Have a Laugh: Life is Hard When You’re Stupid

The Beagle strikes again. Take that, you foolish egalitarians.

Delusional Waffle House Shooting Suspect with Troubling History of Craziness Captured Minutes Ago

Taylor Swift is driving men crazy.

Well, at least the alleged Waffle House shooter. And a nutjob stalker who broke into her apartment the other day.


Travis Reinking, wanted for the Waffle House shootings in Tennessee, has been apprehended by police, taken alive and unhurt. The backstory on him suggests serious problems with facing reality, aka what is commonly called mental illness.

Apparently, the FBI is willing to see Donald Trump dead and anyone else in order to further the (((Deep State))) agenda.


Metro police announced Monday afternoon that Travis Reinking, the suspect in a shooting that killed four people at an Antioch Waffle House, had been arrested.

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LOL! Waffle House Victims Include “brilliant” Negro College Student and Aspiring Rapper


Every dead negro recently shot by police or a white man has been a damn future rocket scientist or an “aspiring” rapper.

What about a negro aspiring to be a “kangz?” Dey wuz kangz so why not aspire to that role: King Shitavious I.

Since negro worship is America’s new religion, just aspire to be a god. “I beez a gawd and an all dat sheeeeit.”

Fox News

Four people who were killed Sunday after a gunman opened fire at a Waffle House in Tennessee have been identified as a manhunt for the suspect continues. The victims included a worker at the restaurant, a college student and a rapper.

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Migrant Mestizo Caravan Arrives at U.S. Border Seeking Asylum

Fox News ran the above photo as part of its coverage of the arrival of the shrunken migrant caravan at the U.S. border.

It’s a nice pro-asylum seeker propaganda image. We’re supposed to feel sorry for such a nice young family with a baby.

Feeling sorry for people is not enough reason for accepting them into your country.

Their own country should work on making everyone safer. The problem is that none of the countries of origin for the mestizos is capable of producing a safe place.

Fox News

A group of about 50 Central American migrants who fled southern Mexico in late March have reportedly reached the U.S. border and plan to seek asylum.

Naturally, the liberal press is implying cruelty by President Trump for separating children from adults. The thing is that adults who bring children along from Central America are exposing them to danger.

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11-Year-Old Boy Hit by Truck During David Hogg’s Anti-Gun School Walkout Dies

Liberal sh*tstain David Hogg can take at least partial credit for killing a kid.

The kid’s school can also take some of the blame.

Schools across America emptied out on Friday as students protested the right to keep and bear arms. The walkout was part of a movement created by despicable rat-faced David Hogg.

Eleven year olds have no business leaving the classroom to protest guns in America. The issues are too complex for the young minds of mush to understand.


EL PASO, Texas – University Medical Center has announced a memorial for the Parkland Middle School student struck and killed Friday.

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Singer Shania Twain Forced to Apologize by Internet Lynch Mob for Saying She Would Have Voted for Trump if She Were an American

What do we keep advising people called out for political incorrectness?

Never apologize.

The lynch mob after singing Shania won’t stop until they get a taste of blood. Apologies rarely do any good.


Shania Twain has taken to Twitter to say sorry for ‘offending’ anyone by admitting she would have voted for Donald Trump.

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Sharing Nudes of Current or Ex-Partners Protected by First Amendment says Texas Court


Many of us have stated the obvious: If you don’t want your naked self on the Internet, don’t take naked pictures or videos.

As far as I’m concerned, if there’s no written agreement between a guy and his romantic interest, when she sends him nude photos, he has the right to do with as he wishes.

Revenge porn laws are anti-white and anti-male. This ruling is good news if you’re a white male.

Dallas News

Is distributing intimate photos of current or previous sexual partners without their consent protected by the First Amendment? A state appeals court says yes.

Now it will be up to the state attorney general’s office to defend the state’s “revenge porn” law, which was passed in 2015 and punishes those who post intimate images from previous or current relationships online.

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