Jewish New Yorker Fact Checker Falsely Claimed Hero ICE Worker’s Tattoo was a NAZI Symbol


When you want to see Nazis, you’re going to see Nazis everywhere.

Talia Lavin is a case in point.

But don’t worry. It was just a normal mistake. Says she.

New York Post

A Harvard-educated fact-checker for the New Yorker is being excoriated by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency for “baselessly slandering” a Marine veteran — by falsely accusing him of having a Nazi tattoo, according to reports.


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Congressional intern yells ‘Mr. President, f— you!’ at Trump in U.S. Capitol

A crazy female feminist intern who presumably will never adjust to the fact that Hillary Clinton lost turned her foul mouth toward President Donald Trump today.

While we don’t know who she is or what she looks like, a good guess might be something like this.

Or this.

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Viral Facebook Campaign Raises $3.5 Million Fast to Get Illegals Out of Detention Centers


Scroll down to the middle of this post to see two photos of the libtards who’ve had huge success with a Facebook fund raising effort that’s aimed at freeing illegal border jumpers, putting them on the streets of America, with their children (or somebody’s children) in tow.

The silicon valley types who are behind this nonsense want illegals and legals alike for their cheap labor. Silicon Valley does not have clean hands when it comes to the issues of immigration.

Mercury News

A Silicon Valley couple, horrified at the images of immigrant children being separated from their parents, are marshaling their vast connections in the tech community and beyond to raise $3.5 million — and counting — to “Reunite an immigrant parent with their child.”

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Jeopardy Winner Fired from Professorship Facing 5 Years in Prison


Fired professor Stephanie Jass’s crime should be punishable by a $250 fine.

But the streak of insanity in the legal system today, working to put people into for-profit prisons, may see her spend the next five years behind bars.

This is really wacko stuff in my opinion, but you may disagree.

Fox News

In 2012, her winning streak on TV’s “Jeopardy!” set a record for a female contestant.

But when she’s sentenced July 20, she could get a prison sentence of up to five years.

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U.K. “Holocaust Denier” Alison Chabloz Sentenced for “Antisemitic” Songs


Alison has been banned from posting on social media for a year.

One of her crimes was calling Auschwitz a “theme park.” That’s not bad. In fact, it’s kind of funny.

Jerusalem Post

Alison Chabloz, a British blogger and Holocaust denier, was sentenced on Thursday to 20 weeks in prison – suspended for two years – for sharing antisemitic songs online.

In addition to the suspended sentence, Chabloz was banned from social media for one year and ordered to complete 180 hours of community service.

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IHOP Name Change to IHOb Looking Disastrous at This Point

Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t black culture include early morning stops at IHOP for pancakes after a night of twerking, hip-hopping, and so forth?

Could it be that the name from from pancakes to burgers is partly motivated by racial considerations? As in hoping that blacks, notorious for bad behavior in restaurants, will go somewhere else? Like for waffles?

Anyway, social media and business experts are weighing in on the significance of the temporary name change.

Let’s not forget that there once was a similar restaurant named Sambo’s. Political correctness drove it out of business by the early 1980s.

Excerpt from Adweek

If Twitter is any gauge of consumer sentiments, the International House of Pancakes’ announcement Monday that it was changing its name to the International House of Burgers (colloquially: IHOP to IHOb) hasn’t exactly been met with a warm embrace. Granted, as many media outlets have ventured, the name change is temporary, merely an effort by the 60-year-old chain to stoke everybody about its new “steak burgers” amid flattening pancake sales. In other words, the switch is evidently just a play for attention.

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Dennis Rodman Mocked by Left for Crying Happy Tears During CNN Interview About Singapore Summit

Like many other race realists, what black people have to say is generally not important to me. However, Dennis Rodman’s words about the Trump-Kim Singapore summit are important for one reason.

Rodman’s red MAGA cap that he wore for a CNN interview Monday night say to blacks, “It’s OK to support Donald Trump.” His words, not as direct as that, still back up the idea that blacks should be supporting Trump.

If Trump can swing 20 percent of the black vote his way, Republican majority governance would help slow down the soft white genocide that’s leading the U.S. to become majority nonwhite.

The left is mocking Rodman for the same reason they began mocking Kanye. They know that Dennis is an influential voice among blacks. He’s stepped off the plantation to support Trump and they don’t approve.

The alt-right ought to avoid criticizing Dennis at a minimum, and should think about the advantages to the white majority for speaking nice about the former basketball star.

The Guardian

Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump had barely exchanged pleasantries outside the Capella hotel when their mutual friend Dennis Rodman appeared on TV to provide a characteristically bizarre sideshow to the main event in Singapore.

Short video of emotional Dennis:

Full interview below.

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