words.

Here’s the famous 1987 full page ad in the NY Times and other papers.

Imagine if Trump has run and won in 1992 or 96 and there was no Bill and Hillary Clinton in American history.