San Francisco’s New Black Female Mayor Has a Plan to Clean Up the Piles of Feces in the Streets


Well, the plan is about what you would expect from a liberal negress.

No pun intended, but the mayor’s plan is a shitty plan.

Her name is pretty shitty too.

London? As in England.


Before moving forward with this story, breaking news is telling the world that the historic meeting between Presidents Trump and Putin has started. More on that after we see what happens in Helsinki.


The new Mayor of San Francisco, London Breed, is beside herself at the abject squalor resulting from decades of “progressive” policies that encourage homeless residents to use the streets as their personal toilet.

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White CVS Manager Smeared as “Coupon Carl” by SJWs for Calling Police on Sheboon


Morry Matson, now dubbed Coupon Carl, has been suspended while an investigation of this horrible, horrible, horrible incident takes place.

Just as bad, CVS, the big drugstore chain, has groveled before the sacred negro goddess.

What’s it all about? Read on.


CHICAGO, Illinois — A Chicago CVS manager is under fire after a video of him allegedly calling the police over a wrong coupon was posted to social media.


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White Woman Smeared as “Permit Betty” by SJWs Has Been Fired


Actually, Permit Betty is half Mexican and half Irish.

I guess it was the Irish half that was fired because social justice warriors (SJWs) would never try to have a Mexican fired.

Anyway, a spook got her fired because he thought she was hassling a nonwhite street vendor when her job was to help them get the permit required by law to sell on the streets.


Rene Folena was identified as the non-profit worker dubbed “Permit Betty” after video of her interactions with a San Francisco street vendor went viral.

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Stormy Daniels’ Lawyer Has Threatened Friend of the Alt-Right, Actor James Woods

Stormy Daniels’ lawyer, the vile Michael Avenatti, has threatened to smear actor James Woods because of a Woods Tweet mocking Avenatti.

Jewish controlled Hollywood has blacklisted James, not because of his behavior toward women, but because of his vocal support for President Trump.

Woods, like all of us on the alt-right, wants that wall and more that we also favor.

Avenatti, on the other hand, is apparently driven by his hatred of President Trump.


Michael Avenatti is fighting back against James Woods, threatening to expose the actor’s “#MeToo issues” in an exchange of words via Twitter on Saturday morning.

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Two White Female Officers Suspended Over Arrest Based on Coin-Tossing App


The seven minutes of police bodycam footage embedded below is well worth watching.

There’s something dumb about the way the officer speaks to the white female speeder. I can’t quite pin down why it’s dumb other than it sounds like the officer is lecturing a five year old.

In any case, women police officers who do more than issue parking tickets are a huge mistake. Inclusion and diversity say we must have black cops, women cops, and every type of nonwhite cop you can imagine, tossing the best MAN for the job aside, the white male.

Two Georgia police officers have been placed on leave after video showed them using a coin-toss app before determining whether to arrest a woman caught speeding in April, and the police chief said he is “appalled” by the move.

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Beaner Inmate and White Teen Lover Caught Having Sex on Courthouse Steps

Miguel Camille Glorioso must be a hot lay. His lady friend still has a big smile on her face hours after their sexual encounter on the steps of a Louisiana courthouse.

She may have to find a new penis to please her though since Miguel’s sorry ass (and his penis) are going to be locked up for eight years on a drug charge.

The Town Talk

A couple caught having sex in a Rapides Parish Courthouse stairwell is facing obscenity charges.

A courthouse employee heard “a commotion” Wednesday around 10:20 a.m. in the fifth-floor stairwell and went to investigate, according to the Rapides Parish Sheriff’s Office.

Be forewarned guys. Jamie Lee Coutee is a SCREAMER!

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London FREAKS Send Baby Trump Balloon Aloft to Protest President’s Visit

Self-loathing whites, nonwhites, and an assortment of freaks from the LGBT crowd got together on Friday to fly the infamous Trump baby balloon over London, England.

The balloon stunt can be viewed several ways. If the idea was to peel away Trump supporters, it would prove to be a failure.

If anything, the American “deplorables” hate the leftard freaks who loved America’s nog prez, but hate Trump.

The anti-Trump crowd in London are out to destroy Britain by turning it nonwhite. Trump himself noted that in an interview with The Sun, which probably enraged the freaks even more.

Excerpt from CNN

London (CNN)An orange-hued 20-foot tall “Trump Baby,” clutching a mobile phone and sporting a giant diaper, took flight over Britain’s Houses of Parliament for two hours on Friday morning, kicking off a day of widespread protests against the US leader’s controversial visit to the UK.

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