Raunchy Snapchat panties video got teacher busted for sex with student


When we look at the epidemic of married women teachers involved in sex with their students, the teen males are shielded by privacy laws that keep the identity of minors confidential.

In this case the bragging done by the young stud who serviced Samantha (great movie title: Servicing Samantha), indicates that he’s a Nog.

New York Post

A high-school teacher accused of having sex with an underage student allegedly appeared in a Snapchat video that shows her wearing “a shirt and panties” while boozing it up with two shirtless teens — one of whom bragged of “gettin’ in deep,” according to a report Tuesday.

Samantha Lee Ciotta, 32, could face additional charges based on an investigation of the recording, Patch.com reported.

Police documents obtained by the website say a student at Beaumont (Calif.) High School saw the outrageous video asked the teen who posted it if it showed “Mrs. Ciotta.”


“Yes…Bro, I’m gettin’ in deep…been f—— (Ciotta) and getting threesomes for the past couple weeks (at her house),” the teen reportedly replied.

The other teen who appeared in the video told an unidentified adult that Ciotta — a married mother of two — had sex with a student, the documents reveal.

“If [police] have her phone, then they will find out,” the second teen reportedly added.


During a search of Ciotta’s home, detectives found a “torn-up, hand-written note” that “appeared to be written to Samantha Ciotta’s husband, explaining her relationship” with the boy, described as a 14-year-old whose mom is dead and whose dad is in prison.


Ciotta, of Banning, Calif., allegedly bedded the teen over the course of several months after meeting him in a freshman English class she taught.

She was charged last month with unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor and oral copulation with a person under 18.

Police believe there may be additional students who were involved with Mrs. Ciotta.

Patch gives more insights into the violent, disruptive student, who first met Ciotta when he was 12.

The summer before school began, the boy’s guardian told Patch, he started to act out. She couldn’t control him and had no choice but to call the police.

Police first responded to the home on July 31, 2016, to investigate a complaint of an “incorrigible juvenile” — a call related to a minor who repeatedly disobeys a parent or guardian’s direction, police records show.

Four days later, officers came to the house to investigate a “missing juvenile” complaint. Police returned to the house five more times in response to incorrigible juvenile complaints between Aug. 26 and Sept. 20, 2016.

On Sept. 21, the boy ran away from home. Police responded to the house eight more times between Sept. 22 and Nov. 15, 2016, including a call reporting that the boy struck his guardian, according to police records.

The alleged battery happened Nov. 3, 2016, when the boy’s guardian confronted him about her suspicion that he was selling drugs. The boy was charged in juvenile court, the guardian said. He ran away from home again the same day and never came back. For months, his guardian didn’t know where he was living. In January 2017, the boy’s guardian was charged with child neglect, police records show.

Still, the boy’s guardian was notified via email of the boy’s progress at school. In April, she attempted to attend a meeting about the status of the teenager’s individualized education plan. That’s where she met Ciotta.

Unbelievable. What was Ciotta trying to do? Tame an ape?

Some of these teachers might deserve a little sympathy. This one won’t get any from me, although unbelievably her cucked husband says he still supports her in spite of the impending divorce.

Ann Barnhardt: Hugh Hefner Died a Faggot.

Too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. When women no longer interested him, Hefner’s appetites took a gay turn. Ann explains how diabolical narcissism works.

Excerpt from Ann Barnhardt

I came across a link to a piece written in ARSH 2003 – fourteen years ago – when Hefner was already in his late 70s. In it, one of Hefner’s “girlfriends” reveals that Hefner already in the early 2000s had descended into faggotry. This is COMPLETELY unsurprising once one understands the dynamics of Diabolical Narcissism with regards to sexual perversion. Here is the quote paraphrasing the “girlfriend”, Sandy Bentley:

Flanked by the twins in matching hot-pink cowboy hats [Sandy and Mandy Bentley], Hefner swaggeringly maintained the facade of a relationship, gushing about the power of Viagra. (The heterosexual icon, Sandy had told Yagalla, had trouble finding satisfaction through intercourse; instead, he liked the girls to pleasure each other while he masturbated and watched gay porn.)
Sexual perversion is a freely-chosen downward spiral, that anyone can descend into. Men who descend into the Diabolically Narcissistic world of pornography and promiscuous heterosexual sex start out as completely heterosexual, and before long become desensitized to women, even perverse sodomitical acts on women such as anal sex, and move into faggot porn in order to become aroused. Most of the male gay porn consumed today is consumed by “straight” men who have maxed-out on heterosexual porn. The next step after the male gay porn no longer arouses them is child porn and bestiality.

Hefner wasn’t a faggot to start out with. That’s the point: NO ONE IS A FAG TO START OUT WITH. No one is “born gay” any more than someone is born addicted to gambling or plastic surgery. Hefner was not only straight, but the great “heterosexual icon”. Hefner, completely unsurprisingly, purged of all love by his own free choice, eventually descended into faggotry and could only be aroused by faggotry because sexual perversion is, by definition, a descent, very much like drug addiction. Pretty soon, the weed just isn’t enough, and then the oxycontin isn’t enough, and then the heroin isn’t enough…. Pretty soon the penny slots aren’t enough, and then the $100 per hand blackjack isn’t enough…. Pretty soon the Botox isn’t enough, then the liposuction isn’t enough, then the fake lips, boobs and butt aren’t enough….

So why are there people who begin manifesting sexual perversion at an early age? Because their free choice to purge themselves of love began earlier, and was more rapid, such as with people who are sexually abused and purge themselves of love as a so-called “defense mechanism”. The most pathological cases are people who were deified as children, literally told by their parents or teachers that they were super-human, exclusively superior, over and above other people, and thus the deified child freely chooses to not love because to do so would be “beneath them”, and would expose them as being… merely human. This toxic pathology when mixed with the hormones of puberty can easily turn into sodomitical lusts, and as our culture collapses and children are being deified AS POLICY (special snowflakes) and taught sexual perversion AS POLICY, the incidence of sexual perversion in the young will only increase parabolically from here.

Hefner is a pathetic, yet extremely instructive example. When these questions come up, make sure that Hefner is cited as a prime example of the “descent into sexual perversion” that is the byproduct of Diabolical Narcissism, to which any human being is potentially susceptible. Because in the end, the only way this sad, loveless man could derive any genital sensation was from faggotry – even with multiple willing “Playboy Bunnies” mere feet away.

The Law is a gift from God to all of us, and the 6th Commandment is a precious gift that our Loving God gave us to help prevent us from falling into lives of misery, self-destruction and eternal damnation.

UGLY Wetback Georgia COP Arrested for Trying to Have Sex with 14 Year Old


Look at the fat pig ex-cop above. That’s what passes for law enforcement in the new diverse, multicutural America.

God only knows what other crimes piece of sh*t Abraham Flores Galvan committed. In the Mexican culture, it’s OK to have sex with infants. Lock up your children when there’s a Mexican around. Lock up your dogs too.

Galvan was busted by a sting operation. We need more of those.


A police officer in Georgia has been fired after he allegedly traveled to a shopping center in order to have sex with a 14-year-old girl.

Officer Abraham Flores Galvan worked part time with the Tunnel Hill Police Department, some 95 miles north of Atlanta.

On Thursday, Galvan apparently drove into nearby Roswell, Georgia after exchanging a series of online messages with someone identifying themselves as a young girl under the age of consent.

Once Galvan arrived at the Woodstock Road shopping center, however, he was immediately arrested by Roswell police with the help of SWAT officers from the Fulton County Police Department.

Galvan’s arrest was part of a multi-agency sting operation geared toward busting online child predators, according to Roswell police spokeswoman Lisa Holland. In a statement, Holland said,

The Roswell Police Department has been involved in a multi-agency undercover operation targeting online predators. The goal of the operation was to arrest persons who use the internet to entice children for indecent purposes. During the operation, Abraham Flores Galvan initiated contact with an individual identifying themselves as being a child under the age of consent.

She added, “the investigation on Gavin started last week when he engaged with what he thought was a 14 year old girl.”

Tunnel Hill Police Chief Roy Brunson later issued a statement saying that Galvan was fired on Friday. He said:

Abraham Galvan is a part-time officer working limited hours. He is still under the probation period and due to the seriousness of the charges will be terminated immediately.

Galvan was charged with obscene internet contact with a child and enticing a child to commit an illegal act, both of which are felonies under Georgia law.

The 42-year-old former cop is now being held on $20,000 bond in the Fulton County jail

Deport scumbag Galvan after he’s served his sentence even if he is an American citizen. He’s a better fit with Mexico than with the U.S.

Hefner’s Abnormal Sexual Degeneracy Revealed by His Former Valet

It’s probably worse than you thought. To (((Hefner))) the goyim were disposable, like chicken bones after dinner.

He was a monster. And all those women praising him damn well know it.

He’s buried now. Good riddance to bad trash.

Stop reading here unless you want to risk upchucking your breakfast.

New York Post

From 1978 through 1979, Stefan Tetenbaum worked as Hugh Hefner’s valet, doing everything from restocking the Playboy founder’s fridge with necessities like perfectly chilled Pepsi to cleaning sex toys after Hefner’s infamous “Pig Nights,” when the robe-clad Hef would call in prostitutes for his friends. Tetenbaum, now 67 and a sculptor living in Redondo Beach, Calif., shares his stories with The Post.

My job as Mr. Hefner’s valet was to take care of him in a very personal way. I prepared his “sick menu” — Pepsi, Campbell’s chicken noodle soup and M&Ms — whenever he felt ill, which was often because he was a hypochondriac. I also made sure the maids took all the sex toys down to the basement after use and washed and sterilized them before returning the gadgets to the secret compartment above his bed.

On certain nights, Mr. Hefner had prostitutes brought up to the mansion and he would entertain them with a big dinner and invite his friends to come and participate in different intimate acts with them. It was called “Pig Night.” Sometimes the women had penises and Hefner didn’t want to be involved with that, although some of the other guests, especially John Belushi, they didn’t mind.

Hugh, most of the time, never had sex with women. He was more interested in watching. He would hire famous male porn stars, including John Holmes, with huge penises and watch them have sex with different girls he brought in. Hugh sat there in his favorite chair, smoking a joint and eating red licorice and watching. I had to go into the room afterwards and if the girls couldn’t walk, I would have to escort them to the bedrooms so they could recuperate. Hef sometimes gave bonuses to the women because the sex acts were so painful.



He always filmed the encounters. He had two large video cameras over his bed and he had these giant screens across from his bed. He had a whole library for these sex acts with different people and the video librarian told me Hef planned to use the footage against his associates if they ever threatened to come out with a memoir about him or the mansion.

For many people, the Playboy mansion was a safe haven from the paparazzi and private detectives. A married comedian came for years, bringing different girls to have sex with. I had to take many food trays into the room where he was with these girls.

There was always cocaine around, though Mr. Hefner didn’t partake, preferring weed (he would often have parties where he invited all the marijuana growers in California to the house).

The entire grounds were under surveillance. There were cameras everywhere and all the phones were bugged. The staff had to be very careful and the men weren’t allowed to speak to any of Hef’s girls or socialize with them. But if one of Hef’s bunnies was out by the swimming pool and requested a lobster or cheeseburger, you’d deliver it to her and put the tray between her legs and while she oiled her legs, you’d see all sorts of toys that were attached to her vaginal area. The girls loved to tease me. You also weren’t supposed to be married if you worked for Hef. It was one of the rules, which somehow he ignored for me since my wife also worked at the mansion as a greeter during parties.

Hef wasn’t a kind man. If he tasted the Pepsi and it wasn’t cold enough, he would throw it away and call me to replace it. I don’t know if he ever even knew my name. He would just call me “valet.” He was very brutal to his girlfriends and sex partners. He made sure they had breast implants. In those days, the implants were new and they would shift and burst and I witnessed many women who had this done begging and crying to Hef to help them and he would put them back in the hospital and then discard these women. He didn’t care. They were disposable.

I really didn’t feel anything when I heard Hef died. He started out as an innovator and was a very liberal guy. He was pro abortion, gay rights, marijuana. He was very ahead of his time and then when he moved from Chicago to Holmby Hills, he became just another dirty old rich man.

Overindulgence in anything can dull the senses. Too many naked, willing women is just as bad for a man, or worse, than not having a woman at all. Plato advised moderation in all things.

It seems as if Hefner’s libido was about as dead as his conscience, done in by too much money and too much sex . Those who can’t get it up, watch. Those who can get it up, do it.

Hefner’s voyeurism seems to have consumed his humanity, if he ever really had any. The glamorous, fun-loving Hefner his adoring fans saw was a fake persona. The real Hefner was “just another dirty old rich man.” The valet has opened the doors to the truth. So, world, let’s stop with the praise for a man who doesn’t deserve it.

Bizarre and Disturbing: Criminal Level Child Abuse Masquerading as Sex Education (Video)

A minute and a half of weirdness aimed at turning children into degenerate perverts.

Read the story at the Daily Mail. You’ve watched Australian sex education.

Watch on youtube, complete with disturbing sound effects:

It Seems Everyone Has Something to Say About Hugh Hefner Now That He’s Dead

Everyone’s talking about Hugh Hefner, with the shallow, corrupt celebrities worldwide elbowing each other out of the way to get space on the web about their love for Hef.

I add my thoughts concisely at the end of this post.

So, what’s been happening overnight?

Breitbart’s piece on Hefner chronicles his life and Playboy magazine in a long narrative obviously written in advance of his death, which was not unexpected since he was 91.

Just as interesting as the history are the comments, which are uniformly negative at the iconic conservative site. Here are a few:

I doubt there is enough cleanser on the planet to fumigate all the venereal disease germs out of that mansion.

There’s a point at which you are glad the filth is gone, but then you realize that even Hugh Hefner had a soul and I can’t imagine the shock he just received when he discovered judgment day is a reality.

What did he leave behind? Every single thing. I doubt it was worth it in the end.

How many porn addicts created, little boys whose innocence was stolen, marriages broken apart, young women used, degraded, and discarded in shame?

The worse that Hellywood celebrities think he was such a great man. I know God doesn’t rejoice in the death of wicked men…. But I’m sorry God, but I’m glad this pervert finally knows ALL the evil he caused in this Earth.

As a boy I was sexualized way too early because of exposure to Playboy Magazine.

A number of people diverted the conversation away from Hefner and toward Trump. I’ve noticed that liberals do that a lot in the comments sections now.

The British tabloid The Mirror has created a LIVE UPDATES page for Hefner, like his death is some sort of world crisis. That’s really insane hedonism worship.

I’ve pulled a few Tweets from there of the “Hef was such a great man” type.

CNN also put together a series of Tweets that have women praising the man.

The big liberal celebrity website EW found space to bring out feminist Gloria Steinem’s criticism of “sexist” Hefner. They also mention that Hef bought the burial crypt next to Marilyn Monroe for his internment.

Writing stream of conscious, so far I haven’t seen any major religious figure’s remarks about Hefner in any of the stories I’ve seen. I’m guessing that they are making statements but those statements aren’t being picked up by the leftist press.

This 1963 documentary clearly shows race-mixing hedonist Hefner for what he was.

The Times of India ran a story featuring celebrity praise for Hefner. This Jesse Jackson Tweet is included:

One of my favorite sites for tabloid crapola is metro.co.uk. Their tribute to the old lecher features Hefner’s “life lessons.” Among the pearls of wisdom are “Stop giving a shit,” and “Be selfish.”

Metro also devoted an article to informing the world that Hefner’s third wife, Crystal, 31, will be taken care of financially, but his fortune is being divided between his children and charities.


Among the oddest tributes I’ve found, The Quint features a piece by one Khalid Mohamed who argues that Hefner was a sex educator.

Only one of the 25 or more headlines I’ve seen takes a bit of an old fashioned approach, using the word “smut” in the headline. WBUR published its obit with this title: ‘Playboy’ Founder Hugh Hefner, Champion Of Free Speech And ‘Smut’, Dies At 91

Their story ends on a sad note, observing Hefner’s comments about romance, which was surely a missing ingredient in his life. Hefner:

At the time of his 2003 NPR interview, Hefner shared his mansion with seven women, all young enough to be his granddaughters. But the man who set out to surround himself with sexuality and extravagance looked isolated and lonely. He said his eventful life had convinced him romance was an illusion:

Sex was handed to us by the powers that be, but romance is something that we invented, that is unique to humankind. And what’s interesting about the Western romantic tradition, of course, is that some of the classics are, you know, Romeo and Juliet, where everybody dies. … In the fairy tales it’s pursuit, and then ‘they lived happily ever after.’ But we never really deal with “they lived happily ever after.”

As I’ve written before, men should have a healthy interest in women and in sex, including marriage. Today’s porn, which Hefner helped unleash, is unhealthy on many levels. Although the nudity published by Hefner is seemingly in good taste compared to other porn, in reality, it was airbrushed, with fake smiles, and fake passion. In later years I suspect that fake breasts, lips, and such also entered the equation.

If artificial reality is appealing to you, then Playboy gave it to you. If true reality was more your thing, you probably avoided the whole fake hedonistic, materialistic, shallow mess that Hefner created for America.

Breaking! Hugh Hefner Dead at 91

ABC News

Playboy founder Hugh M. Hefner died Wednesday, Playboy Enterprises announced. He was 91.

Prediction: There will be a lot of publicity seeking women at the funeral.

Second prediction: Hefner will be praised to the maximum extent by the (((media.)))

More later as the story develops.