“Fuck Donald Trump” Sign in Gook’s Front Yard Leads White Gentleman to Vehemently Object


Enemies of the founding stock of America, that would be white people, turn out to support a couple of gooks and their yard signs, which include one that says, “Fuck Donald Trump.”

The gook needs to be taught a lesson in good manners. The police won’t do it, claiming the sign is protected by the First Amendment.

A white male tried to reason with the slant, but got grief for his efforts.

There’s a video of the encounter on Twitter that I’ve embedded at the bottom of this post.

Any reasonable member of the founding stock might find himself hating gooks after watching the encounter.

Charlotte Observer

Tin Nguyen and his partner, Cat Bao Le, say they will continue to confront white supremacists and hatred after an unknown white man banged on their door, yelled racial slurs, threatened to call police, and argued with them about a sign in their yard that says “F— Donald Trump.”

The man told Nguyen and Le, “I’m gonna get you, n—–.”

Nguyen is a 38-year-old lawyer in Charlotte who defends people in immigration cases and whose mother and father were refugees from Vietnam in the late 1970s. Le, 37, is also Vietnamese-American and is executive director of the Southeast Asian Coalition, a youth and advocacy organization in Charlotte.

Both are disgusting PARASITES. Advocacy organization my a**!

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K9 Officer Robbie is a good boy!

The video of the incident embedded below will make your day.

Officer Robbie is still a K9 cop. He hasn’t been fired, not yet anyway.


ROSWELL, Ga. — 11Alive investigators have uncovered another video the Roswell Police Department kept quiet. This one stayed hidden for nearly two years.

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Tacoma Billboard Warns of Nazis in the Neighborhood

LOL. I’ve put up a photo of the woman responsible for this nonsense. Hint: She looks just like you’d expect her to look.

If you’re against illegal immigration, you’re a Nazi to her.



ACOMA, Wash. – A new billboard in Tacoma is drawing a lot of attention along Pacific Avenue and 72nd Street.

The billboard says, “There are Nazis in our neighborhood.”

Neighbors in the group, “Tacoma Against Nazis” said they’re fighting back against what they feel is white supremacy invading their community.

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DOJ’s Deep State Operative Rod Rosenstein Announced Gun-Happy Russian Immigrant Arrest on Day of Trump-Putin Summit


The theater of the absurd played out on Monday when President Trump went on a peace mission to Helsinki.

Back home, his traitor of a Deputy Attorney General (((Rod Rosenstein))) tried to spoil the peace process by announcing the arrest of a Russian girl (young woman) for trying to swing the 2016 presidential election to Donald Trump.

With millions of illegal Mexicans and Mexico itself trying to swing the election toward Hillary Clinton, the absurdity of arresting a Russian cutie on trumped-up charges becomes clear.

To be blunt, wouldn’t Russia have sent a Mati Hari type who could bed down a dozen politicians of stature and influence?

Washington Post via MSN

For nearly five years, the young Russian political-science student wasan unusualfixture at the most important events of the U.S. conservative movement.

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Is President Trump A Traitor Because He Wants Peace With Russia?

24 hours ago it was almost impossible to find anyone saying anything good about the Trump-Putin summit meeting in Helsinki.

I knew Paul Craig Roberts would come through, given a little time to compose his thoughts on paper.

Normally, posts here are about 500 words. This one is over 2,300 words.

PCR names the “Israel lobby.” I’ve bolded key passages that stood out to me. PCR’s essential message is that the Deep State does not want peace and will kill Trump and Putin to prevent peace.

Paul Craig Roberts

Is President Trump A Traitor Because He Wants Peace With Russia?

The Democrats say he is

Paul Craig Roberts

The US Democratic Party is determined to take the world to thermo-nuclear war rather than to admit that Hillary Clinton lost the presidential election fair and square. The Democratic Party was totally corrupted by the Clinton Regime, and now it is totally insane. Leaders of the Democratic Party, such as Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, my former co-author in the New York Times, have responded in a non-Democratic way to the first step President Trump has taken to reduce the extremely dangerous tensions with Russia that the Clinton, George W. Bush, and Obama regimes created between the two superpowers.

Yes, Russia is a superpower. Russian weapons are so superior to the junk produced by the waste-filled US military/security complex that lives high off the hog on the insouciant American taxpayer that it is questionable if the US is even a second class military power. If the insane neoconservatives, such as Max Boot, William Kristol, and the rest of the neocon scum get their way, the US, the UK, and Europe will be a radioactive ruin for thousands of years.

House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi (CA), Minority Leader of the US House of Representatives, declared that out of fear of some undefined retribution from Putin, a dossier on Trump perhaps, the President of the United States sold out the American people to Russia because he wants to make peace: “It begs the question, what does Vladimir Putin, what do the Russians have on Donald Trump—personally, politically and financially that he should behave in such a manner?” The “such a manner” Pelosi is speaking about is making peace instead of war.

To be clear, the Democratic Minority Leader of the US House of Representatives has accused Donald Trump of high treason against the United States. There is no outcry against this blatantly false accusation, totally devoid of evidence. The presstitute media instead of protesting this attempt at a coup against the President of the United States, trumpet the accusation as self-evident truth. Trump is a traitor because he wants peace with Russia.

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Small-Town Alabama Cops Suspended for Making Alleged White Power Hand Sign

Even the Jewish Anti-Defamation League acknowledges that the OK sign is not a hate symbol.

Yet here we are mired in political correctness that has even reached small town Alabama.


Four officers from the Jasper Police Department have been suspended after making and upside-down “OK” sign with their hands in a post-arrest photo taken by a Jasper Daily Mountain Eagle photographer, city officials told AL.com.

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Paypal Bans Faith Goldy for Saying the 14 Words and GLP in its Continuing War on Alt Media

Faith Goldy was banned from Paypal because she said the 14 words in a video. She’s very active in opposing the race replacement of white people in Western countries.

There’s a short discussion thread about her at Stormfront, which is pretty negative.

I agree with one of the Stormfront people in saying that I’ve always liked her work.

GLP, the popular conspiracy forum, was also banned by Paypal, with no explanation given. GLP ciovers a wide variety of popular topics unrelated to race or religion, such as UFOs.

Paypal is something like a bank and so should be forced by law to accept all customers, regardless of their political or personal views.

This is all very disturbing because Red Ice and many others I assume have also been banned as part of the great purge by Jew-controlled companies.