Toxic Negress Playboy Playmate Took a Fatal Dive from Tall Building with Son in Tow


Heh, heh. Stephanie Adams didn’t want her white ex-husband to have their remarkably white looking kid, so she did something drastic.

I’ll bet the doctor wishes he’s never seen her black ass in Playboy or in his bed.

New York Post

A former Playboy Playmate jumped with her 7-year-old son to their deaths from a Midtown hotel Friday — amid a nasty custody battle with her chiropractic ex, sources told The Post.

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Black Thug Tries to Steal Purse from Young White Woman (Security Cam Video)

Lucky Police Dog Gets Protective Vest


Every police dog should have a protective vest that’s bullet and stabbing resistant.

It’s the least we can do for man’s best friend when he’s putting his life on the line to protect the public.

KNSI Radio

(KNSI) – A Benton County police dog is now better protected as he’s chasing down the bad guys.

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German Holocaust-denier ‘Nazi grandma’ Ursula Haverbeck arrested after failing to show up for prison


Notice how the powers that be call you a Nazi when you disagree with muh six million.

You could be a liberal, conservative, libertarian or anything else and be skeptical of the official Holocaust narrative.

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Mississippi Woman Recognized for Saving Thousands of Stray Dogs


Here’s a great story of a nice dog lady.

As inspiring as her love for dogs is, Jeanette Unruh should be married and having children. Dogs in need are one crisis, but there’s a demographic crisis too. A kind-hearted woman could produce many kind-hearted children who could carry on her work.

After the story, I share a little news about my two foxes.

Excerpt from the Clarion-Ledger

She has seen a stray dog who had the hair burned off her face.

She has seen the X-rays of strays with broken bones and shotgun pellets all over their bodies.

She has seen a stray dragging her hind legs to the point they were rubbed raw. An X-ray revealed a BB lodged at the top of her spine that left her partially paralyzed.

But there is a happy ending to all of the above because Jeanette Unruh of Macon cared enough to rescue them, nurture them back to health, then find them a good home.

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White Men Risk Lives to Free Cougar Stuck in Painful Foot Trap (Video)

Three minutes of high tension suspense worthy of Hitchcock. Kudos to the two unidentified Utah men who freed the agitated cougar.

It’s Euro-man who has the biggest heart when it comes to saving animals, although my hat’s off to the the Hindu people of India for some of the stories of animal rescue in India that I’ve posted here.

Nazi Symbols on Display at Ukrainian Nationalist March



Honoring and remembering our ancestors and their sacrifices is always a good idea.

Hundreds of people in the Ukrainian city of Lviv attended a nationalist march featuring Nazi symbols that commemorated a Waffen SS unit with many local volunteers.

Damn right. They wanted to be free of Stalin’s deadly brand of communism. Joining up with Hitler may or may not have had anything to do with Jews, but you’d never know that as you read this story from an Israeli source.

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