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Fearless Tucker Kicking It in Tranny Kelly’s Old Fox Timeslot


Backstabbing celebrity journalist Megyn Kelly lost Trump supporters with her vicious, unfair attack on him during the Republican debate last year.

Maybe “she” was making up for having her penis removed by being wildly aggressive to the Donald at that debate. Trump certainly didn’t take her obnoxious attacks lying down. She gave herself the fame she wanted by acting like a goonish feminist, leftist fool. It’s not clear that the left will want her any more than the right does. She’s tainted by her association with Fox News.

Her old timeslot is now occupied by a happy warrior, one Tucker Carlson, who used to be nerdy, but showed what a man can do when he gets in touch with his inner tiger.

Excerpt from Western Journalism

Though she was reportedly offered $20 million to $25 million per year to stay at Fox News, Kelly decided to cast her professional lot with the broadcast network where she will have a daytime program rather than a nightly show that kept her away from her family.

Taking her place in the coveted primetime lineup at 9 p.m., Tucker Carlson has continued to grow the audience that he began to cultivate when, only a few months ago, he took over the hourlong programming slot that had been occupied by Greta Van Susteren.

The premiere of Carlson’s Kelly replacement show on Monday, Jan. 9, raked in 2.7 million viewers overall, and even managed to outdo the venerable ratings leader Bill O’Reilly in the sought-after 25-54 audience demographic. The Factor scored 442,000 viewers in the demo, with Tucker Carlson Tonight topping at 493,000.

As The Washington Free Beacon notes of Carlson’s content, he generally features a segment with a liberal whom he cheerfully “takes to the woodshed,” much to the delight of his audience.

Carlson’s taking over for Kelly came as something of a shock to many observers, since the names that had been tossed around as the new face at 9 p.m. were female Fox News personalities. They included Trish Regan, Shannon Bream, Sandra Smith, Martha MacCallum and Kimberly Guilfoyle.

An affirmative action hire would not be delivering the viewership that fearless Tucker can deliver. You can’t cuck the Tuck.

Now, let’s boycott Miss Megyn’s new shows on NBC. I would except I’ve never watched her to begin with.


Watch Tucker destroy a liberal black woman:

Watch a black man Mason Weaver talk common sense:

Inspirational Quote of the Day: One by Alan Watts

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Breaking: Trump Destroys Outgoing CIA Chief with Two Tweets Tonight

Uh-oh. President-elect Donald Trump is living dangerously again.

The two Tweets above, published a half hour ago as I’m writing, signal that Trump intends to “drain the swamp” over at the CIA.

This is the same CIA that very likely had President John Kennedy assassinated, with the full cooperation of Lyndon Johnson.

The mainstream press hasn’t put anything out on this yet. I wonder how they’ll spin it. No matter. We win again. Trump promised us we would get tired of winning. I’m not tired yet.

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New Evidence Hints at Identity of Legendary Plane Hijacker D. B. Cooper: Did He Work for Boeing?


Plane hijacker D. B. Cooper is a hero to all the white people I know.

He said “F*ck you” to the System without hurting anyone.

I’d like to think that he lived a good life after jumping out of the plane he hijacked with $200,000 in tow. Realistically, if he did survive the jump, the fear of discovery, followed by life imprisonment would make it difficult to live serenely.

Alleged new evidence has surfaced that may offer clues about his true identity.

Excerpt from the Daily Mail

New evidence uncovered by scientists examining D.B. Cooper’s necktie has led to a shocking new twist in the recently closed, unsolved case.

A team of vigilante scientists, the self-titled Citizen Sleuths, devote their time to exclusively researching the mysterious hijacking, in which Cooper parachuted from a plane with $200,000 and was never seen again.

After examining the JC Penney tie left behind by Cooper, the Sleuths discovered a number of rare elements on its surface, which indicate that Cooper may have worked as an engineer for Boeing before the historic hijacking.

Haha. Cooper wore a J. C. Penney clip on neck tie. That sounds about like me back in the day.

Using an electron microscope, the scientists were able to pull more than 100,000 particles from the tie, which contained traces of ‘rare earth elements’.

‘They’re used in very narrow fields, for very specific things,’ said Tom Kaye, associate researcher for the group told King 5 News.

Such elements included Cerium, Strontium Sulfide, and pure titanium. They were used at the time of Cooper’s hijacking by Boeing in the production of their Super Sonic Transport Plane.

Boeing was cultivating high-tech equipment, like radar screens, in the 1960s and 1970s which utilized the elements found on Cooper’s discarded tie.

‘The tie went with him into these manufacturing environments, for sure, so he was not one of the people running these (manufacturing machines),’ Kaye said.

‘He was either an engineer or a manager in one of the plants.’

It has been 45 years since DB Cooper hijacked a plane and then parachuted into the woods somewhere around the border of Oregon and Washington with $200,000, which would be worth more than $1 million today

It has been 45 years since DB Cooper hijacked a plane and then parachuted into the woods somewhere around the border of Oregon and Washington with $200,000, which would be worth more than $1 million today

Kaye and his team are appealing for members of the public with experience in aerospace engineering during that time period to help them investigate further.


If Dan Cooper were found today and I was on a jury, I would vote NOT GUILTY even if he confessed. Heroes are hard to find. I wouldn’t put one in prison for any reason. It’s called jury nullification. I also would vote any and all members of the Bundy family not guilty of any charges lodged against them.

White people have to learn how to stand up for each other. Making D. B. Cooper a representative hero of our race is a good place to start.

Inspirational Quote of the Day: One About the Meaning of Life

A quote from the much quoted Alan Watts.

Inspirational Quote of the Day: Wisdom from the East by Lao Tzu

I’ve published this one before, but it’s so good it bears repeating.

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