Police Investigating Pitbull That Mistook Woman’s Foot for Dinner on NYC Subway

There’s a surprise ending to this story.


Police are investigating a pit bull attack on a New York City subway after video footage of the incident spread across social media Tuesday night.

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Caravan Mestizos Ignore Trump Warnings and Head for Border

Every person on earth does not have the right to reside in the United States of America, even though globalists would like you to think they do.

The problem is that those (((globalists))) have implanted a desire among browns to live in America–at the expense of the American taxpayers.

And so they come, while a puppet judge rules that they have “rights.”

The low IQ mestizo may yet outwit the best minds trying to keep them out. “Muh ninos” are the propagandists weapon of choice. Who would be so cruel as to turn the children away when they’re at the border!

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12 Murders, 50 Rapes; 70s Golden State Killer Finally Arrested, Say Police

Police in Sacramento, California are set to announce that they’ve solved a string of murders, rapes, and burglaries committed in the 1970s by a prolific serial killer dubbed the Golden State Killer.

The elderly white male police are naming is an ex-Navy man and an ex-cop. If he’s guilty, he’s also a psychopath who intended to scare the hell out of the community, a goal he achieved with ease given the heinous crimes he committed.

Daily Mail

Police believe they have finally captured the Golden State Killer, a serial murderer and rapist suspected of terrorizing southern California nearly 50 years ago.

Late Tuesday night, the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department arrested Joseph James DeAngelo Jr on two murder charges, Fox 40 reports.

The 72-year-old man, who is believed to have been an Auburn police officer fired for shoplifting a hammer and dog repellent, is said to be linked to a dozen unsolved homicides, almost 50 rapes and 120 home burglaries that spanned a decade starting in the late 1970s.



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The Legal Murder of Alfie Evans: British Judge Issues Death Sentence on Sickly Toddler, Blocking Trip to Rome for Treatment


Britain is legally murdering a young WHITE boy named Alfie Evans.

Alfie’s parents are appealing a British judge’s ruling that is denying them the right to leave Britain with Alfie for treatment available in Rome, Italy.

For once, Pope Francis has done a good thing. He’s praying for the little lad.

The doctors in Rome, Italy are also doing a good thing. They’ve offered to try a new treatment on Alfie that Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) has denied the charming youngster. Those Italians are good guys. I love the wops.

The dagos even gave alfie CITIZENSHIP to facilitate his trip to Italy. The British authorities have rebuffed that gesture.

The Independent

A judge has ruled that terminally ill Alfie Evans may be allowed home, but will not be allowed to go to Rome for further treatment.

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Judge Ruins Trump’s State Dinner by Ruling that the President Cannot Stop DACA


Is President Donald Trump a failure because so much of his agenda has been ruled illegal by liberal judges?

(((Globalists))) have been installing open borders, liberal judges on the bench for at least 50 years. Probably more.

Many of them were confirmed with help from cowardly Republicans who talk a good game, but rarely deliver. Judge Bates was appointed by Bush Jr.

In a personal insult, tonight’s pro-DACA ruling came as President Trump and First Lady Melania held their first state dinner, hosting Emmanuel Macron and France’s lovely First Lady.

Indigestion anyone?


A federal judge has ruled against the Trump administration’s decision to end deportation protections for some young immigrants, saying the White House was “arbitrary and capricious” in moving to end the Obama-era DACA program.


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Sweden: Libtarded Woman Who Went with Afghans to Prove Xenophobes Wrong is Raped and Abused

A middle aged Swedish woman who was partial to immigration by Muzzies into Sweden has had her vagina and anus reamed out by her beloved immigrants, one of whom is pictured above.

Since she chatted with them and went to their room, the incident is, in my mean, hateful opinion, partly her fault. Not that the sand niggers shouldn’t be executed and their bodies burned.

Voice of Europe

A middle-aged Swedish woman was raped and abused by two Afghan asylum seekers in their asylum accommodation, Fria Tider reports. The woman, who was a member of a Facebook group against migrant deportations, tried to prove that xenophobes are wrong about the fact that Afghans are dangerous.

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Black Leader Demands Entire State of Florida as Reparations

Repatriation, not reparations, Mr. Zulu man.

PJ Media via FreeRepublic

Malik Shabazz, former chairman of the New Black Panther Party and president of Black Lawyers for Justice, called on President Trump to provide reparations for slavery or designate territory solely for African-Americans.

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