Heroic University of Oklahoma Regent Ignites Faggot Outrage Over Pedophile Comment


Sodomites hate it when good people notice that they’re attracted to little boys. Those who do notice are often fired or involuntarily resign.

Kirk Humphreys delivered a lukewarm apology, then doubled down. You’ve gotta love this guy.


Embattled University of Oklahoma Regent Kirk Humphreys said Tuesday that he has no plans to step down from his post despite calls for his resignation after comments he made comparing gay people to pedophiles.


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Prominent 9th Circuit (((Judge))) Accused of Foul Deeds by SIX Women Law Clerks


The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals is allegedly the most liberal of the federal circuit courts in America. Judge Alex Kozinski is a past chief judge for that left-leaning activist court.

The judge allegedly made six women employees of the court watch pornography with him at various times. He also supposedly engaged in some lewd talk with the ladies.

The press will report this story as a man vs woman issue. A better way to look at it is a Jew vs shiksa issue. According to the teachings of some rabbis, the judge had the right given to him by G-d to get nasty with gentile women.

As you will soon see he was on the hot seat a decade ago for his interest in porn. With today’s moral panic, he may have to leave the bench. The problem for the public is that judges are appointed for life and can only be removed by Congress. It’s doubtful that will happen.

CBS News

SAN FRANCISCO — Six women who served as clerks or externs at the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals allege to The Washington Post that Judge Alex Kozinski subjected them to inappropriate sexual comments or conduct. According to the newspaper, they said they were asked to watch pornography in his chambers.

I’m not sure, but it looks like Kozinski is with a tranny, while the “priest” is having oral sex performed on him by a doll that looks like a little boy.

Congress do your duty and dump this pervert.

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Kebob Olympics Sports Doctor Sentenced to 60 Years for Child Porn

Although his name and appearance suggest a Middle Eastern birthplace, disgraced pedophile doctor Larry Nassar was apparently born in the States.

Thus, Nassar couldn’t use the defense which has been used so successfully by Muslims residing in Europe: You can’t hold me accountable because it’s part of my culture.

Given the mountain of evidence against Nassar, unless he got a San Francisco jury who had the power let him go because he was an illegal alien, Nassar had no real defense.

Maybe the other inmates will kill him since they apparently don’t like pedophiles.


Larry Nassar, the disgraced former USA Gymnastics team doctor who admitted to sexually abusing underage girls, has been sentenced to 60 years in federal prison on child pornography charges, a court official said Thursday.

US District Judge Janet Neff essentially imposed a life prison term on the 54-year-old physician, sentencing Nassar to 20 years for each of three counts, which are to be served consecutively, according to the docket.


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Porn Star August Ames Refused to Have Sex with SODOMITES, Now She’s DEAD


Twitter exploded in leftist outrage when porn star August Ames, 23, Tweeted that she would not have sex with male porn stars who had done what are called gay scenes.

In blunt language, she would not f*ck on camera any guy who had butt f*cked another male or been penetrated himself.

Now she’s dead and the question is why.

The Internet is alive with condemnation of the left for her suicide.

Instinct Magazine

August Ames, a popular female porn star who has been in the industry for a couple of years now, is receiving a ton of backlash on social media due to a tweet she made about refusing to work with men who have done gay porn.

Well, at least she had one boundary. In my experience at the university, college girls are taught to have no racial or sexual boundaries at all. F*ck a Nog, a woman, a tranny, a fag–it’s all good.

As you will soon see, her boundary that kept faggots out of her body was about the only boundary this pathetic creature had.

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Offending Billboard Sparks F-Word Debate in Vegas

I was raised to not use curse words. The Bible condemns the use of profanity.

Cursing was never heard in public as I was growing up. The Jewish movie moguls changed that in the 60s when they introduced foul language in the movies (along with the ratings system).

Cursing has always struck me as a low class thing to do. The Jews I knew at the university were the only ones who cursed regularly.

I use taboo words here, usually with an asterisk, in order to punch up my writing.

People should not have their eyes assaulted by taboo words on billboards, as seen above.

After the story I’ve posted some photos of controversial billboards unrelated to the F-word or cursing. Take a look at them and see what you think about billboard talk.


LAS VEGAS (KTNV) – Some folks are offended and upset over a billboard sitting near the intersection of Decatur and Russell.

It says “‘_UCK!’ BANKS, GO CRYPTO”.

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Cernovich: Advertisers Demand that Youtube Do Something About Its Pedophile Problem


Alt-light Twitter celebrity Mike Cernovich is drawing attention to child sex predators who get their jollies via youtube, among other means.

Cernovich, like Laura Loomer, is widely mocked by the alt-right. It really is counterproductive to mock those whose positions are partly in line with ours so long as they do not try to take over our movement.

He’s obviously a self-promoter, trying to make a living as a journalist and an author. Gorilla Mindset is his claim to fame at this point in his career. It’s rather silly but not dangerous to us that I can see.

Although Cernovich has his weaknesses, he does use his influence on social media to good effect from time to time. This post reveals something that most of us would otherwise be unaware of, which is the presence on youtube of a certain type of fetish video that allegedly gives pedophiles an outlet for their expression.

Medium.com Cernovich

“Guess her age — She’s 9!” is the title of one video, which features an image of what appears to be an adult woman. Racking up tens-of-millions of views, the Guess Her Age genre of videos sexualizes young children.

When I brought this vile trend to YouTube’s attention, they responded: “Appreciate you sending this search term to us, we take this very seriously and have passed along the video results for review. Also, please flag any videos that violate our policies as that’s the best way to get them reviewed. Thanks!”

YouTube allowed pedophile and child abuse videos on its platform for years, and only took action once BuzzFeed ran a report on the vile content marketed to children.

YouTube censors conservatives while allowing pedophiles to run child an open ring on their platform.

For example, YouTube censored my journalistic documentary on rape culture and Sweden. My film does not contain any violence or foul language.

By age-restricting my journalism, no one is able to see it on YouTube.

Somehow YouTube found my documentary, which at the time had around 150,000 views, while not finding pedophile channels with tens-of-millions of views.

Congressman Dana Rohrabacher has taken note of YouTube’s policies, writing on Twitter: “YouTube’s heavy-handed censorship of political ideas will not be tolerated much longer. Such power plays give credence to the call for making YouTube a public utility.”

For its part, YouTube is claiming to take its pedophile problem seriously.

We’ll see if YouTube will monitor pedophiles with the same vigilance as they monitor conservatives.

As good liberals, youtube had to be pretty happy that the promotion of pedophilia was under the radar screen for so long. Normalization of pedophilia is one of the core values of the left. Silencing the right is another core value. I predict that youtube is going to continue to cause trouble for conservatives when it can get away with it.

Ugly Americans: Two Mystery Meat Faggots Arrested in Thailand for Taking Naked Butt Pictures in Temples

The shameful Americans who defiled the sacred places of Thailand with their stupid faggot behavior should be allowed by the American authorities to rot in an Asian jail.

So far, they’ve only been fined a modest amount and blacklisted for their disgusting public faggotry. Maybe they will be jailed. They should also be caned. Let’s see those bloody butts after 20 lashes with a cane.

Fox News

Two American men who were reportedly honeymooning in Thailand were detained after they shared photos of their exposed butts taken at two famous Bangkok temples.

The pair, Joseph and Travis DaSilva of San Diego, both 38, were arrested at Don Mueang International Airport in Bangkok on Tuesday, just days after they uploaded photos of their bared backsides to Instagram, the Bangkok Post reported; the photos were taken at Wat Arun (The Temple of Dawn) and Wat Pho temples.

“They were detained as they were about to leave Thailand,” said Col. Cherngron Rimpadee, an immigration police spokesman. The colonel said the couple were on a “watch list” after their social media posts caught authorities’ attention.

“Once they are through with the charges, the Thai immigration police will revoke their visas and push for deportation,” he said, according to the BBC. “They will also be blacklisted from coming back to Thailand.”

He added that the two men admitted to taking down their pants and posing for photos at the temples.

The DaSilvas were charged with getting naked in public and fined $150 apiece. However, some Thai officials have told the media that there could be more serious charges. Officials are now seeking court approval to prosecute them on the Computer Crime Act for uploading pornographic pictures, Col. Jarupat Thongkomol said from the police station near the temple, Agence France-Press reported. They could face jail time.

The couple were in Thailand celebrating their honeymoon one year after tying the knot, according to San Diego’s NBC 7.

San Diego City Commissioner Nicole Murray-Ramirez said the men reached out to him for assistance. “Though I am very disappointed in their actions, I am talking to U.S. government officials to see what assistance we can give them,” Murray-Ramirez told San Diego Gay and Lesbian News.

Wat Arun and Wat Pho, known to many travelers as the home of the golden reclining Buddha, are considered two of the holiest places in Thailand.

According to reports, this is not the first time the couple have posted images of their naked backsides online. The now-deleted Instagram account, @traveling_butts, followed their adventures across the globe with pictures of their bare bottoms at famous tourist sites around the world.

While some of the posts seemed harmless, the photos of the two men in Thailand triggered an intense backlash once they went viral, news.com.au reported.

In 2015, two American women were arrested, fined and deported for taking nude photographs inside Cambodia’s Angkor Wat complex.

These two c*ck suckers give all Americans a bad name in Asia.

Their fellow fags will greet and treat them as heroes.

The rest of us should shun and shame them.