Nebraska Town Considers Banning Wetbacks from Jobs, Housing

With no job and ho house for him and his 35 relatives to live in, the beaner must do without or steal.

Fox News

A Nebraska town is considering blocking undocumented immigrants from obtaining jobs or renting houses ahead of a new Costco plant opening in the area.

Undocumented immigrants? How about illegal aliens, the correct but non-PC term for illegal Mexiturds.

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Amazing! Dog Saves Fellow Canine that Fell into Pool (Video)

40 seconds of doggie heroics. The quick thinking by the hero dog is really amazing. What a blessing dogs are!

Cancer-Ridden 5 Year Old White Boy Wrote His Own Happy Obituary: “See ya later, suckas”

Little Garrett Matthias could teach all of us a lesson or two.

He faced the end of his life on earth with courage and a sense of humor.

As our embattled peoples in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand face our own impending extinction, let’s remember Garrett as we gather around the campfires a thousand years from now as we celebrate our ultimate victory.

Fox News

A 5-year-old boy whose cancer was declared terminal in June helped his parents write his unique obituary before his tragic death earlier this month.

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White Male Charged with Beating Queer He Says Grabbed His Junk



The young white male arrested for assaulting a homosexual man in Tennessee has been arrested at least once before, in 2012 for disorderly conduct and vandalism.

Brandon M. Wiley claims that the queer grabbed his genitals but police say that security cam video doesn’t back up his story.

Young white males would have a lot more value to society if they could find good white wives and start raising children.


A Lewisburg man has been arrested in connection with what police say was an anti-gay hate crime in Murfreesboro.

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Trump Takes British PM Teresa May to the Woodshed During London Visit

U.S. President Donald Trump unleashed the inner Trump that ordinary working class Americans love during his U.K. visit.

Establishment politicians in Europe must rue the day that Americans went to the polls and choose Trump over New World Order shill Hillary Clinton.

American liberals are disgusted with truth-teller Trump:

Excerpt from The Sun

DONALD Trump today accuses the PM of wrecking Brexit — and warns she may have killed off any chance of a vital US trade deal.

The US President delivers his incendiary verdict on her negotiating strategy in a world exclusive interview with The Sun.

In an extraordinary intervention timed to coincide with his UK visit, Mr Trump said Theresa May ignored his advice by opting for a soft Brexit strategy.

And he warned her any attempts to maintain close ties with the EU would make a lucrative US trade deal very unlikely.

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Trump: Germany Totally Controlled by Russia


Russia isn’t attacking Europe.

Israel, via it’s policies toward its neighbors, is sending millions of sand niggers and black Africans into Europe in a massive invasion unlike anything seen in history.

If Europe is going to allow itself to be invaded by filthy darkies, I’d rather see it invaded and ruled over by Russia. Under the Russians, the continent might at least have a shot at remaining white.

American president Donald Trump stands out when you see him in a group with European leaders. Unlike Obama who went along to get along, Trump not only stands out physically, but also he’s mentally dominating the rest of them.


BRUSSELS (AP) — In a combative start to his NATO visit, President Donald Trump asserted Wednesday that a pipeline project has made Germany “totally controlled” by and “captive to Russia” and blasted allies’ defense spending, opening what was expected to be a fraught summit with a list of grievances involving American allies.

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JetBlue Crew Saves Distressed French Bulldog with Oxygen Mask


If French bulldog Darcy had been in the cargo hold, no one would have known that she was having trouble breathing. She might have died.

But she appears to have had her own seat on a JetBlue flight, which helped save her life.

Kudos to the crew members who had the sense to put an oxygen mask on the doggo’s snout. Breathing pure oxygen led to a tail waggin’ happy ending to this story.

ABC News

Plane passengers rarely describe air travel as a breath of fresh air, but it was literally that for one family’s bulldog on a recent JetBlue flight.

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