10 Sailors Missing After USS John McCain Collides with Oil Tanker


There’s a poetic justice in the fact that if high seas collision had to take place invoving a Navy vessel, that it was the USS John McCain that took the hit.

Sadly, 10 sailors are missing in the aftermath of the collision.

This collusion follows the recent collision between the USS Fitgerald and another merchant ship.

Playing the role of the world’s policeman is expensive in terms of resources, money, and even lives. It’s too early to claim this was anything but an accident, but Internet sleuths are probably already at work looking for evidence of something more sinister.

CBS News

The USS John S. McCain, a guided-missile destroyer, was involved in a collision early Monday with a oil tanker east of Singapore and the Strait of Malacca resulting in damage to its port side aft (left rear), according to the U.S. Navy.

Search and rescue efforts are underway, U.S. Navy’s 7th Fleet says. Officials say 10 sailors are missing and five are injured. They say that four of the injured were medically evacuated by a Republic of Singapore Navy Puma helicopter to a hospital in Singapore for non-life threatening injuries. The fifth injured sailor did not require further medical attention, according to officials.

The Singaporean Navy is sending assets to assist and the USS America is en route to help. The collision was reported at 6:24 a.m. local time, the U.S. Navy says.

“In addition to tug boats out of Singapore, the Republic of Singapore Navy ship RSS Gallant, RSN helicopters and Police Coast Guard vessel Basking Shark are currently in the area to render assistance,” the Navy’s statement read.

USS John S. McCain is sailing under her own power and is heading to port, the Navy added.

Senator John McCain sent the following message on Twitter in response: “Cindy & I are keeping America’s sailors aboard the USS John S McCain in our prayers tonight.”

President Trump reportedly was informed of the collision Sunday night after returning to Washington and responded by saying “that’s too bad,” according to a print journalist part of the pool traveling with the commander-in-chief.

A couple hours later, Mr. Trump took to Twitter to offer condolences to those affected by the collision:

The ship was on its way to Singapore after finishing what the Navy called “routine patrols” in the South China Sea. One of those patrols was a Freedom of Navigation mission near contested islands which China has built and claims as their own in the South China around August 10.

The Navy says the USS John S. McCain was commissioned in 1994 and carries a crew of 23 officers, 24 chief petty officers and 291 enlisted sailors. It was named for John S. McCain, Sr. and John S. McCain, Jr. who were both Admirals in the U.S. Navy, Reuters news agency reports.

Senator McCain — a Vietnam-era naval aviator who was shot down and held as a prisoner of war for nearly six years — is currently undergoing treatment for brain cancer.

The vessel that was struck, Alnic MC, is a 30,000+ ton oil/chemical tanker built in 2007. It’s 600 feet long and 105 feet wide and sails under the Liberian flag. Its owner according to searches is Energetic Tank Inc. and its operator is Stealth Maritime Corporation S.A.

The Singapore government said no crew were injured, but it did incur damage to a compartment at the front of the ship some 23 feet above its waterline, AP writes.

A crew member from the Alnic MC spoke with the Reuters news agency over the phone to say that there were nearly 12,000 tons of fuel aboard, but there was no spill.

“There is no oil spill. We were carrying fuel oil from Taiwan to discharge to Singapore … We are proceeding to Raffles Reserved Anchorage where the owners will investigate the matter. There was some damage to the valve,” the unidentified crew member told Reuters.

Officials say an investigation is underway. The extent of damage and personnel injuries is being determined.

Meanwhile, the 7th Fleet has setup phone numbers for family members to call: on base at 315-243-1728 and internationally at 011-81-46-816-1728.

Hero Pit Bulls Save Children from Deadly Copperhead Snake


This brings tears to my eyes. Two pit bulls save two children and although both of the “nanny dogs” were bitten, they’ve been given medical care and will survive.

CBS News

Melissa Butt was enjoying a sunny Sunday afternoon outside with her two grandchildren when she heard an alarming bark coming from two of her dogs.

The pit bulls were standing in front of her 4-year-old grandson and 1-year-old granddaughter, staring at a patch of grass three feet away from Butt’s front door.

“The dogs started acting a little funny,” Butt told CBS News. “They were barking and barking.”

So the grandmother from Thonotosassa, Florida, ran over to find out what was causing the commotion, and that’s when she saw it — a giant snake, which was later identified as a copperhead, wriggling around just inches from her dogs’ snouts. She yelled for her daughter, who quickly scooped up the kids and brought them inside.

Her 9-month-old red nosed pit bull named Paco was the first to spot the snake, but his older “brother,” a 3-year-old pit bull named Slayer, quickly stepped in to help.

“My Slayer takes over all of those situations,” Butt explained. “He’s ultra protective of the family.”


When the snake struck Paco, biting him in the elbow, Slayer attacked. The pit bull picked the snake up with his mouth, killing it.

“He almost bit him in half,” Butt recalled.

Unfortunately, Slayer didn’t escape scratch-free. The snake bit the 80-pound dog twice in the face, causing his snout to swell to almost twice its size within 30 minutes.

Both Paco and Slayer were rushed to an emergency vet, where they were given injections of antivenin, intravenous pain medication and anti-nausea meds.

“I know my dogs are heroes and without a doubt saved the lives of my grandchildren,” Butt said. “They are too small to have fought something off like that. If they had gotten bit I’m 100 percent sure they wouldn’t have survived.”

At first, Butt wasn’t sure if Slayer would make it. Fortunately, with donations from a local non-profit called Frankie’s Friends, Slayer was able to get the treatment he needed to survive.

“Pit bulls are nanny dogs. That’s actually why they were originally bred — to care and protect children,” Butt said. “And our Slayer has always been that way.”

Butt said Slayer is getting released from the vet on Wednesday, and hopefully, everything will return to normal. But first, Butt added, the family is going to try make sure their home, including their yard, is snake-proof.

“We knew when we moved here there would be the risk of alligators, bob cats, hawks, field mice and things of that nature. None of my research told me about venomous snakes,” Butt said. “My husband and I are both big researchers, do it yourselfers. Our boys are our boys and we’ve already started the process to make our yard a little less snake friendly.”



Inspirational Quote of the Day: One by an English Economist

I published a quote from his wife yesterday. Even though Kenneth Boulding was a genius, he admitted that he did not understand Keynes General Theory, the basis for Keynesian economics. I never understood it either.


Kenneth Ewart Boulding (January 18, 1910 – March 18, 1993) was an English-born American economist, educator, peace activist, poet, religious mystic, devoted Quaker, systems scientist, and interdisciplinary philosopher.[4][5] He published over three dozen books and over one-hundred dozen articles. Current Contents found him to be one of those rare authors of a “Citation Classic.” Indeed, even more rare, he was the author of two Citation Classics: The Image: Knowledge in Life and Society (1956) and Conflict and Defense: A General Theory (1962). He was cofounder of General Systems Theory and founder of numerous ongoing intellectual projects in economics and social science. He was married to Elise M. Boulding.

Vdare Conference Terminated by Colorado Resort, Site Paypal Cancelled


The more they f*ck us over, the more determined I become. We are like iron being forged in the fire, becoming steel in the process. That steel shall be used to make many swords.

That which does not kill us, makes us stronger. One day they will regret their short-sited un-American actions.

The Denver Channel

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – A conference of white supremacists and their sympathizers scheduled for April 2018 at the Cheyenne Mountain Resort has been canceled, the organization and resort confirmed Wednesday.

The cancelation came a day after Colorado Springs Mayor John Suthers denounced white supremacy and said the city wouldn’t “provide any support or resources” to the event.

“The city remains steadfast in its commitment to the enforcement of Colorado law, which protects all individuals regardless of race, religion, color, ancestry, national origin, physical or mental disability, or sexual orientation to be secure and protected from fear, intimidation, harassment and physical harm,” Suthers said further in a Tuesday statement.

He added that the city “does not have the authority to restrict freedom of speech” or to tell private businesses which events they are allowed to host.

“That said,” he added, “I would encourage local businesses to be attentive to the types of events they accept and the groups they invite to our great city.”

By Wednesday morning, the conference had been canceled altogether.

“Unfortunately, the conference has been cancelled. Registered attendees will receive a refund,” a message on the organization’s conference page read.

Cheyenne Mountain Resort issued a statement saying it “will not be hosting the VDARE Foundation in April of next year.”

“We remain committed to respecting the privacy of guests at the resort,” said spokeswoman Guadalupe Hirt.

When reached by phone, VDARE.com’s editor, Peter Brimelow, said he would be issuing a statement later Wednesday. He describes his website and group as one focused on “patriotic immigration reform.”

Also notable Wednesday on VDARE’s website was a large notice on its front page saying PayPal had cut ties with VDARE.com.

“We were given no reasons, so are left to speculate why we’ve been suddenly purged,” Brimelow wrote. “Best guess: the Charlottesville debacle – in which VDARE.com played no part, either in planning, promoting, or appearing – is being used as an excuse for the authoritarian Communist Left to punish anyone who disagrees with their anti-American violence against patriotic people.”

Jason Kessler, the man who organized the rally of white nationalists in Charlottesville over the weekend, is a contributing writer on the website, and on June 19, published an article on the website titled “Yes, Virginia, There Is Such A Thing As White Genocide.”

Also scheduled to appear had been former U.S. Congressman Tom Tancredo of Colorado, who most recently failed in quests for Colorado’s governorship and the U.S. presidency.

Brimelow went on to say in the post about PayPal: “It is impossible to predict on what level we will be attacked next. We must have the resources to defend ourselves and our people.”


It’s obvious that the Mayor threatened the resort with all sorts of health code and safety violations. Don’t blame them. Blame the POS mayor.

Pray for Pinky the Pink Dolphin

Pinky is too close to that big ship. Pray that Pinky isn’t run over by a boat.


A local Louisiana celebrity is back in the headlines.

Pinky the dolphin got its name and infamy from its unusual color. This “porpoise” is pink!

The dolphin was first spotted in 2007 as a calf swimming with its mom and has reappeared several times over the past ten years.

Pinky popped by again on Saturday afternoon, swimming in the Calcasieu Ship Channel near Hackberry and was captured on video by Bridget Boudreaux, who was on a boat cruise when she spotted the swimmer.

“I about fell out the boat,” Boudreaux told KHOU. “I was like, wow, that’s not a regular dolphin, that’s a pink dolphin.”

Boudreaux claims Pinky wasn’t alone, the animal was swimming with a group of dolphins including another pink porpoise. Unfortunately, Bordeaux was not able to get both on video.

According to WFLA, this second “Pinky” may be the original’s calf.

Experts are unsure why Pinky is pink, but believe it could be a form of albinism or a rare genetic mutation.

Whatever made Pinky pink doesn’t matter to the dolphin’s numerous fans. The people of Louisiana who know about Pinky adore the dolphin and are quick to post pictures of any sightings they have online, sometimes on Pinky’s own Facebook page.

Inspirational Quote of the Day: One by A Nobel Peace Prize Winner


Sir Ralph Norman Angell (26 December 1872 – 7 October 1967) was an English lecturer, journalist, author, and Member of Parliament[1] for the Labour Party.
Angell was one of the principal founders of the Union of Democratic Control. He served on the Council of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, was an executive for the World Committee against War and Fascism, a member of the executive committee of the League of Nations Union, and the president of the Abyssinia Association. He was knighted in 1931 and awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1933.[2][3]

Angell is most widely remembered for his 1909 pamphlet, Europe’s Optical Illusion, which was published the following year (and many years thereafter) as the book, The Great Illusion. (The anti-war film La Grande Illusion took its title from his pamphlet.) The thesis of the book was that the integration of the economies of European countries had grown to such a degree that war between them would be entirely futile, making militarism obsolete.

Have A Laugh GIF: Hoots Happening

There’s an owl hooting outside my window as I post this. I should invite him in for a train ride.