Jewish Libertarian Larry Kudlow to be Trump’s New Economic Advisor

President Donald Trump has picked another free-trader Jew to be his chief economic adviser at the National Economic Council.

Libertarian Larry Kudlow has a long track record of speaking out on economic issues because of his role as a TV commentator. I used to watch his CNBC show and enjoyed his Republican cheerleading. I’m not sure the economics was sound, but the propagandizing for libertarian free market policies was attention grabbing.

Right now, in the brief time since this story broke in the media, Kudlow is being killed on Twitter by the left. Old examples where he’s been wrong about the economy are being dredged up.

If the alt-right would prefer a gentile from someplace other than Wall Street and TV, the alt-right is also going to weigh in negatively on Trump’s choice of Kudlow.

Business Insider

Conservative economist Larry Kudlow will replace Gary Cohn as National Economic Council director and become the top economic adviser to President Donald Trump according to a new report.

Multiple reports say that Kudlow, who is a CNBC contributor, will be named NEC director as soon as Thursday.

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Trump Chilly Toward Britain’s Threats to Punish Russia Over Poisoning of Former Double Agent and Daughter


Add the word Novichok to your vocabulary. It’s allegedly a Russian poison that was used to attempt to murder Russian president Vladimir Putin’s enemy, former double agent Sergei Skripal, in Britain.

Everyone who is fully awake realizes that Putin has nothing to gain and much to lose by poisoning enemies of Russia currently residing in Britain.

The poisonings are surely the work of some intel agency, most likely the CIA or Israel’s Mossad, or a combination of both.

President Trump has refused to support British PM Teresa May’s decision to declare economic war on Russia. May had given President Putin 24 hours to respond to her accusations that Russia was behing the poisonings. As Zerohedge reports, Putin’s defiant response: One doesn’t give 24 hours notice to a nuclear power.

The following excerpt is from a far left source, so ignore all the insults toward Trump and the distortions of reality that paint Trump in a negative way.

Vanity Fair

The correct White House response to the poisoning of an ex-Russian agent and his daughter, in Britain last week, would have been for Donald Trump to have delivered a televised address, shortly after that of British Prime Minister Theresa May. May is an unremarkable politician, meaning that she adheres to the traditions and mores of ordinary presidents and prime ministers. So on Monday, when she said, in front of Parliament, that it was “highly likely” the Kremlin was behind the assassination attempt, it was, in fact, highly likely. Unremarkable politicians are cautious and plodding and aware that their words, more than those of non-presidents and non-prime ministers, reverberate around the globe. The American president, signaling to the rest of the world (and especially Vladimir Putin) that the United States is a reliable ally, would have said in a televised address that America stands ready to support Britain in any way possible. He would have reiterated May’s demand that Moscow explain itself. The president might have added that the United States viewed a Russian attack in a NATO member country as particularly alarming and intimated that Washington and London would soon respond jointly. The overriding message would have been two-pronged and unmistakable: the United States and Britain are allies, and there will be consequences. This is how one bolsters relationships and deters future attacks.

Leftists are fully on board with the idea that Russia is the world’s great mischief maker when in reality false flags, lies, distortions, and manufactured fake news are the norm, meaning that Russia stands beinf falsely accused of much nonsense.

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Now There’s One Less Goldman Sachs Tribesman in the White House: Gary Cohn

Was it Trump’s fair statement about the people on the right in Charlottesville or was it Trump’s decision to impose tariffs on steel and aluminum?

Gary Cohn isn’t telling. He’s just let it be known that he’ll be leaving the White House job of economic adviser to the President.

NBC News

WASHINGTON — Gary Cohn, President Donald Trump’s top economic adviser, resigned Tuesday.

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Thousands Sign Petition Asking Trump to Allow White Farmers from South Africa to Migrate to U.S. After Thieving Negroid Pols Vote to Force Them Off Their Land


The petition in this story is on

For now.

Naturally, (((those who would exterminate the white race))) have protested to and demanded the removal of the petition. The platform says it’s investigating to see if it violates terms of service.

We need a petition on the White House petition website, assuming that site still exists. I vaguely recall that the Trump administration removed it, but I’m not sure about that.

And then we have the self-hating white who joins with the Jew in advocating the murder of South African whites.

Excerpt from Newsweek

Updated | More than 12,000 people have signed a petition asking President Donald Trump to let white people in South Africa emigrate to the U.S. amid a vote by the country’s parliament favoring a motion that could see South Africa’s constitution amended to allow for land to be stripped from owners without any compensation.

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South Africa Votes to Confiscate White-Owned Land Without Compensation

Blacks claim that white South Africans STOLE their land when the reality is that there were no blacks in the entire area when the white settlers arrived from Europe.

You can always count on blacks to act stupidly because they have no ability to foresee the consequences of their actions.

I asked a fortune teller what was in black South Africa’s future.

She showed me a couple of things.

Of course, there’s an alternate scenario, where the West feeds the blacks as they lay waste to the white farms and genocide the farmers and their families.


The South African parliament voted on Tuesday in favor of a motion seeking to change the constitution to allow white-owned land expropriation without compensation.

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World Map Shows Government Corruption by Country

Only European based cultures are capable of governance with minimal corruption. As the West is invaded by nonwhite hordes, the white population is going to lose control and find out exactly what living in a sh*thole is like.

Government corruption leads to bad economic outcomes. Think of Venezuelans eating their pet cats, dogs, and zoo animals due to food shortages.


Source: Statistica

Survey Shows American Happiness Dipped in 2017: 21 States Led the Way

Gallop explains why Americans were less happy last year than the year before.

Liberals will pick up this story and claim it’s Donald Trump’s fault. But isn’t everything his fault in their eyes?

The Gallop happiness index is like a hot dog: It’s a mix of stuff that may or may not get at what it claims to measure.

Excerpt from Gallop

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Nearly half of U.S. states saw their well-being scores decline by a statistically significant margin in 2017, according to the Gallup-Sharecare Well-Being Index. And, for the first time in nine years of tracking changes in state well-being, no state saw statistically significant improvement from the year before.

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