HS Tennis Team Facing Discipline for Wearing White Bags Over Their Heads

There always seems to be a snitch around when youths express their natural racism in harmless ways.

When the evidence is delivered to a cuck administrator, the kids pay the price of offending the negro gods.

New York Post

Members of Georgia’s Telfair County High School tennis team are facing punishment after a photo of them wearing white paper bags over their heads surfaced on social media last week.

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Toxic Negress Playboy Playmate Took a Fatal Dive from Tall Building with Son in Tow


Heh, heh. Stephanie Adams didn’t want her white ex-husband to have their remarkably white looking kid, so she did something drastic.

I’ll bet the doctor wishes he’s never seen her black ass in Playboy or in his bed.

New York Post

A former Playboy Playmate jumped with her 7-year-old son to their deaths from a Midtown hotel Friday — amid a nasty custody battle with her chiropractic ex, sources told The Post.

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SIX THUGS Nearly Beat to Death 60 Year Old Ex-Wrestler in Dispute Over Parking

I’m calling bullsh*t on the story that Tom McGee, pictured above after being beaten, was involved in a parking dispute with some fellows who just happened to be around.

The savages who beat him were undoubtedly casing the area in order to plan a burglary, robbery, or a murder.

The press will also not tell the public that the savages were black.

I believe I”ve found the Twitter of one of them. He’s a drug dealer with beautiful white young girlfriend, possibly underage.

I can’t officially say any of that for legal reasons, though. I don’t want to be sued. After all, a heavy drug related Twitter account doesn’t prove you’re a drug dealer.

If Tom McGee were not in such good shape, he’d be dead.

The suspects should all be charged with attempted murder, but they won’t be. The only thing that stopped them was when the neighbors poured into the street warning them that the police were coming.

CBS News

MAR VISTA, Calif. — A former pro wrestler was beaten severely in front of his Mar Vista home Tuesday and neighbors said it all apparently began over a parking dispute. CBS Los Angeles reports as many as six young men beat Tom Magee, who will be 60 in July.

YouTube video shows Magee when he weighed 265 pounds and fought with what was then called WWF in the ’80s.

A true Goliath in the ring, Magee later became a neighborhood watchdog.

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Prince Charles to walk Meghan Markle down the aisle

After mulatto Meghan’s flaky Jew dad pulled out of attending her Royal wedding, there were suggestions from our liberal friends that her ghetto monster mom walk her down the aisle.

Cooler heads have prevailed.

Prince Charles, the ALLEGED FATHER of Prince Harry (yeah, sure) gets the honor of giving away the bride, a white tradition that has been culturally appropriated by the mixed race temptress Meghan. She’s also taken the white tradition of the white wedding dress, symbolizing virginity, and screwed with it too.

Page Six

WINDSOR, England — Kensington Palace says Prince Charles will walk Meghan Markle down the aisle at the royal wedding.


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Race Hustling Dwarf Spike Lee Spews Hate Toward Trump and America in Cannes

I had some trouble deciding on a source article for this post since nothing I found covers the entire spectrum of filmmaker Spike Lee’s crazy rant at the Cannes film festival.

First, one of the better reports on Lee’s mischief making, followed by a full transcript of the crazy nigga dwarf’s attack on Trump and white people in general.


Spike Lee delivered a scathing speech criticizing the United States president Tuesday night at the Cannes Film Festival, refusing to mention Donald Trump by name as he tore into his failure to unite a nation divided by racial tensions.

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Judge Janine: Trump Fulfilled Bible Prophecy by Moving Embassy to Jerusalem

Like it or not, Judge Janine’s type of thinking about Israel is common in the United States.

In my 20s I subscribed to the literature offered by the Worldwide Church of God (Herbert W. and Garner Ted Armstrong). The literature was basically all about Israel in prophecy, taking a pro-Israel stance. Old Mr. Armstrong could spin a tale of Armageddon and the second coming of Jesus, for sure. And getting Israel to shape up was the key.


President Donald Trump has fulfilled a “Biblical prophecy” by moving the United States embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, Judge Jeanine Pirro claimed on her Fox News show on Saturday. The new embassy, which has been met by criticism from Palestinians and the European Union, is set to open on Monday.

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Meghan Markle’s Wacko Jew Father Pulls Out of Wedding at Last Minute, Angering Queen

Jew dad was going to walk his darkie daughter down the aisle. He was also supposed to meet Harry for the first time.

Why would a father do something this ugly?

Only the Jew knows for sure.


The decision by Meghan Markle’s father, Thomas, to not attend his daughter’s wedding on Saturday has sent shockwaves through the British royal family.

On Monday, after it was revealed that Thomas Markle had staged paparazzi photos ahead of the royal wedding, the former Hollywood lighting director reportedly told TMZ that he no longer plans on showing up to Windsor Castle on Saturday due to the embarrassment that he thinks he’s caused Meghan and her future family. Additionally, he said, he suffered a heart attack less than a week ago and checked himself out of the hospital early.

Oh, muh drama.

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