Parkland School Shooting: The Crisis Actor and the “skinhead lesbian” Say the NRA is THREATENING Them

Both David Hogg and Emma Gonzalez are part of a failed psy op using teens to advocate for political positions they know nothing about.

The public has sympathy for people who live through trauma, but the sympathy for the unimpressive skinhead lesbian and the crisis actor has run out.

Both of these camera-loving brats should be retired to wherever ex-crisis actors are retired to. Unfortunately for the public, these two losers are hooked on celebrity and aren’t going to shut up.

CBS News

Since the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, last month, survivors have mobilized the #NeverAgain movement to push for school safety and stronger gun legislation.

Two vocal leaders, David Hogg and Emma Gonzalez, spoke with CBSN Monday to discuss the movement and why they believe they can through the partisan divide on gun control and drive real change in policy.

What they believe doesn’t matter. Reality matters. Their bleating seems to have motivated even more people to join the NRA.

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Republican Candidate from Maine Who Called Repulsive Parkland Crisis Actor a “skinhead lesbian” Drops Out of Race


Never apologize, never quit. Not if you’ve told the truth, no matter how politically incorrect and how much fake outrage social justice warriors sputter on Twitter.

The Independent

A Republican candidate who called one victim of the Florida school shooting a “skinhead lesbian” and referred to another as “bald-faced liar” has quit the race for the Maine House of Representatives.

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Oregon Suspends Judge for THREE YEARS WITHOUT PAY for Refusing to Perform Faggot “Marriages”


What’s outrageous in particular is that Judge Vance Day refused to marry fags and dykes when it was unconstitutional under Oregon law for him to marry these freaks.

Excerpt from Law and Crime

The Oregon Supreme Court ruled Thursday to suspend Judge Vance Day without pay for three years on multiple allegations. The ruling stems from findings and a recommendation from the state Commission on Judicial Fitness and Disability.

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College Student Removed from REQUIRED CLASS for Saying There are Only TWO GENDERS


It would utterly disgusting to me to have any contact whatsoever with a creature like feminist professor, Alison Downie.

Sadly, a white lad was required to take her class in order to graduate.

The feminazi bitch’s insane hatred of white males has come to the fore. Lake Ingle dared to participate in a class discussion and remind everyone that there are only two biological sexes, male and female, not a hundred (or whatever number these days) genders.

Excerpt from Campus Reform

A student at Indiana University of Pennsylvania has been barred from attending a religious studies class required for graduation after pointing out that there are only two genders.

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Tucker Carlson Explores the Problem with Men

Soy boys won’t fight back. They’ll let the (((Deep State))) have its way. That’s the agenda behind the war on men and boys.

The Federalist

On Sunday, Jimmy Kimmel declared from the stage at Dolby Theatre at the 90th annual Academy Awards in his opening monologue that the best kind of a man is one without a penis, because he definitely will not rape anyone! While I understand what Kimmel is trying to say, his remark implies that men, who by definition possess a penis, are inherently rapists or sexual predators. That masculinity is toxic, and that men are sex abusers.

Mentally castrating men would be just as effective as the physical castration that the despicable Jew Jimmy Kimmel is advocating. I know, it’s just a joke. Yeah, right.

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Air Force Academy Symposium Promotes Tranny, Marxist, and Elderly Jew Sex Guru as Role Models


Every day in the news, there’s a new story that shoves offensive politically correct crap in the faces of decent Americans.

The American military’s embrace of social engineering is far from over.

Imagine what Muslims would do to a transgender Air Force pilot shot down and captured. You can bet that the new PC AF would go to extreme lengths to save their chick with a d*ck.


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Revealed: It Was a Lesbian Broward County Sheriff’s Captain Who Issued the Stand Down Order As the Parkland School Shooting Raged On


I don’t actually know that Broward County Sheriff’s Captain Jan Jordan is a lesbian, but I’d take bets that she is.

Now we have another odd ball character to add to the list in the Parkland, Florida school shooting.

There was (((Sheriff Scott Israel,))) the despicable alleged teen David Hogg, coward Scot Peterson, and now a lesbian woman in charge of male deputies.

Daily Mail

The police captain who told sheriff’s deputies to ‘stage’ and form a perimeter outside Stoneman Douglas High School as students and teachers were shot inside on February 14 has been named and pictured.

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