$300K a Year African San Diego State Provost Mysteriously Returning to Teaching After Putting a CURSE on White Professor


A Provost is in charge of managing academics at a university. A president’s job is to raise money.

The provost at SDSU has a 100 percent African name, so let’s assume he’s from Africa. Putting a curse on someone fits that speculation.

You can take the African out of Africa, but you can’t take Africa out of the African.

Putting a person of Negroid genes in a position of high responsibility is guaranteed to end badly, as we’ve noted before.

Inside Higher Ed

San Diego State University’s provost resigned from his position suddenly this week, and both he and the university have declined comment as to why.

But there is one glaring clue: an unusual email he sent to a former professor last year, which has since been made public.


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Britain: Tommy Robinson Arrested Outside Muzzie Child Grooming Trial for Breaching the Peace

The Twitter video below shows that the cops teamed up five or six deep to arrest a peaceful, non-resisting Tommy Robinson.

Tommy’s crime, as far as can be determined from the half dozen reports I read at different news sites, was videoing outside the British courtroom where the trial of Muslim sex groomers is taking place.

In other words, by the standards of natural law, Tommy did no crime at all.


Tommy Robinson has been arrested outside a child grooming trial for allegedly breaching the peace.

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Justice for Beaten, Starved, Tortured, Murdered Nanny as Brown Couple Found Guilty of Her Murder



Both brown persons implicated in the death of a white French nanny in London, England, have been found guilty of murder.

The brown woman delusionally believed that her nanny was having sex with her white ex-boyfriend, a famous pop star in Britain whose life she tried to ruin when he broke up with her. The nanny had never even set eyes on Mark Walton of Boyzone.

Really, this story is another in the long line of stories that serve as a warning to white people to avoid becoming intimately involved with blacks and browns.


LONDON — A London couple delusionally obsessed with a former boy-band star were found guilty Thursday of murdering their French nanny and burning her body on a bonfire in their backyard.

A jury at the Central Criminal Court convicted 35-year-old Sabrina Kouider and 40-year-old Ouissem Medouni after six days of deliberation.


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Filthy Nog Soccer Player to Marry TWO White Wimmens in Rio

A wealthy nagger ex-sports star shows his interest in white women by doubling down, leaving behind an angry nagger ex-girlfriend.

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White Woman Who Made Slant Eyes Gesture Toward Slant Will Not Be Charged, Say Police


An Asian male whose driving was mocked by a white woman reported her to police, which resulted in an in-depth investigation of the mockery.

He captured video of the incident to use as evidence, but the police decline to charge the woman with a crime.

Excerpt from the New York Daily News

A angry motorist caught mocking Asians in an altercation that was recorded on camera won’t be charged, police said.

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Berlin Police, KFC Accused of Racism After Kicking Out Disruptive Blacks From U.K.

A group of blacks who hold U.K. citizenship were in Berlin, Germany, eating local German sausage and beer.

Check that. They were eating KFC, fitting the stereotype.

They also fit the stereotype by forcing employees to call the police on them for their disruptive behavior.

Naturally, according to the blacks, they dindu nuffins.


A police intervention sparked a debate on racism in Germany, after several black British nationals were escorted out a KFC restaurant in Berlin in an incident captured in an online video.

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Black Professor Begs Trump to Send Military to Chicongo


A black professor in America’s third largest city has begged President Trump to send in federal troops to restore order to that murderous dump by the lake.

As a symbol that the black population must abide by the law, that would be great.

But we know that Trump would be labeled a racist again by politicians and the media. We also know that thousands of encounters between the peacekeeping troops and the local nogs would be headline news every day, as one racism accusation followed another.

Obama is from Chicongo and he did nothing much to end murder and crime in his city. So why should Trump.

Trump might think about federal funding for more meatwagons for Chicago to travel the city to pick up the dead bodies littering the streets and sidewalks. That’s about it.

Full text by Professor Jason D. Hill of an op-ed published at The Hill.

President Trump, during your presidential campaign you made a promise to send federal troops to drain the swamp in Washington, D.C., and also one festering with feral thugs and gang-bangers who are committing genocide among black Americans right in the great city of Chicago.

Sorry, professor, but the alt-right is more worried about white genocide by your people.

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