Negress Evergreen professor who made anti-white comments resigns, gets $240G settlement


Any excuse for a university that would hire sh*tskin piece of sh*t Naima Lowe deserves to have to pay big bucks to somebody. Too bad they paid her to get rid of her. Having to work around this gold-plated turd would be hell.

Fox News

An Evergreen State College professor who was captured on video harassing her white co-workers resigned after reaching a financial settlement with the college.

Naima Lowe, a self-described black queer artist and educator who taught video and performance art at Evergreen State, received $240,000 from the college after she filed a discrimination and hostile work environment claim, according to college spokesperson Zach Powers.

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It’s Over White Man: Alabama Negress Explains Jones Victory as Mandate for Black Female Tyrannical Rule

A black woman has gotten thousands of Instagram likes on a post that claims that black women are the moral compass of America and after Alabama they are in charge.

This seems rather odd since all they did was vote for a white man who represents the party of “gibsmedat.”

The Negress has taken “We wuz kangz and sheeeeit” to a new extreme.

ALABAMA!!!!! We are victorious when we unite. Thank you for rallying against pedophilia, sexual assault, bigotry, misogyny, and doing your part to help dismantle and untangle the tightly wound old mighty boys club of self-interested powerful white men. And let it be known that black women showed up to the polls to set the record straight- ENOUGH. We will not stand for it. We will not allow ourselves to sit idly by while our country races on a collision course to destruction. We will take the wheel and change the course- because I­t­ needs to be done. Black women have wet-nursed this nation since its inception, this country was built on our backs and the backs of other people of color, and we still rise and unite to serve as a collective moral compass- even when it doesn’t always directly serve our needs. We vote for the benefit of the collective and always have. Our interests have historically been dismissed and ignored but we organize and hold a mirror of truth for those who wish to see it- even when it­ rears it’s hideous head and forces people to shrink back into their catatonic inertia. We don’t have the luxury of sitting back and letting someone else figure it out for us because guess what, they aren’t coming. We have to be the ones- who one-by-one rise in our glow power and stand up against the dominant culture and do our part to change the current. For some of us that means running for office, for all of us that means voting, for all of us that means standing for truth in all the you do and using the power of your voice. When we pour from our hearts our voices allow us to speak truth laced with the protection of love. We can transform our realities by using the power of our voices. When we speak collectively we send a powerful vibration into the universe that has rippling affects. You see, we can change whatever frustrates us and infuriates us, we can turn the tide… But I­t­ requires each of us. The victory of Doug Jones over Roy Moore in Alabama last should be a reminder that, the #metoo movement should be a reminder of that, the work of Black Lives Matter should be a reminder of that, the rise of the Women’s March should be a reminder of that. 👊🏾

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The first comment at Instagram deflates her idea very quickly:

If “people of color” serve as a “moral compass” why are they so immoral? Blacks are criminal apes.

Haha. Short and to the point.

Heroic University of Oklahoma Regent Ignites Faggot Outrage Over Pedophile Comment


Sodomites hate it when good people notice that they’re attracted to little boys. Those who do notice are often fired or involuntarily resign.

Kirk Humphreys delivered a lukewarm apology, then doubled down. You’ve gotta love this guy.


Embattled University of Oklahoma Regent Kirk Humphreys said Tuesday that he has no plans to step down from his post despite calls for his resignation after comments he made comparing gay people to pedophiles.


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Charges Dropped Against Gateway Pundit’s Lucian Wintrich Who Was Arrested While Trying to Give “It’s OK to be White” Speech

Openly “gay” conservative journalist Lucian Wintrich was clearly a victim of false arrest by university police at the University of Connecticut last month.

It’s a real issue among conservative pro-white people as to whether to accept homosexuals as our comrades in arms. It’s too big an issue to get into here. I’ll just say for now that the meme, “It’s OK to be white” is a very powerful one, which is why UC arrested Wintrich.


STORRS, Conn. (AP) — Prosecutors have dropped a breach of peace charge filed against a conservative commentator over a confrontation he had with protesters at the University of Connecticut as he prepared to give a speech titled “It’s OK To Be White.”

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Roy Moore Refuses to Concede

We’re supposed to believe that blacks in Alabama turned out to vote in much greater numbers for white man Doug Jones than they did for black man Barack Obama.

Something is fishy and it’s not my left over fish sticks.

I expect that a deep analysis of the votes by Moore’s people will take place shortly, focused on the incredible black turnout.

Excerpt from CNN

Montgomery, Alabama (CNN)Doug Jones became the first Democrat in a generation to win a Senate seat in Alabama on Tuesday, CNN projects, beating Republican Roy Moore amid a firestorm over the allegations of sexually abusing teens facing the GOP candidate.

Moore, however, has refused to concede.

“It’s not over and it’s going to take some time,” Moore told supporters in Montgomery after Jones declared victory.

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Mystery Meat Woman Threatened to Kill Everyone Aboard SW Flight


The stench of mystery meat lesbian is strong with this one, folks. Look at her!

She’s from Oregon, the home of radical young fem lefties who think the world revolves around them and their “rights.”

“You have the right to remain silent …”


On Saturday, a female Southwest Airlines passenger threatened to “kill everyone on this plane” after she was caught smoking on a flight, PEOPLE can confirm.

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Supreme Court Declines to Hear Black Dyke Who Says She Was Forced to Quit Security Guard Job


A Georgia dyke broke company policy and reported to work dressed in the uniform of a male guard. She says she was asked to quit.

The mainstream press has reported that she was fired for being a lesbian. FAKE NEWS!

The Supreme Court generally rejects most cases brought to it. Legal experts believe this case was refused because of procedural issues, not legal ones relating to lesbian rights. She apparently, like a stupid Negro, never hired a process server (mine cost me $65) to notify her former employer that she was suing them.

Washington Post via NOLA

WASHINGTON – The Supreme Court passed up a chance Monday (Dec. 11) to decide whether federal workplace protections on sex discrimination extend to sexual orientation.

The question has divided lower courts and presidential administrations as well.

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