First Year North Carolina SJW Teacher Fired, Arrested for Sex with Three Students



North Carolina teacher Erin Elizabeth McAuliffe began and ended her teaching career within nine short months.

The social justice warrior, who has a long history of involvement in charity work that benefits the world’s darker citizens, finished her teaching job on May 4, one day before she was arrested on sex crime charges.


If she’s convicted of the four crimes she’s charged with, she’s facing five years in prison. That should give her plenty to do since the prison population will be heavy with ladies of color that she can help.


New York Post

A prep school math teacher in North Carolina was arrested for having inappropriate sexual contact with three male students, police said.

Erin Elizabeth McAuliffe, 25, is scheduled to make her first court appearance on Monday in Nash County District Court on three counts of sexual activity with a student and one count of indecent liberties with a minor, WNCN reports.

McAuliffe, a former math teacher at Rocky Mount Preparatory School, was last employed at the school on May 4 — one day before local police were notified by school staffers of the allegations. Police have said the alleged acts took place off-campus and involved two 17-year-old students and one 16-year-old student.

“We have been fully cooperative with local law enforcement during the course of their handling of this matter,” school officials said in a statement.

McAuliffe was released from the Carteret County Jail after posting $20,000 bond, WNCN reports.

A former student who graduated from the high school last year said he was outraged by the allegations.

“It’s very shocking and appalling that a person would do that with a student,” Dayvon Steel told WNCN.

A phone listing for McAuliffe has been disconnected, WITN reports. It’s unclear whether she’s hired an attorney.

McAuliffe, according to her LinkedIn profile, graduated from Methodist University with a bachelor’s degree in mathematics.


Heavy offers more information about the randy Miss McAuliffe. She’s a native of Rocky Mount, so the locals probably know her well. She graduated from Rocky Mount High School in 2010.

Then there’s this:

She said on Linkedin that she has done volunteer work with The Fuller Center for Housing, which provides disaster and humanitarian relief. In 2013, McAuliffe, “traveled to Haiti to help build a new home for families who had been living in tents and shacks since the most recent earthquake. I also interacted and built relationships with the local children and adults in effort to better understand their culture and environment.”

McAuliffe also volunteered for six years as a crew member at Gate Keepers Work Camp, a “local ministry providing home repairs/improvements free of charge to elderly or poor residents who are unable to maintain upkeep on their own, yet face safety issues if the repairs are not done. This is a week long project conducted each summer. Approximately 10 homeowners benefit from the ministry with volunteers of greater than 100 adolescents and 20-30 adults participating.”

Yikes! She’s a social justice warrior with a history of Negro worship. It makes you wonder if her “sex education” activities also involved black youths. ROCKY MOUNT IS NEARLY TWO-THIRDS BLACK AND ONE-THIRD WHITE. Odds are that the SJW was simply teaching math to black teens, illustrating the differences between twosomes and threesomes to students who have trouble counting past three.

It’s time for White Sharia. it’s time for men to take charge.

See more photos at Coed.

Jew Reporter’s Interest in Tentacle Porn Draws Attention Away from Comey Testimony

Kurt Eichwald is the reporter who went to the FBI and had an alt-right Trump supporter (a troll who called himself “Jew Goldstein”) arrested for Tweeting him a flashing image, which he claimed harmed him due to his epilepsy. This site posted that story in March.

As a consequence of his biased writing and generally obnoxious being, the alt-right never misses a chance to discredit him.

Sputnik News

Kurt Eichenwald has been called many things. Journalist. Author. Investigator. Vocal critic of President Trump, the alt-right, and Russia. Now, he has earned a new label: closeted anime porn enthusiast.

It all started on Tuesday night, when the Vanity Fair and Newsweek contributor was negatively name-dropped by his nemesis, Fox News host Tucker Carlson. On Wednesday, Eichenwald replied with a series of negative tweets: “Apparently, @TuckerCarlson brought me up on his show last night. I wouldnt know. Like most ppl now, I dont watch it.”

Eichenwald then posted a flyer that he claimed to have been mailed, featuring a Jewish caricature laughing sinisterly as the world literally burns, with the caption “DANGER: EVIL JEWS IN CHARGE”.

“Since being on your show,” he tweeted to Carlson, “I get things like this a lot, most always from ppl mentioning u. Ur the Julius Streicher of Fox.” (Streicher was the publisher of the vehemently anti-semitic newspaper Der Sturmer, which was popular in Nazi Germany. At the postwar Nuremberg trials, Streicher was convicted of being an accessory to the mass extermination of Jews during the Holocaust and was sentenced to death.)

Carlson didn’t reply to being compared to a Nazi. But more importantly, Eichenwald’s browser was clearly visible in the tweet. His tabs included Twitter, an anti-Carlson article published on Salon, and… “B-chiku”, a 212-page work of anime porn (or “hentai”).

People began to mock what was quickly dubbed “hentaigate,” kink-shaming poor Mr. Eichenwald for his enjoyment of anime girls getting railed. Perhaps the story would have petered out after that… until Eichenwald made the questionable decision to publicly defend himself.

That’s right. Kurt Eichenwald, one of the US’ more prominent left-wing journalists, decided to discuss his porn habits on Twitter instead of discussing the news. It’s a slow news day, in his defense. The only thing going on is former FBI Director James Comey’s explosive Senate testimony, heavily covered by virtually every outlet. Oh, and the United Kingdom’s general election, but that hardly counts as news.

But don’t worry, Kurt has an explanation! He “couldn’t find any” tentacle porn, so he ended up in a decade-old hentai that has absolutely nothing to do with that particular kink. Seems plausible?

For purely research purposes, crack Sputnik investigators Googled “tentacle porn.” The first and third link to come up are the tentacle porn tags on the Pornhub and XVideos sites, comprising thousands and thousands of videos. The second link is the Wikipedia article for “tentacle erotica.” The fifth link is the Urbandictionary entry for the same.

This isn’t the first time Eichenwald and pornography have meshed poorly. In 2005, he published an article in the New York Times about a child pornography ring he claimed to have accidentally discovered on a Google search. (Sound familiar?) Instead of alerting the police, Eichenwald contacted the website and offered them thousands of dollars to allegedly better expose the ring.

This was a major breach of journalistic etiquette, not to mention that he literally funded child pornography. When pressed, Eichenwald admitted that he had made a mistake, but claimed to have forgotten that he even made the payments due to memory loss brought on by his epilepsy.

At least this time, all he did was make a fool of himself in public, rather than outright disgracing the profession.

Hey Kurt, here’s one for you, you sneaky old wanker, you.

Naked feminists stage screaming protest for violence against women

Why is that women do nude protests instead of doing clothed, dignified protests?

Leftists seek to provoke the thing they are protesting. In this case, the feminists hope to rile up some man into a violent frenzy, which they might be able to use to promote anti-male legislation.

Typically in the past, social progress was made through rational thought expressed in writings and speeches. Nudity is anti-intellectual. It moves public discourse away from thinking and toward emotion. That is very dangerous indeed. Western civilization was created by thinkers, not naked screaming, emotional naked women.

More than 100 women stripped naked and performed a screaming protest about violence against women in Argentina.

They gathered outside the president’s palace, Casa Rosada, in Buenos Aires.

The women performing the Femicide is Genocide protest stood in a group and undressed in front of onlookers before screaming en masse.

They were members of the Artistic Force of Communicative Shock (FACC) performing a dramatisation as a prelude to the next march of the feminist collective NiUnaMenos (Not One Fewer) to be held on Saturday, 3rd June in Argentina.

In all, 120 women undressed completely in the Plaza de Mayo and in front of the Palace of Courts.

The group used the attention-grabbing tactic to demand greater protection for the victims of gender-based violence, which is on the rise in Argentina.

According to official figures, so far this year femicide has been committed on average once every 25 hours in Argentina.

On social networks, the hashtag ‘FemicidioEsGenocidio’ quickly went viral, showing hundreds of photos and videos of the protest.

‘We represent them all… and we will always exist,’ tweeted protester ‘Claudia Acuna’.

She added later, describing emotional scenes at the protest: ‘Older ladies crying because in their time they could not speak aloud of it, men shocked by the cruelty of these times. I’ll take that.’

Penn State (((President Spanier))), 2 Others Sentenced in (((Sandusky))) Homo Pedophile Case


It’s rare for a university president to go to prison for crimes committed while performing his duties as president. It’s also rare for white collar Jews to spend time behind bars.

However, university presidents will do anything in my experience to cover up scandals. It’s basically a cover my a** proposition with these people since the Regents typically frown on scandals that become public.

Public outrage over football coach (((Jerry Sandusky’s))) homosexual assaults on young boys couldn’t be reined in once the story broke.

So, let’s cheer the system on because for once a coverup didn’t work.

Penn Live

Three former Penn State administrators were sentenced Friday to jail terms for their roles in the Jerry Sandusky child-sex scandal.

Former President Graham Spanier, who was the only one of the three to take his case to trial, was sentenced to the shortest time in prison: 4 to 12 months, with two months in jail and two months under house arrest. He also will serve two years probation, pay $7,500 in fines and serve 200 hours of community service.

Former Athletic Director Tim Curley was sentenced to 7 to 23 months, with three months to be served in jail, and four months under house arrest. He’ll pay $5,000 in fines and serve 200 hours of community service.

Former Vice President Gary Schultz was sentenced to six to 23 months, with two months to be served in jail and four months under house arrest. He’ll also pay a $5,000 fine and serve 200 hours of community service.

Sentencing by Senior Judge John Boccabella came two months after a jury convicted him 69-year-old Spanier of a single misdemeanor county, ending a five-year-long criminal prosecution.

Their attorneys were meeting with Boccabella after sentencing to determine where each man would serve his sentence, and when they would serve them.


A place to start if you want to know more about the Sandusky case is the JERRY SANDUSKY PAGE AT WIKIPEDIA.

Through his Second Mile organization, Sandusky would first approach potential victims, typically boys without a father living at home, when they were 8–12 years old. Subsequently, Sandusky employed classic child grooming strategies such as offering trips to football games or bestowing gifts, which would lead to incremental touching. This form of manipulation is generally the modus operandi of pedophiles as a ploy to build trust while invading personal boundaries — all part of instilling confusion, leading up to and part of the sexual abuse. Eventually, Sandusky often initiated overtly sexual behavior in the locker room showers. “The testimony of one victim, who said he was forced to put his hand on Sandusky’s erection when he was 8 to 10 years old, particularly outraged investigators. ‘The poor kid was too young to even understand what an erection was,’ one said.

“Woman Worship” Website Puts MEN Under Women’s Feet–Literally (NSFW)

Pathetic, and not worthy of the name MAN:

Scissors grips are for the wrestling ring:

Ready for the “superior sex” to spit on your face, guys?

Sorry, but I think that may be a penis being crushed here:

Plenty more here.

White genocide starts with culture.

Destroy the men’s self-worth and the women will buy into anything.

This is why we need some form of white sharia.

Andrew Anglin claims that White Sharia was the original Sharia, stolen by the monkey mongrels of the Middle East. Read more here.

Disturbing on Youtube: Simulated Child Sh*t Porn has over 16 Million Views (NSFW)

Wow! Just wow.

If God doesn’t destroy America soon, he’s going to owe an apology to Sodom and Gomorrah. Watch the video and see if you agree.

I had to force myself to keep watching. This may be the most disturbing thing you’ll see. Until tomorrow comes and the sick degenerates come up with something even more disturbing.

This is really, really sick.

Youtube title: Bad Baby Messy Toilet Poop Prank! SUPER GROSS REAL FOOD | Toys AndMe Funny Video

Congoid Ejaculates on Teen in Library, Posts Video on Porn Site


One of the more stupid things that liberals do is to claim that whites are obsessed with black sexuality because we’re the perverts.

Nope. Libtards have it all wrong.

We’re disgusted by all aspects of the black lack of self control. The Negroid race gives up plenty to be disgusted about. The white liberal is the one who likes cuckold porn featuring black apes with degenerate white wives. White liberals are as much the enemy of our people as anyone.

Dumb Donavan Comager is an example of the Negroid lack of self control.


A Baton Rouge man has been arrested after reportedly performing a lewd act in a library in Baton Rouge.

On Monday, April 3, around 12:30 p.m., an officer was dispatched to a local library in reference to a complaint that a man had ejaculated on a 15-year-old female victim in the library.

Upon arriving at the library, the officer spoke to the victim, who said she was using a computer when she felt a warm liquid land on her back, right leg, and foot. The report states she first thought the liquid was spit, but when she looked closer, she saw what she recognized as “sperm” on her. She says she looked behind her and saw a light-skinned black male with long “dreadlocks” standing behind her, smiling.

The report states she told him she needed something to clean the substance off her, so he brought her a paper towel. She said the man left the library in an unknown direction and she then told her sister about the incident, who then reported it to library management. The report states the officer asked the victim how she knew the substance was not spit, to which she replied she took sex education class in school and has seen pictures of semen.

Two days later, on April 5, the officer received a Crime Stoppers tip about a video on a pornography website which shows a black male pleasuring himself until completion onto the back of a female subject. After the man completed the act, the female noticed what was going on and told the man “you need to find something to clean this off.” Based on the female’s voice, what she said, and the clothes she was wearing, the officer was able to determine she was victim from the incident at the library. The victim was also able to positively identify the man accused from the library’s video surveillance footage.

On Thursday, April 6, around 11 p.m., the man, identified as Donovan Comager, 35, turned himself in to the East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff’s Office Warrant Division. Comager was then arrested and stated he did not want to speak without an attorney present. He was booked in the East Baton Rouge Parish Prison and is charged with obscenity and indecent behavior with juveniles, both felony charges.