Dirty, No-Good Chinks Stone Zoo Kangaroo to Death Because It Wouldn’t Hop

I saw the headline on Friday saying that a kangaroo had been stoned to death and guessed that the stone throwing evil bastards were Chinese.

The chinks are among the worst ethnic groups in the world in the way they treat animals.

Sure there are exceptional Chinese who care about wildlife, but it’s not part of their genetic makeup.

I honestly don’t like the Chinese so much that I hate owning anything made in China. I try to buy older products made in the USA at thrift stores when I can find them. Having to touch something made by a chink gives me the creeps.

Huffington Post

One kangaroo was killed and another injured at a zoo in southeast China after visitors to their enclosure pelted the animals with rocks and other objects in an apparent attempt to get the kangaroos to hop around. The abuse has sparked fury online and prompted renewed scrutiny into the mistreatment of animals at Chinese zoos, several of which have gained notoriety in recent years for cramped and cruel conditions.

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Flock of 11 Ducklings Who Fell into Storm Drain Rescued by Police and Fire Department

Fox2 Now

SHILOH, IL – Eleven ducklings got a new lease on life Tuesday night after someone at a track meet at Shiloh Middle School saw the duckling fall into a storm drain.

The call went out to for first responders at 7:15 p.m. Officers and firefighters from Shiloh police and O’ Fallon – Shiloh Fire Department responded to remove a grate in order rescue the ducklings.

All of the ducklings are in good health and have been turned over to the Treehouse Wildlife Center.

English River Turns YELLOW From Curry Restaurants’ Pollution

Having your historic river turn yellow is not one of the examples of the joys of diversity.

Diversity is our strength?

Yes, if you care to see a bright yellow river, stained by curry powder from Hindu restaurants.

Daily Star

An underground river which flows through Bradford, West Yorks, has turned yellow from food waste dumped by local curry houses.

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11 Endangered Lions Found Dead in Uganda, Poisoned by Native Spear Chuckers

Here’s another sad story of black genocide in Africa. Only this story isn’t about white farmers in South Africa, but about lions in Uganda.

On the whole, preserving wildlife is a white thing. The future looks dim for the wildlife, but people of European descent have to keep fighting and hope that a virus wipes out most of the black population one day.

Sky News

Eleven lions from an endangered species have been found poisoned to death at a national park in Uganda.

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Report Claims that U.S. Has Evidence of Nerve Agents in Blood of Syrian Gas Attack Victims

I wonder how easy it would be for the CIA or Israel’s Mossad or Britain’s MI6 to taint a few blood samples with “nerve agents?”

Should the public be skeptical that proof has arisen that a gas attack took place in Syria last week?

Well, after the Iraq “weapons of mass destruction” fiasco, it makes sense to be skeptical.

NY Mag

On Saturday, when objects falling from helicopters in a Damascus suburb began emitting a strange odor, the residents of Douma knew immediately what was happening. “People started shouting in the streets, ‘Chemicals! Chemicals!’” a 25-year-old student named Mohammed al-Hanash told the New York Times.

Should we trust a guy named Mohammed when the stakes are the survival of Western civilization?

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Twitter Seeing Rumors of Imminent Military Action Against Syria by U.S.-Led Coalition as U.S. Accuses Assad of GENOCIDE


Kay Bailey Hutchinson was Texas’ Senator for 20 years, a member of the Republican party. Now, she’s at NATO. Exactly what credentials she has in military expertise must have been picked up during her Senate years. Perhaps she learned from John McCain.

In any case, she beat the war drums loudly on Tuesday, calling a few deaths from an ALLEGED gas attack by Syrian President Assad as GENOCIDE.


Wow! That really expands the definition of genocide. She must have learned that in some Israel Holocaust training class or something.

This story by the Sun makes Russia look really bad. Surprised?

If you pay no attention to anything in this post, you owe it to yourself to watch at least the first few minutes of the Tucker Carlson video I’ve embedded in the middle of the post. Tucker better be careful. Questioning the Jewish plan for the Middle East might be unhealthy.

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Old Man Raised by Wolves Never Adjusted to Life with Humans, Misses Wolf Pack


When a 72-year-old Spanish man was ripped from his wolf family at age 19 he had to assimilate into Spain’s white culture. He was not happy.

Imagine him having to integrate into a city like Detroit instead of a village in Spain.

Unless we today can win the race war that’s been forced on us, our descendants are going to be like Marcos Rodriguez Pantoja–longing for a distant past when they might have felt a part of a human pack. Because the savages our descendants will be forced to live among are less kind and generous than the wolves.


A Spanish man who lived with wolves for 12 years says he can’t adapt to human society and misses his feral lifestyle.

Speaking to El País, 72-year-old Marcos Rodríguez Pantoja said he was never able to integrate with humans after being torn away from his wolf pack when he was 19. Although he has tried to return to the mountains, Pantoja says his bond with the wolves has been lost, leaving him stranded between two worlds and at home in neither.

As I’m posting this, I’m waiting to see if my two foxes are coming up to the library to eat the foods I put out for them.

I’m not sure I would want to live with foxes, but hanging out with them would sure teach me some things about stealth.

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